lunedì 30 maggio 2016

Come piegare una pochette da taschino

Sometimes they come back. Fashion world gives rise to real journeys into the past, not necessarily with negative meaning, not always the "new is better"; many items of the past were revisited, sometimes they were just taken and placed in today's context. It is so that they return to the forefront items or accessories such as suspenders, cufflinks, bow ties, tortoiseshell glasses, vests, watches of other times, and so on...
Speaking of pocket square then it is not so strange, how could a few years ago when this accessory was purely known by businessmen (sometimes was even ignored by them) or worn in ceremonies or occasions of special magnificence. Not that today is different, but this accessory is slightly "gentrified" also being worn in less special occasions and contexts. And it so that they have sprung up several "interpreters" of this accessory that, with certain "creative abortions", rape in some way the history and tradition behind this simple piece of cloth.
In a world that is made of rules, there are rules and even ways to fold this simple accessory:

venerdì 27 maggio 2016

Working day

Most of the work of a blogger takes place in the office, behind a desk, among millions of emails, phone calls, and an agenda to program.
When I am out of the office, and I am in Milan, I often meet clients and have appointments at Manin Hotel, to discuss work during a lunch or in complete privacy in one of their meeting rooms.
In the work are necessary composure, solidity but also presentable. Asus ZenBook accompanies me in working life everyday, with its clean and simple lines. Like a custom-made suit, great for all occasions.
Elegance, the watchword of my #ZenOutfit. A silk shirt and blue pants with a tailored fit. Dyed red lips and pearls as the only ornament. Simple, austere and refined..the emblem of a manager.

martedì 24 maggio 2016

Il viaggio di lavoro con RV Roncato Double

Lately I often travel for work and almost every week I find myself going up and down from trains and planes with more frequency.
Travelling is my passion, but when I have to pack the bags is also a, shoes, notebook, camera..every time keep all is a real struggle.
I was looking for a comfortable and functional trolley, able to hold everything I need, then I discovered the new Roncato Double line by RV Roncato.
RV Roncato Double, a cabin trolley from the "double face", perfect when you arrive at the airport or take a taxi or a train. A functional organizer to display during a meeting or an appointment, when you have to get at your documents and devices.
A union between the concept of travel and work. A Made in Italy polycarbonate suitcase enclosing an innovative idea: a removable pocket sewn on the base fabric in gray polypropylene with a core of PU soft touch that facilitates the taking.
A "mobile office" ideal for storing laptop and tablet, cards and business cards, to detach to overcome with the convenience of gate security checks without wasting time and mix the clothing with work tools.
The RV Roncato Double line is available in three color variants of the pocket (all black, gray with red or lime details) in cab version, with handle with three positions, four wheels with 360° rotation for maximum maneuverability, lock with triple combination and TSA system, double waterproof zipper for added strength and removable and washable lining.
Fantastic, is not it?!

lunedì 23 maggio 2016

Uala: il beauty center a portata di mano

Urgency of last-minute hairdresser? Have you a sudden desire to complete treatment in a beauty center or just want to make you beautiful without having to make unnecessary phone calls and arrange for appointments?
Uala is the service for you!
Thanks to this digital platform you can book at your leisure the service or treatment in different locations with treatments like celebrities. Just choose the city, the treatment that's right for you, the salon of your choice and you're done! All in a few clicks ;) Convenient, no?
I have been able to experience the convenience of this service; recently, infact, I was in Milan at Giò Evadamo to give a "cut" to my hair. A salon in the center, nice and bright, where I was welcomed and pampered like a real princess.
I recommend it to all women who, for reasons of work or time, have a need for a similar service. A brilliant and innovative idea of high level.

venerdì 20 maggio 2016

Hotel Manin Milano

With the rain return to Milan, a kind of melancholy and sense of lack accompany me. I look out the train window, lost in thoughts about new projects, future, my life. Until all this thinking is stopped, and I find myself before the goal of my pilgrimage.
Catapulted into the center of Milan I go into what will be my home for the next two days, Manin Hotel, a mixture of luxury and elegance unique among hotels in the city.
Located in the heart of Milan, near the Duomo, La Scala Theatre and the fashionable streets, Manin Hotel, a magnificent 4-star: tradition passed down for generations since 1904.
The hotel's prestige, in addition to geographical location, is given by the long series of personalities passed within the structure during all its years of history.
The history of Manin, in fact, began in 1846, at the time of the Five Days of Milan and is told through a series of photographs in black and white that enrich the atmosphere and give an historical value to the property without equal.
Once inside the door catches your eye the luxury of materials used, the minimal and elegant ambience in a reality behind the times. Spaces are content just enough to put at ease those who stay at the same time maintaining that sense of privacy which the customer can use when required. The details are treated in detail, the atmosphere became filled, cheerful and bright by color choices of rooms, furniture and enriched by its design. To the left there is a lounge area flanked by the American Bar and the waiting room confined by a tangle of dark fences, green is king and is repeated in a thousand different shades and sizes: from almond trees in bloom to the bright colors the walls, the green expanse of creeper that can be seen from the local bay window to the waiting room armchairs. The American Bar is the hotel's meeting center, perfect for a light lunch or a coffee break or to enjoy an aperitif or a cocktail with friends.
Once the elevator doors open, I find myself in the sixth-floor corridor, ready to let me surprise from my suite. The environment, elegant and spacious, spread horizontally. A desk where waiting for me, on the right a sitting area with sofa and TV, a double bed decorated with an elegant line of white sheets with double pillows, and on the wall a "world" painted and built by an important Italian artist.
The 124 luxurious rooms, including 6 Junior Suites and 2 Suites, feature a contemporary design suitable for business, pleasure or leaks over the weekend. They are equipped with all amenities and some recently renovated, with private terrace overlooking the elegant Manin Garden, or enjoy stunning views of the Duomo or the green Sempione Park.
As in every class hotel, can not miss the equipped suites for the most demanding customers: "Junior Suite", "Executive Suite", ideal for those who consider the absolute tranquility and privacy added values, and "Panoramic Suite & pool", on the top floor, offering furniture and customized solutions and a mini pool in the open air terrace with wonderful views of the city.
Manin Hotel also has a small gym which guests can access for free from morning to night.
The restaurant, Manin Restaurant, is located at the end of a long corridor leading to the Garden, close to the meeting rooms. It is readjusted in terms of space thanks to a sliding system of walls such as to redesign the spaces of which the hotel may need based on several eventualities. Here we can delight your palate with a rich and varied cuisine, which traces the tradition of Milan but also internationally. The attention of the chef to raw materials is exceptional: in fact, all the dishes are made from fresh and genuine components. As for the rooms, even here it is proposed the green motif with an entire wall covered with fern in contrast with the black and beige that usually find in all visited areas so far and expresses continuity with the garden.
The perception is that of a luxury restaurant that pampers anyway its customers with a generous and friendly staff available to all guests.
The Garden, "the flagship" of Manin, is considered one of the most architecturally interesting gardens in the city and enjoys an ideal location within the hotel. Its old charm makes it spectacular and attractive to the eyes of anyone who wants to enjoy a good glass of wine.
What's more the property value is increased tenfold by the discovery of a few years ago the remains of a Roman cemetery which stood just below the current Garden.Today, the beauty and elegance of the Manin Garden is made unique by statues, capitals and other remains of this discovery.
Greeting this little corner of paradise, a faint ray of sun caresses my face and with its heat all the thoughts and fears are swept away.

mercoledì 18 maggio 2016

Liu Jo Spring/Summer 2016

Fresh and dynamic, it is the Liu Jo spring/summer 2016 collection.
Dedicated to a young and bubbly woman, the collection is divided into two strong inspirations but mirror, characterized by an easy and fresh mood that fully interprets the soul of the brand: California Dreaming '70 and City Africa, with prints inspired by the past but reproduced in a modern way and illuminated by sequins and color effects.

In viaggio con ASUS Zenbook

A train and a plane to take. A new destination is waiting for me.
Travel as discovery, emotion, adventure, passion.
To leave is the most beautiful and courageous of all actions. Maybe a selfish joy, but a joy for who knows how to value freedom. Being alone, without needs, strangers, foreigners, and yet feel at home anywhere. I only need a suitcase to fill with stories, memories, and an ideal companion: my ASUS Zenbook, ready to collect my thoughts, my feelings, my photos, to keep me company during the entire trip. Light and thin, reliable and dynamic, load up to 10 hours, elegant and sophisticated design.
When I travel I like to be comfortable but not give up a touch of elegance, the same one that belongs to the ASUS Zen philosophy. A #ZenOutfit in preppy style with the shades of blue and red, like the sea and the sunsets that will surprise me once reached at destination.