martedì 21 aprile 2015

Vacanze Romane

Close your eyes and go back in time, in 1950 to be exact, when in Rome celebrated the Dolce Vita. That Rome where, through the streets of Corso, we turned only with the vespa without meters and all traffic of today. When Italy was really the Bel Paese and Roman Holiday was not only the title of the famous film with the Hepburn, but a dream shared by the whole world. A city rich in history and charm, which has enchanted millions and millions of people. In my opinion, the Italian pride.
And then its icons. Beautiful, indeed very beautiful. As only the divas of the 50s were able to be: charm and elegance in a pure state, that current superstar even if they are dreaming.
The years of the trench, the midi skirts, the scarf in the hair and big glasses for true divas. Because they were so, always perfectly clean even when they went to fill wicker baskets of their favorite flowers, losing in the sweet notes of the famous song of Matia Bazar, Vacanze Romane, among roses, tulips, orchids and other wonderful species, and then leave on the red vespa with the fluttering scarf and baskets full of flowers ready to greet His Majesty, the Colosseum.
Roma bella tu, le muse tue
Asfalto lucido, "Arrivederci Roma"...

sabato 18 aprile 2015


Last weekend pushed by an uncontrollable desire to sea and relaxing, accomplices mild temperatures and bright sun, I decided to spend a few days in the "pearl of Liguria": Portofino.
Needless to tell you how much I love this fascinating place, but there's one thing you do not know... Many years ago, on the occasion of a holiday, this is where I fell in love with my brand of the heart (yes ok, one of many). Want to know which? It's composed of 2 names, starts with L and ends with N...
Have you recognized?
It's Louis Vuitton! Already at the time (I was just a little girl) I had refined tastes ;)
But back to my weekend I was so happy and totally relaxed I did not want to go back home!
Nothing relaxes the senses more than the sea, only to watch it regenerates me. I entrust all my thoughts, my anxieties, my doubts and it returns me a "clean" Desy, free and light as a butterfly.
So in those days no thoughts, no work, no study, nothing. Only the wonder and beauty of the sea and nature, some pictures (Instagram @desireedaloia), an inner peace and a new-found energy to retake life until next weekend in the paradise of senses.

venerdì 17 aprile 2015

Subito abbronzate con Vita Liberata

With spring, temperatures have risen in recent days, bringing with them the desire to undress and to show finally the legs, white as milk.
What to do? Sunbeds and tanning lamps and fill, over time, of wrinkles? Absolutely NO!
I have a better ally that does not damage the skin, but nourishes and makes it soft and moisturized. Who is it??
Vita Liberata! A line of products for skin care and self-tanning compounds of natural and organic ingredients, especially fruit to nourish the skin, and free of harmful substances, parabens and alcohol.
They are also fragrance free and simple to apply and moisturize the skin up to 72 hours!
Now I present you the 3 products that I can not do without:

PHENOMENAL 2-3Week Tan Mousse: MUST HAVE product line, a self-tanning mousse and easy to apply, with a special glove. It absorbs very quickly, without making the skin oily and sticky. Also thanks to the special technology is odorless and can last up to 3 weeks! What do you want? Ah yes, it can be applied on the body and on the face!

Deep Face: the self-tanner for the face that has the texture of a cream and gives a gradual and natural tan to the face. You can simply apply it as a moisturizer every day.

Night Mousse Mask: aself-tanner night mask, which contains vitamin A, C and D and gives an intense hydration.

With Vita Liberata the Caribbean have never been so close ;)
All products are sold exclusively at Sephora store and online store (here)!
Good tan!

giovedì 16 aprile 2015


Romantic and delicate, lilac is the trend, in terms of colors, for spring 2015, and not only regard to clothing and accessories.
Pantone called it color of the year in 2014, but the lilac, color of cyclamen and wisteria, back by force even in this season, laying down the law!
Definitely not an easy color to wear neither nor to match but, experience is the key word!
Sweaters, trench coats, shoes, bags, everything is tinged with lilac in this spring summer 2015, even the hair. Yes, the hair, for the most courageous, become "fairy" ;)
Pair it with white and with jeans, or with pink and baby blue. Test the color more delicate and feminine for a high rate of romance look!

mercoledì 15 aprile 2015

Salvatore Ferragamo per Expo 2015

In recent months there has been talk and we have heard so much. The Expo is coming now, with its polemics in tow of course. But I'm not here to preach, let alone to dwell the Exposure Universal which will begin on the 1st of May 2015.
So why do you have mentioned? Because fashion is contributing to the Expo. Salvatore Ferragamo in fact, for the occasion, has created a capsule collection, limited edition, of iconic pieces reinterpreted in eco-friendly.
The bag Sofia, declined in a mix of eco-synthetic, such as cork and natural fabrics, the Rainbow sandal with wedge layers of cork and uppers textile fibers, the keychain butterfly in cork and two textile proposals for her and for him, a printed scarf and a series of ties.
The accessories will be on sale in the boutiques of Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, Capri and at La Rinascente in Milan, with the start of the Expo.

lunedì 13 aprile 2015

Barbie va al supermercato

A little Barbie, a little doll and maybe even a little strawberry. Thus began the week, in pink, with the scent of fresh flowers and yogurt with berries and grains. With another Monday but with the smile and the eyes still full of sea, thinking about the weekend just ended in the beloved Portofino (you can see the photos on my Instagram profile @desireedaloia).
Barbie in a total pink look (the brunette), because there is no Barbie without pink and there is no pink without Barbie. A Barbie (actually two) that goes to the supermarket, but not just any. Barbies chic do not go neither to the Coop, sorry Luciana (Littizzetto), and even to the Esseluga. No, they do snob and only go into supermarkets IN, where there's people IN and products IN (read quality). They buy milk "Roberto Cavalli" and meat of the best butchers in London, "Burberry" so to speak. You know, the quality meat is the Anglo-Saxon (read as: the real cool boys are the English Dandy). And the bread? French course, a nice baguette "Vuitton" did not handle anyone. Not even the diet.

venerdì 10 aprile 2015

Cocorose Ballerinas

Spring brings with it, along with colorful jackets and pretty dresses, one of the most classic women shoes: the ballerina. Pretty, versatile, comfortable (?) and chic, for several years has established itself as a must-have ALMOST for all.
I say "almost" because the ballerinas, or you love it or you hate it. They are often accused of failure to femininity, but what is it? As it's true for many items and accessories, just know how to match and can be really very bon ton, especially if enriched with "precious" details as my Cocorose!
I admit, I hardly go down from the top of the heel 12, but sometimes I am forced to do it, especially if I wear a miniskirt.
As you will understand (I hope), I'm a lover of elegance ergo one that NOT approve the combination miniskirt (I speak of those mini mini) + heel 12. So those rare times when I decide to wear a skirt above the knee, the choice regarding the shoes, inevitably falls on the ballerinas and their elegance of yesteryear. The times of sobriety and simplicity, those of Audrey (Hepburn) to speak.
And you? Which school of thought you belong? Ballerinas yes or no? Vote! ;)