venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

Leather, Peplum, Denim

Some loves made immense speed and then come back ...
It seems like yesterday that I attended the first year of high school and I was madly in love. No, not with the most beautiful of the school (which was more than one: P)... but with the jeans! To the delight of my mother I had more than 20, I swear! Then over time, the hatred.
Over the years, my closet was filled with blacks trousers, weird right ?! ;)
But the dear old and good Venditti has always been right...The flashback is close, very close indeed!
In recent weeks I have bought 2 pairs of jeans but this time I will stop here, the 0 close to 2 this time do not put it ;)
So for a drink with friends, I opted once again for simplicity, wearing my new jeans, AX Paris jacket with faux leather sleeves and peplum and heeled brogues. I do not even remember most of them!
I send you a big kiss and waiting for your comments

giovedì 23 ottobre 2014


Autumn has arrived and brought with it the desire to nail enamels original and sought always trendy. 
This fall, the nails are colored dark
Black, green, brown, gray, blue and purple the inalienable, and then the timeless red. 

BLACK - black licorice or pitch. Matte or glossy as oil. 
MIDNIGHT BLUE - midnight blue velvet, dark and intense as a sky studded with stars but also rich in nuances like the ocean. The protagonist of the season even on your nails for a truly sophisticated. 
PURPLE - aubergine or deep indigo: the conquest of the darker purple manicure. 
ROUGE NOIR - a classic autumn coming back to enjoy a moment of leadership. 
BROWN - the brown is enriched with unusual shades and reflections. The darker tones are illuminated by touches of metal and precious decorations. 

You just have to choose! What shades will accompany you in this season?

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

Colori d'autunno

Autumn and its shades from yellow to red, still immersed in a bright green frame.
A total black outfit with accessories from the colors of the leaves and shoes in leopard print pony, as it wants to tip the season. A song in my head and a mixture of peace and thoughts drawn on my face. Today it goes like this...

martedì 21 ottobre 2014

Stivali autunno/inverno 14

The boot is the shoe that more than any other accompanying us during the winter season: comfortable, glamorous, hot. It has all the characteristics to be a must have accessory. 
We then discover what are the boots trend for this season. 
Neither high nor flat: boots for fall/winter have a medium heel, the perfect balance between momentum and comfort. 
  The boots are inspired by the 70s. Have returned the forms of the past: the heel is thick, high leg, to below the knee, can be wide and straight or tight as a riding boot
Soft leather and suede are the protagonists, with some variation luxury such as python and irreverent as the glitter
Ready to brave the cold to a duel? You only need a low heel and riding style!

lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

October, 19

An autumn walk on a soft blanket of dry leaves.
The smell of roasted chestnuts and a sudden desire for Christmas, red and a chalet in the mountains.
A "Witch" hat (Halloween is approaching :P) and a warm vests in Mongolian fur.
A pair of jeans and a white shirt.
And then, the bag that every woman should have in their collection of bags: the famous Louis Vuitton speedy. What if you still do not know, the trunk bag is the must have bag for this fall (I'll get better in a week, however, take note).
And one more a quote, hoping it will be one of those true:
Do not confuse your path with your destination. Just because it is stormy now does not mean that you are not directed toward the sun.

venerdì 17 ottobre 2014

Hand Made Hair Care

With autumn hair also need new pampering and petting, especially after the summer.
I have a real fix for the hair, almost mania. I want them perfect, smooth, soft, shiny, light.
Too many claims? Maybe, but Hand Made Hair Care spoil and pamper my hair.
Products for hair care Hair Care Hand Made are suitable for all hair types and different needs.
From when I tried them my hair is soft and shiny, thanks to the known properties of Argan oil content in the line Shine Vital.
-Shine Vital Shampoo: nourishes the hair dry and color treated or balayage. Suitable for frequent use, with its rich formula of Argan oil creates a soft texture, smooth and radiant.
-Shine Vital Treatment: treatment with high nutritious, ideal for all hair types.
Deeply nourishes the hair fiber, giving lightness, restructuring and an absolute luminosity.
-Shine Vital Oil: an intensive treatment to give full force to the hair nourishing and revitalizing Argan oil, protective and enlightening seed oil Camellia. It wraps the hair with a protective film that gives exceptional brightness and makes them easier to comb. Great for stressed and dull hair. It also protects the hair from dryness, dehydration, frizz effect and consequences of the sun, feeding them intensely.
On Hand Made Hair Care site (here) you will find several lines specific for each type of hair as well as solar.
You just have to try it!