lunedì 31 marzo 2014

Big & little DOLCE

I had already presented you Dolce, the newcomer in Dolce&Gabbana house (here) and as promised... here it is! 
The mother and the child, in addition to my collections of scents: the great and mignon! 
One day I'll show you! ;) 
I'm going to perfume myselfe with two drops of the beloved Dolce, and I start the day! 
See you soon

martedì 25 marzo 2014

Pencil skirt

Here's the look that you saw in the preview on Instagram (@desireedaloia) and that you particularly liked.
Lately I'm obsessed with suspenders, I admit. I've tried them in all ways but with the pencil skirt is the look absolute favorite!
What do you think? Waiting for your comments!
a big kiss

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lunedì 17 marzo 2014

Optical dress

In vogue, optical print black & white back in the spring/summer 2014
A rich visual effects visionary theme with which you can play in a different way, even recreating the prints of primitive tribes. 
A taste a little retro for my trapeze dress surrounded by an atmosphere of "living room", sipping hot tea and flipping through magazines on the fashion of the past. 
Now, however, return to the present time. I finish my coffee and get ready (also psychologically) to face another busy week. 
Let me know what you think of my look! 
I was forgetting...Have you seen the new graphics?! Do you like it?

martedì 11 marzo 2014

Anna Rachele S/S 14

Close the eyes and... sea, sun and... The Isla Bonita!
Glamorous and refined atmosphere under the hot sun of Ibiza and the cobalt blue sky, for the campaign of the new collection Anna Rachele for spring/summer 14.
A rich collection of themes and colors; from Optical Appeal in black and white, to the African Beauty and the sparkling Copacabana Palace, with theme colors and prints. A real summer anthem!
There are, however elegant and special occasions: the theme Dream Couture, romantic and quirky, brings us into the surreal world of Alice with prints of enchanted gardens and tables set for tea of 5.

lunedì 10 marzo 2014

Pajama style

Carried on the catwalks from the greats like Prada, Celine and Stella McCartney, pajamas for men, elegant and refined, is back in the female wardrobe becoming a real trend: Pajama trend.
If in the past the pajamas were just a fad or a way to be comfortable, the designers have now reinterpreted this style to feed it to fashionistas .
Bright colors or pastel, silk or satin, floral or geometric patterns, is dressed in his pajamas très chic allure to become an alternative to the classic suit.
Pajamas, dressing gown or two-piece effect "I just got out of bed": call it what you like but keep an eye on because we will see it again.
This trend, however, is very difficult to wear. The misstep is always lurking at the risk of sounding really ready to go to sleep, so well groomed hair and makeup otherwise you will be considered as sleepwalkers who roam the streets ;)

Here are some tips if you , like me, wake up one morning and want to go out in my pajamas :
1) Make up: Make-up and hair must be impeccable. Nothing too time-consuming, it takes a lipstick lacquer color and a soft chignon: small details to make the outfit too casual more sophisticated.
2) Accessories: Everything that makes "homewear" is completely banned, so no ballerinas, sneakers and flip-flops. For the evening jeweled sandals or sculpture heels are perfect, while the day 's best to opt for pumps with high heels or wedges or trapeze rope .
3) Whole or broken?: I do not deny that the total look is for the most courageous fashion heroines (am I Wonder Woman?) that does not fear the judgment and proceed to head up showing off every trend of the season. For all other, more or less fearful, there is a middle ground that combine silk blouse with jeans: just take it and leave it stuck in front of a soft behind, floating .

Now you just have to try!!

giovedì 6 marzo 2014


The genius Karl this time is exceeded, and in Paris has surprised everyone, bringing the models to the supermarket.
At the grocery store? Just like that! You understand very well!
Under the imposing dome of the Grand Palais, the models paraded in a real supermarket recreated for the occasion, with plastic cart orange and blue. 34 departments within which the designer mannequin, having marched with the dress of the collection, roamed by shopping and putting in their elegant cart natural water Chanel n°0, extra slim spaghetti, all food and redesigned with the double-C, and even gloves for cleaning , but blacks and strictly with the camellia .
The collection was a triumph of tweed coats, suits with screwed dresses and short jackets, silver or pink leggings, pearl , chains, pink and sand-colored tracksuits embellished with glitter and sequins: a sober and extremely chic look, suitable for supermarket to the evening gala .
With a supermarket like this, I would go every day!!!

lunedì 3 marzo 2014


A sophisticated and androgynous look, half-way between femininity and masculinity just mentioned. It's the MANLIKE, the coolest style of this season
The empowerment of women has been ongoing for some time and also the fashion (and the closet) confirms this. 
The masculine style allows a woman to be extremely charming with a few simple details that, if chosen carefully, can be extremely sexy! 
The woman who dresses as a man has a charm all its own that is hard to resist. There is therefore a matter of curves but of character
To wear a suit for men with a bold attitude and feminine, must be women in the soul. 
The essential rule? DARE, retaining the air of a femme fatale.