venerdì 21 aprile 2017

Buon Compleanno Dietorelle!

Lo ammetto, sono una golosa! Impazzisco per le caramelle... Morbide, di gelatina, alla frutta o alla menta. Alle caramelle non riesco proprio dire di no, in particolare alle mie amate Dietorelle: ricche di succhi di frutta, senza coloranti e senza aromi artificiali.

martedì 18 aprile 2017

Quando un uomo ama, la sua donna corre.

When a man loves his woman runs.
Have you ever seen the reaction of a woman loved by a man? When a woman meets a man who falls in love with her, always she has the same reaction: she runs.
She runs by, runs towards, runs away, however runs. And the man is still there and can also have just a reaction: to run.
He runs by, runs towards, runs away, however runs.
In the end I know that love is a big marathon. And in this huge athletics track, including leg warmers, sweat bands, and starter bored, certain moments of pathos are consumed that even Mennea has given us.
We see men who had never trod athletics tracks, but at most made the trek in the fall between the hilly streets of a country fair, put shoes and jump racing on the lane, chasing her that she turned for a moment and seems to have winked do with misunderstanding; other men, more used to competition, as long as she does not slow to point him leave her scent, and he then snaps and runs, but she is an old school lungometrista and recovers quickly stepped record. Then there are men who are competing on themselves, that invade lanes, slow down, look around, seem uninterested to the thing, until someone supports them and encourages them to run together.
Love is a race, the kind that break your breath, that make you cramp and dehydrate you. No matter being first, but never stop running.

lunedì 3 aprile 2017

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Fleur Musc

For Her Musc Fleur, a new chapter by Narciso Rodriguez. A unique, irresistible and intriguing fragrance, born from the desire to create a fragrance characterized by a musk heart surrounded by the warmth and richness of flowers that enclose together the uniqueness of a rose.
The vibrant spirit of For Her Musc Fleur expresses the deep sensuality of every woman.
For Her Musc Fleur is inspired by women who claim independence, marked by an exquisite grace.
The musk heart, signing For Her, wraps of roses, spices and amber woods, creating a sparkling fragrance. A floral bouquet, with vibrant notes, envelops the heart of musk, for a touch of sensuality. The sumptuous pink flowers, sublimated by pink peppercorns, join the musk, while the amber and patchouli give the brightness.
The fragrance captures the freedom and nuance of a femininity that includes everything radiates new vitality and transmits a sensual self-confidence.