mercoledì 27 marzo 2013

Profumi di primavera..

"Perfume has a power of persuasion more convincing than words, appearances, emotions, and will. "
"Il profumo ha una forza di persuasione più convincente delle parole, dell'apparenza, del sentimento e della volontà."
 The sense of smell is the only way by which escape is difficult, if not impossible.
You can keep the look from the taste, the touch, but when you start to hear a perfume, it is virtually impossible to ignore.
What is the unique and relaxing fragrance of freshly cut grass or pungent odor and sweetish, a clove of garlic, as soon as our sense of smell picks up a scent, the brain is activated to recognize and understand the nuances of what it is .
Similarly, the perfumes become unforgettable memories, so that the smell of earth will always remember the childhood walks in the countryside or the sea will bring to mind the summers with someone special.
That's why every season has its own scent.
Spring and summer are often associated with floral perfumes, fruity, fresh, that they immediately think of the warm colors and comforting the first rays of sun reflected on the morning dew.
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martedì 5 marzo 2013

Bollywood Style

Colors, spices, incense, beautifully embroidered fabrics, beads, glow, lights and handmade jewelry. This is what I think about when I say INDIA.
Magical land of a thousand and one nights.
No, I'm not leaving this earth .. Maybe! I just want to charm you and make you dream, because as you know, fashion is inspiration and when inspired by a land and its culture..born BOLLYWOOD style!
Shoes by changing colors, embroidered handbags and accessories inlaid with precious sparkling stones.
Bollywood style is perfect to not go unnoticed and become "Indian" princesses of our days.

sabato 2 marzo 2013

Casual Friday

Hello girls! I'm back!
How are you? I'm very fine :) Finally exams are over and I can relax, show you new outfits and continue to have fun with friends!
And we are in March! I could not wait!
The days begin to lengthen, temperatures to rise and soon we can close in the closet coats and sweaters. Music to my ears;)
But let's get to my yesterdaylook. I do not know if I never said, but often I dress according to mood. There are those days when you do not want to do absolutely NOTHING if not relax..yesterday was one of those.
So after a nice relaxing bath I decided to take a walk and peek at the windows of my city. All in total comfort!
What do you think of this look more casual? Do you like me or you prefer more elegant versions?
I wish you a wonderful day :)