venerdì 27 novembre 2015

YSL LE VESTIAIRE DES PARFUMS: 5 profumi per 5 capi iconici

Five fragrances that interpret each one end of the basic wardrobe of Yves Saint Laurent.
As the tailor transforms matter according to his art, so YSL with LE VESTIAIRE DES PARFUMS combines art to matter.
TUXEDO, CABAN, SAHARIENNE, TRENCH, CAFTAN, five fragrances that make up a perfume wardrobe essential. Designer scents, sophisticated cut, revisiting these icons, turn them, sublimate them.
LE VESTIAIRE DES PARFUMS dresses the skin, going beyond all limits and standards, sublimating trends with a personal and uncompromising evocative strengh.
TUXEDO: a tribute to smoking. An agreement of ambergris and patchouli illuminated by the brilliance of spices.
CABAN: the perfect leader to face the sea and the cold. The fragrance is built on soft and warm accents of vanilla and tonka bean, illuminated by the glow of pink pepper.
SAHARIENNE: a tribute to the Saharan. This fragrance is built on the agreement of the intense neroli and white musk, which together recreate the heels of a trip to the desert, turned on by the touch of aromatic wild herbs - rosemary, thyme and sage -.
TRENCH: as the eponymous fine Anglo-Saxon leader, knows the smell of rain - one of citrus - with the explosion of bergamot and warm notes of violet and iris.
CAFTAN: evokes the East and its vibrant fabrics. The fragrance wheel, with its mysterious charm, of an agreement of incense and benzoin, recalling the magic of a thousand and one nights of the East and its lush landscapes, the bright colors of the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech.
The solid glass, clean lines, free of unnecessary frills, and the black cap whose texture evokes the grain de poudre of tuxedo, contribute to make these fragrances small jewelry (sold exclusively at Rinascente in Milan).
An olfactory wardrobe where the scent becomes matter.

mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

Come essere un vero Gentleman

Very often, we women, we support the cavalry no longer exists. Dead, buried. I am not speaking of animals, of course.
 It's also true that, find a mild-mannered man, the so-called gentleman, is not so easy (indeed, there are more chances of winning the lottery!). But, there is a but, a few rare "case" still exists. I happened to find a gentleman on the train, at the bar, in the bank.
Men, let's face it, if you failed to make up a second date, I would two questions!
Do you want to stand out from the mass of peasants and demonstrate not just belong to the male universe but, on the contrary, be really men, gentlemen of the past?
Here, then, the characteristics that must have a true gentleman, a few golden rules to transform yourself into the man of dreams ;)

1) Clothing and personal care: a gentleman dress with taste and impeccable style on any occasion.
2) A true gentleman always looks at you in the eye: it seems obvious but it is not! How many of you are able to sustain a long the glance of the interlocutor? Often there we are distracted, we look elsewhere. A true gentleman, however, always looks in the eye, with a deep and involved glance.
3) He's always on time for appointments: sometimes early. A gentleman never will wait for an appointment. Setbacks, obstacles, unexpected. A gentleman is able to get through with a perfect scheduling commitments.
4) A gentleman puts you at ease: the true Gentleman is able to put at ease those around him. And he is able to make people laugh and entertain.
5) He always acts with education and sports a polished language: a gentleman is never rude, indeed, he always is polite to everyone, able to utter the magic words "thank you", "please". Also a true gentleman never says bad words!
6) A Gentleman never loses control: whatever happens, you will rarely see a Gentleman lose control. The gentleman keeps self-control in every situation. You can watch him while sipping a glass of good wine, but you will never see a drunk gentleman!
7) Talk and listen you carefully: a gentleman interacts with the caller without being overbearing and listens carefully.
8) A gentleman does not speak of other women and does not look at other women in the presence of his partner: he always is respectful and respects the lady who accompanies him.
9) Do not use the phone in your company: often people today are distracted by smartphones and tablet even at times when they should devote to the partner or friends. A true gentleman puts aside his phone and gets involved in the pleasure of conversing in private.
10) A true gentleman is a gentleman even in the ways: when in company of a woman lends her all the necessary attention. He opens the car door, hands her the arm while walking, before entering in a room, opens the door and lets her enter first, at the restaurant or the bar he moves the chair to make her sit down and pour a drink.

lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Come un soffione

I would really like the "OFF" button to turn off the brain. But seriously. I do not say always, but sometimes, it would be great. It would benefit all of us. As when I silent my smartphone. But no, it talks and talks, and think, think. Shut up! Sometimes it's worse than a boring and grouchy boyfriend.
If I had to portray the thoughts that I have on my mind, they would have the shape of a head. Fireworks, indeed a real fireworks show, which takes the principle from the center, it branches to the star and get light on the balls, stroking the surrounding air.
As the heads, would be enough to blow over, to certain thoughts, which are colored and inflamed, to let them disperse here and there. Light, as if they were bubble blower.

lunedì 16 novembre 2015

La dama vestita di bianco

She's like a dame from another era, a woman dressed in white and lips drenched in a bright red lipstick, which looks at you with an Hamlet expression and eyes full of desire, perhaps she sighs, certainly wants you capture. And you on the other side of the fence you almost do not notice so much of her transport, but in the end you ignore it, you think that women of other times were those who, on the French Riviera a century ago, has bewitched the powerful that the gay revelers vacationers of times gone by, and the latter eventually were captured from their eyes full of sensuality. Summer nights were long, hot and carefree, a gentle sea breeze joined passionate love for a night or a morning, but in the end of all autumn oncoming.
  A furtive tear strokes her soft cheeks and touch from the flower of youth, while she sighs, amused, under a rain of yellow leaves.

venerdì 13 novembre 2015

Mercatini di Natale

 The magic of lights and aromas, those of chocolate and roasted chestnuts, wooden houses and the fairy-tale atmosphere of Christmas, the white snow united uniqueness of handicraft productions and flavors food. The Nordic tradition of Christmas markets invading Europe. A magical opportunity to return children and let groped by greedy purchases (as lebkuchen taste, strudel and warm mulled wine?), the colorful decorations, the music and songs.
In these weekend preceding the arrival of Santa Claus (do you believe in him yet, right ?!), to take a ride among the houses lit, you can choose between Italy and Europe: Trento, Bolzano or Innsbruck, Vienna, Stockholm, Salzburg...
Are you ready to relive the magic of Christmas? And do not forget to write the letter ;)

mercoledì 11 novembre 2015

The good taste of choice

The existence is like this, about intersections. Most of our life is entrusted to the appropriate choice: it requires good taste and sound judgment as to where not enough neither the study nor the talent. There can be no perfection where there is no choice: it has the dual advantage, being able to choose, and to choose the best.
The real choice is never between doing something or not doing it. But between do it or keep it for courage or fear. When making a choice, you change the future, change the cards on the table. Many men of fruitful and subtle genius, keen judgment, scholars and well informed, when they arrive at the moment of choice, are lost.
  But when, one day, you'll find yourself in front of that junction, you already know that you will lose something. There is no choice that does not result in a loss. So this ability to choose well is one of the greatest gifts of heaven.

lunedì 9 novembre 2015

#Shinedontbeshy: il party di Glamour e Dior

Take a Thursday night, October 8, a glass of champagne, then add us some bloggers, the drafting of Glamour and a well-known French brand that starts with D... and ends with R. Yes, Dior. The result? #Shinedontbeshy, the party organized by Glamour and Dior to celebrate the launch of the new Dior Addicted lipstick.
  An evening based on selfie, champagne, interactive games and make-up. A virtual and sensory journey to discover the Dior world.
Pink and roses perfume the atmosphere, a mix of perfumes, those Dior, and cocktails made with champagne and exotic flavors.
There were guests as Melissa Satta, Natasha Stefanenko and many others.
A successful party in the name of "glamor", however when the protagonists are "certain names" (Glamour and Dior)... success and fun are guaranteed!