venerdì 20 gennaio 2017


Choose friends and lovers that are strong wings with which to fly, which will help you to born, even when it hurts, to find out who you really are, to make you a better person. Choose those who reproached you for too affection, instead of who consoles you for convenience. Those who tackles hard-nosed, yell at you and eventually remains. Choose those who are not chained to the immobility of the soil, but draws to you another piece of sky. Those who do not make promises and then keeps them. Those who betray the expectations, because there is no other way to honor the life, in its magnificent imperfections. Who will change your eyes, or return them for the first time, showing you a different way of looking.
Choose who pushes you to fight, to grow, to experience. Those who invent every day new colors and unconscious enough to approach the green with yellow, cobalt blue with ruby ​​red, because nothing makes us more courageous as the ability to break the rules and subverting the obvious.
Choose who scares you. And then, choose who makes you want to overcome that fear.

lunedì 16 gennaio 2017

Rimske Terme: il luogo dove storia e modernità si incontrano

Located in one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, Lasko, Rimske Terme literally, "Roman Baths" - combine modern tourism services with a rich tradition.
The city owes its name to the ancient Romans who exploited the benefits of its thermal waters that gushed out from the cracks of the dolomitic rocks of Straznik. In 39 BC, in fact, they built the first swimming pools with hot and cold water in the place where now occupied by the Rimske Terme.
For a long time the baths were available only to members of the upper classes and senior military officers, only in recent years have become accessible to all who want to benefit from their healing effects.
Here, in the beautiful surroundings of the spa, you will discover the true meaning of the saying "mens sana in corpore sano". Rimske Terme are, in fact, in an idyllic place, a fairytale landscape surrounded by lush forests and mountains, and a park that since 1879 is home to giant sequoias, tulip trees, Japanese cypress, yew and many other exotic trees.
The thermal water of Rimske Terme is one of the richest in Slovenia for content of chemical elements beneficial to the human body. It is been shown that water helps to cure various orthopedic, rheumatic, gynecological, dermatological, respiratory and pulmonary, gastrointestinal and neurological diseases. Besides the excellent location in the beautiful Savinja Valley, with its pristine forests, it has a beneficial effect on chronic lung diseases. But Rismke Terme are also home to the better rehabilitation equipped medical center in Slovenia. Here, expert physiotherapists, along with rehabilitation professionals, draw up rehabilitation programs that help to recover from injury and illness.
Rimske Terme is the ideal place for relaxing in the healing waters of Amalia source or the Roman source, find inner peace in the country of Varinia saunas, where you can enjoy the Finnish sauna, Turkish and infrared. After the sauna, pamper yourself with body wraps, exfoliation, the Kneip programs or enjoying a massage with essential oils to regain energy and health. Or indulge in a magical and romantic moment with your partner, in the historic center of the nymphs bathroom, in the four authentic stone vats and six modern vats for couples.

mercoledì 11 gennaio 2017

Untitled Woman

She had that beauty of which only the losers are capable of. And the clarity of weak things. And loneliness, perfect, of what has been lost. She was one of those people who make this world a place worth visiting.
Me spellbound at her. She knew to like and she liked. She had that beauty which is impossible to look away, the immense beauty that makes you afraid, cringe. She looked like a goddess, one of those Greek gorgeous.
Whenever I obstinated me on a different particular, a mole, a shade of the eyes, an expression. She always noticed, or nearly so, and smiled. -Why are you looking at me? - Because she was the most charming creature I had ever seen.
 Her eyes had the power to make me mad. They did not touched me, but when they looked at me they digging in, the soul. I looked at her and smiled. Her smiles, I could write a book about her smiles, from the most sad and melancholy, to those sounds, so rare, that filled me with happiness. Her laugh. Lovely.
I kissed her with eyes a million times and I never told her that I would stay hours watching her eyes, hours to kiss her lips, hours to hear her voice.
I looked at her and she smiled.

venerdì 6 gennaio 2017

Il profumo del Gentleman

Perfumes can be an expression of style, the way of being of a person, a kind of business card.
Fragrances to have a similar appeal should "fall" like a bespoke suit "worn" with the pleasant feeling of being at ease and, just like a suit, must be able to give proper emphasis to the details, the unusual notes, without becoming excessive.
By following these warnings we can find fragrances that fit more than others to the various situations that everyone is used to living every day:

-Business/work: in the workplace sobriety in manners is important, not only in clothing, but also in perfumes; fresh fragrances are preferable, or possibly even citrus with notes of wood, overall better if mild without being too demanding or insightful. In the workplace the perfume is a routine, something had to, not because of it that affects those around us, so that must be worn sparingly and with a certain naturalness.

-Gala dinners/important events: how you will wear the tuxedo, the fragrance will also accompany you and the choice will be limited to a few essences; almost obvious choosing a cologne, it's up to you to choose the most penetrating and deep notes (hints of woody/tobacco notes) if you are confident in what you do, and if more doubtful on the fragrance still better to opt for something cool or at most slightly citrusy.

-Dates: do speak for you the perfume you wear but with cunning: if you think you are deep, use penetrating notes, such as oak wood, tobacco, white musk; if you want to tease the imagination of your partner, make her clear that there is more beyond appearances, use exotic notes, distant: tobacco, sandalwood, rose pepper, spices (taking care not to exceed too much as not everyone can taste); but if you are toned, sport, simple wear citrus notes or patchouli.

-Free time: you do not have to please anyone but yourself, so you wear the fragrances that you like.

And always remember: a spray (not excessive) to the wrist and then pass both on the neck.
Do not be excessive, better focus on quality not quantity.

lunedì 2 gennaio 2017

La magia di Bled

There are places that speak of love, medieval stories, desires, promises and "yes" pronounced at the water surface. Places that make you dream with open eyes, able to "dissolve" even the heart of the most skeptical of human beings.
Bled is a place that will enchant everyone with its magical power, its charm and its romanticism.
The eternal charm of Bled is in its enchanted lake, a shimmering body of crystal clear water embraced by a necklace of snow-capped Alps. In the middle of the lake reigns the only island in Slovenia, crowned by a 15th century chapel, while, on a steep cliff that rises above the mirror of the lake, there is the symbol of Bled and Slovenia, the Bled Castle.
In the present site of the lake in the past was a tectonic basin later sculpted by glacier Bohinj. The tectonic origin of the lake is confirmed from the hot springs on the northeast side of the lake. Today the sources are captured in three pools of the Grand Hotel Toplice, the Park hotel and Golf hotel where I stayed during my trip to Slovenia.
And it will be for the romantic air, that picturesque and impressive image that distinguishes the Lake Bled from any other and makes it unique enough to be chosen by many couples as a wedding venue to celebrate their love story.
Bled inspired for its mild climate, fresh air and clear water, the serenity and tranquility of the place, and those colorful traditional boats, "Pletna", which drift slowly across the lake to transport its visitors in their most beautiful dreams. It is said, in fact, that those who have not hiked pletna has not visited Bled really.
 Horse-drawn carriages add a traditional touch to the city, while the delicious puff pastry cream is a symbol of Bled culinary art, being baked here since 1953, when the original recipe was invented. A dessert that can be purchased anywhere, of course, but the puffs of Bled remain unique in the world.
The former director of the bakery of the hotel Park, Mr. Istvan Lukacevic, has experimented with different recipes until he managed to find the right combination. Even today this sweet, prepared right in this pastry shop, is served in front of the cafe, with a wonderful view of the lake.

martedì 27 dicembre 2016

Tutto cambia

Everything changes. Everything can change from one day to another, from one moment to another. Change the feelings, friendships, our lives, our tastes and our ideas. Change the time and seasons.
Everything can change suddenly. For our will or the will/power of someone stronger than us.
We have no way of knowing the future, that future as unpredictable as unknown.
A moment can change everything? Yes, and this reality has always frightened me, especially when I think of worse things.
Natural disasters, diseases, misfortunes, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then you could also sum it all up with: destiny. Because yes, in the end, for me, it's always all about destiny.
And if you really, at worst, just an handful of seconds to be able to see your world collapsing, dying inside and feel cut the ground from under the feet, then the only thing we should do is: LIVING.
To live fully, truly live. Without the regret of not having taken a chance when there was granted.
We fight, we get angry, we deny hugs for pride, we not love enough and sometimes do not even have enough laugh. We refer moments and we do not spend enough time with our loved ones. Sometimes we forget about those small, large gestures that warm the heart: a caress, a smile, an "how are you?", And other times we take things for granted when, in fact, taken for granted in the love and tenderness there anything.
And if in an instant, in a goddamn minute, we lost all these occasions? Just the thought kills. So forgive, embrace, laugh, kiss, show our feelings, talk, love. And then repeat it for another 10, 100, 1000 times.
Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

lunedì 19 dicembre 2016

Ti ricorderai

You will remember the best days of your life, summer evenings and the winter sea. You will remember that scent you will always turn just feel its wake. You will remember the laughter, tasteful, those that are made with the belly and with tears in the eyes. You will remember the broken dreams and those reached. You will remember those times when you felt collapse, but then you're not falling. You will remember the most simple gestures, those that warm the heart. You will remember a caress, a smile, a handshake, a book, those sweet words and a note forgotten in a sealed box in a drawer. You will you remember that song heard a million times, of that sentence read, an reread engraved on the skin. You will remember the beautiful souls, pure and sincere. You will remember those moments that bear in your heart. You will remember their flavor and smell if they had one.
You will remember the hugs given and those denied, the words softly spoken and the stolen kisses. You will remember the hours spent at the phone laughing, joking, screaming. You will remember that time that life has surprised you and those in which it has hurt and disappointed you. You will remember the scratches on the heart, for love, for friendship, for an unrealized dream. And you will remember those who have been able to put a band-aid on that piece of heart.
You will remember when you were a child, curiosity and desire to grow and explore the world with your eyes. You will remember the fairy tales and the magic of Christmas.
You will remember the sulks and whims and who, unable to resist, those whims indulged them.
You will remember these years, these accelerated emotions, when you felt too much or too little.
You will remember what you have experienced and what you would experienced. You will remember.