mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Business Break

Ever since I was a child I always had a fixation for the "career". I always said I would become one of those women of power, maybe the manager of a multinational company or a lawyer super stylish in stilettos (red sole of course) from a judgment to another.
However, there is always a but, the toga and the briefcase 24h have never been in my DNA, which has always preferred the white coat since primary schools. So, as in the lab has never seen a biologist in white coat, heels and Louis Vuitton to the arm, I'm happy to do the business woman blogger lunch break ;)

lunedì 26 gennaio 2015

Make a wish

Who said that to make a wish you're forced to wait for the right moment? Why only when the candles are extinguished or when you see a falling star? Or watching the sky in search of the North Star, or when you see the trail of an airplane or you find a four leaf clover. Why always having to wait for the moment?
And if I want to express now? Yes, now, at this moment. Who tells me that I can not do this or that will not come true?
We should make a wish every time we feel the need, always, no candles to blow out or magical nights spent with the upturned nose, then we should have a Professional like Fabio ( able to capture it in its essence in its natural beauty. Perhaps in a dance of snowflakes...
Make a wish!

A special thanks to Fabio Salmoirago for scoring these wonderful shots, I'm completely in love!

venerdì 23 gennaio 2015

Dream bags

Dream bags
Every woman has fashion dreams, the so-called objects of desire. Accessories, handbags and shoes in particular, are always the most popular.
There is who during the night dream people, heavenly places, to play the Lotto winning numbers (lucky them!) etc. and those who dream BAGS, ladies bags.
From suffered and obsessed for bags, I have some, seven to be exact, which are a real dream. Those that one day, sooner or later, will be in my collection.
Only 7, but someone is repeated in other colors, and then the number increases ;) Yeah because the Chanel and Dior, as well as black, I would also like in red, pink and blue, the Birkin in red, blue, black, orange, gray, fuchsia...and so on..unpretentious short, everything normal!
Pending those little winning numbers, it would take just to run the economy in this crisis-torn Italy, I leave you with my bags of dreams.

mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

La moda che viene dall'Africa

The music in my ears, my favorite African song (which is not the Alligalli: P), the one that free my mind of all thoughts. I imagine myself sitting in the shade of an acacia tree to observe the savanna enveloped by the warm colors of the sunset, as I write in peace, without thought, completely free and light, like the African fashion.
From the expanse of the savannah to the catwalks of the world. Today the fashion made in Africa and inspired by its traditions, completely ethical and sustainable, it is more and more trendy. Where trends are born? This is the question that people who work in fashion arise daily. There are those who favors big cities, those who think they are born in the studios and those who speak of "alchemy counter", pointing to the street and the common people as the true origin of fashions and trends.
Thanks to globalization, the era of the Internet and the ability to reach virtually the other side of the world in a click, even those countries until now excluded from the creative process because they are too far away or tied to a difficult socio-political situation, it have proved an inspiration ever more original. And guess who is on the top list? My Africa! A huge continent, multi-faceted, with a history often difficult and dramatic; a mysterious and irresistible place.
If you think about ethno large shirts and hats from big mama, you are light years away. The neo-chic also comes from Africa. Africa is known for its art, its crafts and even its ornaments and decorations. But what distinguishes it most of all, are its bright colors symbolizing the vitality and creativity of the continent.
The fashion is inspired by its bright colors, bright tones and sparkling, with dresses with beautiful prints, sometimes extravagant, to symbolize style and black culture, such as the collections of one of my favorite designers, Stella Jean.
I put my pen, I take binoloco and observe...a leopard is mirroring on the shores of Manyara Lake, who is undecided on what to wear to the envy of his beautiful cloak even to the more combed lion of the savannah? Dear leo(pard), if you want I give you my advice ;)

martedì 20 gennaio 2015

Giamba S/S15

Dynamic, colorful and with couture hints. It's Giamba, the new line of prêt à porter born from the sparkling creativity of Giambattista Valli.
Dedicated to young and romantic women, that love to play with fashion while still remaining super stylish and glamorous.
A wonderful collection that can make people dream, that gracefully explores all facets of femininity to return us in its entirety.
The lengths are mini, the dresses are flavred and floral patterns, undisputed tred for next spring/summer 2015. Delicate prints, feather fabric, petals applied to mini dress. New and fun combinations, for a contemporary girl and always tres chic!
Love at first sight!

lunedì 19 gennaio 2015

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

There is a paradise in which fashion and glamor are a way of life, where women exude charm, joy and liveliness.
A tribute to women and their beauty, it's Roberto Cavalli Paradiso.
A sensual and feminine fragrance, designed precisely to emphasize the natural beauty of women.
This fragrance evokes the trips around the world, made by the designer, and it combines exotic oriental fragrances. Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is designed to increase the joie de vivre. A fragrance encouraging and inspiring, radiating pleasure and happiness. Striking an ode to sensuality and seduction, which urges people to seize the moment, the famous carpe diem, and to fully enjoy the pleasures of this earthly paradise.
The citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin are mixed with fresh accents of jasmine and warm woody accords of cypress, pine and laurel.
The design of the bottle is inspired by the many facets of the diamond, as well as to various aspects of the personality of a woman.
The new fragrance, a collaboration with Coty, will be available from February 2015.

venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Sognando Venezia

For several months I have a great desire to return to one of the cities in which I left a piece of heart, the most romantic of Italy: Venice, precious pearl that someone very special gave us Italians.
An enchanted city that remains for years to fascinate the eyes of those who love to get lost in its streets and its magic. Including bridges, hidden roads, alleys and elegant gondolas, it is the ideal destination to go back in time, at that time that no longer exists and that it has made its history.
In Venice, time stands still, the machines disappear, colors change and you fall in love with sunsets.
Every time I get off the boat and I set foot in Piazza San Marco it's like being catapulted into another era. One of the Doges, of Gothic architecture, the luxurious palaces, parties and masked balls, the famous masks, accompanied by violins on the notes of the famous Serenissima.
But Venice is also famous for its Carnival, one of the most known and appreciated around the world. And it is for the Carnival that I would return.
Looking for a hotel that meets the needs of your princess, I found Signor Sconto.
Who is Signor Sconto? A platform that helps consumers collect discount codes for the most popular Italian online stores.
Hundreds and hundreds of shops by category; from clothing to travel, but also electronics and photography (here, a nice new camera would serve me just to capture the wonderful carnival masks), and even online stores dedicated to home and animals.
The subdivision into categories makes navigation easier, as it requires no great efforts to be able to find what one is looking, whether it be of a particular product as a mark instead.
Venice, I'm already dreaming about you... The scenery is an impeccable and refined room of a luxury hotel in the heart of San Marco square, wrapped in a bathrobe, while preparing myself for a dinner in one of the most renowned restaurants in the city, I sip champagnes accompanied by the Rondò Veneziano music, immersed in an atmosphere of grace, elegance and serenity.
On the bed, between the soft pillows, silk lingerie, black and impalpable. A long pleated dress with veiled sleeves, always black, because for me the elegance knows no other colors, and silver accessories, as the reflection of the moon on the waters of the Grand Canal.
My reflection in the mirror, red lips and hair in an elegant chignon. At the obes long pendants ending in an emerald, right there, on the soft neck dresses with a few drops of Coco Mademoiselle.
Everything is taken care of the smallest detail, because that night I want to be the Princess of Venice.
Last look and I headed to the terrace of the palace, surrounded by the scent of flowers and kissed by the full moon, where my prince is waiting for me. A kiss on the neck, soft as the violins playing always my favourite song, La Serenissima, in front of an illuminated romantic Venice.
Meanwhile the bell chimes nine and our magical evening can finally begin...
Perhaps it is the case that I stop dreaming, but only to turn the dream into reality. You know, the modern Cinderellas not have the mice to help them, as in fairy tales, but have good helpers, one of these is Signor Sconto.
So making a point of the situation, or rather, the dream, I need:
-a camera
-a wonderful dress for a romantic dinner in Piazza San Marco
-a book or a city guide for the journey
and obviously
-a hotel!
My dear and sweet Venice, I'm coming!