lunedì 29 giugno 2015

Sfumature di rosa

The beauty of nature and the delicacy of a rose that mingle with the sophistication and elegance of the pleated, impalpable as soft clouds of dreams.
In the air a romantic allure, Parisian flavor, that scent of peonies and hydrangeas.
The facets of a diamond, which are the same as a woman. They say that diamonds are the best friends of a woman, and in fact an ancient legend considers the stones bearers of an immense fortune for those who have them.
Each of us is like a precious diamond with many facets. A diamond, when well oriented, exudes a fantastic and bright light. We are diamond too, all with different characteristics; who more opaque,  who more pure, those colorful, some pure white and those with some inclusions. Surely they are all wonderful, but there are special diamond, and these are us.
We are people of many facets that every day we represent a different side, perhaps even to ourselves. If we stop to look at them we see only a few colors, but if you observe them with more effort, taking them in hand, carefully watching closely, side by side, then we will see that everything "shines".
Women are like this, maybe a raw diamond, undiscovered. Pink, as the rarest diamond. As my Homanz Diamond Ring bag.

mercoledì 24 giugno 2015

Giardini Majorelle: la magia blu di Marrakech

Imagine a place of quiet and poetry in the heart of Marrakech. Yes, right in the heart of the red city. A place to stop and think, where the stillness that characterizes it is interrupted only by the chirping of countless glittering species that inhabit it. It is not utopia, it's just magic. A magic blue Majorelle.
Some people compared it to an impressionist garden, who, like myself, defines it an oasis of peace and who was so fascinated to dream it even after the trip, because that blue so unique and intense -become "blue Majorelle "- is hard to forget.
When you enter in Eden Majorelle, the chaotic time of Marrakech stops and you find yourself surrounded by a feeling of indescribable peace. The blue Majorelle ago from carpet to a really wide collection of beautiful specimens from five continents. Cactus, water lilies, palm trees, bougainvillea, jasmine and many other species accompany the walks between shaded paths, small streams and buildings in Moorish and Art Deco.
The originality of this place lies in the combination of lush vegetation and architectural elements of Arab-Berber culture, which combine simplicity and traditional Moroccan aesthetic.
The play of light and color contrasts seem to come out from the brush of Jacques Majorelle, a French painter and one of the most important plant collectors of his time, who moved to Marrakech to continue his career as a painter, and where he bought a land that became the present lush garden. After his death, in 1980 the villa was bought by Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé and after a restoration that saved it from decay, was once again open to the public. The designer found in the Majorelle Garden a source of inspiration, so much to choose it as a place of burial. In 2008, in fact, his death's ashes were scattered in the rose garden inside the botanical garden.
Today the villa is home to the Museum of Islamic Art.
As Alfred Austin wrote: "Show me your garden and I can tell who you are."

lunedì 22 giugno 2015

Un amore tra le nuvole

We travel for many reasons, for infinite interests, to work, to expand our knowledge, to find oneself, to find a contact with nature, with people. We travel for love, to be free, to live.
Everyone traveling in their own way and according to their possibilities, the important thing is to have the spirit to move, learn and discover. For some travel is a necessity, a desire that comes from the soul to be able to go to places you desire and discover new horizons.
"But the real travelers start to leave and just: hearts light, like balloons that only the case moves eternally, they always say "Let's go", and do not know why. Their desires are in the shape of the clouds."
I love traveling and this is well known, but may not know how I'm in love with planes and airports. I could spend hours and hours, lying on a grass, watching the white streak of a plane cut high in the blue sky, dreaming of being up there in the clouds of desires, live in some kind of latitude, meridian, parallel of this planet.
Airports are places of meetings of flying objects, that make you closer to the sky, always the goal of man. A meeting place for different people, people of all nationalities, cultures and religions, people everywhere. People leave and people arriving. People greet family and friends. People leaving for a long period or forever. People arriving for the first time in a place unknown to them.
The airport is full of life, of coming and going, full of happiness and sadness. The airport is one of those places where I would spend the days, so even without starting, just to watch the people, imagine their state, and to watch the planes ready for take-off, with the roll of engines that makes me so mad .
The airport is a mingling of travelers and dreamers, my place. In the airport you are already in the sky even before boarding the plane.

giovedì 18 giugno 2015

Costumi interi per l'estate 2015

Thunderstorms and showers in part, (perhaps) it is time to pull out of the closet swimsuits, sarongs and beach bags.
I had already shown the trends of bikini here, today I want to talk about an alternative to the bikini; I'm talking about swimsuits and their style return.
Yes, this summer on the beaches we will also (re)see them and they are more new, edgy and sophisticated materials which is almost a shame to wear them alone on the beach.
Sports, multicolor, with portholes or printed: these are the trends for summer 2015.
The coolest idea? Wear them also in bodysuit version on a sporty look or as a top on maxi skirts. The swimsuits are just perfect for the debut on the sand and for the first swim of the season but also for cocktails on the beach in the name of fashion!
Now you're ready for the holidays!

martedì 16 giugno 2015

DG Light Blue Sunset In Salina

The crystal clear waters off Sicily frame the breathtaking wild beauty of the Aeolian Islands. It's here, among the jagged rocks, the bright green vegetation and the deep blue sea that nature expresses all its beauty and brings forth real emotions. And it is in these islands that inspired the new fragrance by Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue limited edition: Sunset in Salina.
The fresh floral fragrance of Sunset in Salina speaks of sunsets over the sea, accompanied by a glass of Malvasia sipped on a terrace elates by freesias.
The fragrance opens with the aroma of grape leaves placed against the violet leaves. In the heart emanate sweetness and seductive panache of the Yellow Freesia, accompanied by orange blossom and jasmine. The closure, finally, is provided by a warm embrace of Ambrox, Cedarwood and notes of White Musk.
Closing the eyes, with a little bit of imagination and a dash of Sunset in Salina, you can even hear the sea... and it's love.

lunedì 15 giugno 2015

Sicilian Dream

The scent of summer, on a terrace overlooking the sea surrounded by flowers and citrus fruits, those citrus fruits and that turquoise sea, a thousand shades, that do immediately think of Sicily and the islands that surround it. A peculiar beauty with an insatiable charm. Yes, Sicily is like this.. you are never satisfied. More you see it and more you fall in love. And this know well my heart designers that, with their creations, make us to dream, savor, sigh those enchanted scenarios.
That Sicily famous for granite, landscapes, history, traditions, food and then they... the majolica, ceramics from the brightly patterned, floral and geometric, that make my eyes like hearts every time I see them . If they are drawn on a dress or a skirt Dolce&Gabbana, I become one with the hearts.
For some time I was looking for a skirt that tells speaks about Sicily, at least, a couple of years, but I never could find it. So, given that the trends this summer does not excite me that much, I decided to create it. You should know that one of my biggest dreams, is precisely to create my own line of clothing and wear something created by me.
A few months ago I went from my seamstress, which also has rich and signed fabrics, saying: "I want a Sicilian skirt, one of those with majolica designed... like Dolce&Gabbana?", she opened the closet and showed me the Dolce&Gabbana stuff.... can you imagine my eyes at the sight of that wonder colored? Within seconds the shop filled with hearts!
The rest came by itself, I explained the model I had in mind, pencil, with high belt in contrast and back vent. And here it is, my skirt Désir de Princess, the first of a long series, worn in a sicilian mood, with a big straw hat, Violavinca coral pumps and Dsquared2 diva sunglasses.
For the name I wanted something special, something that spoke about me and that could identify the entire line only appoint hearing. So, asking some advice to my best friend, we have coined Désir de Princess, where my name and the name of the blog are married together.
Do you like it? I love it, but obviously I'm biased ;)

giovedì 11 giugno 2015

Dèjeuner sur l'herbe

I always loved art, in all its forms, and art history. Do you think that, at school, it was one of those lessons (or perhaps the only) I could afford to read once and it has already learned. Something that has not happened for history, that I could study it and repeat it all day I did not really entered (and bored me too!).
Painting is an art form that has always fascinated and passionate me, most of my favorite painters are French and all Impressionists such as Degas, who with his dancers made me dream, Monet and Manet. And the famous "Luncheon on the Grass" of the latter, with the virtuosity of expression and the contrast of blacks and bright colors, is one of those paintings that remained in my heart. But how would his art work in 2015?
I think it would be an Italian pic-nic, in a Sunday in June, in the shade of a large oak tree, with fresh fruit at will, bread (ok, the baguette is not very Italian but in the picture is good :P) and sausages (only a slice through, otherwise I get all fat and pimples and then I can not be a model!), a nice glass of rosé and that scent of linden in the air that immediately makes summer.