mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

Camogli, il mare e una lunga storia d'amore

It was August, there was the right company, that of a dear friend, peace, gentleness and serenity that only he can give me: the sea.
Camogli, that made me dream for the entire week, enchanting me with its glimpses and leaving me breathless with its sunsets.
After years of holidays abroad, I had the desire to "home", the desire of Italy. That Italy of scents and villages by the surreal charm.
Sometimes we Italians are just stupid, we go elsewhere looking for the wonder when, however, we have it in the hands. It was not the Caribbean Sea and even the Indian Ocean, but it was still love. We talked a lot, with the eyes and long silences, just wake up in the morning and at the sunset, in one of my usual walks. It made me its questions, as always, but then it let me give up in its arms, cradled me gently. And it was like being born again.

lunedì 31 agosto 2015

L'altalena del sorriso

I like crazy people, they scent of life.
I like strange people. Those who laugh without a reason and crying just because they feel like it.
I like those who say what they think, without sounding stupid. Those who can recount and choose words with taste.
I like those who dare and who are not afraid of what people think.
I like the special people. Those that you admire but do not know them. Those that stand out, but with elegance.
I like beautiful people, inside. And those who preserve the wonder of children.
I like those in black and white. Changing mood but then, at the end, choose to be happy.
I like strong people. Those who fall and get up, without too many problems.
I like people who laugh loud, and who can make me laugh. Those that fix you a long time and not know why.
I like real people. Those who dream and told it in the eyes. Those traveling without ever starting. Those who are with the mind elsewhere.
I like people who love and when they choose to love, they love to distraction. Those who live, really live.
And I like to think that it takes little to return children. A swing where rocking for hours with a sweet thought, that draws on the face that curve called smile.

giovedì 27 agosto 2015

5 trend per l'autunno/inverno 2016

I have avoided writing the article about the fall/winter 2016 trends like the plague, I admit. I turned around there for days, carefully analyzing all the trends (gipsy dresses, optical prints etc.), but in the end I refused. I will no make a list of all that "trash", the only word (granted) that I would say about it is: CIRCUS.
Really, I do not know what some designers have smoked to create collections so bad (this is my opinion of course) that, if I have to be honest, I would not wear even under the use of drugs.
So I simply draw a mini list of what I like

lunedì 24 agosto 2015

Sophia Webster Barbie Collection

If you have always dreamed of wearing the Barbie's shoes, the famous doll with soft blond hair all dressed up and rigorously in pink, that accompanied our childhood, now your dream will become reality.
The famous shoes designer, Sophia Webster, has made an ironic, romantic and strictly pink collection, for woman and child, born from the collaboration with the well-known brand of toys.
The key elements? But those of the Barbie's world, of course! Elegance and irony, glossy-plastic effect and the inevitable pink-pop.
The models range from ultra feminine décolleté to slip on and comfortable sneakers.
Heels that look like candy, pastel colors, black and white comics, and butterfly wings. A riot of imagination and creativity, as any creation of Sophia Webster.
The collection will be available from August 27 at the store Selfridges London. At this point it is better to schedule a week end in London... who come with me?! ;)

venerdì 21 agosto 2015


Summer. What is summer? (And do not tell me a season!). An ice cream, a smile, a warm embrace, the scorching sun, the long dresses and fluttering skirts, a kiss, the palm trees, the nights spent talking, the stars. And then the sea, laughs, parties on the beach, sunsets that fall in love, the joy of living, the songs of the moment, dancing and belting as if this summer would never end.
Yes, it is the season of light-heartedness, the lightness of mind, that sometimes it really needs to go back to being free and light, the soul, like a butterfly in a field of corn (or sunflower).

mercoledì 19 agosto 2015

GUCCI Interlocking Shoulder Bag

I've never been a fan of Gucci handbags (and the brand in general, removed a few exceptions), I have to admit it, but when I saw the new "born" in the Florentine fashion house, it was love at first sight!
Interlocking is called and it is the new shoulder bag of pre-fall collection by Gucci.
The initials of the maison decorate the central part of this refined bag, enriched by a chain that makes more sophisticated any look.
Several variants, include the "basic" version in brushed leather polished, a more sophisticated suede with studs, a veiled python version and colored by hand and other models karung snakeskin. The hand finished edges are the ultimate in quality and sophistication, attributes that make GUCCI Interlocking Shoulder Bag a real gem. Not by chance has already won the reputation of It-bag, also it won a spot on my list of "bags to buy" (sooner or later).

lunedì 17 agosto 2015

Bucket List: cose da fare prima di morire

We only live once, and "this time" we have to make it a masterpiece. We have goals, desires, dreams to fulfill. So the other day, as I sipped my water and mint under the umbrella, by the sea, I started thinking about all that series of "things" that I would like to do before I die. The result was a list that does not include the wishes already made (it would come too long), but only those to be realized, so to keep them in mind and to try to begin to make "reality" even now.
Are you curious? Here is it:

1. Fall in love with Istanbul
2. See the lemurs in Madagascar
3. Write a book (work in progress ...)
4. Go to the airport and catch the first flight
5. Meditate before the immensity of the Rift Valley, Kenya