martedì 30 settembre 2014


The spring/summer 2015 signed Dolce & Gabbana inspired by the Spanish domination in Sicily from 1516 to 1713.
Fashion designers Stefano and Domenico lead us in Spain, more precisely in the Seville of Matador, bullfights and flamenco.
The collection from the mood decidedly Hispanic, has its roots in ethnic folk culture Spanish twist in sexy mood.
Sensuality and sacredness. Sacred and profane intertwine and open up in a marked symbolism.  Toreador boleros, ponchos, seductive items and details that dominate the red and black, lace and jewel applications.
Skirts with flounces and ruffles, long dresses in lace or fabric printed, mini dress and 3/4 dresses with line shape and full skirt, reminiscent of flamenco dancers.
The floral prints and polka dots make us enter into the true mood of a caliente and Baroque Spain.
A glass of sangria to warm the hearts and dance a sensual flamenco to the rhythm of castanets. Olè!

sabato 27 settembre 2014

Street Style

New York, London, Milan. Street style was again the star of the fashion week, conquering the streets, passers-by, photographers and magazines. 
Stolen shots of unusual combinations and special details that will soon dictate trend
Here are the shots that struck me the most, straight from the streets of the 3 fashion capitals: New York, London and Milan...waiting for the romantic Paris rue
Which is your favorite? I am in love with the first (Giovanna Battaglia) and ninth combination *-* 
I wish you a wonderful weekend!

venerdì 26 settembre 2014


In the gilded frame of Palazzo Clerici debuts for the first time, Elisabetta Franchi, bringing on the catwalk spring/summer collection 2015
The collection runs on the white and red embellished with details, lights, sequins and rhinestones in gold and silver, for a glamorous and modern woman but also romantic and feminine. 
Neutral colors for dresses, suits and suits in a beige delicate and very clear. 
Tailoring lines, long dresses, lightweight and very elegant, reflecting a style always very well kept. But even little dresses, skirts, blazers and jackets very short, and then the inevitable peplum details. 
A spring/summer full of elegance and sophistication for a modern princess.

giovedì 25 settembre 2014


Could not a princess get a lady tulle skirt
Of course not! Especially if the beautiful and colorful gauzy "ballerina" skirts, will still be the trend next spring/summer
As you can see, many fashion designers have brought the tulle on the catwalk and I could not absolutely not put it during fashion week
When I found it, by chance, it was love at first sight and I felt really a princess! ;) 
In Milan, the girls are literally mad with joy! 
I was mistaken for a princess or a fairy. 
All were in love with these layers of floating tulle, they eyes twinkling. And my at the sight of them. 
You had to see them as dreamingtheir fables *-* An unique tenderness! 
Here's what I have left more than anything in this second day of fashion week, the joy and the smiles of the real little princesses :) 
But now look the judgments of you princesses grown up! 
I embrace you

mercoledì 24 settembre 2014


Each of us, surely at some point in her life, would have liked to be a Barbie. Someone at random (without naming names.......Desi) wants it even now! ;)
Who for the closet. Who the silky mane of blond hair. Who for the hundreds pairs of shoes. Maybe someone for Ken!
The magical opink life of the most famous doll (and old...Barbie do not hate me but this year are 55 for you too!) in the world, has always fascinated every little woman. And if we have never too big to dream, luckily Jeremy Scott, with the new spring/summer 2015 Moschino, transforms us into real Barbie.
Inspired by the colorful world of Barbie, a brilliant, funny and bizarre collection, dominated by shocking pink and gold until evening dresses ironic mood.
A day marked by suit in leather made up of biker jackets and skirts with maxi fiddet zip front or on a knitting iconic mini or maxi, which is used, taking up the Barbie lettering, the name of the Maison; iconic prints of multicolor flowers dance on silk or jersey dresses, and for the evening mini printed baloon dressessilver pants with bustier or pink dresses in silk jacquard decorated. Worn out clogs with high heels, colored decolletè or  cleavage pink Texans.
Barbie, Marina and Teresa...we are ready to sing I'm a Barbie girl in a Moschino world.

martedì 23 settembre 2014


Good Morning! 
Here's what I wore the first day of Fashion Week. An outfit in shades of black and white, with jeweled sandals and clutch pearls. 
What do you think? Do you like it?

lunedì 22 settembre 2014


Stella Jean. A collection that made ​​me dream and desire to take, once again, the plane and fly home (Africa). 
The spring/summer Stella Jean is an exuberance of color, concepts and meanings whose protagonist is a cosmopolitan woman. A cultural journey between Haiti (island of the mother), Burkina Faso, Mali and Italy, which is told through the texture and the fabric, tracing centuries-old traditions. 
Bold and colorful prints, reminiscent of Africa, for a style ethno-chic that will turn heads. Large or trapeze skirts, very popular in the spring/summer 2015, women's shirts and light, loose coats, soft and enveloping, and many accessories such as the beautiful ethnic style necklaces. There are also references to the sporty chic style, such as football jerseys worn over skirts high waist. 
As an Africa lover, could I not love this collection? ;)
Good job Stella, you've stolen my heart (again)!

martedì 16 settembre 2014


A collection of lightness, harmony and color. Michael Kors, for his spring/summer 2015 is inspired by the 50's, when people had found the will to live, to have fun and go out. 
A chic collection in a mix of tailoring and sportswear. 
Bon ton dresses, feminine and bucolic, with round collars, and vaporous skirts, decorated with lots of flower prints. 
The spring/summer collection is a riot of flowers and freshness, with a color palette of bright tones although there are blue, white and black. 
In Michael Kors every woman can find sweetness and femininity, but also seduction and mischief. 

From tomorrow I will be in Milan for Fashion Week, if you want, follow me in my social to stay up to date on the trends of next spring/summer, street style and much more!

lunedì 15 settembre 2014

Don't hate me because I'm a DIVA!

There are people who know me well, enough to find a shirt and dedicate it to me.
I admit, I have always been Princess/Diva of the family...then could not be my t-shirt?
Ergo people...Do not hate me because I'm a Diva!! ;)

venerdì 12 settembre 2014

Black doll

Hello princesses! I'm back dressed in black
"Again? But then this is just a widow!" (you're thinking, right?) 
Come on, I will always be a merry widow, but this time is my ideal outfit. Dress with lace sleeves, a little doll, and the new girls get in my collection. 
To give a touch of light and do not give the impression of going to the funeral of my ex-husband (which of many? Perhaps the tenth! :P), I paired the golden clucth Jalouze
What do you think?

giovedì 11 settembre 2014


A collection of optimism and lightness for the next spring/summer by Oscar De La Renta
Clear the famous vichy print, pink and blue, confirming one of the essential trends of the next season, the Dominican designer did not disappoint. Here then go up on the catwalk versatile coats, pencil skirts or wheel, silk and cashmere sweaters, romantic cocktail dresses or evening gowns. 
A collection dedicated to women looking for a cool and carefree look, without giving class details.
Chapeau Oscar!

martedì 9 settembre 2014

C'era una volta Opium...

Once upon a time Opium... much more than a fragrance, a opulent, seductive, inimitable trail. 
A one-way ticket to somewhere else symbolic and enigmatic. An imaginary journey into a fantasy land of unexpected charm. 
Fragrance by outrageous and evocative name, Opium is a gate open on a fantasy world, a journey into the unknown, in an extraordinary elsewhere, mysterious, full of emotions and feelings. 
Opium was born, in fact, by the intention of Yves Saint Laurent to create a fragrance inspired by the imperial China, with its mystery and its exoticism. 
An enveloping fragrance, spicy, typically oriental. 
I love perfumes and I like to change them every season. A short time ago I was snooping on Profumo-clic and, from a wide choice of perfumes for men and women, creams, cosmetics, I could not resist the lure of this trail. Ideal to warm the heart and soul in the winter days. 

lunedì 8 settembre 2014

Sunday in pink

There are days when you'd be so, on a bench to enjoy, in the quiet of a calm and warm Sunday afternoon, the last breath of summer. You, the slight breeze that caresses your face, and your thoughts. With that nostalgia that brings each new September. As if it was all over, as if we were to prepare to face a new and unexplored life.

domenica 7 settembre 2014

Green power

Among the autumn/winter trends we started to analyze feathers (here) and animalier shoes (here), have you marked all? Do we need to wipe anything? ;) 
If you're wondering what the color trend, can not miss the green
It 's the lucky color for excellence, instills hope, brings fun and offers a wide variety of different nuances. 
Deep, powerful and intense. It will be a fall/winter in the sign of green power
From army green to pine green, through emerald to moss green. 
Clothes and accessories are colored green, ton sur ton or mixed with blue, black, and, why not, gold. 
  The nature and military life come together in an embrace green, very chic.

venerdì 5 settembre 2014

Trend: Animalier Shoes

Animalier has long been one of the recur trends. Even in the upcoming season get ready to animal prints, zebra and reptile that will make us feel more secure about ourselves, especially with regard shoes, a symbol of seduction. 
There are those who remembers the most simple and traditional animalier and who, instead, combines leather inserts, lace or even stones. 
Not only pumps, the animal print trend dominating even on boots and booties, moccasins and slippers. 
Every style, from sporty to classic, wants to bring out the '"aggressiveness" and the grit that are in us. Are you ready to turn you into a real feline?

giovedì 4 settembre 2014

College, baby!

Schools, universities, colleges go back behind the counter. And to be the first class you just have to wear a college look. Password? Skirt + shirt. 
A little bon ton and a bit trendy. A bit austere and a little rebellious. As the notes Blair and Serena of the famous Gossip Girl
The iconography of the school uniform does not lose its fascinating and constrictive evocations
Collars and shirts are traits of determination and seriousness. The skirts are short, socks ankles. 
The must? The pulllover.
But the school look is a matter of habit. Then our gaze becomes serious and sullen as harsh and capricious girls who eat an apple, between school books...

martedì 2 settembre 2014

I sogni d'oro di Beddinginn

September is a month of changes. Change the season. Changing trends. Changing perfumes. It also changes the decor of house
Where to start then? From the "sweet dreams", more precisely those of, in beautiful set of bedding that portray heavenly beaches, or Arabian fantasies or even dreams in pink like real princesses. Then passing through beautiful paintings and prints, nice breakfast cups, majestic chandeliers, carpets and much more. 
On you can find a wide selection of accessories for your home, of high quality and very reasonable prices.
Days star better after dreaming nights...true?!