domenica 22 dicembre 2013

Rosso, il colore della passione.

Red like roses, wine, blood, fire, the color that is associated with passion, love and seduction, but even to transgression and aggression.
Think about it: everything that is associated with red stands for passion or transgression. Red lipstick, which enhances the lips in a heart shape, red hair, red heels. But even red wine, useful to rekindle the passion (just enough that!), and of course the clothes, from purple to burgundy, from cherry to crimson: red is the undisputed king of colors when it comes to fashion and seduction.

venerdì 6 dicembre 2013

Gray or Red?

 "Red or Grey? Gray or red?
Why not both? "
  Experiment and... I like it! A particular combination and not used very much, but I was really impressed!
What do you think? An alternative to the usual black tights ;)