venerdì 12 febbraio 2016

#IAMPOISON - Dior cocktail party

"I am not a girl, I am poison"

One Thursday evening, February 4. The new fragrance by Dior, Poison Girl. Four cities and four exceptional location: L'Archivio Storico in Naples, the Coco Loco in Rome, the Fashion Café in Milan and the One Apple of Turin.
An exclusive party, to discover the new fragrance by Dior and the cocktail created in collaboration with Belvedere, Belvedere Poison.
Poison Girl. Much more than a perfume, a reminder of senses so strong to create havoc. An ode to the rebellious beauty, the smiles and the attitudes of extreme freedom. A perfume for those who can lead, for those who live it so casually and bold, for those who walk free on the streets of the metropolis, playing chase and let chase, in a nightlife without beginning or end.
A scent that speaks of a sexy, cool, scratchy, cheeky soul but always feminine.
"Poison Girl is a delicious reminder", a poisonous and delicious floral, "a sensual trap that avoids the sweet notes too sugarcoated. That torments and upsets the senses."
And so, on that Thursday evening in Turin, between electronic music and bitter orange fragrance, tonka bean, rose and vanilla, I let myself be seduced by the flavor of Belvedere Poison cocktail, letting me steal the heart from the new Dior fragrance that hovered in the air, intoxicating rosy talk of all the poison girls.

mercoledì 10 febbraio 2016

Alsteca sunglasses

21 grams is the weight that you lose when you die, they say that it is the weight of the soul. That light and impalpable feather remains between the here and now and the unknown, what will be once you cross that threshold. 21 grams is the weight of things done and those left open, the amount of breaths and sighs, the sum of all tears or smile, of every "if" and all "but". Of each door "open" or "slamming", of every love and every passion, every carelessness or distraction. 21 grams is the account of a life, sometimes lead, sometimes butterfly.
 21 grams, as the weight of a hummingbird, of a chocolate bar or five nickels one over the other. But what 21 grams are worth? And why 21? If it was a smaller number?
Can it save the result of so much wonder in something even lighter?
16 grams is the weight, not of my soul, but the new Alsteca sunglasses. The beautiful country has yet been able to surprise us, giving us another marvel!
The low weight would think of a weakness inherent in the product, but in the era of the technological advent "special effects" were not long to coming. The secret of these sunglasses, in fact, lies in polycarbonate, a material capable of high flexibility, innate strength and fracture toughness.

lunedì 8 febbraio 2016

Caffè Ristorante Sangiacomo, ed è subito Parigi!

In the historic center of Tortona there is a cafe restaurant that takes us back in time: the Caffè Ristorante San Giacomo.
The restaurant takes its name from the ancient Via San Giacomo, the way that is now named Lorenzo Perosi, famous author of the original sacred music of the city. St. James the Elder, Apostle of Jesus of Nazareth, is the protector of the Pilgrims; his body is buried in Santiago de Compostela.
In a picturesque setting, the Caffè Ristorante San Giacomo allows "secular devotion" for a kitchen that selects raw materials by accredited producers.
Behind an elegant iron gate, in an old courtyard, a glass greenhouse and many tables in the garden, where you can dine by candlelight, wrapped in a romantic atmosphere.
Dine in the beautiful greenhouse allows you to enjoy the refined and warm decor, with attention to detail from Gabriella Cuniolo, well known in the environment of interior design.
A wide choice of à la carte dishes or alternatively a bistro menu. The elegant and original presentation of dishes is accompanied by the quality of the proposed foods, in line with the culinary tradition of the territory. The wine list is also very good and enhances the wineries of Tortona hills above, but also offers a wide selection of international wines.
From the first moment the atmosphere is romantic and peaceful, hard to forget. It almost seems to be in a Parisian bistro... just missing her, The Seine!

giovedì 4 febbraio 2016

San Valentino con Xberry

Just a few days, 10 to be exact, to the most romantic festivity of the year: Valentine's Day with its festival of hearts and cupids. A festivity appreciated by some, hated by others and ignored by other.
Do those who celebrate this day of romance and you do not know what to give to your Love? I have some ideas for you, instead of the usual box of chocolates, and you will not have crazy jumping from store to store!
Roses are welcome, rigorously red, and the cards (the so-called Valentine) with those phrases that melt our hearts, but how about a perfume? Or a jewel? Or maybe a special accessory?
Where to find everything?? But on Xberry! The e-shop entirely dedicated to high cosmetics, perfumes and make up.
If you are always looking for the latest in beauty, makeup, clothing and exclusive food, then Xberry is what it does for you! On the site, in fact, you can also find special and refined accessories and a section devoted to food products really unique and delicious.
Among the many brands handled by Xberry we can find: Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, Bulgari, Elie Saab, Carven, Gucci and many others.
But that's not all.. and this time I address also (and especially) those boys "poor of ideas", because Xberry offers many gift ideas for Valentine's Day. In short, Cupid mates you and Xberry thinks about the gift!
So what are you waiting for? Run to make happy your Love ;)

mercoledì 3 febbraio 2016

Il segreto è scovare la rarità fra la volgarità

People change their mind so quickly that not even worth trying to give too much explanation.
One day they loves you, one day hate you, when you have not done anything nor changed attitude.
Often have a morbid interest in the lives of others, puts their mouth on everything, they would like to decide for yourself. Therefore, with regard to your personal space, fill it with what you like, pay no attention to anything else.
Today bites and escapes with the rush of our age, we want everything with ease, we search for compromise and instead only what grows slowly dig deep and really puts the roots. The secret is to find a rarity among the vulgarity, the scent that sweat, when you earn your life.
This waste any craze with people who can not appreciate us should end. Because in the end, when finally you are okay, do not confuse love with dignity. Dignity is something diametrically opposed to pride. Never allow anyone to get used to your presence. Personal safety is not swinging and disappear to arouse attention or come back when you have visited the most beautiful places. We are not a parking of hearts broken down. But courage is to continue own way. For many give is an indication of stupidity, to me is the essence of life. I give you all of me but I also take back everything necessary. This whenever those who have close stops to give me value.
So I looked at her, she asked me: "What can I do for you?" I replied: "Love me, if you can. If you can not, let me go." (M. Bisotti)

lunedì 1 febbraio 2016

Nessun Dorma

A breathtaking landscape, that of a terrace overlooking the sea of ​​Manarola (Cinque Terre). A wine bar where you can taste the Liguria.
In that wonderful universe that are the Cinque Terre, you will be amazed to indulge in sensory vibrations originated by so much beauty.
A dream location, the Nessun Dorma Wine Bar is the perfect place to have a drink with friends or loved one and enjoy one of the many bruschetta that make up the culinary, immersed in a sea of ​​nature among the green of the territory and the cobalt blue sea below, in front of a sunset that ignites the sky with its unique shades. A terrace, clinging to the rock, which is developed on the headland of Punta Bonfiglio and highlights the scenic wonders of one of the most valuable areas of Liguria, became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.
Cocktails, platters of cheese and salami and bruschetta with products to zero km from the garden set on the terraces of the restaurant, they grow tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, mint and basil to make up the salads on the menu.
The Nessun Dorma is the ideal place to spend a romantic evening, enjoying the authenticity of traditional focaccia accompanied by a chilled glass of wine, enjoying the immensity of a starry sky reflected on the calm sea.

giovedì 28 gennaio 2016

Un bacio alla stazione

An advertisement, the whistle of the train conductor and a departing train. "I am writing", a greeting and a kiss. Perhaps the last.
An oncoming train, a guy on the dock and a smile. Her. The eyes that meet followed by a long embrace. A kiss and then another. And another.
The train stations saw more real kisses, that the churches.
People going, people coming, people running. I love train stations, tell millions of stories. Movies already seen or simply imagined. Coming and going of souls meet, touch, intersect, spoken, observed.
The wait at the platform 23, the embrace, the timeless of the arrival and faster and a little poignant of the departure, as the train whistles already inexorable.
A kiss, a hug, a kiss, a hug and a kiss between the world go by. Who smiles thinking of the loved one, who does not notice because of too many thoughts that crowd the mind and who, perhaps, not pretends because no longer believe in love. But people do not know that every kiss and every hug is a reminder ready to remember how much you miss those hugs and kisses.
The latest recommendations and pledges, the lump in the throat and the speaker that invites travelers to rise. The exploding heart, the last kisses and the last hugs.
And who knows how many verses of poets, unknown and improvised, we inspired with our long passionate kisses. Standing in the bustle of the stations, at all times alongside the wagons, on the docks, along the tracks.