giovedì 25 aprile 2013


There are days when you need elegance and simplicity at the same time. That simplicity so elegant that only BLACK can give.
The color for excellence!
  So on a hot afternoon of study I decided to take a break .. the intention was to take a walk to peek through the windows of shops in my town and look for the suitable gift for the birthday of my friend.
The result was SHOPPING .. but for me! I'm the usual! ;)
Tomorrow I'll show you what I bought, I promise!
In the meantime, waiting for your comments on my total black look :)

giovedì 18 aprile 2013


A shower of pearls has dropped to bring fresh air, along with shoes and elegant details. For a casual look, but also very bon ton.
These are the ingredients of a Monday afternoon, what do you think of my looks?
Waiting for your comments :)

sabato 13 aprile 2013

Missione GAMBE da TOP

The beautiful season seems to have arrived (I'm almost afraid to say it!) And we can finally discover us and discover our legs! Green light for mini dresses and shorts!
Every day I wake up hoping to get those Giselle or Miranda ;)
So perfect, slender and toned.
Unfortunately, the miracle has not happened yet. Infinite sadness!
Nothing is impossible ..
But..There is a but.. we have cured durations winter? Do not worry, if the answer is no, there is still time.
The skin should be toned, hydrated and supple, hair removal should not be overlooked and must be properly executed and workouts at the gym are equally important.
The secret to get slim legs is to try to follow a way of life as healthy as possible, in fact secret that in addition to streamline the legs can make a decisive contribution to the health and beauty of your entire body.
A healthy diet combined with the right physical movement (which helps to improve circulation and thus the cellulite) and massage creams and drainage and sludge, can help us to have legs almost TOP ;)
And if the gym is not for us or we do not have enough time? There is always the bike and long walks in step or not supported!
It 's always important, however, to combine the practice of these aerobic activities also to exercises strengthen muscle tone, doing squats and lunges.
Ready .. starting .. GO

martedì 2 aprile 2013

The sound of sunshine

 A day of celebration. A sunny and warm Easter.
That hot that embraces you, stretches, warms, protects you. Like the embrace of a loved one.
The desire to undress and feel lighter, lounging and laughing while sitting on a park bench listening to the beats of the sun and dreaming of a long white beach until dusk.