giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

Green Trench Coat & Lite Kalabalik

Where great ideas are born? Those that seem better, those for which turns on the light bulb? 
The best ideas or those that seem best, always come having a chat with us. 
Born at night, in a dark room after a stressful day, when we are with us and we can finally afford to say: "Today is over, you can go to sleep, tomorrow is another day and we'll see." 
The best ideas are born when we need something new, a different stimulus, when we are locked in a corner. 
The light bulb, the best ideas, turns on just when in the head and thought, chaos reigns. We find so much clutter that the best idea is all that remains clear. 
And 'from the chaos that life is born. 
And it is the desire to recreate a bit of that Kalabalik (chaos in Swedish and Turkish) that arise jewelry Lite Kalabalik, entirely handmade in Istanbul, the New York of the East. 
Semi-precious stones and intricate fabrics, with vintage finishes, meet, clean Scandinavian design, and explode together in the chaos that gave rise to life. 
And by the meeting of a green trench coat and a scarf with fur trim, I'm going back to my chaos. One thing leads. From chaos ideas are born.

mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014

Krizia jacket

There is one thing I like about autumn: walking under a rain of leaves divided by the wind of change that the season brings with it. 
The cold and penetrating air, like the water in the morning, on the face, to make you wake up from that beautiful dream left in the half. 
A warm jacket, snug as two arms that hold you tightly and protect you from what's to come. A safe haven. Hugs are used to this, gives security. What confidence that, despite everything, there will always be someone who will take you by the hand and walk with you. That tomorrow is another film.

martedì 28 ottobre 2014

Lady Dior

The designer knows, every woman is a princess. 
Born from the desire to create a handbag with a strong identity, instantly recognizable
Iconic. Couture-inspired, the Lady Dior is created in 1994 in the Dior atelier. 
Elegant, carried by hand. Marks a break with the trends of the time. 
Her code name? "Chouchou". Two years later, as a tribute to Princess Diana, who during a visit to Paris was in love with this gem was renamed Lady Dior and has become the reference bag of the Maison. 
The Lady Dior has built its identity around some iconic codes of the Maison. The stitching cannage, characteristic motif of Dior, are formed from a network of stitching oblique and perpendicular. Precise harmony, revealing leather quilted pads, as a myriad of sparkling diamonds facets. 
The charms that adorn the Lady Dior, real jewels, have a layer of real gold. 
The four letters Dior, hanging from one of its handles, swing according to the movements with a slight rattle. 
Become one of the most iconic accessories, the Lady Dior reflects the inimitable style of the Maison. 
Can then a princess not want a gem like this? 
Red, pink, white or black...Christmas is coming, give me this babe as you want! ;)

lunedì 27 ottobre 2014

Saint Laurent style

In the 70's, the famous French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent shocked with the first trouser suit and suit for women. Since then it's been a while, but the mannish style is still the star of the catwalks. 
And so this fall/winter the mannish style is a trend thanks to the suit jacket pants strict but very sensual. 
The new mannish, however, is overwhelmingly female and captures the essence of dandyism: the outfits are made according to an elegance doctrine which makes attention to the combination and retail real diktat. 
Born as a symbol of women's emancipation, has traveled the ages, drawing on the language of fashion, finding agreement with the contemporary and then triumph on the catwalks as a representative of timeless elegance
Fashion fades, the suit remains.

sabato 25 ottobre 2014


Comfortable, effortless chic, feminine. Ladies, here comes the trunk bag!
If you still do not have a trunk bag in your collection of bags, it's time to run for cover. The autumn/winter 2014-15 ranks among the bags of the season the timeless trunk with handles to carry by hand, arm, shoulder sometimes.
Medium or midi, the trunk bags retain their timeless strength in design that combines elegance and practicality.
A timeless classic and a must have item that every woman should own.
To make the fortune of this bag is the legendary luxury brand Louis Vuitton with the coveted (and counterfeit) speedy, created for the famous Audrey Hepburn.
Comfortable, versatile and roomy. It is carried in the hand, arm, day at work or in the evening for cocktails and dinner with friends.
Run to pull it out of the closet or buy one, the trunk bag is back!

venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

Leather, Peplum, Denim

Some loves made immense speed and then come back ...
It seems like yesterday that I attended the first year of high school and I was madly in love. No, not with the most beautiful of the school (which was more than one: P)... but with the jeans! To the delight of my mother I had more than 20, I swear! Then over time, the hatred.
Over the years, my closet was filled with blacks trousers, weird right ?! ;)
But the dear old and good Venditti has always been right...The flashback is close, very close indeed!
In recent weeks I have bought 2 pairs of jeans but this time I will stop here, the 0 close to 2 this time do not put it ;)
So for a drink with friends, I opted once again for simplicity, wearing my new jeans, AX Paris jacket with faux leather sleeves and peplum and heeled brogues. I do not even remember most of them!
I send you a big kiss and waiting for your comments