giovedì 28 luglio 2016


The beauty. That of an afternoon in late July in the hills, under the blazing gorgeous sun. The magnificence of nature and its activity in a simple way. A sunrise, a sunset, a starry sky or overcast. A landscape that is being lost. A lovely space, nothing finished and definite, the unripe grape smell and a kitten in the shadow of a vineyard.
The beauty of those who laugh and turn the page. Of those who still believe in something. The beauty of the little things, the simple, genuine, well, true. Because the best things are even closer: the light in the eyes, flowers at our feet, the path of the just fine in front of us, the breath of life.
The beauty of a hug, warm, like the wind in the summer, the most beautiful dress to donate. As one of those to go out with in the evening, long, red. An "important" dress. One of those to leave you breathless.
The charm of two eyes that look at you, chase you, lose into your world, and the beauty of a woman and of her smile. Of her perfumed skin and her laugh. The magic, of a love or a friendship, enclosed in a wire coil. That red and invisible wire that binds two destinies.
The beauty, the real one, is in the eyes of the beholder.

lunedì 18 luglio 2016

Malta, l'isola della Meraviglia

June 28, Milan Linate. The anxious waiting for a plane, Air Malta, and that mixture of excitement and anxiety that always accompanies me before each departure. A new adventure and this time different. The first trip alone, without knowing anyone, who will wait for me once landed, and the need to "wonder".
The desire to arrive and the curiosity to discover and learn as much as possible of an island of which I have always heard about but which, until now, I never got to visit. Malta, rich in history and culture, architectural and artistic masterpieces. It provides its visitors with all its old fascination and the sea of ​​innumerable shades of blue, walks, entertainment, intense nightlife.
To fascinate Malta, in addition to the landscape, is its ancient and prestigious history. Conquered, colonized and governed by numerous Mediterranean civilizations, for 7000 years, the archipelago was home, stronghold, trading center and refuge for many people from ancient civilization builders of the mysterious megalithic temples to the Phoenicians, by men like St. Paul the Apostle to Napoleon, without forgetting those who have left here the most significant imprint: the Knights of Malta.

mercoledì 13 luglio 2016

Zanzibar Travel Tips: cosa vedere e cosa fare sull'isola delle spezie

Foto: Mck - pexels

Dove il blu profondo delle acque dell'Oceano Indiano si fonde con le bianche spiagge ricche di vegetazione, sorge Zanzibar, l'isola delle spezie. L'isola che non conosce lo stress.

lunedì 11 luglio 2016

Sporty Look

Physical activity, without a doubt, plays an important role in ensuring good health. Moving every day has positive effects on physical and mental health of the person, and then you know, a healthy and regular exercise combined with a balanced diet, both qualitatively and quantitatively, helps to maintain (or regain) a healthy weight.
With the arrival of warm weather and warmer temperatures, grows the desire to move outdoors, where spaces are expanding, increases the exchange of oxygen and improves the predisposition to physical effort because of a mental relaxation given by natural environment.
Moving in the green, surrounded by nature relaxes and makes positive.
ASUS ZenBook marks the rhythm of my movements and my feet, and keeps me company during daily workouts making me to rediscover my limits every time. Not a PC but a slight and dynamic laptop, harmonious design and easy to handle.
I lace up my sneakers, start the playlist, pull a deep breath and start my workout.

lunedì 4 luglio 2016


As an explorer of soft caresses, light and sweet hugs and cuddles intense as the scent of lavender. A sparkling scent, of fields kissed by the sun and animated by colorful butterflies.
The clear skies and warmth on the skin.
Happiness is chasing among the lavender fields, like children, laughing until become short of breath.
I will return in the immensity of that field, where the warm wind blows in summer and the air fragrant smells of lavender. We'll make bunches, all the same. Maybe one or two wires, and will place them between the pages of a book. Forgotten, as the lost loves.
And when time will have yellowed those pages, one day we reopen them and then we seem to still breathe the nostalgia of a perfume that, sweet filled our breasts.
And we'll be back there, lying on the purple cloud of our memories.