sabato 31 gennaio 2015


Hello princesses!
After a few weeks of absence, here is a new instagram recap :)
I hope you enjoy the photos, I remind you that you found me as @desireedaloia.
I wish you a beautiful weekend, see you on Monday with a new outfit!

giovedì 29 gennaio 2015

Elie Saab Haute Couture

Haute Couture = Elie Saab
If I say haute couture is only one of my beloved Lebanese designer, Elie Saab. When the catwalk down his haute couture, there is no Chanel or Dior!
This time too Elie Saab confirms King of Dreams with a couture collection spring summer 2015 by princesses of fairy tales, able to dream and sigh as girls.
A tale of pastel colors and darker colors, where fairy style is dutifully kept in check.
Precious laces, light and fluffy fabrics and a cascade of precious crystals that makes even the clothes deep blacks more precious.
Dresses of Arabian Nights made only for the more sparkling and magical evenings that you can dream of living wearing these masterpieces. In fact, the new collection of Elie Saab Haute Couture only includes evening dresses, designed and created with an exceptional adventure tailoring and with the passion and the absolute taste for the theatrical, the splendor and magnificence.
Pure luxury. Impossible not to fall in love with these creations!

mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Business Break

Ever since I was a child I always had a fixation for the "career". I always said I would become one of those women of power, maybe the manager of a multinational company or a lawyer super stylish in stilettos (red sole of course) from a judgment to another.
However, there is always a but, the toga and the briefcase 24h have never been in my DNA, which has always preferred the white coat since primary schools. So, as in the lab has never seen a biologist in white coat, heels and Louis Vuitton to the arm, I'm happy to do the business woman blogger lunch break ;)

lunedì 26 gennaio 2015

Make a wish

Who said that to make a wish you're forced to wait for the right moment? Why only when the candles are extinguished or when you see a falling star? Or watching the sky in search of the North Star, or when you see the trail of an airplane or you find a four leaf clover. Why always having to wait for the moment?
And if I want to express now? Yes, now, at this moment. Who tells me that I can not do this or that will not come true?
We should make a wish every time we feel the need, always, no candles to blow out or magical nights spent with the upturned nose, then we should have a Professional like Fabio ( able to capture it in its essence in its natural beauty. Perhaps in a dance of snowflakes...
Make a wish!

A special thanks to Fabio Salmoirago for scoring these wonderful shots, I'm completely in love!

mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

La moda che viene dall'Africa

The music in my ears, my favorite African song (which is not the Alligalli: P), the one that free my mind of all thoughts. I imagine myself sitting in the shade of an acacia tree to observe the savanna enveloped by the warm colors of the sunset, as I write in peace, without thought, completely free and light, like the African fashion.
From the expanse of the savannah to the catwalks of the world. Today the fashion made in Africa and inspired by its traditions, completely ethical and sustainable, it is more and more trendy. Where trends are born? This is the question that people who work in fashion arise daily. There are those who favors big cities, those who think they are born in the studios and those who speak of "alchemy counter", pointing to the street and the common people as the true origin of fashions and trends.
Thanks to globalization, the era of the Internet and the ability to reach virtually the other side of the world in a click, even those countries until now excluded from the creative process because they are too far away or tied to a difficult socio-political situation, it have proved an inspiration ever more original. And guess who is on the top list? My Africa! A huge continent, multi-faceted, with a history often difficult and dramatic; a mysterious and irresistible place.
If you think about ethno large shirts and hats from big mama, you are light years away. The neo-chic also comes from Africa. Africa is known for its art, its crafts and even its ornaments and decorations. But what distinguishes it most of all, are its bright colors symbolizing the vitality and creativity of the continent.
The fashion is inspired by its bright colors, bright tones and sparkling, with dresses with beautiful prints, sometimes extravagant, to symbolize style and black culture, such as the collections of one of my favorite designers, Stella Jean.
I put my pen, I take binoloco and observe...a leopard is mirroring on the shores of Manyara Lake, who is undecided on what to wear to the envy of his beautiful cloak even to the more combed lion of the savannah? Dear leo(pard), if you want I give you my advice ;)

martedì 20 gennaio 2015

Giamba S/S15

Dynamic, colorful and with couture hints. It's Giamba, the new line of prêt à porter born from the sparkling creativity of Giambattista Valli.
Dedicated to young and romantic women, that love to play with fashion while still remaining super stylish and glamorous.
A wonderful collection that can make people dream, that gracefully explores all facets of femininity to return us in its entirety.
The lengths are mini, the dresses are flavred and floral patterns, undisputed tred for next spring/summer 2015. Delicate prints, feather fabric, petals applied to mini dress. New and fun combinations, for a contemporary girl and always tres chic!
Love at first sight!

lunedì 19 gennaio 2015

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

There is a paradise in which fashion and glamor are a way of life, where women exude charm, joy and liveliness.
A tribute to women and their beauty, it's Roberto Cavalli Paradiso.
A sensual and feminine fragrance, designed precisely to emphasize the natural beauty of women.
This fragrance evokes the trips around the world, made by the designer, and it combines exotic oriental fragrances. Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is designed to increase the joie de vivre. A fragrance encouraging and inspiring, radiating pleasure and happiness. Striking an ode to sensuality and seduction, which urges people to seize the moment, the famous carpe diem, and to fully enjoy the pleasures of this earthly paradise.
The citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin are mixed with fresh accents of jasmine and warm woody accords of cypress, pine and laurel.
The design of the bottle is inspired by the many facets of the diamond, as well as to various aspects of the personality of a woman.
The new fragrance, a collaboration with Coty, will be available from February 2015.

venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Sognando Venezia

For several months I have a great desire to return to one of the cities in which I left a piece of heart, the most romantic of Italy: Venice, precious pearl that someone very special gave us Italians.
An enchanted city that remains for years to fascinate the eyes of those who love to get lost in its streets and its magic. Including bridges, hidden roads, alleys and elegant gondolas, it is the ideal destination to go back in time, at that time that no longer exists and that it has made its history.
In Venice, time stands still, the machines disappear, colors change and you fall in love with sunsets.
Every time I get off the boat and I set foot in Piazza San Marco it's like being catapulted into another era. One of the Doges, of Gothic architecture, the luxurious palaces, parties and masked balls, the famous masks, accompanied by violins on the notes of the famous Serenissima.
But Venice is also famous for its Carnival, one of the most known and appreciated around the world. And it is for the Carnival that I would return.
Looking for a hotel that meets the needs of your princess, I found Signor Sconto.
Who is Signor Sconto? A platform that helps consumers collect discount codes for the most popular Italian online stores.
Hundreds and hundreds of shops by category; from clothing to travel, but also electronics and photography (here, a nice new camera would serve me just to capture the wonderful carnival masks), and even online stores dedicated to home and animals.
The subdivision into categories makes navigation easier, as it requires no great efforts to be able to find what one is looking, whether it be of a particular product as a mark instead.
Venice, I'm already dreaming about you... The scenery is an impeccable and refined room of a luxury hotel in the heart of San Marco square, wrapped in a bathrobe, while preparing myself for a dinner in one of the most renowned restaurants in the city, I sip champagnes accompanied by the Rondò Veneziano music, immersed in an atmosphere of grace, elegance and serenity.
On the bed, between the soft pillows, silk lingerie, black and impalpable. A long pleated dress with veiled sleeves, always black, because for me the elegance knows no other colors, and silver accessories, as the reflection of the moon on the waters of the Grand Canal.
My reflection in the mirror, red lips and hair in an elegant chignon. At the obes long pendants ending in an emerald, right there, on the soft neck dresses with a few drops of Coco Mademoiselle.
Everything is taken care of the smallest detail, because that night I want to be the Princess of Venice.
Last look and I headed to the terrace of the palace, surrounded by the scent of flowers and kissed by the full moon, where my prince is waiting for me. A kiss on the neck, soft as the violins playing always my favourite song, La Serenissima, in front of an illuminated romantic Venice.
Meanwhile the bell chimes nine and our magical evening can finally begin...
Perhaps it is the case that I stop dreaming, but only to turn the dream into reality. You know, the modern Cinderellas not have the mice to help them, as in fairy tales, but have good helpers, one of these is Signor Sconto.
So making a point of the situation, or rather, the dream, I need:
-a camera
-a wonderful dress for a romantic dinner in Piazza San Marco
-a book or a city guide for the journey
and obviously
-a hotel!
My dear and sweet Venice, I'm coming!

giovedì 15 gennaio 2015


The Spring/Summer 2015 Ermanno Scervino is the exaltation of the feminine style.
The inspiration is definitely sixties, characterized by few colors perfectly calibrated to each other, precious and refined elements and minimal chic accessories.
Bustier dresses alternate with flared skirts and shorts, while sprouting embroidered coats and lace corsets.
A spring collection portable and not at all trivial, at the insignia of pastel colors, with dresses of all kids and accessories of dreams, from raffia bags to essential sandals.
The novelty lies in the right combination of materials and craftsmanship.
Raffia meets with cotton embellished with brilliant elements, also available in natural variants, especially on embellished hand bags with embroidery and masterful brilliant lace and net.
Not only blue and green, Ermanno Scervino, also combines the black and the rope for a chic effect. The white lights bon ton dresses and coats with lace prints.

mercoledì 14 gennaio 2015

Royal blue

Born or become Princesses? One thing is certain, someone starts advantaged.
Do yuo ever wonder how are the modern princesses? Those who do not expect the coach but prefer a taxi or a plane, those who would buy bags and shoes one day and the other as well, those with character yet insecure, those with big dreams and do not waiting for Charming Prince to achieve them.
Stylish, funny, glamorous and approachable. The new sovereign, princesses and queens, have oodles of charm (yes, I have always been a modest girl: P) but not always blue blood. Because the new Cinderellas 2.0 also have the blood from "normal" staining but, can always count on good dear old friend royal blue, triumphing among the fashion colors of winter 2015.
And it's the case to say: Long live to the Royal...Blue!

martedì 13 gennaio 2015

Piccione Piccione S/S15

Bzzz...Bzzz....  Bzzz.... Bzzz...
Do you hear this buzz too?!?
Spring is coming, at least those open by Salvatore Piccione, winner of the tenth edition of Who Is On Next and creator of the brand Piccione Piccione.
The brand is born from the embroidery, the attention to detail, a keen sensitivity for the womenswear, combined with a constant search for beauty and creativity.
A line from the prints in a delicate palette of blue, white, pink, lime and hints of yellow. For an eccentric woman, bold, feminine and always protagonist.
Immersed in a magical fairy-tale world, the spring/summer 2015 Piccione Piccione concerns around the concept of movement and rebirth of nature. After a long winter the magical season, cheerful and bubbly, awakens. Fluttering bees, birds, buds and almond flowers that open and move on slightly flared dresses, suits, small coats worn over pants and micro shorts paired with sleeveless tops.

sabato 10 gennaio 2015


The last holidays, Aviator Fiocco (which to keep him good, I had to "pawn" with the salad), blank pages to be filled (of wonderful things, we hope!), positive thoughts, gifts, sweets (far too many) and summer memories.
I leave you in the company of the pics, taken from my profile Instagram @desireedaloia, and I wish you a good weekend!

venerdì 9 gennaio 2015

City girl

The usual routine. The city. The sipped and not tasted coffee.
The projects, the ideas and the duties.
A coat, a faux fur vest and animalier pumps.
A girl and her impatience. I do not like to wait, I seem to waste time. And I hate wasting time.
Yes, I know..."you can not have everything at once". Some things need their time, a bit like the sauce that must cook 1h and half/ 2 hours, low heat. But the wait worth it! If you do not know, your Princess, modestly, cooks EVEN well ;)
The best recipes, as well as the good things, need time; they are not simple bagged salads, already washed, simply to open, pour in the trigger, add two tomatoes and a bit of tuna, salt, oil, vinegar et voilà!
Beautiful things, happiness, satisfaction, love, are all complex recipes. Those with 5 stars of difficulty. They require time and commitment. The ingredients must meet and bond well, the one with the other, there must be harmony. Subsequently should be cooked to the perfect temperature, stirring from time to time, without haste. And only after cooking you can enjoy that time and his delight.

giovedì 8 gennaio 2015

Caterina Gatta S/S 15

A summer in Versailles, that of Caterina Gatta and hers spring/summer 2015.
Search. The creations for next season are all based on this concept.
The muse? Marie Antoinette.
The inspiration derives from the study of the prints of an old private archive that Caterina Gatta had discovered time ago.
Hers intent was to convey to our times the eighteenth century, with its magnificent clothes, and important properties, without falling in theatrical costume and the sumptuousness of high fashion.
The result is a  young, fresh, sophisticated and precious collection, but especially wearable and original set. Everything is researched yet jaunty, is a "girly" world greedy of fashion.
Long dresses are essential in the forms although rich in fabric, the suit pant has something statuesque and extravagant together. The hoods are impressive but also youth, combined with short items, those winged shorts are a must of Caterina Gatta style.
The 700 has also taken up the moirè, said watered silk, one of the French fabrics in vogue at that time, printed with an imaginary flower in shades of purple and orange.
No lack of transparency, but they are a fashion game, designed for overlays. Brave and strict combinations: those of the shirt masculine cut, austere, or the oversized sweatshirt with piping details of paint, or t-shirt over printed. Combinations that make for Caterina Gatta fashion, hers fashion.

mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015

Another day. Another choice. Another coat.

That life is made of choices is known to all, and in this there is nothing revolutionary or special. We are forced to make choices every day, since we are small. Some consciously, others unconsciously. We spend most of our time to choose. From when we wake up, we are constantly faced with the crossroads, having to choose between the usual breakfast biscuits or Galletti, with those grains of sugar that, soaked in milk, become irresistible. In front of the wardrobe, in the eternal indecision of that secular phrase, "What do I wear?". And then lipstick, red or pink? The perfume, handbag etc. And these are all crap.
Yet we are subject to this continuous cycle of changes that life offers us and we have to face.
We make sure that life turns around to our needs and we get angry every time someone decides for us forcing choices that we do not share.
All the choices that we do not take,  determine a turning point in our lives. But if we could follow people that we were not? If we could tag along them, and then above all listen, talk together, invite them to dinner, what would really happen?
Choose is not only bound to figure out what we need and make sure to get it, it is also, and above all, linked to the fact to understand and choose the people we want to be and who we want to become.
It's only when you know what you want that you do not take everything that passes. So then life upsets you the plans the same.

martedì 6 gennaio 2015

Christian Louboutin S/S15

The new spring/summer 2015 collection of France's most loved by women, Monsieur Christian Louboutin, is a hymn to joy and happiness, a real party for the eyes.
Water in Love, a quirky mix of models, colors, prints and patterns irresistible.
The delicious degradè shades, the primary colors in paint and uppers berths in the cheerful colored lines, make up a catalog extremely varied, ideal for all fashion addicts who dream to wear shoes every day different and always elegant.
Eccentric and bucking shoes, elegant and refined sandals but also animal prints, proposals for ballerinas and Mary Jane.
A collection dedicated to all women who consider Louboutin shoes more than just an accessory, a part of themselves, a sign of femininity.

lunedì 5 gennaio 2015

Cappotto broccato

An inspiration coming slow and that perhaps will never come, like when you crave something. More you want and the less you'll have. It's always like this, every time. More you want something, more escapes. Unless you want something, more you find it in your path. What if I had understood before, from the beginning, I might have to stop wishing.
A part that is in the character of the human, as well as try any emotion, but then one called Desiree, which means Desire, could never stop wanting? No, it is mathematically impossible. I was born to dream and to make trips. Mental ones are my specialty, but I much prefer those with a plane and a suitcase to fill with only emotions.
So, in the absence of a title, the real ones, and an inspiration to accompany the pictures, and that just does not want to get, let them talk, pictures, hoping that speak better then me.

sabato 3 gennaio 2015

Tutte pazze per PAULA

All crazy for Paula, is not a movie and will not be released soon in theaters.
Then who is Paula?
"I'm a very positive person." This is the business card of Paula Cademartori, designer Italo-Brazilian entered the elite of creative "cool" through a word much loved by women: bag.
The bags Paula Cademartori, as confirmed street style of Italian fashion week and beyond, are the most popular of the moment, so much that it became a real it bag. Symbol of a fashion that grows and changes, which is not identified only in the centenarian griffe, but strongly believes in young talent.
Distinction, style, glam and elegance. All this is Paula Cademartori.
Her creations are a cocktail of liveliness, Brazilian happiness and Italian craftsmanship. And hers origins are the key to the success of a design in which the colors and carioca vibrancy blend with the craftsmanship typically Made in Italy.
"Recognizable" bags, characterized by a series of identifying elements, such as straight lines and geometric cuts.
If the heels are made to seduce a man, the bags are made to stand out from the other women. Only an acute female mind can understand the importance of an accessory that can revolutionize the outfit and the mood of stars, fashion bloggers and ordinary people.

venerdì 2 gennaio 2015

Spring inside. Winter outside.

And 'well known that after Christmas, I start thinking about spring. Yes, after December 25 my brain and I pass directly in March. Indeed it is from St. Stephen that in my head there are green fields, tulips, pastel colors, roses and sun, lots of sun!
I'm already thinking about the next trends, must-have that can not miss in my closet and I'm also dreaming/imagining/inventing new shoots that can not wait to shoot.
Inside spring has already exploded, outside...the frost.