venerdì 29 agosto 2014


How often do we hammer the head with unnecessary mental saws, made ​​of fears and disappointments?
How many times have pissed off for unspoken words, voices came and invented by the envious who can not see us or fox shift that has failed to reach the grapes?
Poor brain. How many toxins that you free up unnecessarily. You really deserve a vacation.
We are always packed, even though in our hearts we do not want it, from the judgment and from the thoughts of others. When, in the end, the only thing we should do is caring and live our lives as we like.
We need caring about everyone and everything. Living without too many if and too many but. With the only thought that, even if the sand is hot, we're running to the sea!

mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

Leggere e impalpabili PIUME

In these last days of this strange summer, with September around the corner, we have to start thinking about what will be the trends for next season. 
So, what will not miss in our wardrobe? 
At least one item with feathers. Details that make the trend. Unmistakable sign of elegance, luxury and femininity. 
Read and impalpable. Scenic and choreographic. The ostrich feathers create evocative volumes. 
Put aside the idea of ​​feather boas used to multicolor carnival. Nothing is more glam and sophisticated ultra-light ostrich feathers. Pure volume, essence of color and movement in its mildest form. 
The feathers give a sense of celebration and make it crazy and dreaming even the simplest of looks. 

domenica 24 agosto 2014

Domenica, panna e fragole

Sundays have the scent of peonies in bloom and the taste of cotton candy. Among pink lipstick and polish. Enjoying those lovely, for the eyes and for the palate, Parisians sweets with a stroke and the other, in the company of friends and our pink chatter.
Sundays in high heels and beautiful "pompous" dresses with yards and yards of tulle and organza.
All strictly pink.
Sundays should be. Dreamy and delicate. Romantic and fragrant.
Good Sunday Princesses!

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venerdì 22 agosto 2014

White Suit

And then miracles happen. Do you believe in miracles? 
I was a bit skeptical, but then I had to think again. 
After coming up one morning, dressed in total white (forgetting to immortalize the event), last week I woke up with a strange desire. 
No, I'm not pregnant. But I want a suit, that's incredible....WHITE
I love total black and hate white but now I've a desperate need of a white suit. Classic. Refined. Total White
I love the suit with pants, it's seductive and extremely chic
I'll be mad, but I WANT IT. With the same conviction when you say the fateful words on the altar. It does not matter if, once found it, I will wear it once or at most twice (for some other miracle), because I shall be short, fat and with a thousand other defects, and it shall be left in the corner of the cabinet along with some other rare white item. 
I want it. And I'm looking for. 
So, redoing the situation: 
-I'm not pregnant 
-I'm not getting married

mercoledì 20 agosto 2014

Africa, I love you

Those who know me well, know that in my heart there are special beats for a special Love.
A visceral love. A love that goes beyond the obvious distances.
A love that no one can erase. A love, true, called Africa.
I never spoken to you, only mentioned in my presentation, and in some interview. Perhaps the fact that, like all great loves, I tend to guard and protect it.
A love born with me, and that, during many travels, always led back to where my heart was already there for a while, or maybe where it was born.
Everything about me, even the skin, smells of Africa.
That sense of warmth and security that embraces me, as if to say "Welcome home!", every time I land in my beloved land. There is no other place in the world where I feel truly at home, such as Africa.
The emotions, the chills and the joy that gives me every time I see it is indescribable. As well as the immense sadness and longing for Africa at all "see you soon (I hope)". That evil poignant, subtle and irresistible. An incurable disease.
There is no other place in the world that is able to upset ways like Africa.
A land not for everyone. Either you love it or you hate it.
I love it.
Imagine a place where the sky not above you, through you. The air can not breathe, you can savor. The clock is ticking, do not run.
A place where people do not cross, greets you. Where everything is true, even the unpleasant things, because everything is life.
Imagine then the moon, as big as the world, which arises from the stunning ocean waters and smiles at you, high in the sky, caressing all night. The sunrise and breathtaking sunsets that color the days of red and purple, amazing you each new day.
The evenings in nature, where you can savor that feeling of peace that pervades the whole body, to touch the soul. And the stars. More bright and close, so close that you can almost touch. So beautiful to look at them all night.
This is Africa and you can not not love it.
It is precisely this that causes the longing for Africa. The colors, the lights and shadows, empty and full, everything is so extreme.
Ever seen a landscape so beautiful and surreal that it hurt, where nature shows itself in its ultimate expression of power and immensity, ready at any moment to give you a new show.
Impossible not to get excited before his majesty, as well as the charming red soil of the savanna.
Even the hot air that envelops you it smells and tastes different. A wild scent, sometimes harsh, that tickles the nose from the first breath.
And then his people, always cheerful and smiling despite millions of difficulty. People with the "capital P" who have so much to give and teach. The joy that transmit in the midst of so much poverty is a life lesson.
Every day my thoughts go back there. In the silence of the savanna, in the smiles of the people, in the eyes of children. Between strong scents, including strong and beautiful colors.
What I feel goes above and beyond. It goes to the very essence of life.
Only in Africa find inner calm, detachment from earthly things, the feeling of belonging to this land. The strong desire to stay.
I could sit here for hours to tell you about this great love...Africa is in me and that's enough to make me happy. But I've made it ​​a promise. One day, not too far, we will be one...<3

martedì 19 agosto 2014

Milano Bijoux Love

The accessories, especially jewelry and bijoux, represent a true passion/obsession for us women. All agree it? 
We love to collect, admire and of course wearing them. So unique and personal, can enhance our style. 
Milano Bijoux Love is a young company that creates jewelry made ​​in Italy, entirely handmade, with the use of various materials and alloys, including bronze, steel and brass. 
Unique in their absolute originality and craftsmanship, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and natural stones. 
Trendy collections for every occasion and season, as this delicious parure perfect for summer! 
Go browse the facebook page (here), there's something for everyone!

giovedì 14 agosto 2014

Green dress

A little green dress, whose shades will still be trendy this fall/winter, and the Violavinca coral pumps
A meeting between the marine and terrestrial world's. Coral and crystal clear waters meet with green and blooming lawns. 
When fashion does miracles....Just to feel a little mermaid (unfortunately, in the closet of Fashion Princess appeal lacks a maxi green dress, but I'm gearing up;)) or a fairy of the woods! Of course, in modern times;)

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martedì 12 agosto 2014

ESPRIT autumnal list

August. The sea and the sand. The sun and tanning.
The music, magazines and more relaxing under an umbrella.
The mind finally lightly. Free to fly. Free to dream.
A single thought: autumn shopping. Because fashion never goes on vacation and we fashionistas can not do gather certainly unprepared!
September is approaching and with it the change of season, new trends and essential must haves.
And so a dip, ice cream and tablet always at hand, I took the opportunity to cram the Esprit autumnal list.
For next season, I want to dive into the black (timeless), in gray (the alternative which I love) in sexy leather and super versatile jackets.
The Esprit online shop offers a wide selection of items for men, women and children, as well as the latest fashion and accessories for the home. It's the case to say...we are in Toyland! ;)
Now I just have to fill the cart and "slide" the credit card, it never goes on holiday..... :P

lunedì 11 agosto 2014

Fucsia & Red

A career woman, at least as regards today outfit, with energetic colors. Just as the same energy that runs through my veins at this time. 
Two bright colors that convey safety, red and fuchsia. You either love or hate, especially together. A bit like me. 
No accessories, only the Daniel Wellington watch, because for every respectable career woman, punctuality, especially that of others, is a must (which should be understood as an obligation). 
Men remember: NEVER have to wait for a woman, in no case, or there'll be trouble. 
We have no time to waste to comb the dolls, at best, since we are dolls, we can lose it for a look at the mirror. A woman all (or almost all) is granted. Come on, we can let you wait those 5 will be worth the wait ;) 
But back to talk with us (women), what do you think about red-fuchsia? I've always loved, even when worn on very rare occasions, or perhaps it is the first or the second. 
Do you promote or shot down? 
Appearance your verdict and I leave you a discount code that will allow you to take advantage of 15% discount on your Daniel Wellington purchase. It's valid until the end of August, you can just insert SUN-PRINCESS.

venerdì 8 agosto 2014

Marrakech, la Città Rossa

Vivace e affascinante, Marrakech è la più importante delle città imperiali. Una città ricca di emozioni, sapori e colori, sede anche di alcuni dei luoghi più belli ed interessanti del mondo. Per immergersi nella sua atmosfera e apprezzarne il suo splendore, però, va assaporata lentamente, seguendone le tradizioni. Dalle passeggiate tra le vie colorate della Medina - la città vecchia - ai pernottamenti da Mille e Una Notte, chi giunge in questo angolo dell'Africa del Nord, si prepara a vivere un viaggio che coinvolge tutti i sensi. 

giovedì 7 agosto 2014

Maxi gonna & gilet di jeans

Maxi skirts are the trend of the summer: chic, stylish, versatile, fluttering and extra-long.
From morning to evening, with flat sandals, sneakers or shoes with heels. A real passe-partout, able to accompany us in every moment of the day, from work to aperitif with friends.
But even maxi skirts with gipsy flavor, for a women's fashion that seems destined to not set.
Timeless like the denim vest and its faces, which together create a casual and feminine look.
Among the accessories, a sunflower in her hair and the inevitable Momi bracelets which I showed you here.
What do you think? Do you like it?

martedì 5 agosto 2014

Niente è per caso con Momi Bijoux

From the encounter between passion and beauty comes the unmistakable Momi Style, to give character to any look, because as you know, elegance is not being noticed but being remembered
Momi bijoux arise from the need to find a personal style, where, after a constant search for new materials and meticulous attention to detail, metals, stones and fabrics come together in bijoux made ​​entirely by hand
Bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. Each with its own story to tell, because with Momi nothing is by chance
Momi creations are unique and original, treated with attention to details. 
Hearts, chains, crystals, beads, charms, and much more are part of the spring/summer collection, with colors that recall the summer and expressed the desire for freedom and lightness. 
Visit the facebook page (here) and let yourself be enchanted by the magic Momi, you will not regret!

lunedì 4 agosto 2014

2 years of The fashion Princess

2 years of The Fashion Princess. 2 years of you and us. 
2 years of joy and commitment. Because I love to put heart and soul into everything I do. 
2 years of emotions, smiles and satisfaction. All thanks to you who read me and support me since the early days. 
Two years of "chatter" and tips, knowledge and new friendships. Sweet friendships that have become an integral part of life, as if we knew all along (thank goodness we met my Manu <3). 
And above 2 years of passion, because without that you do not go anywhere. 
Thank you, thank you very much for these wonderful 730 days together! 
Happy Birthday The Fashion Princess <3