mercoledì 30 luglio 2014

25 primavere

25 springs to me. 
The question is: "to feel or not feel?". 
I feel them! Maybe too, but not quite as long time that leave. 
The inexorable passage of time and unmindful of all I want to do. I can not seem to be able to keep up. 
That's how I feel this quarter of a century. Elusive. And I'm not one of those people who love to waste time, just because it is precious
Long way to go but have the feeling of always being "start". And I do not care that I have a whole life ahead, I want to leave now! 
Maybe because I have a big flaw, I want everything immediately
But the truth is that time not waits and dreams should not make them wait. 
For what I always say: "Live! Do what you feel you do. Do it, without thinking too much. Life will not wait!" 
I do not like turning around to look back, but in these 25 springs, all in all, I've already crossed the street. Falling, past obstacles and stumbling, but in the end I always moved on. 
But now it is as if I hurry, hurry to sit on the mountain and enjoy the show
On this day, that I sent (I will be an existential crisis, I can feel it), I just hope to have the same strength to face new obstacles, always fighting to be able to get what I want and to get out Winner every time. 
And I also hope to realize my dreams and achieve my goals without having to wait 25 more springs
Happy birthday to me!!!

giovedì 17 luglio 2014

Gonna di pelle e camicia di jeans

A black leather skirt, a denim shirt and a pair of sneakers for a comfortable, not too hot, Saturday afternoon. 
After a long autumn as leather garments have accompanied us as a "second skin" during our days, the leather skirt is a timeless and chief probably, in spite of the heat, remained one of the trends this summer. 
For me, the best match is the one with the denim shirt, a winning combination! 
Jeans and leather go to a wedding! Do not you find? 
And what do you do? Forsake the skin in your wardrobe until next fall or challenge each other warm?

venerdì 11 luglio 2014

Violavinca coral shoes

"Good morning Miss, what would you like?" 
"A pair of Violavinca please!" 
Elegance, class, seductive lines, fine detail and high quality materials are the key element of valuable collections, entirely Made in Italy.
Violavinca is the right balance between femininity, glamor and quality of fit.
The ideal shoes for any enterprising and sensual woman, provide beauty and comfort.
Do you want to know a little curiosity? Violavinca born from the union of two flowers: violet and periwinkle, delicate and sweet as the femininity of every woman that inspired models Violavinca.
Because every woman at his feet should have only the best...and not only shoes! ;)

giovedì 10 luglio 2014

Chanel make up S/S 14

Vitamin colors, pop and fruit which bring to mind fresh sorbets and ice cream.
Reflects d'Etè, the new collection of Chanel make-up, tip entirely on lively colors, typical of the summer season.
Hyper shiny gloss, enamels matched and colored mascara.
As for the gloss, the French maison has 5 vibrant shades: Glaze a baby pink, Sunny a tangerine orange, a fuchsia Sexy and Happy a bright coral. Do not, however, lacks the gloss nude, a must and Chanel propose Hello, a classic light pink.
En pendant with gloss not shortage Le Vernis with cheerful and fun colors: Tutti Frutti, a coral with iridescent clearer, and Pink Tonic, a vibrant fuchsia. For lovers of the most delicate nuances there are Mirabella, a pastel orange, and Sweet Lilac, a delicate lilac.
Finally, for a seductive look, the eyelids are colored in shades of bronze and iridescent copper with Mirage and New Moon, for the most romantic, instead there is Utopia, a mysterious and intriguing lavander.

martedì 8 luglio 2014

Parlami d'amore Menbur

You fall in love like that. Without realizing it. Suddenly.
(Ah, but then are you in love???)
One day, when you think about love not the least, you find yourself sitting in front of the pc (did you met him on internet???) while looking for something in vain.
Looking, looking, looking... And then?
And then you see them and you end up falling in love.
Pink, romantic, with those bows that make you dream and your heart beat.
Menbur, renowned Spanish company, has kidnapped my heart!
On their website (here) you can choose from many models, all details and ideal for any occasion, even for evening party.
Meanwhile, I do not end up more to look at...with the famous "heart eyes"!
Do not tell me you really thought there was a prince to make me heart beat!?! ;)

lunedì 7 luglio 2014

Hi Barbie!

White and pink. Pink and white. Like a marshmallow, or a Big-Babol cream and strawberry, a princess or a Barbie. 
Go ahead the association you want but this time, with this pink skirt, I feel like a Barbie, maybe the days of Sex And The City. Ready to shoot with my convertible, pink, the streets of the city with the friend of a lifetime, Teresa. 
By then end the day with a bit of well-deserved rest, in front of a glass of white wine with lots of chitchat. 
And Ken? 
Ken? I see Ken in 1 week! Indeed, perhaps 2! 
Sale or no sale, Barbies always do shopping!!

giovedì 3 luglio 2014

Mare profumo di mare

 "Mare profumo di mare
con l'amore io voglio giocare
è colpa del mare
del cielo e del mare
sento sto lasciandomi andare
questo sole che cosa può fare
io non ci credevo
ma posso sognare..."

The walks in the places that I love, the sound of waves crashing on the rocks, this song I start singing as soon as I see my beloved sea, and a happy princess.
Because nothing in the world makes me happier and peaceful!
I can leave my thoughts, my smiles, my eyes and in return I always fill my heart.
A "creature" like me, free and at times stormy, that you do not bottle but you can only love.

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