venerdì 21 aprile 2017

Buon Compleanno Dietorelle!

Lo ammetto, sono una golosa! Impazzisco per le caramelle... Morbide, di gelatina, alla frutta o alla menta. Alle caramelle non riesco proprio dire di no, in particolare alle mie amate Dietorelle: ricche di succhi di frutta, senza coloranti e senza aromi artificiali.

martedì 18 aprile 2017

Quando un uomo ama, la sua donna corre.

When a man loves his woman runs.
Have you ever seen the reaction of a woman loved by a man? When a woman meets a man who falls in love with her, always she has the same reaction: she runs.
She runs by, runs towards, runs away, however runs. And the man is still there and can also have just a reaction: to run.
He runs by, runs towards, runs away, however runs.
In the end I know that love is a big marathon. And in this huge athletics track, including leg warmers, sweat bands, and starter bored, certain moments of pathos are consumed that even Mennea has given us.
We see men who had never trod athletics tracks, but at most made the trek in the fall between the hilly streets of a country fair, put shoes and jump racing on the lane, chasing her that she turned for a moment and seems to have winked do with misunderstanding; other men, more used to competition, as long as she does not slow to point him leave her scent, and he then snaps and runs, but she is an old school lungometrista and recovers quickly stepped record. Then there are men who are competing on themselves, that invade lanes, slow down, look around, seem uninterested to the thing, until someone supports them and encourages them to run together.
Love is a race, the kind that break your breath, that make you cramp and dehydrate you. No matter being first, but never stop running.

lunedì 10 aprile 2017

Egitto: Mar Rosso e Sharm El-Sheikh

It's the land of the Pharaohs, mysteries and contrasts. This is Egypt, a country that hides thousands of years of history, nature and art.
The crystal clear water and warm sunshine make the Red Sea of Egypt a wonderful destination to visit all year round.
Sharm El-Sheikh, the most famous place on the Red Sea, south Sinai, bordered by a vast and arid desert, and therefore also called "the pearl of the Red Sea", overlooks one of the richest tropical seas of the world for variety and concentration of marine life. Sharm El-Sheikh is, in fact, the undisputed realm of the seabed by the unique beauty, a paradise for snorkeling and diving lovers.
A unique setting: a rich variety of reef fish species and color that seems to swim in an aquarium. The extraordinary light of the reef with its colorful inhabitants, give life to the ideal holiday for those who like to dive into the underwater nature. The Natural Park of Ras Mohammed, home of many sea turtles, is a perfect example of crystal clear water, exotic cliffs and incredible variety of fish.
Developed initially in Naama Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh now has many resorts, some of which high-level (such as the Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort where I stayed during my vacation), located in other beautiful bays, both south to north of Naama Bay, which has a lively atmosphere, especially around the popular shopping center where are concentrated bars, nightclubs and shops in which to buy typical Bedouin handicrafts such as jewelery, leather, pillows, ceramics, but also spices, hookahs and papyrus.
The majesty of the desert, intense light, spicy aromas, colorful nights, music and exotic sounds, make Sharm El Sheikh a magical place.
But Sharm El Sheikh is not just sea, relaxation and fun. The Red Sea offers, in fact, a variety of itineraries with destinations both natural and cultural character.
Here you can cross the Sinai desert, at dawn, to the famous Monastery of Saint Catherine, and see the sun rise from the sands of the sacred Mount where Moses got the 10 commandments, or hire a jeep to the Colored Canyon, characterized by labyrinths, rock towers and tunnels caving course in stone, where the colors red, gold and purple glitter in the sands of the desert, or discover the desert in a quiet and relaxing way on the back of a camel or sparkling hiring a safari quad.

lunedì 3 aprile 2017

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Fleur Musc

For Her Musc Fleur, a new chapter by Narciso Rodriguez. A unique, irresistible and intriguing fragrance, born from the desire to create a fragrance characterized by a musk heart surrounded by the warmth and richness of flowers that enclose together the uniqueness of a rose.
The vibrant spirit of For Her Musc Fleur expresses the deep sensuality of every woman.
For Her Musc Fleur is inspired by women who claim independence, marked by an exquisite grace.
The musk heart, signing For Her, wraps of roses, spices and amber woods, creating a sparkling fragrance. A floral bouquet, with vibrant notes, envelops the heart of musk, for a touch of sensuality. The sumptuous pink flowers, sublimated by pink peppercorns, join the musk, while the amber and patchouli give the brightness.
The fragrance captures the freedom and nuance of a femininity that includes everything radiates new vitality and transmits a sensual self-confidence.

giovedì 30 marzo 2017

Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano: un viaggio attraverso i sensi

There are places that enter in the heart at first glance, places where you can breathe and live the beauty in all its forms, places that are unlikely to be forgotten.
In Milan, in the heart of the design district, there is a "jewel" called Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano, the first Hotel à Parfum belonging to the prestigious luxury collection of Small Luxury Hotels of The World.
Small Luxury Hotels of The World has, in fact, more than 500 independent hotels in 80 countries, offering an endless variety of memorable experiences, carefully selected for their style and their exceptionality. All different but united from offering the best location, high-quality, personalized service and an authentic way to discover the destination. And so elegant and classy hotel as the Magna Pars Suites Milan could only be part of this fascinating collection.
It is for this elegance, for this simple luxury, for the perfume, always different, that envelops every environment and enters in the mind, for white furniture, for the perfume laboratory, the corridors beams and railings steel that resemble so much a ship -and to my love for the sea- but I would not have wanted to leave.
From the outside a huge glass wall reveals the flavor of the past: post-industrial elements, original walls of what at the time was the perfume factory of Martone family.
The love for perfumes, for art and for the hospitality brought the family to found the five-star hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano, to live a unique experience through all the senses.

giovedì 23 marzo 2017


To miss. From Latin, mancus - maimed, imperfect. Not be enough, to defect and also fail.
It is what feels those who experience this feeling on their skin: flawed, failing, not enough. It is an emotional state that involves being unhappy, having to react against their wishes and do the opposite of what you would like. Because if someone is missing, for sure we would like not missing.
It is the lack of love, a friend or a loved one, it does not matter. Distances require you to respond and not sit there waiting.
It is strange the way a person manages to miss. It is equally strange the way you can not do without someone.
We were created comprehensive, yet we are looking for our soul mate, the half apple, our missing piece. 
It is absurd! Absurd and inexplicable. With feelings there is nothing to do, you can not control feelings.
I believe that failings have to do with dependencies, that the to much brings to an end. I think anyone who is missing, too often, is the result of a more that you had, and which has been removed. It is the routine that is interrupted, the habit that becomes the exception.
It is bad having to deal with failings, with distances, with the absences. It is hard to handle them, deal with them, overcome them. What is certain, is that life goes on anyway, but there are some failings and there will always be. They are part of us.
Life is made of this: of failings, empty filled and unbridgeable gaps.

lunedì 20 marzo 2017

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina in Fiore

Pink as the spring that returns and romance that brings. Pink as cherry trees, the Peach Blossom and magnolias, with their nuances, dye the blue sky of this period. Rose as the soul of a poised young lady on a swing of emotions. Pink as her thoughts and sighs.
The roofs of Milan, the chirping of birds, spring in the air and a Signorina in Fiore, happy and carefree, romantic and gentle that, as a corolla, pretty opens its petals to the first rays of sun.
Sweet but lively, elegant but youthful, is Signorina in Fiore, the new floral-fruity fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo.
Dedicated to the romantic and joyous soul of the young women, the scent opens with colorful notes, where the delicious, lively sorbet Nashi pear merges with the juicy pomegranate. The heart is a created with enchanted flowers: while the cherry blossom swaying in the breeze, Jasmine petals spread their essence. Finally, an intense light embraces the senses, leaving a sinuous trail of White Musk and Sandalwood.
A fragrance that exudes joy and happiness... because when in love every girl blossoms like a flower.