sabato 29 novembre 2014


Here I am, with the usual summary of the week in polaroid, to wish you a happy Sunday.
See you on Monday, if I live to the lunch with the whole family ;)
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A big kiss

venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Max Mara coat

A camel coat, as the trends of the season want, with a midi skirt and the new Ray-Ban aviator I showed you here.
Ready to get on that plane, with unknown destination, with a sophisticated look and a bit retro fashion cadet.

giovedì 27 novembre 2014

Ray-Ban Aviator

A trip to tell you a story, theirs. The legendary Ray-Ban Aviator. Why anyone wearing them, tells a story.
In the 20s an avid crossings balloon turned to the prestigious company Bausch & Lomb commissioning of glasses that would ensure full protection during his high-flying. Thus was born the Aviator model. Born Ray-Ban.
The model is characterized by a very thin frame with two green lenses in mineral glass, lighter than today's models, which were used to protect against ultraviolet and infrared rays. During World War II, this model was adopted by aviation US.
In more than 80 years this brand has built a world behind his glasses, choosing and getting to choose from "rebels positive", famous people who have contributed, along with the quality and design of the product, to consolidate the success.
Long list of famous movies in which Ray-Ban sunglasses made dream. Impossible not to mention "Top Gun", where a young and beautiful Tom Cruise wearing the legendary Aviator.
Ray-Ban 3025 aviator, a model that was missing in my collection of sunglasses. A model that has made history with its millions of units sold by now, today is a cult object that recalls the '70s and is a must have of the fash appeal to young and old, men and women.
Unisex style is charming and elegant, understated, yet aggressive.
So, hanging out on Sunglasses Shop, leader in online sales of designer sunglasses for over 10 years, I could not resist.
All the trends and innovations in the world of sunglasses, sport, etc. be found only on Sunglasses Shop.
On Sunglasses Shop you can choose from over 100 brands with more than 9000 models available on the website, you also have 365 days of time to return the glasses, so you can try it in your own home before you decide if you like them or not.
Great, right? Welcome in Toyland girls!
Now I'm going to get ready, you never know who that handsome cool Tom arrives ;)
Do not miss the next post, I have a super surprise for you all!

mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Mini Peekaboo #OBSESSION

It's called Peekaboo. Mini Peekaboo, and it's my new #obsession.
Born in 2009, Ms. Peekaboo immediately made inroads into my heart, but now more than ever I'm totally, completely enamored and obsessed by this mini crocodile marvel you see. And do not be fooled by the image, because the mini bag is really mini.
The name of this classic Fendi evokes, in English, the famous game of the cuckoo, to emphasize the surprise, and the term used in fashion to describe discrete transparencies and openings.
Practical and sophisticated, The Peekaboo is a timeless style icon. It represents the essence of dualism, one of the essential values in the Fendi universe.
The bag reveals an intimate and surprising soul with its hidden and precious interior.
Whispered elegance, that does not need to flaunt the concept of luxury which is expression.
I want it, desire it, dream it.
  It was love at first sight. Once again.
Yes, I know...lately happens a bit thick!
Santa Claus, also add this babe!

martedì 25 novembre 2014

Chanel Réverie de Parisienne

A preview of the wonderful collection of spring/summer 2015 Chanel make up, available in stores from January.
It's called Réverie de Parisienne and already named exudes a certain romanticism.
Two constants: the camellia, flower par excellence of the French maison, much loved by Mademoiselle Coco, and then Paris, the city that talks about Coco Chanel more than all the others.
The colors are those of the Camellia: light pink, pale blue, cyclamen that fits perfectly with the tones of spring and romantic.
A mood feminine and tender, like a flower garden.

lunedì 24 novembre 2014

B***h, shut up! I'm the DIVA.

Galas, red carpets and beautiful long dresses. Maybe studded with millions of Swarovski.
Elegance, refined sensuality and sophisticated femininity. The beauty of the evening dresses conquer every woman and carries the dream, the charm and magic of fairy tales, princesses and great dancing.
Who has not dreamed of a magical moment like this?
Sexy and precious. What woman would not want to wear a long dress, attractive and elegant, to feel a diva?
Strictly long, embellished with embroidery or crystal applications, in luxurious and fine fabrics, evening dresses continue to be among the items most desired by women, who dream to wear one at least once in their life.
What better opportunity for Christmas parties, now close, where any excess style is granted (or nearly so)? Besides the dress code imposes gran soirèe dresses for their ability to turn the holidays with grace and loveliness.
Christmas is coming and I make you a gift. With the code "May49rose" you can have an 8% discount on the purchase of your maxi dresses on Rosegal.
My Monday begins with a long dress, black as the divas.

venerdì 21 novembre 2014

Who is behind me?

Afternoons that smell of roasted chestnuts and smell of hot chocolate.
Afternoons cold, warmed by the warmth of a fur coat and a smile.
Afternoons of random encounters with people dressed in red and a long white beard.
A grandfather who came from afar, accompanied by a little helper, told me he is coming but do not tell is our secret!
In the meantime, we have immortalized the moment...I could not take me a selfie with a so famous person!
Did you recognize him? It 'just behind me....
You can hear him...
Ho! Ho! Ho!

giovedì 20 novembre 2014

Dolce & Gabbana: storia di un grande amore

Love, you know, has its nuances. There are overwhelming love, passionate, carnal. Enigmatic, inexplicable, sometimes even sick love. Platonic love, fairytale, romantic, such as movies.
And then there are also those that are eternal. Those with the ring finger for life, with or without diamond.
Because love, if it is true that, tough. And my last 14 years.
At the tender age of 11, when I started to leaf through the first magazines of this fabulous world of fashion, I knew what would become my favorite brand: Dolce & Gabbana. And it was love. For designers, real geniuses and artists, Domenico and Stefano, and their art works.
From the first campaign views on those glossy magazines, I wanted and dreamed of being able to attend, one day, to the magic of their fashion show.
It is not easy to describe in a definition the Dolce & Gabbana universe. A world of sensations, traditions, culture, Mediterranean.
Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana have made of their surnames a brand known worldwide, recognizable for its glamour and great versatility.
Two different paths, a common vision of fashion and of woman idea.
The debut in October 1985, among young designers invited to Milan Collections by Beppe Modenese, in the category New Talents. In 1986, the first self-produced collection autumn-winter.
And 'the beginning of a great story in the fashion world.
Two designers who were able to make their Italian a banner.
Two designers who have known how to interpret and impose on the world their unique and sensual style.
Two young designers, that cater to the young and are inspired by young people.
Two designers adored by Hollywood stars and who dress all the rock stars of the moment.
Designers of Madonna, Monica Bellucci, Isabella Rossellini, Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie.
The designers of a lifetime. Mine.
I wonder if, sooner or later, that dream will come true..

mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

Regina delle Nevi

Purity and charm, eternal contemplation.
The autumn winter 2014 choose white.
It is associated with summer, the coolness of cotton or flax, in the light of a clear sky. But white is also perfect when temperatures approach zero.
Soft as the clouds, white as snow. For some it is a non-color, but white never goes unnoticed. Especially in the accessories that complement and define a look.
Hope, faith, new life: white stands for purity, but also the desire to change as it happens for the 2014-2015 trends that, in addition to dark colors like black, offering high brightness in must haves.
Coats, knitwear, bags and shoes. Everything is painted in white.
The color of heaven blends with the arrival of the cold season which are included in the concept of absolute silence and atmosphere at high altitudes.
Queens of the Snows, out of the caves in a waltz of the snowflakes, and show yourselves in all your elegance in your total white look. Your season is back.

domenica 16 novembre 2014

Moschino TOY

The animated world, that of cartoons like Spongebob, or the pink Barbie's world is not enough for Jeremy Scott, who gave us an additional dose of childhood and tenderness with Moschino TOY, the new fragrance by Moschino. A real teddy bear hiding under the sweet nose a vaporizer spray and resumes the reason teddy bear already dear to the founder Franco Moschino who in 1988 used the stuffed animals to customize, with sweetness and irreverence, the autumn-winter collection.
A unisex fragrance, whose packaging is a real toy box with clear plastic window for viewing the product, and the words "TRY ME" and "TOUCH ME".
The fragrance is characterized in the head with notes of mandarin, bergamot and cardamom with a heart of lavender, violet petals and hawthorn. In the bottom sandalwood, vanilla, mountain musk and acacia give that cotè boisè characterizing the bear's natural habitat.
We embrace our new plush friend and let us make a little 'pampering before rip the head (that cruel image :(), but only to spray a bit of this new fragrance, able to seduce us.

venerdì 14 novembre 2014

Gonna pied de poule

There is a print that every vintage lover wear: houndstooth. Straight from the '50s, houndstooth is a guarantee of ladylike outfits, chic and retro.
The houndstooth texture is Scottish.
"Scottish? I thought it was French!", are you saying it?
But no, this print was not born in France, but in Scotland, back in 1800. At that time its value fashion was still unknown, it was later in 1900, thanks to Mr. Christian Dior, which experienced some success.
From this moment on, the houndstooth became a sign of great sophistication and print most adored by women.
A few weeks ago I could finally wear my new houndstooth skirt combining it with a blouse and a sweater, lace shoes and the Choies faux fur vest (which you've already seen here and here) for a ladylike outfit but at the same time youthful, perfect for college or for a business meeting informally.
What do you think?

giovedì 13 novembre 2014

Christmas Gifts For Her

Christmas is coming and we need to start thinking about the "perfect gift" for not shrink, as often happens, on Christmas Eve to catch up the idea for the right gift for friend, sister, mother and girlfriend .
So here is a list of ideas, which should help you in choosing, to content all the fashionistas or readers friends, sisters who love make-up or girlfriends (guys, I hope that you have only one at a time :P) more "demanding".
Then if you just forward a few euros and you want to make a "gift" to your Princess blogger, any proposal below is welcome! ;)

martedì 11 novembre 2014

Mannish shoes

"Desi, do you believe in love at first sight?"
"Of course! The last time it was like a bolt from the blue, I did not understand anything... I still remember the excitement *-*
Shiny black leather and not over the top... Yeah, a few weeks ago, I fell in love! "
Girls, I'm talking about shoes! Finally, after years and years searching for the perfect lace-up, I found it and it was Love with capital L.
The shoes in mannish style are trend autumn winter 2014-15 of most successful this year. Edgy models and elegant shapes inspired by the symmetry typical of men's shoes, which have, however, new life in the collections of the most famous fashion maison in the world.
The lace-ups are a must for the season to be comfortable, stylish and glamorous at the same time. And as a lover of elegance that I am, male and female (as you noted), I could not resist and I went down to ten centimeters (mom, you know that miracles do happen!) to come back down to earth.

lunedì 10 novembre 2014

Al parco, le signorine per bene

The young ladies spend the autumn afternoons at the park. They hear the leaves fall from the trees breathing in the scent of that nature that is changing, read Jane Austine, pretend and dream. To dream.. this is just their favorite pastime.
What do they dream about? Gulliver's Travels. Not just his, but dream of distant travels.
They dream of taking a half-empty suitcase to fill it with emotions and smiles, emotions and happiness that only travel can give.
It 's always so whenever I feel like a caged lion, I would just go to the airport and go. So, without a precise destination.
It's not running away, I'm not one of those people who runs away when faced with problems or insecurities, it's not part of my character. More than anything it is a meet, with yourself.
And at this time I would leave with one of those open tickets.
I need freedom.
I need to wonder and enchantment.
But above all, I need to pause for a moment, look for me in the crowd of thoughts and finding myself.

sabato 8 novembre 2014

Tous Teddy Bear

It 's official, the Teddy Bear by Tous has landed in Italy.
It's from a long history that began in Barcelona, which was born the Teddy Bear jewel of the Spanish brand and icon that has a catalog that offers not only the cornerstones of jewelry and watches, as well as perfumes, handbags, accessories and eyewear.
Sweet, joyful and always with a spirit of youth: Teddy bear Tous, the leitmotif of many creations, mascot and trademark symbol.
An idea of "affordable luxury" goes to the always fresh, cheerful and modern Tous creations that cater to women of all ages with the young heart, who want to enhance their looks, on several occasions. The collections are divided into different lines capable of responding to the profile of each client with the intention of evoking happy thoughts and moments that bring joy to anyone wearing a Tous piece of jewelry or accessory.
And then I, lover of bears always ask myself, "Why I have not the Tous bear?!"
Santa Claus, if you're reading, take note!

mercoledì 5 novembre 2014

Cape in Town

Straight from the school of Hogwarts Magic & Fashionerie, the Witch Desi wrapped in his warm cloak. Yes, I was accepted and the principal has also accepted my clause: high heels and potions. I've never said that I can be very persuasive?! ;)
However, no more talk, as I mentioned and as you well know by now, capes and hoods are a must have of this season, if you missed the article can be found here.
Here is a first outfit (of many), look to know what you think!
I embrace you

martedì 4 novembre 2014

Tendenze Capelli - parola d'ordine: CORTO

Mischievous pixies, boyish clean-inspired or daring cut with volumes super soft.
This fall winter will protagonists short cuts, femininity bolder than ever. There is an air of romance in this fall, not only on the catwalk but also in the expression of femininity of an haircut. Short is the watchword.
  The new hairstyles for fall-winter 2014/15 are saucy and chic. Until the spring we will see short hair or medium short traits bold but also refined.
Elegance and simplicity are the outright fashion hair 2014 where triumph color and mischievous cut, eye-catching and practical for a woman who does not give up the convenience of a short cut but even the elegance of a sensual hair, such as the famous bob that is confirmed one of the oldest but also the innovative of the period.
The bob is transformed into long bob or wob; the first longer and the second moved with a disheveled effect. The pixie cut becomes a posh pixie style raft elongated behind, for there are so many variations, mostly inspired by the '80s and' 90s.
Most of them are decorated with unkempt fringes, short or lacquered, or mega tufts combed sideways.
So it's appropriate to say: let's cut!

lunedì 3 novembre 2014

Pelle & Pellicce

Among the trends and "big returns" of this fall winter 2014/15, there are definitely leather, chic, aggressive and super versatile, and very soft fur, the true prevailing trend of the season. 
Let's face it, the return of leather was just around the corner. In recent fashion shows fashion designers have taken to the catwalk not only biker jacket as well as trousers, leggings and pencil or full skirt, reminiscent of the 80s. 
From the encounter between a leather skirt, found on Choies, and a fur vest, always found on Choies, comes a romantic outfit with a retro twist. 
To complete the look, my favorite shirt with a big bow and Moschino brogues. 
Needless to say I love the result, and you?