sabato 23 maggio 2015

Costumi a fascia per l'estate 2015

If you are wondering what the perfect swimsuit for the summer 2015, you are in the right place at the right time!
This year sees, between the protagonists on rivers and exotic beaches, the band swimsuit!
Comfortable, sporty and sexy, it is ideal for the most minute that for the most shapely.
  Colored and in many variations and patterns, with fine and fashion details.
The absolute must-have? The band swimsuit in floral print!

giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Bond Girl

A call in the middle of a yoga class. A new top secret mission.
A summer suit, a thin layer of red lipstick and big Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses.
A plane from New York to Los Angeles and a car ready to run away.
A birthday party, Ron's, Mexican businessman who, as they say in Italy, "played with fire too."
15.000 guests, all gathered in the garden of his villa, but among them are hidden infiltrators determined to make the poor Ron dancing to the sound of maracas.
Just missing him and the mission can begin. Bond, James Bond.

martedì 19 maggio 2015

Espadrillas Mania

Colored, printed, with lace or crepes, they are the shoes trend for spring summer 2015: the  espadrilles!
The classic footwear in cloth and sole of hemp or barley are becoming more details and colorful, to be worn with virtually all (or almost, do not take me quite literally and NOT wear them with elegant dresses! NO, NO, NO!)
Love and hate. But this summer will continue to wear espadrilles on vacation, leisure and many, even in those circumstances where they would just be banned.
The shoes/slippers in cloth from raw seams will be a must this season, the fault of those designers who in recent years have ennobled by turning them into cult models that rhyme with vacation.
I'm re-evaluating them, but only ever at sea and on vacation!
What do you think? Espadrilles IN or OUT?

lunedì 18 maggio 2015

Capo Verde memories

Lately my desire to fly (ooooh oooooh) is so much, so much that I dream airports and distant countries even at night. But at the time, several commitments forced me to keep my feet on the ground, just physically ;) So in addition to dream the possible trips that I'd like to do, brush up old memories, maybe you find the perfect destination for this summer!
Today I bring you to Cape Verde, off the African coast. Ever you have been there?
A cluster of islands, 10 to be exact (Boavista Brava, Fago, Maio, Sal, Santiago, Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente), volcanic strung like a necklace of jewels and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean: this is the archipelago of Cape Verde, off the coast of West Africa.
The natural heritage of unquestionable beauty of the Cape Verdean archipelago ranges from long pristine beaches to lunar and desert landscapes. Bustling colonial towns of Cape Verde gives the visitor the true image of the country and the Creole spirit of Cape Verdean.
The climate is tropical dry, with temperatures ranging around 26 degrees all year. Being an archipelago so windy, it is ideal for fans of surfing and kitesurfing. Not only, even fans of diving, snorkeling or deep sea fishing will find particularly rich seabed. The wind for me was a little drama. Why? Because being a lover of the long, endless, regenerating, walks on the beach, I could not fully enjoy the view and its sand dunes. Can you imagine??? But be quiet, it is NOT always the case! I have confirmed, both the locals and acquaintances; let's say that on that trip have not been very lucky.
I was in Cape Verde in March (a few years ago), the first 3 days of travel, among other things, the sky was not very kind to us poor wretches from an Italian still chilly, making us enjoy, in addition to strong wind, even those tropical rains that there are almost nonexistent. This only for 3 days, after I was luckier (Desi are you sure?), or not, since I also burned. You should know that your princess HATES creams and that feeling greasy and sticky, especially under the hot sun, so after putting the first layer of protection, do not put it back again, not even after the first bathroom.
But back to Cabo Verde (named by the Portuguese who colonized), the beauty of the islands has been largely kept secret, only in recent years in fact have become tourist destinations, offering not only the nature of the tropics, even the experience a culture and a people particularly creating a rich mixture of parties, joy and cheerfulness.
The long endless beaches (Sal and Boavista have beaches looking desert unforgettable), wrapped turquoise ocean, the mystery of the historic colonial cities that gives to Ribeira Grande the title of the first European city in the tropics, the wide variety of sights, the deep green of the lush vegetation, are all elements that give the islands an old and mysterious charm.
In Cape Verde there is no native population, because the entire population is immigrant. The current population in fact comes from diverse ethnic groups, both African and European, who have over the centuries mixed, creating an ethnic and unique unto itself, without equal in Africa: the Creole of Cape Verde. In fact the music, cuisine and even architecture, incorporates African influences, Portuguese, Caribbean (as the crow flies Cape Verde is located just opposite to the Caribbean) and Brazilian.
A samba and salsa, sprinkled with African tribal escort, involving totally, your evenings.
If you enjoy fine beaches, the enchanting landscape of the tropics, vibrant cultures and still genuine and have a sense of adventure, then the Cape Verde Islands are waiting for you!

giovedì 14 maggio 2015

Lady Dsquared

Lately I have a new fixation, it is called: red. Yes, the lover of pink, blue and black regard to clothing, has fallen in love or infatuated (we'll see how it will evolve the lovestory) of a warm, flashy and confident color just like the red and the image it want to convey. Maybe the passion for this color is just a fleeting crush, or not, and maybe due to the fact that the color of love par excellence, as you could see, "burned" the catwalks, becoming one of the hottest colors season.
So this spring, forget even the number of fire engines and get ready to burn the streets of the city, I have already begun!
A red pencil skirt combined with beloved white shirt, a big black hat as the Miu Miu pumps, red clutch and Dsquared2 cat sunglasses, that I've found on Definitely perfect to complete my ladylike look, is not it?

mercoledì 13 maggio 2015

NIYO&CO. #youritalianbeauty

Hello princesses! Today I want to tell you about a brand of makeup and beauty that I got to know and test: NIY&CO. How many of you know it? Surely the Roman friends will already have heard about it, right?!
NIY&CO. is the real Italian perfumery, an established company in the perfume world with over 40 years of experience and with more than 2000 items including make-up and accessories, cosmetics, fragrances and perfumes, face and body treatments, skin care plus a men and children line.
Selected products and high quality at affordable prices, these are the strengths of NIYO&CO.
But we see the inspiration of this brand:

-N = New, a new concept in perfumery
-I = Italian, a brand completely Made in Italy
-Y = Young, because it's a young, dynamic and fresh brand
-O = Original, because it is the only franchise that offers a full range of products designed and manufactured in Italy
-&CO = Convenient

From these 5 points it was born the world's NIYO&CO.
Where you can find NIYO&CO. products? On the new online shop ( or at a retail store in Rome, Arezzo and Naples.
In the next post I will talk extensively of creams and makeup products received and I'm trying, do not miss them! 

martedì 12 maggio 2015

Carrera sunglasses

A cafeteria in a perfect country chic style, in the historic center of the city, surrounded by greenery. Flowers, lemon trees and the air of holiday.
And then there's me that, after a good breakfast, I grant peace of a Sunday morning in the company of colorful butterflies fluttering here and there and the chirping of birds.
A white polo shirt, making its big comeback this spring, a straw hat, ballerinas and new Carrera sunglasses. These the fundamental elements of my outfit country chic style.
Do you remember when I told you about eyeglasses trend for this spring (here)? I don not resist the temptation of a new pair to add to my collection.
I have of all shapes and colors, but unaccounted for were just round sunglasses, so when I saw these Carrera on Sunglasses Shop, shop online with the best brands of glasses, I did not hesitate a moment. I needed it, no ?! And then they are perfect with my "holiday" look, is not it?
A curiosity... do you know the name of this model? Havana!
Do you know where your princess wants to go on vacation? Cuba!
Destiny? Maybe! ;)