mercoledì 4 maggio 2016

Beauty routine serale

Make up belongs to all women, from teenagers to more mature, so the need to remove make from the face at the end of the evening is important in order to preserve the natural glow of the skin. Remove make up, and do it correctly, is very important. I admit, sometimes it is boring, especially after a busy and tiring day but you have to do to maintain a healthy and youthful skin.
Not all women are lucky enough to have a skin naturally "normal", ie a skin whose texture is compact, with closed pores, which is smooth and velvety to the touch: someone need more time and attention to give it softness and elasticity.
There are more products for certain types of skin, or others which are used in a certain way to be really effective.
To remove make-up there is no "standard" procedure, but it is essential to go to bed with the skin perfectly clean to the purified skin, in fact, breathes more and better accommodates any subsequent treatment. The pores rid are able to absorb the active ingredients of the creams and serums.
Do you want to know the products that are part of my "beauty evening routine"?

1) Micellar Water
What is micellar water? A make up remover cleansing solution, a transparent and odorless product, just as water, used to remove make up soaking a cotton pad. I use L'Oreal Micellar Water, great for my sensitive skin, removes make up and impurities in a simple touch. Also it soothes dry and sensitive skins and immediately gives a pleasant sensation of freshness. Since I discovered I can not live without it!

2) Moisturizing Night Cream
Richer than a day cream, a night cream nourishes the skin while you sleep, if it is a pro-youth treatment, such as Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask (here), even better!

And your nightly beauty routine of such products consists? Write me them here, I'm curious!

martedì 3 maggio 2016

S.O.S. Capelli Crespi

I have straight hair. They scent of rose and are soft as silk, but when it rains or there's that wet and dreary weather turns into an unmanageable mane (yes, that lion).
Whether straight or curly, frizzy hair can become for many reasons and at different times of the year. We see them swollen and dull and we feel them hard and rough to the touch, not only during the coldest periods of the year but also during the summer, when another component intervenes on our hair: moisture. The fault of that "frizzy" effect is no doubt her!
The water that is located in the air, in fact, acts on our hair as if penetrated in each single hair, especially if dried or dehydrated. The humidity acts on dehydrated hair making them become frizzy, so the number one remedy to avoid the frizz is hydration. Such as the skin, even our hair needs to be nourished and hydrated and to do this enough small gestures that will save us from panic/hysterics by frizzy hair.
What are them?

1) Use shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers masks
Already by the time we wash our hair, we can do something to prevent frizz. Choose products that contain nutrients, such as glycerin, help hair to maintain adequate hydration throughout the day. Such as Garnier shampoos, masks and conditioners that moisturize and create a sort of "sheath" around our hair that protects them from moisture and keep them outside in order even when we go out.

2) Do not rub wet hair but pat
How many times, after a shower, we collect the hair in turban and then rub vigorously to dry them? Bad... okay dry but thoroughly rub promotes electrostatic and consequently frizz once dried completely.
You have to pat well by removing the water as possible. It's preferable to use microfiber towels, will help you better pat and avoid the electrostatic effect.

3) Use hair dryer properly
Temperature not too high, the direction and the right distance helps the hair not dry out during drying and not to become frizzy. If overdo it with the heat, keeping the hair dryer too close, the frizzy effect will be around the corner.
If you are not a fan of the dryer you can try natural drying, but be careful: if you leave the house with hair still wet, they will continue to absorb moisture in the air and become frizzy and puffy.

lunedì 2 maggio 2016

Le colline e un cardigan rosso

The wind that shakes the barley, time passes slowly, confuses the past and transforms the present. The breath punctuated by the beating of the heart that winces for every wonder. The peace of a Sunday in the hills, in the silence of nature again in bloom. The colors of spring. The nostrils quivering sniffing the aromas. The thoughts that are lost, hill to hill, in the handful of curves, sinuous as the body of a woman, and then dive and rid into the blue sky. The feeling of being good in your own skin. A communion between earth and soul.
The view is lost on red roses, fiery passion, as voluptuous lips full of desire. Eyes bounce to the sky, a boundless blue, framed by an aura of silver light. The cherry trees are in bloom, dyed of a pure pink as the skin of a child. Meadows of a green so intense, like precious emeralds, to speak for itself without hope of passing from similarities. A gentle sun, with its warm rays, hugs and warms you only how would be the arms of your beloved. It smiles to you, transmitting you its own happiness. And you spare parts that smile with the same happiness.

giovedì 28 aprile 2016

In Grecia con ClubMed

May is coming and with it my desire to vacation. In these days, in fact, I already beginning to think and fantasize about the possible destinations where summer 2016 will take me; I dream an holiday in Greece, famous throughout the world for the beauty of its islands and its beaches. Actually it is one of those destinations that appeal recurs every year and perhaps now it is time to venture in the footsteps of Ulysses, between the turquoise waters of the Aegean and Ionian Sea and its ruins perfectly preserved.
The Greek islands are so many and for this reason I am looking for that perfect island which is not the usual (and beautiful) Santorini, Mykonos or Crete.
After a search, I found it..the island I was looking for, perfect to relax and regenerate.
Standing on the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, Gregolimano cape in Evia island, overlooking the sea with its white sand and challenge the mountains that stand face to face. And right here, between sea and mountains, lies the ClubMed Gregolimano resort.
From the hotel to the bungalows surrounded by pine forest, the Resort is a succession of arcades, flower-filled walkways and charming patios in a joyous labyrinth of dazzling white.
The fresh air and the heady scent of the pine trees that surround the beach of Gregolimano, are ideal to regain energy and give way to an unforgettable holiday. ClubMed Gregolimano is perfect for families and sports enthusiasts due to the many activities offer and the largest school of sports in the world.
I imagine myself already there, in that atmosphere made special by the colors that dye the resort, with the shades of blue and white typical of Greek culture, to enjoy sunrises and sunsets from spectacular views of the cape, tasting the delicacies of Greek cuisine leaving me charmed by the stories and history of the Olympian gods.
I wonder if Ulysses would choose to rest here during his trip...?

mercoledì 27 aprile 2016

Come apparecchiare una tavola formale

A well-set table is index of sophistication, elegance and good manners, also it demonstrates the attention and care on the part of the hosts towards the guests.
The table must be large enough, so that the guests are at ease, but at the same time not too much otherwise you risk having too much distance between a guest and the other.
The first step consists in covering the table with a molleton, a fleece cloth towel used as protection. The tablecloth can be in different fabrics and patterns, it is important that it is appropriate at the reception.
Sure effect is the centerpiece, which can be of different types: a vase of flowers, a composition of fruit or vegetables, a piece of furniture. If the evening is particularly important or romantic, a pair of stanchions which will go on only after sunset.
The centerpieces must not be too high and bulky as not to impede the view and the movements of the diners.
Do not underestimate the choice of the right lighting, trying to avoid a single light source and instead opting for different intensity lamps. Beautiful suspended lamps on the tables.
The correct seat allocation, by the hosts, is very important: we must take into account the personality and the character of the diners. The hosts should sit facing each other, the rest of the guests will see the alternation of an invited men and women.
When the number of diners exceeds 10, the placeholders become an indispensable decoration for the table, as it exposes the first name in case the occasion is informal, or the full name with if the invitation is formal.
The glasses, Crystal recommended, should be aligned to the right of the plate, in sequence from left to right: water, red wine, white wine and set back the champagne glass or glass for dessert wine.
To the left of the plate is folded the table napkin, but it can also be located on the right, its position is not binding. The bending is a crucial detail, usually triangle or rectangle. In the French tables, the table napkin is placed inside the glass or on top of the plate, optimal solution in the case where there is little space between a diner and the other.
Regarding the plates, it is retracted using the underplate which must always be left under each rate and can be silver, glass or ceramic. The dishes are arranged in this order: saucer, dinner plate, appetizer plate (small), flat bottom (put after removing the appetizer plate), fruit plate.
The bread plate, placed on the left of the dishes, must have a cloth laid over doily, if in silver.
Finally, the cutlery should be chosen based on the expected menu and are arranged starting from the outside towards the inside. To the right of the plate: the knife (the blade is always turned inward), spoon and appetizer knife. To the left of the plate: forks, whose numbers and sequence varies depending on the planned course. Top: arranged with the handle to the left, the fork, and to the right, the knife and spoon. To these, if necessary, will be added the cutlery for fish.

venerdì 22 aprile 2016

Il Riccio - Capri

The Mediterranean atmosphere, blue wooden tables overlooking the sea, white fluttering curtains, two-color tiles and a flash of yellow here and there. If you think about Capri, you think about beauty.
The sea, the rocks, the views are still as Jackie Kennedy had to see them when she came here, to Capri, up to the Blue Grotto.
On a stunning terrace overlooking the rocks above the Blue Grotto, so sheer that seems to be hanging over the sea, in one of the loveliest spots in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, is located Il Riccio.
With one of the most exclusive beach clubs on the island, the restaurant Il Riccio, awarded a Michelin star in 2013, is a place of signs and symbols, women with sponge hair and sea nymphs created by Sandulli, with kitchen decorated with colorful Vietri tiles.
Everything here speaks of Naples and sea, from the traditional cuisine, that of fish ofcourse, simple but requires impeccable raw materials, to the design of the location.
The sea urchin, which gives its name to the restaurant, is present everywhere: in the glass jars on the tables as in the ceramic plates and the aprons of the waiters, but the sea is to lord it, in the landscape and in the pot. Declined in its most traditional form, triumphs in grilled fish and seafood salads, in the plateau of raw seafood, in the classic seafood risotto and the even more classic spaghetti with clams.
 To end, the "secret room of sweets", where the children's dreams materialize in the form of babbà, small capresi, lemon delights and puffs.
An experience surely to live, given by the perfect combination of one of the best Italian cooking and stunning scenery of one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

mercoledì 20 aprile 2016

Dior: i prodotti must have della primavera 2016

A few weeks ago I attended the Dior event (here) to find out what are the must have products of spring 2016.
Are you curious to know the perfumes, glazes and creams that can not fail in our beauty case this season?
-Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet: a floral and racy scent. Imagined as a dress embellished with thousands of flowers, pays tribute to the legendary love of Christian Dior for the flowers, enhancing the mandarin, peony and Damascena rose on a velvety white musks bottom.
-Miss Dior Eau de Toilette: charming and racy, this fragrance is a floral chypre sublimated by a breath of spring. The Dogwood Orange brings freshness and a sparkling touch then to leave space to an elegant flowery heart in which stand out the Essence of Neroli of Tunisia and the Damask and Bulgarian Rose.
-ULTRADIOR Dior Vernis & Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss: a bright color, limited edition together with pink Cruise and the Cosmic coral. Available in both the version, Vernis and Addict Ultra-Gloss for lips moisturized and ultra-glossy with bright reflections.
-Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask: the first treatment pro-youth by the water-gel texture for 8 hours of hydration. This ultra cool treatment ensures a perfect refreshed, smooth, hydrated, supple, soft and radiant skin.