venerdì 24 febbraio 2017

Profumi: aria di Primavera

The awakening of nature, the sweet smell of a noble garden in bloom, the unpublished shades of a particular color. What perfume has spring 2017? And the Garden of Eden?
Sweet and deep and strong personality. Forthright and decisive. Romantic and nostalgic. But also seductive and scratchy. These the facets of femininity that spring fragrances intended to fish.
Fresh and light fragrances characterized by floral notes. What are the fragrances of a "blooming" Princess? I'll let you know all them but after you have to tell me yours!

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

Il fascino di una Donna

Dictionaries treat charm as a magic word, mostly negative connotations. It refers to the idea of ​​magic, sorcery, enchantment. In English it is spell. Being under someone's spell means to suffer the magic, being kidnapped. The French expression is kinder. Charm is the grace, the innate delicacy, the je ne sias quoi of what attracts. In German, Zauber, Reiz, indicate the magical seduction. But there is also the word Ausstrahlung, radiance, indicating something that radiates "from within" and wraps in a fascinating aura.
In certain women who are neither beautiful nor pleasant than others, there is an invincible charm that attracts men and impresses and makes indignant the other women who may not realize it, because it acts only on the male members.
It is a kind of fluorescence in a woman. If she has charm, she does not need anything else; if she do not have it, everything else is not very useful. The indefinite charm in a woman is what the perfume is to the flower, what the taste is to the fruit.
Charm is the feminine ability to conquer a man with no other weapons than the simplicity of his being a Woman. We are not women equally but we are women from endless charms. And with charm, I do not mean that ostentatious and built, but the one that captivates and disturbs, made of one hidden eyes and unspoken words. Of that sweetness, of those spontaneous laughter of who do not want to please you, of those silences full of significance that keep you always ready to reflect and not to neglect the slightest message.
There are women with a charm that remains discreet as long as a man does not reveal it, women who do not seek attention but that deserve to any angle from which to be able to observe them.

venerdì 17 febbraio 2017

Amare una donna

There is no woman who does not deserve love, even that which you regard as the worst, just that it is the woman who deserves more love.
Love is a wealth and often poorly distributed. Still, there would have to give, to bring life to the world. There would be loved, not to keep track.
Women to be loved, must be respected above all. You must understand them, accept them, and then love them.
If you can find the key to get in her heart and bring the gift of the noblest sentiment that collects completely different, it will make she happy.
To love a woman is a difficult gesture, but not give it up.
You will have to overcome mistrust, hesitation, objective difficulties, climb mountains and reduce distances, but no effort will never be too much for a woman to love.
Do not lose heart, do not overlook anything, if only perceived that she can appreciate your love, give it to her. If instead refuse you, it means that she has already had enough.
There will always be a woman to love that is waiting to be loved.

lunedì 13 febbraio 2017

Papillon: come indossarlo

One of the most classic masculine elegance accessories is without a doubt bow tie.
According to the dress codebow tie was created to be worn on those occasions where elegance is a must.
As any accessory of the male wardrobe, even the bow tie has its own rules to be able to wear it with style, without being out of place:
1) you do not wearing it without jacket
2) it can be combined with vests, cardigans, sweaters
3) you do not wear on occasions like job interviews or tests (as the attention of the interlocutor would risk being drawn from your clothing rather than on your personality)

venerdì 3 febbraio 2017

Romantica(mente) Milano

The light entering from the bedroom window, here at Hotel Manin, the sky of Milan that begins to be tinged with pink and passersby strolling happy in the park on a winter Saturday afternoon.
A bright room with contemporary design and beautiful view of the most beautiful park of the city.
 I look out and sigh, I always loved sunsets, especially those burning that speak of love. And who knows where end up all the sighs which we entrust to the sky. Perhaps where go the kisses not given, the unfinished dreams and loves that do not have made, in those trampled streets together, hand in hand, or in that place where it was the first kiss, the first time.
I sit at the desk, one last look at email, then start the playlist and I direct me, bare feet caressing the hazelnut parquet, to the bathroom.
A hot shower, while the notes of "Kiss Me" are blended with those of ylang ylang shower gel and talc Chanel N ° 5, his favorite. A message on whatsapp, -Can not wait to hug you-. I smile. Before long we'll see.
I bite a strawberry and sipping tea in front of the cabinet, while still wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe, I choose carefully what to wear in this evening that has the prelude to be magical.
Lacquered polish, red lips like cherries and rosy cheeks. Shirt knotted in a bow and I wear a tweed dress, humming, absorbed in my thoughts, "I Love You Baby" that now pervades the room.
The last look in the mirror, just in time to read a new message, -When you want, Princess, I'm waiting for you in the hall-.
The moon has taken the place of the sun, the stars are competing to see who shines more in the sky that frames this evening with the scent of love, and hence the time will begin to compete in chills.