giovedì 24 novembre 2016

Viandante sul mare di nuvole

I saw slip away things I thought unforgettable. I saw slowly fade the memory of looks and moments. I also saw off things never happened when I hoped so. The mind is a big war machine, it builds diabolical devices for safety. But there is a pattern that can not reach. Incidentally there is what remains.
We are strange, undefined, comedians, abused by pain, by the many faces encountered the same heart and above all always looking for what is not there.
We can not lose what you never had but that we have never experiencedit can fail us forever. Yet the joy hates running and climbing. Why dint to go, to run, to not look carefully, time passes and you choose to live constantly waiting.
To go is emotion, emotions are incredible moments but understand when to stop is a real talent.
For this I would like to tell you: run everywhere, more than you want to live and as you can but then stopped with the person who will make you feel all without touching you. Because, in the midst of all the world's people, it will only be that what you need. You will thank the remnant and farewell greetings will be enough to recover your freedom, as always.

lunedì 14 novembre 2016

Resta così come sei

Never change. Retain the innocence, insecurity, shyness and confidence in dreams. They are the best parts of you.
Do not stop chasing happiness, even when everything will seem unnecessary, even when will be months, years that you do not find it anywhere.
Believe in love, even if they will let you down, stepped on, used, betrayed. Love the rain, the clouds and the sun in the same way and do not stop to be moved.
Embarrassed, blushing, still belting out your favorite tunes, continues to emphasize the most important sentences in your books.
I like to think that when I will reunite, now white hair will have replaced all the color, you'll still so: sweet, real, sensitive, immersed in everything you do and say.
I like to think that the world will not ruin you, that pain will not ruin you. I like to think of you a bit wiser, but always reckless.
Never change, even when they will say that it is absurd to be like you, you will find you sick, they shall devour you. Do not listen to them. Make a difference, stay as you are.

lunedì 7 novembre 2016

Chanel N°5 L'Eau

95 years ago, more precisely in 1921, was born the iconic fragrance Chanel N°5 commissioned by Coco to the chemical Ernest Beaux. A perfume that has taken the liberty to associate contrasting elements such as jewelry, jersey and fur, flowers and aldehydes.
Chanel N°5, indefinable and eternally enigmatic, is not just a perfume but it is an olfactory heritage, a very precise idea of ​​femininity and elegance, passed down from generation to generation.
This fragrance so loved by Marilyn Monroe has never ceased to stimulate the inspiration of the perfumers that always are busy, keepers of the formula without ever betraying the DNA.
Over the years, new versions were created: Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Eau Première. And today, in 2016, the perfumer Olivier Polge captures the essence of his time with the creation of N°5 L'EAU. A perfume rooted in the present, now and always.
With the same meticulousness of a goldsmith, Olivier Polge has created a new balance and a perfect freshness. Favoring aldehydes which smell of orange peel, neglecting the metallic ones. Increasing vibrations of various zest and lightening the base notes. Making the most nervous woods and ylang ylang notes greener. Easing the jasmine and mitigating the vanilla. Respecting the history, but push forward to the future, Olivier Polge has totally reinvented the iconic N°5.
Chanel N°5 has never been so fresh and natural. From the original inspiration, Chanel N°5 L'Eau inherits carefree and transparency. The skin scents of limon, tangerine and orange, exalted from aldehydes. A gust of wind carries the wealth of flowers. The rose is mixed with jasmine and ylang ylang to be overwhelmed by a floral bouquet perceiving each petal, feeling its velvety texture and its delicate shapes. Finally, a shock, an unusual vibration given by cedar and vetiver, accompanied by delicate notes of musk.
N°5 L'Eau is the praise of simplicity.
L'Eau is simplicity, modernity, freshness.

giovedì 3 novembre 2016

Autumn in Lugano

Lugano and the first days of autumn. Lugano, like a picture painted by some kind of great Master.
Lugano, with the rain and the sun, came into my heart. On tiptoe, like a ballerina on the sweet and graceful notes of "Swan Lake".
The city of parks and flower gardens, villas and religious buildings, alpine current and famous chocolate, squares and arcades of the Mediterranean charm of the city center.
A town on a human scale, where getting lost in the streets of the old town, with its many buildings in Lombard style and its exclusive museums, such as the LAC, the cultural center devoted to artistic production and the meeting between the various arts. But Lugano is also the largest city in the Ticino region, as well as being the third largest financial center and the center of conference, banking and business in Switzerland.
From the two closest mountains to Lugano, San Salvatore and Brè, you can admire the magnificent panorama over the city, the lake and surrounding mountains, where you can enjoy the sun of Ticino and daydreaming.
Every corner of the city is a discovery, from the roadside markets, among the luxury boutiques, where delight the palate with typical products or buy local crafts, to those most romantic spots, accessible by boats or cruises, where you can be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes that reveal precious pearls before enjoying great seafood, served in the various restaurants and grottos overlooking the shores of the lake.
Lugano is beauty, nature and marvel in a setting that recalls one of those "007" films. Lugano is a lakeside promenade, lined the Belvedere Gardens and numerous red benches ready to welcome sighs and hugs, to cherish kisses and thoughts, where losing the eyes and heart in such splendor. An invitation to rest, interior and mind tranquility and, yes, even love because, in the world, there is nothing more magical and romantic than a sunset by the lake.