giovedì 23 marzo 2017


To miss. From Latin, mancus - maimed, imperfect. Not be enough, to defect and also fail.
It is what feels those who experience this feeling on their skin: flawed, failing, not enough. It is an emotional state that involves being unhappy, having to react against their wishes and do the opposite of what you would like. Because if someone is missing, for sure we would like not missing.
It is the lack of love, a friend or a loved one, it does not matter. Distances require you to respond and not sit there waiting.
It is strange the way a person manages to miss. It is equally strange the way you can not do without someone.
We were created comprehensive, yet we are looking for our soul mate, the half apple, our missing piece. 
It is absurd! Absurd and inexplicable. With feelings there is nothing to do, you can not control feelings.
I believe that failings have to do with dependencies, that the to much brings to an end. I think anyone who is missing, too often, is the result of a more that you had, and which has been removed. It is the routine that is interrupted, the habit that becomes the exception.
It is bad having to deal with failings, with distances, with the absences. It is hard to handle them, deal with them, overcome them. What is certain, is that life goes on anyway, but there are some failings and there will always be. They are part of us.
Life is made of this: of failings, empty filled and unbridgeable gaps.

lunedì 20 marzo 2017

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina in Fiore

Pink as the spring that returns and romance that brings. Pink as cherry trees, the Peach Blossom and magnolias, with their nuances, dye the blue sky of this period. Rose as the soul of a poised young lady on a swing of emotions. Pink as her thoughts and sighs.
The roofs of Milan, the chirping of birds, spring in the air and a Signorina in Fiore, happy and carefree, romantic and gentle that, as a corolla, pretty opens its petals to the first rays of sun.
Sweet but lively, elegant but youthful, is Signorina in Fiore, the new floral-fruity fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo.
Dedicated to the romantic and joyous soul of the young women, the scent opens with colorful notes, where the delicious, lively sorbet Nashi pear merges with the juicy pomegranate. The heart is a created with enchanted flowers: while the cherry blossom swaying in the breeze, Jasmine petals spread their essence. Finally, an intense light embraces the senses, leaving a sinuous trail of White Musk and Sandalwood.
A fragrance that exudes joy and happiness... because when in love every girl blossoms like a flower.

martedì 14 marzo 2017

Acqua Alpes: la freschezza sulla pelle

Imagine the sapphire sky of spring, white clouds that goes well with the white snow, the fresh air coming from the glaciers, the Tyrolean Alps, the sun's warmth and purity of blue water flowing in flower-filled meadows.
Imagine then to be able to combine all of these unique feelings and "wear" them every time you feel that need of freshness, freedom, naturally, delicacy. They are the scented creations Acqua Alpes inspired by own landscapes of the Tyrolean Alps, whose secret is hidden right there, between the pristine peaks of the Alps, where is the purest and crystalline water, ables to exalt the most sought after natural essences .
It takes about 20 years for rainwater to infiltrate into the mountains is purified and only then enriched with trace elements: ready to be mixed to create a line of unique fragrances, created following ancient recipes combining the most exclusive ingredients.
The line includes products for the body, 3 home perfumers and 4 fragrances for the person, their name is a number corresponding to one of the peaks surrounding Innsbruck: 2828, 2334, Oud 3333 and Oud 3007.
Each piece is unique and inimitable, created entirely by hand at every stage of its production, from the essence creation to its packaging.
Acqua Alpes is purity and simplicity, each fragrance exudes the love for nature and evokes the alpine forests with their fairy-tale scenarios.

lunedì 6 marzo 2017

La vita. Che bel proposito, vivere.

Life. What a beautiful way, to live. And living life is all that we are asked to do, like at Christmas when you give away a toy train to a child, and he only have to mount the track and then leave the wagons track on the rails.
After all life is this, it is given to us and then leave us free to "mount" as best we believe, trusting that then we live therefore, at best. Life knows only one time, that of a life, in fact, and it is precisely for this time that is given us to appreciate, as best we can, this gift that someone, for some reason we can not know, packed for us.
If we all were to accept this gift and there we took care, reminding us that it is unique and irreplaceable, and we thank every moment for as long as we are allowed to enjoy it, perhaps, we would have a good reason to live, life.

mercoledì 1 marzo 2017

Amon Olimje: i sapori della Slovenia

Wine estate, surrounded by nature, Amon Olimje is one of the oldest in Slovenia.
A green oasis surrender by a sense of peace. At the height of their beauty there are the forests, vineyards, flowers, rushing streams, grazing cows and chirping birds.
Here, in the company cellar, mature a wide selection of wines from the wine region of Virstanj, as well as fine aged wines, but the reputation of the company is also in the good cuisine and golf course.
Amon family offers its guests the best. From wine, cuisine, going to sports and even the stay. A pension, Natura Amon, nestling in the green oasis that fought on the one hand, the forest and the other extending toward the sunrise, on the golf course.
A rustic interior takes up the shape of a wine cellar.
The cuisine offers a wide range of cuisines and fine wines: seasonal dishes made with fresh ingredients and fruits, organic produce grown in their gardens and used in the preparation of organic menus. Delicious homemade pate, salami of Kozjansko, a wide selection of soups, such as soup to Kozjansko mushrooms or the bread "prezganka", but also gnocchi, homemade pasta, game, lamb, duck and pork.
The wines embody the colors, the aromas and the flavors of the best varieties of white and black grapes of Styria region. Words are not enough, you have to enjoy!
Slovenia, with its landscapes, its cuisine and its wellness centers, has fascinated me so much that I'm already thinking about going back. This time I could rent a holiday home with Hundredrooms in Ljubljana... who knows;)

venerdì 24 febbraio 2017

Profumi: aria di Primavera

The awakening of nature, the sweet smell of a noble garden in bloom, the unpublished shades of a particular color. What perfume has spring 2017? And the Garden of Eden?
Sweet and deep and strong personality. Forthright and decisive. Romantic and nostalgic. But also seductive and scratchy. These the facets of femininity that spring fragrances intended to fish.
Fresh and light fragrances characterized by floral notes. What are the fragrances of a "blooming" Princess? I'll let you know all them but after you have to tell me yours!

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

Il fascino di una Donna

Dictionaries treat charm as a magic word, mostly negative connotations. It refers to the idea of ​​magic, sorcery, enchantment. In English it is spell. Being under someone's spell means to suffer the magic, being kidnapped. The French expression is kinder. Charm is the grace, the innate delicacy, the je ne sias quoi of what attracts. In German, Zauber, Reiz, indicate the magical seduction. But there is also the word Ausstrahlung, radiance, indicating something that radiates "from within" and wraps in a fascinating aura.
In certain women who are neither beautiful nor pleasant than others, there is an invincible charm that attracts men and impresses and makes indignant the other women who may not realize it, because it acts only on the male members.
It is a kind of fluorescence in a woman. If she has charm, she does not need anything else; if she do not have it, everything else is not very useful. The indefinite charm in a woman is what the perfume is to the flower, what the taste is to the fruit.
Charm is the feminine ability to conquer a man with no other weapons than the simplicity of his being a Woman. We are not women equally but we are women from endless charms. And with charm, I do not mean that ostentatious and built, but the one that captivates and disturbs, made of one hidden eyes and unspoken words. Of that sweetness, of those spontaneous laughter of who do not want to please you, of those silences full of significance that keep you always ready to reflect and not to neglect the slightest message.
There are women with a charm that remains discreet as long as a man does not reveal it, women who do not seek attention but that deserve to any angle from which to be able to observe them.