mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

Birthday surprise

Thank's, thank's, thank's!
Thank's for your wonderful comments, thank's for your sweet words and thank's for making my birthday even more special!
Today I want to share with you another time that made him perfect in its simplicity (I do not love the  crazy festivities) ...when I opened the florist could not believe my eyes!
It 'was a wonderful surprise!
I love sunflowers to madness, are in fact one of my (few) favorite flowers, and see them in this huge (from the photos does not seem to) deck made ​​me shine the eyes!
Excited and still dazed I immediately wanted to "immortalize", in their beauty, together with my new dress, also birthday gift :)
You like it? It makes me crazy!

p.s. surprises and birthdays don't end here ... wait for Sunday and you'll see ;)

venerdì 26 luglio 2013

Summer nights

 A Sunday and a drink with a dear friend.
A maxi skirt, this time in a more elegant version, and a silk top is perfect for those summer evenings.
A fresh and flowing outfit that does not feel the extreme heat of these days. But it is only
an 'illusion!
What do you think? I'm curious to read your comments!
Have a nice Friday princesses :*

sabato 20 luglio 2013

Il nuovo Olimpo

The Olympus, the highest mountain in all of Greece, and in the popular imagination, home of the gods and Greek mythology. That's where I left this time to make my look modern goddess!
A dress inspired by the statues of Partenope, lightweight fabric and cut one shoulder, typical of gods, and a "waterfall" of pearls.
What do you think? I'm ready to meet Zeus?

lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Yeah, it's my month!

"Luglio col bene che ti voglio, vedrai non finirà..."
Singing this song since MY month is returned to us.
July. The month in which I associate the summer, the month in which you can breathe the very air of holidays, the month of sunflowers (among my favorite flowers) and the sun splitting the stones, the best month of the year-long unfortunately ONLY 31 days, that the endless summer nights to have fun with friends (when there are no exams) and the month of my birthday! Oh yes, I am a little lion, but only when people do not make me angry ;)

sabato 6 luglio 2013

Ethical Fashion Initiative from AltaRomAltaModa 2013 - LIVE STREAMING


venerdì 5 luglio 2013

Easy Sunday

A Sunday, a drink with friends, a dress worn ​​only once (here) and forgotten in the closet, red accessories, a necklace full of coins (last week new entry) and my inseparable Vuitton.