mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

Chanel Dans La Lumière de L'Eté

Inspired by distant lands, sand dunes and oases in the desert, sunsets that inflame the sky, with its colors "postcard", illuminated by the sun, the Chanel make up collection Dans La Lumière de L'Eté, for summer 2016, is an invitation to relax.
The face is colored with lights and shadows thanks to the radiant powders effect, the look is dressed by ocher and brown shades, the lips wearing coral and pink tones, nails distort the look with fiery shades.

lunedì 18 luglio 2016

Malta, l'isola della Meraviglia

June 28, Milan Linate. The anxious waiting for a plane, Air Malta, and that mixture of excitement and anxiety that always accompanies me before each departure. A new adventure and this time different. The first trip alone, without knowing anyone, who will wait for me once landed, and the need to "wonder".
The desire to arrive and the curiosity to discover and learn as much as possible of an island of which I have always heard about but which, until now, I never got to visit. Malta, rich in history and culture, architectural and artistic masterpieces. It provides its visitors with all its old fascination and the sea of ​​innumerable shades of blue, walks, entertainment, intense nightlife.
To fascinate Malta, in addition to the landscape, is its ancient and prestigious history. Conquered, colonized and governed by numerous Mediterranean civilizations, for 7000 years, the archipelago was home, stronghold, trading center and refuge for many people from ancient civilization builders of the mysterious megalithic temples to the Phoenicians, by men like St. Paul the Apostle to Napoleon, without forgetting those who have left here the most significant imprint: the Knights of Malta.

mercoledì 13 luglio 2016

Zanzibar Travel Tips

Where the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean merges with the white beaches rich in vegetation, is situated Zanzibar, the spice island. The island that knows no stress.
Zanzibar is a place of many facets, a diamond to move at the light to seize all its bright sides. Besides the sea that offers a thousand and one shades, Zanzibar has a long story to tell, made of dark periods and rebirths, of mixed cultures, united and divided by the centuries. A story that goes through the scents of spices, colorful flowers and the smiles of the children.
If you're weighing to organize a trip to discover the island, here are the places that you should definitely see:

lunedì 11 luglio 2016

Sporty Look

Physical activity, without a doubt, plays an important role in ensuring good health. Moving every day has positive effects on physical and mental health of the person, and then you know, a healthy and regular exercise combined with a balanced diet, both qualitatively and quantitatively, helps to maintain (or regain) a healthy weight.
With the arrival of warm weather and warmer temperatures, grows the desire to move outdoors, where spaces are expanding, increases the exchange of oxygen and improves the predisposition to physical effort because of a mental relaxation given by natural environment.
Moving in the green, surrounded by nature relaxes and makes positive.
ASUS ZenBook marks the rhythm of my movements and my feet, and keeps me company during daily workouts making me to rediscover my limits every time. Not a PC but a slight and dynamic laptop, harmonious design and easy to handle.
I lace up my sneakers, start the playlist, pull a deep breath and start my workout.

venerdì 8 luglio 2016

Malta #isleofMTV 2016

What? Isle of MTV
Where? Malta
When? June 28, 2016

Malta, island of history and culture, music and entertainment. Malta, Isle of MTV.
On June 28, I flew to Malta for one of the island and the summer's coolest musical events, #isleofMTV. The super free concert that every year, from 10 years, inflames Il-Fosos square in Floriana and maddens all music lovers.
An evening for those who might be there, that will not forget so easily. The ingredients for an unforgettable event there were all: the great music, a breathtaking landscape, the scent of summer and lots and lots of fun.
Stars like Wiz Khalifa, Jess Glynne and Clean Bandit took turns on the stage, doing unleash and dancing an audience of 50,000 people, only to give way to the grand final with the maximum weight of Electro-House Steve Aoki.
The Clean Bandit have performed with the hit album "New Eyes", including the irresistible "Real Love" and "Rather Be". Jess Glynne reminded us to have a crazy voice with her performance of "Do not Be So Hard On Yourself", "Is not Got Far To Go" and "Hold My Hand". It not missed a tribute to Prince with very intense exhibition of "I Fell For You". With Wiz Khalifa, the atmosphere has relaxed. The rapper has opened with the worldwide hit "Black and Yellow", continuing with the hip hop anthem "We Dem Boyz" and concluding with the legendary "Young, Wild & Free" literally driving his audience and making it sing out loud .
DJ from Japanese descent Steve Aoki ended the show very well. Among fireworks, flames that lit up the sky and cakes to be launched to the public, Steve was the host of a unique party.
Isle of MTV, a unique event that offers young people across Europe an exclusive opportunity to listen some of the best emerging and established artists in the world. This event has become an annual destination for music lovers.

lunedì 4 luglio 2016


As an explorer of soft caresses, light and sweet hugs and cuddles intense as the scent of lavender. A sparkling scent, of fields kissed by the sun and animated by colorful butterflies.
The clear skies and warmth on the skin.
Happiness is chasing among the lavender fields, like children, laughing until become short of breath.
I will return in the immensity of that field, where the warm wind blows in summer and the air fragrant smells of lavender. We'll make bunches, all the same. Maybe one or two wires, and will place them between the pages of a book. Forgotten, as the lost loves.
And when time will have yellowed those pages, one day we reopen them and then we seem to still breathe the nostalgia of a perfume that, sweet filled our breasts.
And we'll be back there, lying on the purple cloud of our memories.

lunedì 27 giugno 2016


Fall in love with a person who likes to watch you sleep. Who whispers you beautiful words, as if he was singing a slow and unknown song that only in your dreams you can remember. Fall in love with a person who as a first greeting, in the morning, use an "How are you?". Not because you're bad, but because for her the most important thing is that you are well. Fall in love with a person who kisses you suddenly, for no reason, for every time the emotion of a love that surprising. Someone who uses hugs instead of words when you are sad, and that instead of advice, use the beats of his heart to calm down. Fall in love with a person who dedicates you songs every day, because every song reminds you. For this you are a strawberry, a marvelous creature or a nice bitch all in the same day. Fall in love with a person who thinks in a totally opposite way to you, but he always want to listen to your opinion. That spend whole evenings to explain his point of view. That pissed exaggerated if you do not agree and wants to make peace by making love.
Fall in love with a person who makes fun of you, a person that love more laughing than smile. Fall in love with a curious person who likes to travel, he will take you to snorkel with humpback whales, climbing Everest, bungee jumping from the Macau Tower, surfing in Australia. Then he will read Pride and Prejudice under a huge oak tree in England, and you will obviously cry for Darcy and will hate Elizabeth, but only the beginning. You will ride in Andalusia, and will sing you a serenade in an Irish castle. But he'll always remember that his house will be just where they are resting your eyes and your feet, the rest of the world does volume.
Fall in love with a person who knows how to isolate themselves in melancholy of your silence, that understand the importance of a liberating tears. Fall in love with a person who love your freedom, your independence and respecting your choices. But that sometimes makes you an outburst of jealousy, because basically you're his world.
Fall in love with a person who has the best smell of the universe, that you would recognize anywhere, the only one that only you can appreciate. That smell so similar to your emotions. And, in the end, fall in love with that one soul, you'll ever love with all yourself. Do not settle for a mediocre love, a love that is not love. Fall in love because you can not do without it, not because you do not want to be alone.