lunedì 26 settembre 2016

Il sorriso della Toscana

That time I (re)discovered smile and happiness in Tuscany. That true and spontaneous smile.
It is the smile of summer, un and avenues of cypresses and pines. That of sunflowers, sea and its nuances, sunsets that amaze and falling stars.
The smile that allows the soul to breathe, that makes it perfect everywhere. That of dinners with friends and forget alarm clocks, natural hair and salt on the skin. That of happy hour by sea and sky view, which illuminates the eyes and inflames the heart.
  It is the smile started by another smile. That of friendship and love, which comes in the morning and stays on the face until one second before gently close your eyes, between a caress on the cheek and one on the chest.

mercoledì 21 settembre 2016

Shopping? Sì, con

Autumn is time for shopping even if, for us women, every season is an excuse to make new purchases, is not it? I do not know what happens when we enter in a store or online leaf through pages and pages of clothes, shoes and handbags, but just can not do it, to keep the credit card in the wallet! Probably there is some magnetic field that attracts. Yes, there aren't other explanation! Thus, in view of the fall shopping you do, I want to tell you about, the marketplace of discounts. is one of the most important platforms of digital offerings in the world. A kind of virtual marketplace in which to bring together consumers, stores and brands.
On, in fact, you can find the best vouchers, discounts and exclusive promotions.
Promotions relating to several categories, ranging from travels to beauty, from health to food, from fashion to electronics. The user can take advantage of an offer already available on the platform, or to acquire a code to be redeemed within the ecommerce brand chose for shopping. But that's not all because, in some cases, also offers a real cash back on purchases of certain amounts.
Soon I will take up with workouts at the gym, so in these days I decided to make some online shopping by Decathlon. I filled the carriage of leggings, shoes and t-shirt (pink, like a real princess!), then on I looked for the Decathlon discount code that was in my case... I saved more than I had imagined!
And what do you expect? To save money, of course! I'm sure you will thank me! (Even your husbands/partners/boyfriends will do :P)

lunedì 19 settembre 2016

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

A bit of insolence, a lot of passion, absolutely free. It is Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, the new fragrance, eye-catching created by François Demachy, with which the Perfumer-Creator Dior revisits the concept of goodies and reveals the facets of an elegant bouquet, in love with life and its pleasures.
A floral momentum coated with lively and joyful notes. An explosion of tangy and crispy petals.
His Miss Dior is just that: naturally beautiful, with a bouquet of flowers from the sublime trail, insolent with a sweetness and fresh sour as an endless flowering.
Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a smiling perfume. A fresh, floral and musky fragrance.
Starting with notes of wild berries, Raspberry, Pomegranate and Black Currant Agreement, enhanced by spicy sting of naughty Pink Berries, is a reminder of the senses. Dance, allures, elicits an irresistible desire.
An heart made of flowers. The Rose of Grasse unfolds all the magnificence of its carnal agreements. Coupled with the liveliness of the Essence of Damascena Rose, the beautiful of May exults! A pair of roses that blends into an agreement of bright Peony.
The freshness of Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is constant, supported by a fund of White Musks that wrap the entire composition, re-emerging in the fruity top notes.
A floral fragrance in Dior style, where naturalness is a signature and the beauty of the flowers an ideal.

venerdì 16 settembre 2016

Un pomeriggio con AnnaCristy

One afternoon with bloggers at AnnaCristy house. Fashion, fabrics, pastries, fun.. there were all the ingredients for a super glamorous event.
A visit to the factory to discover how each piece is created and to understand the philosophy of the brand, and then to know and touch the final products: the new capsule collection!
But who is AnnaCristy? AnnaCristy Milano is a company founded in 1974 that manufactures clothes and accessories for every type of woman. Beautiful, high quality, easy to wear and with a focus on attention to detail, just like Anna Brambilla wants, her stylist.
AnnaCristy products and projects are characterized by the unrivaled excellence of Made in Italy style that characterizes all stages of the production chain, from the choice of fabrics used to creativity, up to the process of realization of the four core brands: AnnaCristy, Elena B, Mon Allure and Eisi.
AnnaCristy is a concentrate of creativity and personality that is expressed in the constant search for novelty and the carefully packaging, without forgetting the attention at the right price.
The mood of the creations? Chic street style! To be worn from morning to night, it's enough to change the accessory, no?! AnnaCristy in fact, also pays special attention to the choice of this.
So, are you curious about the new capsule collection? Do not hate me, but you'll have to wait for the next article (:P), but I leave you a discount code, valid until September 30, which will allow you to purchase exclusive items present in the e-commerce with a discount of 15%. Just type: desireeai2016

mercoledì 14 settembre 2016

Un week end in baita

A mountain of emotions, colors, smells. This was the mountain for me.
The first light of dawn, the sun's rays that enter from the cabin window and warm cheeks peeking out from the duvet. Pink sky, the "clean", fresh and light air, caressing the face in front of a cup of milk and coffee sipped on the porch with the valley that opens right there, before the eyes. A landscape, that of the Valtellina, which seems painted. One of those paintings full of light and color, where the colors are combined to perfection. The forest green of the mountains covered by pine trees, the bright of meadows wherecows grazing, the yellow of the sun and its rays so close and the blue sky sprinkled with white, fluffy clouds like the snow.
The clouds in the mountains caress the long ridges and peaks. They chase each other like children playing in the meadows. Constantly changing, forcing you to fly with the fantasy.
In the mountains you will find the freedom and peace reigns. The nature manifests itself in all its beauty, including the chirping of cicadas and the murmur of the streams that descend into the valley.
The mountain is made for everyone. For those who wish to rest in peace, as for those looking for an even stronger effort in the rest.
I go up in the mountains, I like the climb. The first steps are hard, the body is fatigued and the breath is anxious. When the wind breaks, fatigue becomes a constant, slow and pleasant motion. Every path, accompanied by the sound of cow bells in the distance, is a journey within ourselves.
The mountain is life. From its top you can see how big the world is and how wide the horizons are.
The mountain is a sunset at 2500 meters, with chills and emotion. A carpet of clouds, looking like a sea, where the sun's rays re-emerge. One of those magical, immense sunsets, as those who embrace you and rob you every word, leaving you displaced, surprised, grateful, in love.
Mountain raises this in the heart, the infinite sense, with the desire to raise the mind to which is sublime.
 The scent of wood and herbal tea for two by the fireplace, between talk, laughter, ginger cookies and the silence that surrounds the valley. The warmth of the fire and its popping sound, an unusual melody that lulls the heart till make you fall asleep.

mercoledì 7 settembre 2016

Una Principessa a Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi, the breakfast with a croissant and a cappuccino in a little place in the center, among bougainvillea and design in wicker, and autumn shopping, because in August I already think about autumn and the season to come. Forte dei Marmi and colorful bicycles, the streets full of life framed by pink and white flowers, and the colorful market. Not a market in the "popular" sense of the term, but a real glamorous event, where the Made in Italy is the master. Fur, bags, shoes, belts; in Forte dei Marmi market you can find anything. Among all kind of fabrics, from silk to grade cashmere (at competitive prices) stand out porcelain, household linen, jewelery and typical hand-painted straw bags embellished with shells, lace, flowers and lace.
Forte dei Marmi and luxury boutiques where you fall in love at every turn, now a pair of shoes, now a purse and a dress.
Symbol of refined sophistication, with its beaches and the "typical" bathhouse of Versilia become known around the world for their tents, and their villas surrounded by greenery and famous clubs like the legendary nightclub La Capannina. Forte dei Marmi and the walks along the jetty, to drink a sunset or wake up the heart with a sunrise, a light sunrise that tinting the sky with pink and hope.
Forte dei Marmi and a princess on vacation, happy and carefree.

lunedì 5 settembre 2016

Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso: un pomeriggio tra pace e natura

A panoramic staircase of 268 steps to reach the gem of Lake Maggiore: the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, where the mystic merges with the peace of nature, and the lake with the rock wall form a magnificent backdrop.
Perched on a cliff of rock face overlooking the lake, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and fascinating scenery of Lake Maggiore.
Art and history are integrated beautifully in a natural setting among the most evocative, almost a balcony that juts out into the Gulf Borromeo, Stresa and the islands.
It founded in the thirteenth century by merchant Alberto Besozzi of Arolo, who, during a shipwreck, vowed to St. Catherine of refuge here in a cave. In 1195 he built a church to St. Catherine of Alexandria as a sign of public gratitude for favors received.
 The Hermitage combines a powerful spiritual energy to a special landscape beauty.
A magical place where time seems to stand still, able to transmit tranquility and peace. The perfect place to get lost to listen to own thoughts and heart. To spend an afternoon getting in touch with nature, soul, ego.

venerdì 2 settembre 2016

Decorare la casa con Tenstickers

September, for me, has always been the month of change, of new beginnings. When holidays finished, the air begins to change and the days to shrink, bringing the first colors and flavors of autumn, behold, when it arrives, the month that starts with "S", is like to begin a new year. New projects, new goals, new desires, new dreams. Everything is renewed.
Like every year, I come back from vacation and I wonder: "And now what can I do?"
By nature I am a person constantly moving and changing, I do one thing and while I think of a hundred more. I am not able to sit still, especially with the mind. Thus, in the throes of this continuous need to renew and change, I decided to decorate the walls of my office.
I was looking for something special and personalized, something that can give vibrancy, just like the wall stickers I've found at Tenstickers.
Drawings, phrases, locations stickers, they are really a lot and for everyone. Cute, colorful and in various sizes, they are perfect for decorating any room at our leisure.
To apply is very simple, but these wall stickers are also easy to remove. Which it is great for someone like me who loves to change!
Travel addicted as I am, could I not choose aircraft, globe and phrases that remind me how happy I am when I travel? Of course not!