sabato 28 marzo 2015

Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch
The question that often arise during the holidays is always the same: What shall I wear?
The shop windows for some weeks suggestive us with their catchy and cool proposals, as befits the fashion of spring.
  Have you found the perfect look for Easter brunch?
Put on standby dark shades, at Easter is in fashion neutral shades, pastel colors and floral patterns, a must for the season that will make even more lively and bubbly your look.
Here are three suggestions very refined and ladylike (yes, I think them on me :D), what is your favorite outfit? Can I choose all them? ;)

giovedì 26 marzo 2015

Miss Sicily (ma proprio Sicily) #OBSESSION

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Floral Small Satchel
Close your eyes and imagine a flowery terrace overlooking the sea, heated by a hot sun that caresses the skin and illuminates the turquoise sea. In the air the smell of salt mixed with that of citrus fruits.
Breakfast with typical granita and then running (so to speak) to discover the island. That of arancini, the colored majolica, breathtaking landscapes, ancient ruins, traditions, carts and Puppet. Sicily.
Land much loved by duo Dolce & Gabbana, which was dedicated several collections, where the main part of the style and inspirations is just the beautiful Mediterranean island.
A collection that brings together Spain and Sicily, that of the Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2015 bags. Red, gold, glitzy and opulent details, but also cascades of wisteria, rains of polka dots and then lively and dynamic prints focusing of everyday scenes and objects belonging to the traditions of Spanish and Sicilian: Sicilian carts, citrus and fans. Even the bright and vivid colors such as orange, green, blue and turquoise, mirror those of the Sicilian land.
All this just to show you my new obsession <3

martedì 24 marzo 2015

L'intramontabile trench

All wear it, but few know the origins and history of its birth. Who I'm talking about?
The trench! Who does not have a trench raise the hand and be ashamed at least a little ;)
The trench coat was born in 1901 on the battlefields to live on the catwalk and become a must-have in the wardrobe for men and women. Before we wore only between one season and the other, it has now become the base item to hang out with, without any other.
To make it famous in the female closet is the fascinating Greta Garbo in the film Destino, in 1928, becoming a must-have for any woman with style.
It was worn in fact, on the big screen and not only, by many stars like Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and Katherine Hepburn.
A passe par tout item for the day and the evening, depending on how you wear it: an elegant suit, a trousers, a skirt -better a pencil-, but also an evening dress.
For my afternoon formal, but not too much, I decided to combine it with a pair of blue pants with a white and blue striped shirt, a colorful scarf and red geranium shoes in contrast. What do you think?

lunedì 23 marzo 2015

Spring time

"A day without laughter is a day wasted" so said Sir Charlie Chaplin.
Give me some tulips and I will be the happiest and smiling person in the world, I might add.
Did you know that tulips represent true love and for a declaration of love should give a bouquet of red tulips (perhaps with a Luca Barra jewel).
Although many are convinced that the flower that symbolizes love is the rose that is not entirely true: the true symbol of perfect love, honest one, eternal, selfless, and I would add also rare, is the tulip, at least according to what that the ancient legends and popular literature passed us.
The name "tulip" comes from turkish "tullband" headdress, turban, probably because of the characteristic of this lovely flower.
According to an ancient Persian legend, the oldest of those who see the tulip as the protagonist, this was born from the drops of blood of a young boy who committed suicide following a terrible disappointment in love. Even in the famous collection of fairy tales "The Arabian Nights" the tulip is associated with love: in fact, according to the accounts, the sultan dropped a red tulip at the foot of one of the women of the harem to show them what was the chosen .
It was later in the sixteenth century that this beautiful flower gained great popularity in Turkey, during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent Ottoman sultanate, from whose court were brought first to Vienna, then in Holland and England, and finally in the arms of your princess for cheer and perfuming her spring days, dreaming about a #fugaromantica in Amalfi Coast.
What has the romantic getaway? Got to do and how, as we entered a few days in the season of love and Luca Barra knows how to make us dream!
 The jewelery brand Luca Barra, in fact, held a competition titled #fugaromantica, which will award 10 pairs with a fantastic prize.
Want to know which? Try to guess!
Yes, lucky couples will win a weekend for two nights in the beautiful and romantic Amalfi! To enter the competition you need to send, via the website, a photo where you wear your Luca Barra jewelry, following all the directions here.
I try and you?

venerdì 20 marzo 2015


With the pressure of the spring will advance impalpable and ethereal shades, which are very well suited to the season which symbolizes the rebirth of nature after the slumber winter.
The pastel nailpolishes represent a trend destined not to go out of fashion when spring is approaching. Subdued and delicate shades pervade pastel nailpolishes of the spring/summer 2015: lilac, pink and light blue are just some of the nuances in vogue for a romantic and greedy manicure.
In fact many proposals to choose from, including ethereal and impalpable nuances and tasty sorbet shades. Pink is the protagonist in all its facets, flanked by wisteria and lavender, the great protagonist of the trends seen on the beauty catwalk, light blue and mint green.
Welcome back Spring, now we just have to choose the flavor..ops..color!

mercoledì 18 marzo 2015

Arredare casa? Si, ma con Livingo!

It happens that in spring I want to renovate the house, every year the same story.
The seasons change, nature is renewed and I would change the entire interior of the house.
Mad? Maybe. But I think it is due to the fact that there is no only one style to like. So either buy a house in Marrakech in Arabic style with lots of colorful mosaics and lanterns, a white and blue house at the sea where shells and fishes are the main protagonist, a house in Kenya in African style with thatched, wooden statuettes and spotted carpets, and an estate in Tuscany in Provencal style with huge pots full of sunflowers, or, since I am not the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, I have to "make do" to find the right style for my humble home and furnish it according to the diagrams.
But that effort to choose the right style, I would like them all (not together of course)!
Fortunately, a few days ago, I found Livingo.
Who is Livingo? A portal for online purchase of furniture; a great help, thanks to the categorization, to search for furniture, home accessories, utensils, linens and garden tools.
On Livingo I found many interesting products, able to meet every need. Find a product has never been easier.

martedì 17 marzo 2015

Trend: Midi Skirt

One of the trends for spring-summer 2015 is undoubtedly the midi skirt.
Straight from the '50s, the midi skirt or flared skirts, high waist and below the knee, are one of the most feminine trend of the season. Colorful, imaginative, cotton or tulle, these beautiful skirts with the length and average volume lend themselves to create tendency outfits for the hot season.
Very chic and elegant. Choose the most beautiful it's really hard but to create fabulous combinations it's much simpler than it is believed.
Are you ready to relive the years of Grease and drive-in?
You're the One That I Want
Oo-oo-oo, honey