mercoledì 14 dicembre 2016

Jelenov Greben

On a ridge at the foot of the mysterious Rudnica mountain, just ten meters above the monastery with the third oldest pharmacy in Europe (here), is Jelenov Greben, farm known as Deer Ridge.
A unique place, in the green hills of Olimje, where time seems to stand still. Immersed in the beauty of nature now with autumn colors and enclosed in the charm that gives the wood.
After a gentle awakening at Terme Olimia (here) and a visit to the monastery Olimje, upon our arrival we were immediately greeted by deer and wild sheep, which graze freely over 8 hectares of fenced meadows, ready to be pampered with a handful of corn for all their.
In Jelenov Greben the days are different than elsewhere. Here nature, in some ways, is like there enveloped in a warm embrace. Breathe the pure air of the morning, stroking a flower, listen to the vibrations of a stream, sipping a steaming cappuccino with a colored wool blanket on the legs, warmed by a warm autumn sun, and with a panorama so bewitching and comforting to act as frame. Happiness is being with nature, see her, talk to her, touch her.
A long time ago in this place was a farm that dealt with viticulture and livestock breeding. The young Borut Jezovnik, just eighteen, became the master of this farm, which with so much effort and energy created a colorful history.
After selling all the cattle, he bought 75 deer from the Brijuni islands in Croatia. Later he began to cultivate, preserve and recreate mushrooms.
Today, in this place that seems straight out of a fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, there are two guest houses that bear the name of the daughter, Rebeka and Karolina, a restaurant where you can enjoy home cooking with specialties of game and mushrooms, but also cheese, salami and wine, and a shop, Zlata skrinjica, where to buy and take home the goodness of the place.

venerdì 9 dicembre 2016

Slovenia: il Monastero Olimje

Not far from Terme Olimia (here), to Podcertrtek, lies the ancient Olimje monastery. Set in a bucolic landscape, green fields, orchards, gardens and fields, the monastery was the castle of Pilstein counts, then moved in 1663 to the Pauline monks Lepogiava, it is inhabited today by the Congregation of the Friars Minor Conventual of St. Francesco d'Assisi.
The exterior facades and the courtyard have frescoes in the Baroque style, with gray geometric decorative boxes. The church has a nave with a barrel vault, it is also in the Baroque style with blacks-gilded altars and a beautiful statue, a half-length, of Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek.
The room on the ground floor of the south tower conceals the old pharmacy of the Pauline monks, famous for its beautiful frescoes dating back to 1780, work of the master Anton Lerchinger, which narrate the paths that lead to the salutes and luck. The frescoes, in fact, portray famous physicians and healers, medicinal plants and Biblical scenes related to the history of medicine.
Even today, the Friars Minor Conventual have preserved the tradition and create herbal teas, tinctures, ointments, and other medical preparations, on sale at the monastery, and which are made from herbs that cure in the botanical garden right outside, where there are more than two hundred medicinal herbs.
Olimje is a peaceful haven in an increasingly hectic world. Here the religious find peace in silent prayer in front of the picture of the Madonna, and nature lovers enjoy the scenery while sitting on benches outside the monastery and let the beauty of nature, the creation of God, speak to them.

martedì 6 dicembre 2016

Terme Olimia: il benessere in Slovenia

There is a Slovenia made of nature and well-being of mind and body, away from the city and from the hectic pace of everyday life; it is the Slovenia of Spa and wellness centers, where the centuries-old tradition, the experiences of spas and experts who are dedicated to the health of body and soul, are intertwined.
These centers are part, in fact, of the prominent tourist destinations and offer many opportunities for sports activities, culinary delights and luxurious accommodation and excellent quality. But the Slovenian thermal tourism has not developed by chance some, especially in the eastern part of the country, where millions of years ago stretched the Pannonian Sea, numerous thermal springs have remained. The beneficial waters were, in fact, discovered by the ancient Romans, and in the Middle Ages recalled the nobles of Europe.
Surrounded by unspoilt nature of Slovenia, in the hills of Podctrtek, on the border with Croatia, there are Terme Olimia: the best Spa in Slovenia, where nature and relax make this a really wonderful place.
A downtown in harmony with the environment that surrounds it, characterized by the presence of two hotels, Sotelia and the Breza, a structure made up of apartments and a campsite for nature lovers.
Wellness Orhidelia, the most luxurious complex of Terme Olimia, is able to awaken love for our body and mind.
The diversity and the wide spaces of the spa Orhidelia allow each guest to find their own place of peace.
Here you can be lulled by the heated waters of the indoor or outdoor pools, enjoy the magic of a starry sky or warm colors of a romantic winter sunset nestled among the vapor and rhythmic bubbles of an outdoor jacuzzi, or even, according to relax lying of soft water beds listening to classical music, or stretch out the nerves and warm up with a nice sauna or turkish bath.
Have you ever tried a "sweet" chocolate treatment? At Wellness Orhidelia it is possible, too: sprinkle the body with melted chocolate, massaging it like a cream, while sitting inside a turkish bath. After 20 minutes, during which the heat will melt the chocolate and perfumed the atmosphere, you can rinse in a chromotherapy showers and already from the first touch, you will notice that your skin will be softer immediately.
The purple and blue lights of the swimming pools, the spices that perfume the air, the surrounding atmosphere, the luxurious details and the elegance of the place are a poem for the eyes and soul. Everything speaks of relaxation, from the welcoming ritual to the gong therapy that, thanks to the skill of a master, will help the body to relax before accessing the following spa treatments, taking you into a world of vibrations that will make you lose track of time until you fall asleep lulled, gently, by this melody.

giovedì 24 novembre 2016

Viandante sul mare di nuvole

I saw slip away things I thought unforgettable. I saw slowly fade the memory of looks and moments. I also saw off things never happened when I hoped so. The mind is a big war machine, it builds diabolical devices for safety. But there is a pattern that can not reach. Incidentally there is what remains.
We are strange, undefined, comedians, abused by pain, by the many faces encountered the same heart and above all always looking for what is not there.
We can not lose what you never had but that we have never experiencedit can fail us forever. Yet the joy hates running and climbing. Why dint to go, to run, to not look carefully, time passes and you choose to live constantly waiting.
To go is emotion, emotions are incredible moments but understand when to stop is a real talent.
For this I would like to tell you: run everywhere, more than you want to live and as you can but then stopped with the person who will make you feel all without touching you. Because, in the midst of all the world's people, it will only be that what you need. You will thank the remnant and farewell greetings will be enough to recover your freedom, as always.

lunedì 14 novembre 2016

Resta così come sei

Never change. Retain the innocence, insecurity, shyness and confidence in dreams. They are the best parts of you.
Do not stop chasing happiness, even when everything will seem unnecessary, even when will be months, years that you do not find it anywhere.
Believe in love, even if they will let you down, stepped on, used, betrayed. Love the rain, the clouds and the sun in the same way and do not stop to be moved.
Embarrassed, blushing, still belting out your favorite tunes, continues to emphasize the most important sentences in your books.
I like to think that when I will reunite, now white hair will have replaced all the color, you'll still so: sweet, real, sensitive, immersed in everything you do and say.
I like to think that the world will not ruin you, that pain will not ruin you. I like to think of you a bit wiser, but always reckless.
Never change, even when they will say that it is absurd to be like you, you will find you sick, they shall devour you. Do not listen to them. Make a difference, stay as you are.

giovedì 3 novembre 2016

Autumn in Lugano

Lugano and the first days of autumn. Lugano, like a picture painted by some kind of great Master.
Lugano, with the rain and the sun, came into my heart. On tiptoe, like a ballerina on the sweet and graceful notes of "Swan Lake".
The city of parks and flower gardens, villas and religious buildings, alpine current and famous chocolate, squares and arcades of the Mediterranean charm of the city center.
A town on a human scale, where getting lost in the streets of the old town, with its many buildings in Lombard style and its exclusive museums, such as the LAC, the cultural center devoted to artistic production and the meeting between the various arts. But Lugano is also the largest city in the Ticino region, as well as being the third largest financial center and the center of conference, banking and business in Switzerland.
From the two closest mountains to Lugano, San Salvatore and Brè, you can admire the magnificent panorama over the city, the lake and surrounding mountains, where you can enjoy the sun of Ticino and daydreaming.
Every corner of the city is a discovery, from the roadside markets, among the luxury boutiques, where delight the palate with typical products or buy local crafts, to those most romantic spots, accessible by boats or cruises, where you can be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes that reveal precious pearls before enjoying great seafood, served in the various restaurants and grottos overlooking the shores of the lake.
Lugano is beauty, nature and marvel in a setting that recalls one of those "007" films. Lugano is a lakeside promenade, lined the Belvedere Gardens and numerous red benches ready to welcome sighs and hugs, to cherish kisses and thoughts, where losing the eyes and heart in such splendor. An invitation to rest, interior and mind tranquility and, yes, even love because, in the world, there is nothing more magical and romantic than a sunset by the lake.

venerdì 28 ottobre 2016

La felicità in un viale di cipressi

It takes seventy-two muscles to sulk but only twelve to smile. So they say, but what does it take to be happy? Sometimes a lot, sometimes nothing.
A caress, a flower, a hug. A ray of sunshine, a kiss, a gentle word, a kind look. A dream that has done it and one in the making.
You look for happiness. Find, pursue, run after it, just like we run after the life, and then grab it. Look in the most hidden places, you can find it everywhere. Sometimes we do not realize it is there, hidden, under our noses, just a step away from us.
It can hide everywhere, as when as children we played hide and seek. Behind a smile, in the little things of every day. Sometimes it can just be hidden in an avenue of cypress trees in Tuscany, between the scent of resin and that of parched earth of August.

giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Grand Hotel Majestic: la Dolce Vita sul Lago Maggiore

Imagine a 1870 building in "Belle Epoque" style, overlooking Lake Maggiore, one of those "princess" palaces, that leave you in awe and literally speechless once crossed the majestic entrance. A palace of those I dreamed (and I bet you too) as a child, when I imagined myself like a princess, with marble staircases, red carpets, fragrant flowers, mirrors and large refined spaces. One of those buildings that offer exciting views everywhere you look; where to wake up early in the morning, between enchantment and beauty, to admire a dawn painting of pink at the horizon, or enjoy a glass of Champagne at sunset, enjoying the evening lights reflected on the sapphire blue waters of the lake.
Majestic, there is no longer suitable adjective to describe the Grand Hotel Majestic. Besides this wonderful hotel it is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and I could not expect better.
A magical place that seduces and captivates with its beauty.
Built in 1870 has been gradually modernized up to be a fine example of Belle Epoque architecture that collects guests in an atmosphere of refined elegance.
Immersed in the poetry of Lake Maggiore in Pallanza (between Stresa and Verbania), Grand Hotel Majestic offers a unique and exclusive location where you can enjoy an incomparable view on the picturesque waters of the lake and its enchanting islands, as well as stand out for its reborn architectural nobility.
The class and elegance of the atmosphere, the spacious rooms with frescoes, precious silks, marble, the beautiful terrace with the park overlooking the lake, relive the days when the hotel was living by illustrious personalities of the nobility and talented artists, while offering all the comfort and facilities of a modern hotel of excellence.
Surrounded by a lush garden, filled with plants and flowers, Grand Hotel Majestic is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate in one of the prettiest corners of the Borromeo Gulf, where you can stroll admiring the magnificent scenery that surrounds it, to indulge a swim in the bright heated poolof the Welness Centre which overlooks the Lake Maggiore, a refreshing sauna or an Ayurvedic massage.
From the garden, through an elegant stone staircase, leads to the enchanting small private beach overlooking the picturesque San Giovanni's Island, called Island Toscanini, because for years it was the summer residence of the composer and conductor Arturo Toscanini.
The elegantly appointed rooms are bright and welcoming, most of them enjoy breathtaking views of the Borromean Islands and the gulf that takes its name from them, including San Giovanni's Island, where, last summer, Beatrice Borromeo celebrated her marriage. A true delight for the eyes as well as the picturesque view of the lake, given by the large windows of La Beola restaurant, which enriches each menu.
Imagine then a Princess, yours, into her world. With eyes full of charm and herat full of wonder, the real one. With the desire to wear an elegant dress and dance a Viennese waltz on that terrace that made me fall in love.

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016

Pensieri d'autunno e sogni

An escape to the lake to enjoy the first autumn days, those of the yellowing leaves and the wind kissing beneath the leather jackets. It chills the body can not understand. Prosecco on the terrace, the terrace that dives on those waves that soothe and lull just like those of the sea. The hands that weave and arms that are being sought. Eyes that are lost on the horizon and dreams that do not yet exist.
The lakeside walks and the randomness of the evenings. Life that passes and trembling heart.
Blue skies and sunsets access. The time of meditation and withdrawal into oneself. Afternoons at the spa and hot baths.
The desire to go and find out, take pictures with the eyes and with that same heart.
Those of happy thoughts, happiness and the memory of it.
I want an autumn like this: red like love, yellow as the still hot sun in the sky, orange as the sunsets at the end of the day, purple as grape grains to munch.
I want an autumn to discover, experience, taste.

venerdì 14 ottobre 2016

Annacristy Capsule Collection

Few weeks ago I have been at Annacristy to discover the new collection, do you remember?
Well, today I let you know the capsule collection created by fashion designer Anna Brambilla!
A capsule collection that tells the image of a strong and confident woman, who conveys femininity with a casual chic alternation and that emphasizes a strong Italian identity.
A Limited Edition consists of several contemporary proposals that are mixed with Denim proposals for the woman who can not give it up even for formal occasions, to completion military chic jackets.
Coats, dresses and blouses decorated with badges, emblems and gold buttons. There is the leather to give a touch casual rock and tulle which is one of the protagonists of the winter season along with quilted bomber jacket with pleated skirts in printed leather. Then again, fur and enveloping coats.
And to enrich the look? The accessory most loved by all women: the bags!
From the shopping bag in nylon quilted fabric and leather, to mini-bag in pony with embroidery, plus other proposals also fur and sequins.
If you want to discover more of this Limited Edition, I recommend you take a look at, you also have the opportunity to acquire exclusively all the itemss present with a discount of 15% by entering the code: desireeai2016. What are you waiting? You have until October 31!
P.S. What do you think about my outfit? Obviously it is Annacristy! ;)

lunedì 10 ottobre 2016

Melià Campione: un week end da sogno

"Fly me to the moon..."
...Thus began, to the tune of Sinatra, my weekend at Melià Campione, 5-star hotel on the shores of Lake Lugano, at Campione d'Italia, shared the province of Como, near the Swiss canton of Ticino.
A romantic and elegant week end, between magic and dream. Actually it seemed to live in a movie, one of those beautiful that leaves you sighing for its entire duration, with dreamy eyes and smile on heart.
A luxury boutique hotel located near the Municipal Casino and a 10-minute drive from the city of Lugano. Beautifully decorated, with an innovative design and a friendly atmosphere. The rooms and elegant airy suites, designed and equipped to ensure maximum comfort with high quality materials in an elegant and contemporary style, surrounded by the Swiss Alps, offering a marvelous view of the Monte Brè or Lake Lugano. Soft chairs for relaxing after a day of work or a day discovering the beauties of the place, with a glass of sparkling wine or an espresso just made.
A small company, it is a boutique hotel, with an air of intimacy and privacy, just as the country where it is located, making it the ideal place for those who want to disconnect from the daily bustle without renouncing to the comforts that life can offer.
The à la carte restaurant offers an extensive range of Mediterranean and Italian dishes. Full and genuine flavors.
The hotel also has a meeting room for 20 people, fully set up and a Spa with sauna, turkish bath and relaxation area that will open shortly.
My weekend of Dolce Vita started with a delicious aperitif followed by an Italian lunch, still heated by warm rays of a sun at the end of September and pampered by the staff of Melià Campione. Strong and lovely flavors of the traditional cuisine of the beautiful country that blend with a wonderful view over the Swiss Alps: the perfect combination for a perfect lunch.
A visit to the village and a walk along the lake illuminated by the sun. Gulls flying here and there, colorful houses, flowers, ducklings and boats filled with tourists.
I strolled through the streets of the village until the evening, breathing the magic of the lake and marveling at every glimpse.
When the sun was preparing to set, coloring of pink, red and orange its sky, waiting for me a private boat on jetty. The finest hour for a romantic tour of the lake accompanied by Champagne and nibbles, enjoying the moment between smiles and chatter, sumptuous villas and the cool breeze caressing the face.
Then return to the hotel and sink into the white sheets, contemplating and enjoying the peace and quiet of the lake now illuminated by the lights of the evening, soak in a warm and relax bath with those same notes of Sinatra in the background...
"Fly me to the moon... Let me play among the stars... Let me see what spring is like..."
An hour later I was at the restaurant of the Casino to enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious dinner of fish, by candlelight, with live music.
After trying the luck and being caught again, on my return to the room, the staff attentions of Melià Campione, I let myself be lulled by the lake and then wake up the next morning, wearing a soft bathrobe, slightly the curtains to start my day with a breakfast with a view. And then... and then off to Lugano and its elegance, with the rain before and the sun after, it made me fall in love. A picture painted by some kind of wonderful brush.
Luxury boutiques, markets, gardens, buildings immersed in that first autumn air that gave it even more charming in my eyes... but I will tell you all these things in the next posts ;)
Melià Campione made me fly to the moon, play with the stars and experience the magic of a dream.

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2016

Idee regalo per viaggiatori accaniti

The door, the way: through them the journey begins, often real sometimes imaginary, touching countries, borders, paths, visible and invisible goals. Towards the elsewhere. And at the end of the trip always we find ourselves or a fragment of ourselves. We collect rocks, shells, sand grains. Magnets, bracelets and special objects to remember that place from which we just returned. Because every trip lived three times: when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it.
Have you ever thought how difficult is to make a gift to those who love to travel? A gift that is not an air ticket for a new journey, of course!
While surfing the web I found Troppotogo, a site where you can find many gift ideas for all tastes, as well as other unimaginable objects. I found right here all the most original and funny gifts.
Guess who has lost the head over the globe to scratch and an instant camera? Of course I, and I'm already in my wishlist!

lunedì 3 ottobre 2016

Tuscany in love

The scent of oleander blossoms and grapes, slowly, mature under the hot August sun, the country chic style, the sun illuminating the clusters, the colors of the countryside, the rows of vines that seem to extend to infinite, and the harmonious succession of fields of wheat and sunflowers.
With that indescribable charm, Tuscany is so beautiful everywhere. But when you consider the Tuscany you can not turn our mind to the rural and unspoilt countryside landscapes.
Hills and slopes, fields, vineyards and olive groves as far as the eye, castles and medieval villages: landscapes and charming villages that are the symbol of the region that gave the natives to Dante.
Immerse yourself in one of the most characteristic landscapes of Tuscany, staying in an estate, one of those in the countryside, with a red roof, surrounded by rows and rows of vineyards and olive groves, where you can not only relax and enjoy the views, but also savor the delicious wines.
Get in touch with the authentically traditional and genuine side of the region, discovering the roots and true passion that animates the inhabitants. Walking between the rows aimlessly, just to listen to nature and its silence. Organize a picnic in the shade of a large oak tree, one of those rustic and homemade, with Tuscan bread, a bottle of red, cheese and cold cuts at will. Falling asleep with the chirping of crickets and wake up with the breeze coming through the windows, that brings with it the smell of salt air mixed happiness.
I dreamed about an holiday like this for years. A peaceful holiday in an authentic Tuscan style.

lunedì 26 settembre 2016

Il sorriso della Toscana

That time I (re)discovered smile and happiness in Tuscany. That true and spontaneous smile.
It is the smile of summer, un and avenues of cypresses and pines. That of sunflowers, sea and its nuances, sunsets that amaze and falling stars.
The smile that allows the soul to breathe, that makes it perfect everywhere. That of dinners with friends and forget alarm clocks, natural hair and salt on the skin. That of happy hour by sea and sky view, which illuminates the eyes and inflames the heart.
  It is the smile started by another smile. That of friendship and love, which comes in the morning and stays on the face until one second before gently close your eyes, between a caress on the cheek and one on the chest.

mercoledì 21 settembre 2016

Shopping? Sì, con

Autumn is time for shopping even if, for us women, every season is an excuse to make new purchases, is not it? I do not know what happens when we enter in a store or online leaf through pages and pages of clothes, shoes and handbags, but just can not do it, to keep the credit card in the wallet! Probably there is some magnetic field that attracts. Yes, there aren't other explanation! Thus, in view of the fall shopping you do, I want to tell you about, the marketplace of discounts. is one of the most important platforms of digital offerings in the world. A kind of virtual marketplace in which to bring together consumers, stores and brands.
On, in fact, you can find the best vouchers, discounts and exclusive promotions.
Promotions relating to several categories, ranging from travels to beauty, from health to food, from fashion to electronics. The user can take advantage of an offer already available on the platform, or to acquire a code to be redeemed within the ecommerce brand chose for shopping. But that's not all because, in some cases, also offers a real cash back on purchases of certain amounts.
Soon I will take up with workouts at the gym, so in these days I decided to make some online shopping by Decathlon. I filled the carriage of leggings, shoes and t-shirt (pink, like a real princess!), then on I looked for the Decathlon discount code that was in my case... I saved more than I had imagined!
And what do you expect? To save money, of course! I'm sure you will thank me! (Even your husbands/partners/boyfriends will do :P)

lunedì 19 settembre 2016

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

A bit of insolence, a lot of passion, absolutely free. It is Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, the new fragrance, eye-catching created by François Demachy, with which the Perfumer-Creator Dior revisits the concept of goodies and reveals the facets of an elegant bouquet, in love with life and its pleasures.
A floral momentum coated with lively and joyful notes. An explosion of tangy and crispy petals.
His Miss Dior is just that: naturally beautiful, with a bouquet of flowers from the sublime trail, insolent with a sweetness and fresh sour as an endless flowering.
Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a smiling perfume. A fresh, floral and musky fragrance.
Starting with notes of wild berries, Raspberry, Pomegranate and Black Currant Agreement, enhanced by spicy sting of naughty Pink Berries, is a reminder of the senses. Dance, allures, elicits an irresistible desire.
An heart made of flowers. The Rose of Grasse unfolds all the magnificence of its carnal agreements. Coupled with the liveliness of the Essence of Damascena Rose, the beautiful of May exults! A pair of roses that blends into an agreement of bright Peony.
The freshness of Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is constant, supported by a fund of White Musks that wrap the entire composition, re-emerging in the fruity top notes.
A floral fragrance in Dior style, where naturalness is a signature and the beauty of the flowers an ideal.

venerdì 16 settembre 2016

Un pomeriggio con AnnaCristy

One afternoon with bloggers at AnnaCristy house. Fashion, fabrics, pastries, fun.. there were all the ingredients for a super glamorous event.
A visit to the factory to discover how each piece is created and to understand the philosophy of the brand, and then to know and touch the final products: the new capsule collection!
But who is AnnaCristy? AnnaCristy Milano is a company founded in 1974 that manufactures clothes and accessories for every type of woman. Beautiful, high quality, easy to wear and with a focus on attention to detail, just like Anna Brambilla wants, her stylist.
AnnaCristy products and projects are characterized by the unrivaled excellence of Made in Italy style that characterizes all stages of the production chain, from the choice of fabrics used to creativity, up to the process of realization of the four core brands: AnnaCristy, Elena B, Mon Allure and Eisi.
AnnaCristy is a concentrate of creativity and personality that is expressed in the constant search for novelty and the carefully packaging, without forgetting the attention at the right price.
The mood of the creations? Chic street style! To be worn from morning to night, it's enough to change the accessory, no?! AnnaCristy in fact, also pays special attention to the choice of this.
So, are you curious about the new capsule collection? Do not hate me, but you'll have to wait for the next article (:P), but I leave you a discount code, valid until September 30, which will allow you to purchase exclusive items present in the e-commerce with a discount of 15%. Just type: desireeai2016

mercoledì 14 settembre 2016

Un week end in baita

A mountain of emotions, colors, smells. This was the mountain for me.
The first light of dawn, the sun's rays that enter from the cabin window and warm cheeks peeking out from the duvet. Pink sky, the "clean", fresh and light air, caressing the face in front of a cup of milk and coffee sipped on the porch with the valley that opens right there, before the eyes. A landscape, that of the Valtellina, which seems painted. One of those paintings full of light and color, where the colors are combined to perfection. The forest green of the mountains covered by pine trees, the bright of meadows wherecows grazing, the yellow of the sun and its rays so close and the blue sky sprinkled with white, fluffy clouds like the snow.
The clouds in the mountains caress the long ridges and peaks. They chase each other like children playing in the meadows. Constantly changing, forcing you to fly with the fantasy.
In the mountains you will find the freedom and peace reigns. The nature manifests itself in all its beauty, including the chirping of cicadas and the murmur of the streams that descend into the valley.
The mountain is made for everyone. For those who wish to rest in peace, as for those looking for an even stronger effort in the rest.
I go up in the mountains, I like the climb. The first steps are hard, the body is fatigued and the breath is anxious. When the wind breaks, fatigue becomes a constant, slow and pleasant motion. Every path, accompanied by the sound of cow bells in the distance, is a journey within ourselves.
The mountain is life. From its top you can see how big the world is and how wide the horizons are.
The mountain is a sunset at 2500 meters, with chills and emotion. A carpet of clouds, looking like a sea, where the sun's rays re-emerge. One of those magical, immense sunsets, as those who embrace you and rob you every word, leaving you displaced, surprised, grateful, in love.
Mountain raises this in the heart, the infinite sense, with the desire to raise the mind to which is sublime.
 The scent of wood and herbal tea for two by the fireplace, between talk, laughter, ginger cookies and the silence that surrounds the valley. The warmth of the fire and its popping sound, an unusual melody that lulls the heart till make you fall asleep.

mercoledì 7 settembre 2016

Una Principessa a Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi, the breakfast with a croissant and a cappuccino in a little place in the center, among bougainvillea and design in wicker, and autumn shopping, because in August I already think about autumn and the season to come. Forte dei Marmi and colorful bicycles, the streets full of life framed by pink and white flowers, and the colorful market. Not a market in the "popular" sense of the term, but a real glamorous event, where the Made in Italy is the master. Fur, bags, shoes, belts; in Forte dei Marmi market you can find anything. Among all kind of fabrics, from silk to grade cashmere (at competitive prices) stand out porcelain, household linen, jewelery and typical hand-painted straw bags embellished with shells, lace, flowers and lace.
Forte dei Marmi and luxury boutiques where you fall in love at every turn, now a pair of shoes, now a purse and a dress.
Symbol of refined sophistication, with its beaches and the "typical" bathhouse of Versilia become known around the world for their tents, and their villas surrounded by greenery and famous clubs like the legendary nightclub La Capannina. Forte dei Marmi and the walks along the jetty, to drink a sunset or wake up the heart with a sunrise, a light sunrise that tinting the sky with pink and hope.
Forte dei Marmi and a princess on vacation, happy and carefree.

lunedì 5 settembre 2016

Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso: un pomeriggio tra pace e natura

A panoramic staircase of 268 steps to reach the gem of Lake Maggiore: the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, where the mystic merges with the peace of nature, and the lake with the rock wall form a magnificent backdrop.
Perched on a cliff of rock face overlooking the lake, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and fascinating scenery of Lake Maggiore.
Art and history are integrated beautifully in a natural setting among the most evocative, almost a balcony that juts out into the Gulf Borromeo, Stresa and the islands.
It founded in the thirteenth century by merchant Alberto Besozzi of Arolo, who, during a shipwreck, vowed to St. Catherine of refuge here in a cave. In 1195 he built a church to St. Catherine of Alexandria as a sign of public gratitude for favors received.
 The Hermitage combines a powerful spiritual energy to a special landscape beauty.
A magical place where time seems to stand still, able to transmit tranquility and peace. The perfect place to get lost to listen to own thoughts and heart. To spend an afternoon getting in touch with nature, soul, ego.

venerdì 2 settembre 2016

Decorare la casa con Tenstickers

September, for me, has always been the month of change, of new beginnings. When holidays finished, the air begins to change and the days to shrink, bringing the first colors and flavors of autumn, behold, when it arrives, the month that starts with "S", is like to begin a new year. New projects, new goals, new desires, new dreams. Everything is renewed.
Like every year, I come back from vacation and I wonder: "And now what can I do?"
By nature I am a person constantly moving and changing, I do one thing and while I think of a hundred more. I am not able to sit still, especially with the mind. Thus, in the throes of this continuous need to renew and change, I decided to decorate the walls of my office.
I was looking for something special and personalized, something that can give vibrancy, just like the wall stickers I've found at Tenstickers.
Drawings, phrases, locations stickers, they are really a lot and for everyone. Cute, colorful and in various sizes, they are perfect for decorating any room at our leisure.
To apply is very simple, but these wall stickers are also easy to remove. Which it is great for someone like me who loves to change!
Travel addicted as I am, could I not choose aircraft, globe and phrases that remind me how happy I am when I travel? Of course not!

venerdì 26 agosto 2016

#AtypicalPlaces with Desigual

One evening in August and a gallant date. The sun prepares to set, the light soul and a gust of wind that moves the hair, pulled back into a high ponytail, and emanating floral notes to my every step. A trail that can tickle all the strings of a human being, like a sweet melody that comes out of slender hands, gracefully, skim harp, line after line.
A modern city, decided by the characters, which is preparing to rejoice in the happiest hours. Elegant and refined, like Desigual dress that I wear for the occasion, decorated with many romantic flowers black & white.
Two souls meet, hands that touch and intertwine. A kiss and a smile.
A romantic dinner by candlelight, in one of my favorite restaurants, one of them with a breathtaking view made for dreaming.

lunedì 22 agosto 2016

San Vincenzo con Camelia Roma

August and the holidays in the beautiful Tuscany. Peace for the soul and wonder to behold.
The landscapes, the blue sea and its scented "water", the medieval villages rich in history and tradition, castles and rural churches, and again, the estates in the countryside, the cypress trees and the endless golden expanses. This is Tuscany, for me. Enchantment and wonder.
A walk to the port of San Vincenzo, one of the most popular seaside resorts of Tuscany, just before a drink in one of the many cafes overlooking the sea. One of those that I like so much, with white fluttering curtains, shells and corals as ornaments and blue cushions to sink into bliss. One of those in which breathe that air of sea.
The finest hour of the day, when the sun has already dried the earth and the salt was impregnated on hair and skin. That same skin become golden and emphasized by a whiteness shirt. A '50s Lady, on vacation, with a wide-brimmed straw hat, to shelter from the still warm sun, high-waisted shorts and a bucket bag made of genuine leather. Black with red interior fabric. Elegant and refined, like the woman who wears it.

giovedì 28 luglio 2016


The beauty. That of an afternoon in late July in the hills, under the blazing gorgeous sun. The magnificence of nature and its activity in a simple way. A sunrise, a sunset, a starry sky or overcast. A landscape that is being lost. A lovely space, nothing finished and definite, the unripe grape smell and a kitten in the shadow of a vineyard.
The beauty of those who laugh and turn the page. Of those who still believe in something. The beauty of the little things, the simple, genuine, well, true. Because the best things are even closer: the light in the eyes, flowers at our feet, the path of the just fine in front of us, the breath of life.
The beauty of a hug, warm, like the wind in the summer, the most beautiful dress to donate. As one of those to go out with in the evening, long, red. An "important" dress. One of those to leave you breathless.
The charm of two eyes that look at you, chase you, lose into your world, and the beauty of a woman and of her smile. Of her perfumed skin and her laugh. The magic, of a love or a friendship, enclosed in a wire coil. That red and invisible wire that binds two destinies.
The beauty, the real one, is in the eyes of the beholder.

lunedì 18 luglio 2016

Malta, l'isola della Meraviglia

June 28, Milan Linate. The anxious waiting for a plane, Air Malta, and that mixture of excitement and anxiety that always accompanies me before each departure. A new adventure and this time different. The first trip alone, without knowing anyone, who will wait for me once landed, and the need to "wonder".
The desire to arrive and the curiosity to discover and learn as much as possible of an island of which I have always heard about but which, until now, I never got to visit. Malta, rich in history and culture, architectural and artistic masterpieces. It provides its visitors with all its old fascination and the sea of ​​innumerable shades of blue, walks, entertainment, intense nightlife.
To fascinate Malta, in addition to the landscape, is its ancient and prestigious history. Conquered, colonized and governed by numerous Mediterranean civilizations, for 7000 years, the archipelago was home, stronghold, trading center and refuge for many people from ancient civilization builders of the mysterious megalithic temples to the Phoenicians, by men like St. Paul the Apostle to Napoleon, without forgetting those who have left here the most significant imprint: the Knights of Malta.

mercoledì 13 luglio 2016

Zanzibar Travel Tips: cosa vedere e cosa fare sull'isola delle spezie

Foto: Mck - pexels

Dove il blu profondo delle acque dell'Oceano Indiano si fonde con le bianche spiagge ricche di vegetazione, sorge Zanzibar, l'isola delle spezie. L'isola che non conosce lo stress.

lunedì 11 luglio 2016

Sporty Look

Physical activity, without a doubt, plays an important role in ensuring good health. Moving every day has positive effects on physical and mental health of the person, and then you know, a healthy and regular exercise combined with a balanced diet, both qualitatively and quantitatively, helps to maintain (or regain) a healthy weight.
With the arrival of warm weather and warmer temperatures, grows the desire to move outdoors, where spaces are expanding, increases the exchange of oxygen and improves the predisposition to physical effort because of a mental relaxation given by natural environment.
Moving in the green, surrounded by nature relaxes and makes positive.
ASUS ZenBook marks the rhythm of my movements and my feet, and keeps me company during daily workouts making me to rediscover my limits every time. Not a PC but a slight and dynamic laptop, harmonious design and easy to handle.
I lace up my sneakers, start the playlist, pull a deep breath and start my workout.

lunedì 4 luglio 2016


As an explorer of soft caresses, light and sweet hugs and cuddles intense as the scent of lavender. A sparkling scent, of fields kissed by the sun and animated by colorful butterflies.
The clear skies and warmth on the skin.
Happiness is chasing among the lavender fields, like children, laughing until become short of breath.
I will return in the immensity of that field, where the warm wind blows in summer and the air fragrant smells of lavender. We'll make bunches, all the same. Maybe one or two wires, and will place them between the pages of a book. Forgotten, as the lost loves.
And when time will have yellowed those pages, one day we reopen them and then we seem to still breathe the nostalgia of a perfume that, sweet filled our breasts.
And we'll be back there, lying on the purple cloud of our memories.

lunedì 20 giugno 2016

A casual day w/ ASUS

An afternoon with friends. The joy of a spring day, one of those carefree, between chatters and laughters. Because you know, sometimes we women only need this: spend time with us. A pizza or a walk downtown, the time with our friends is something precious.
Sunglasses, a pair of flats, a colorful skirt that recalls my Africa and a denim shirt. But do not give up my ASUS ZenBook, it accompanies me everywhere! So while I await the arrival of my friends, I can interact with my followers, upload photos for the next blog post or listening to music. Now we are inseparable, it accompanies me on all occasions, from the most formal to the total disengagement; then it is so slight, I can easily put it in the bag to be connected with the digital world at all times!

mercoledì 15 giugno 2016

Happy Hour with ASUS Zenbook

End of the day, a shy spring wind that caresses the hair, the sun with its rays on my skin and summer becomes ever closer away with fresh and genuine flavors of a Mediterranean aperitif: toast, tomatoes, red and juicy, basil with that intoxicating aroma.
From my ZenBook, musical notes of distant lands surround me and accompany me looking for the next destination to visit, in a summer to be discovered.
My ZenBook is not only a tool but a great companion during my free time, which makes it a must have from which never separated even during an aperitif, cheerful and colorful as my #ZenOutfit.

venerdì 10 giugno 2016

Una mattina alla SPA del Mimozas Resort

Sometimes we feel the need to estranged from everyday life, take time for us, treat ourselves further, but the simple escape from the daily reality of is not enough. What could be better, to recuperate, a SPA treatment perhaps in a romantic resort located in a seaside town?
I found this peace at Mimozas Resort Cannes (here), with its SPA for those searching for the pleasure of harmony and relaxation in a precious environment, where care of himself becomes the only priority.
An exclusive oasis of relaxation and wellbeing that offers its guests prestigious spaces and world-class standards: whirlpools, a wellness program that consists of Finnish sauna, aromatic steam bath, emotional and reactions showers, finally a relaxation area where tea and relaxing herbal teas are served.
If the spa treatments are not enough, you can give other relying pampering with gentle massage, accompanied by relaxing music and the scent of essential oils, which will make you want to immortalize that moment...

lunedì 6 giugno 2016

Château De Mandelieu

I woke up at dawn, with the weight of sleepy eyes, among the crumpled sheets and matted hair, even before the alarm clock. The bathrobe waiting for me, there where I left it the night before. One foot and then the other, on the cold floor, to the window of my room here at the Mimozas Resort (here). Hands on blue cotton, decided to deviate slightly those curtains, just a little, to go out barefoot on the balcony and breathe that air, warm and salty, of a Friday in late May morning in Mandelieu.
Wearing the peach-colored dress, one of my favorites, one of those long and fluttering at the first breath of wind I decided to have breakfast, eagerly, like children on Christmas morning.
Once walked the avenue flanked by a side from the golf courses and on the other by a canal navigated by many boats and ducklings, the sea loomed before me in all its glory, with those calm and turquoise shades. To fall me in love, right next to the port, a castle, that of a princess and her childhood dream, when as a child she enjoyed building sand castles.
Once upon a time... So, as in fairy tales we find ourselves in Mandelieu-La Napoule, so romantic and charming, with its château constantly kissed by the waves.
One of the most charming castles of the French Riviera, built by the sea in 1387 by Villeneuve counts, witness a rather eventful history and makes unique La Napoule beach.
Destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout history, the castle of La Napoule is a gift of love and the dream of a romantic couple; the Clews. Henry, rich heiress of an American banking family, and Marie, a beautiful lady who, with his sensitivity, carved the castle gardens for the pleasure of guests and visitors.
What we see today is the result of the renovation and modification work that Clews have brought to this place. A real spell of works of art, engravings and symbols that, for the most part, were sculpted by Henry Clews as a promise of eternal love for Marie.

giovedì 2 giugno 2016

Un week end al Mimozas Resort

A few years ago I was on French Riviera, and I fell in love. So close to Italy as it is welcoming, the French Riviera is full of all the right ingredients for a perfect holiday: crystal clear water, excellent cuisine, vibrant city full of night life, white beaches, perched villages and flowers, from lavender to roses but also the mimosa. Mimosa?? Yes, in French Riviera there is a place where this fragrant blossom is celebrated. This place is Mandelieu-La Napoule, just a few kilometers from Cannes, famous throughout the world for its mimosa.
Over the years I have longed to come back; the French Riviera, with his sea that "speaks", is one of those places that do not get enough, I would go back a further 100 times. So, last week I found myself preparing a suitcase made of long loose-fitting dresses, big hats, sandals and sunscreen.
I had never been in Mandelieu, with its castle on the sea, the unique charm and allure of "Belle Epoque" that makes La Napoule a landscape that is the legend of the French Riviera.
But Mandelieu is also the ideal place to relax in the beautiful resorts and spas that are located along the coast. And where to stay if not at the resort, with its name, celebrates precisely this flower?!
The Mimozas Resort, one of the jewels of Mandelieu, located 10 minutes from the center of Cannes; here you can follow the footsteps of the "stars" on the Croisette and pose for a souvenir photo on the red carpet of the Palais des Festivals, intoxicated with the scent of flowers from Grasse, the capital of fragrances, discover the pleasure of Monte Carlo, take a trip by boat to the Lerins Islands, or visit the picturesque towns nearby, such as Antibes, Nice and Frejus.
From the first moment I stepped into the entrance, a sense of peace and calm enveloped me and rocked along with the scent of salt air carried by the sea breeze.
After a romantic "Bonjour Madame" I began to dream: the lovely view of the lake, the bar-shaped boat, the solid wood furniture and green and blue fabrics, corals... all spoke to me of my great love, the sea. But the show was yet to begin. Once I opened the door of my apartment, the Maritime Alps and the lake, inhabited by many fish and turtles, are wide open in front of my eyes, from that moment, no longer have ceased to shine.
The walks on the pier to reach the restaurant, the smell of croissants au chocolat still hot, the sun's rays that plunge into the lake, the cry of gulls, fresh fruit, baguettes and a sweet melody accompanied my every waking. The days spent slowly, in total relaxation, including massages and rejuvenating treatments in the spa, play golf, swim and grilled fish in the cheerful and colorful pool bar, then to fall in love on the beach in front of those breathtaking sunsets. When the evening fall the atmosphere at Mimozas Resort is even more romantic and relaxing. The dinners by candlelight, those with refined and delicious tastes, accompanied by a good wine from Provence, live music and lumières de la soir to illuminate the lake, make it all so magical, evocative and unforgettable, like one of those so beautiful moments that you would like to expand endlessly, much to stop time and remain in that mixture of sweet sensations from which would you want to separate yourself.
At that moment I realizes that will be a goodbye:
Au revoir Cote d'Azur, mon coer appartient à toi.

venerdì 27 maggio 2016

Working day

Most of the work of a blogger takes place in the office, behind a desk, among millions of emails, phone calls, and an agenda to program.
When I am out of the office, and I am in Milan, I often meet clients and have appointments at Manin Hotel, to discuss work during a lunch or in complete privacy in one of their meeting rooms.
In the work are necessary composure, solidity but also presentable. Asus ZenBook accompanies me in working life everyday, with its clean and simple lines. Like a custom-made suit, great for all occasions.
Elegance, the watchword of my #ZenOutfit. A silk shirt and blue pants with a tailored fit. Dyed red lips and pearls as the only ornament. Simple, austere and refined..the emblem of a manager.

lunedì 23 maggio 2016

Uala: il beauty center a portata di mano

Urgency of last-minute hairdresser? Have you a sudden desire to complete treatment in a beauty center or just want to make you beautiful without having to make unnecessary phone calls and arrange for appointments?
Uala is the service for you!
Thanks to this digital platform you can book at your leisure the service or treatment in different locations with treatments like celebrities. Just choose the city, the treatment that's right for you, the salon of your choice and you're done! All in a few clicks ;) Convenient, no?
I have been able to experience the convenience of this service; recently, infact, I was in Milan at Giò Evadamo to give a "cut" to my hair. A salon in the center, nice and bright, where I was welcomed and pampered like a real princess.
I recommend it to all women who, for reasons of work or time, have a need for a similar service. A brilliant and innovative idea of high level.

venerdì 20 maggio 2016

Hotel Manin Milano

With the rain return to Milan, a kind of melancholy and sense of lack accompany me. I look out the train window, lost in thoughts about new projects, future, my life. Until all this thinking is stopped, and I find myself before the goal of my pilgrimage.
Catapulted into the center of Milan I go into what will be my home for the next two days, Manin Hotel, a mixture of luxury and elegance unique among hotels in the city.
Located in the heart of Milan, near the Duomo, La Scala Theatre and the fashionable streets, Manin Hotel, a magnificent 4-star: tradition passed down for generations since 1904.
The hotel's prestige, in addition to geographical location, is given by the long series of personalities passed within the structure during all its years of history.
The history of Manin, in fact, began in 1846, at the time of the Five Days of Milan and is told through a series of photographs in black and white that enrich the atmosphere and give an historical value to the property without equal.
Once inside the door catches your eye the luxury of materials used, the minimal and elegant ambience in a reality behind the times. Spaces are content just enough to put at ease those who stay at the same time maintaining that sense of privacy which the customer can use when required. The details are treated in detail, the atmosphere became filled, cheerful and bright by color choices of rooms, furniture and enriched by its design. To the left there is a lounge area flanked by the American Bar and the waiting room confined by a tangle of dark fences, green is king and is repeated in a thousand different shades and sizes: from almond trees in bloom to the bright colors the walls, the green expanse of creeper that can be seen from the local bay window to the waiting room armchairs. The American Bar is the hotel's meeting center, perfect for a light lunch or a coffee break or to enjoy an aperitif or a cocktail with friends.
Once the elevator doors open, I find myself in the sixth-floor corridor, ready to let me surprise from my suite. The environment, elegant and spacious, spread horizontally. A desk where waiting for me, on the right a sitting area with sofa and TV, a double bed decorated with an elegant line of white sheets with double pillows, and on the wall a "world" painted and built by an important Italian artist.
The 124 luxurious rooms, including 6 Junior Suites and 2 Suites, feature a contemporary design suitable for business, pleasure or leaks over the weekend. They are equipped with all amenities and some recently renovated, with private terrace overlooking the elegant Manin Garden, or enjoy stunning views of the Duomo or the green Sempione Park.
As in every class hotel, can not miss the equipped suites for the most demanding customers: "Junior Suite", "Executive Suite", ideal for those who consider the absolute tranquility and privacy added values, and "Panoramic Suite & pool", on the top floor, offering furniture and customized solutions and a mini pool in the open air terrace with wonderful views of the city.
Manin Hotel also has a small gym which guests can access for free from morning to night.
The restaurant, Manin Restaurant, is located at the end of a long corridor leading to the Garden, close to the meeting rooms. It is readjusted in terms of space thanks to a sliding system of walls such as to redesign the spaces of which the hotel may need based on several eventualities. Here we can delight your palate with a rich and varied cuisine, which traces the tradition of Milan but also internationally. The attention of the chef to raw materials is exceptional: in fact, all the dishes are made from fresh and genuine components. As for the rooms, even here it is proposed the green motif with an entire wall covered with fern in contrast with the black and beige that usually find in all visited areas so far and expresses continuity with the garden.
The perception is that of a luxury restaurant that pampers anyway its customers with a generous and friendly staff available to all guests.
The Garden, "the flagship" of Manin, is considered one of the most architecturally interesting gardens in the city and enjoys an ideal location within the hotel. Its old charm makes it spectacular and attractive to the eyes of anyone who wants to enjoy a good glass of wine.
What's more the property value is increased tenfold by the discovery of a few years ago the remains of a Roman cemetery which stood just below the current Garden.Today, the beauty and elegance of the Manin Garden is made unique by statues, capitals and other remains of this discovery.
Greeting this little corner of paradise, a faint ray of sun caresses my face and with its heat all the thoughts and fears are swept away.

mercoledì 18 maggio 2016

Liu Jo Spring/Summer 2016

Fresh and dynamic, it is the Liu Jo spring/summer 2016 collection.
Dedicated to a young and bubbly woman, the collection is divided into two strong inspirations but mirror, characterized by an easy and fresh mood that fully interprets the soul of the brand: California Dreaming '70 and City Africa, with prints inspired by the past but reproduced in a modern way and illuminated by sequins and color effects.

In viaggio con ASUS Zenbook

A train and a plane to take. A new destination is waiting for me.
Travel as discovery, emotion, adventure, passion.
To leave is the most beautiful and courageous of all actions. Maybe a selfish joy, but a joy for who knows how to value freedom. Being alone, without needs, strangers, foreigners, and yet feel at home anywhere. I only need a suitcase to fill with stories, memories, and an ideal companion: my ASUS Zenbook, ready to collect my thoughts, my feelings, my photos, to keep me company during the entire trip. Light and thin, reliable and dynamic, load up to 10 hours, elegant and sophisticated design.
When I travel I like to be comfortable but not give up a touch of elegance, the same one that belongs to the ASUS Zen philosophy. A #ZenOutfit in preppy style with the shades of blue and red, like the sea and the sunsets that will surprise me once reached at destination.

lunedì 16 maggio 2016

Shades of blue

We are made of thoughts, memories, emotions. We are made of water, atoms, moments and waited.
We are made of love. Thoughts, actions, ideas, movements, experiences. Bodies. The subject is love. We are made of intertwined hands, whispered kisses, stolen breaths and sighs donated.
We are made of desires and dreams that make us not sleep, of energy, of stardust.
We are made of words, words never said, of missed opportunities and unsent messages.
We are made of too many "if", "maybe" and "but." We are made for a few people. And often, we do not meet or we meet when it's too late.
We are made in the image and likeness of everything around us and in ourselves we enclose the exact same secret, the exact same law.
We are like the sky, made of millions of hues. Eternally changing, subject to endless complications and combinations. A set of circumstances, or totally fortuitous or planned in the minimum terms. A well-designed chaos. The perfect storm.

lunedì 9 maggio 2016

A day with California

"Once upon a time...
A riding immersed in the green hills of Varzi. Here the smell of leather, that of the saddle, ready to be mounted, mingled with that of the hay and the wild nature.
A moment of sweetness, he and I, California, before our walk. A brushed, between complacency nitrite and the other, a few caresses in that patchy cloak and sweet kisses on the muzzle.
He reciprocated my hugs and my caring attention, browsing a bit of that hay here and there, at the stable. At that moment, one of a kind, it was just us. His eyes sank in my and in that brief moment, in which we both knew we could trust each other, we became friends..."
The friendship between man and animals knows no border. Relations between humans and animals give birth to fascinating stories. Animals do not talk, do not seem interested in culture, they are physically different from us and have different behaviors from our own, yet something very special raises a deep bond, unbreakable friendship, maybe more real than that between two human beings.
The friendship between man and animal is the most beautiful sentiment that can exist; animals understand us, "speak" in their own way, show us their affection, suffer with us. They never learn to speak our language, made up of letters and alphabets, but they understand our emotions, sometimes better than anyone else. They are our faithful friends, companions in life and games, tenderness and special moments.

mercoledì 4 maggio 2016

Beauty routine serale


Make up belongs to all women, from teenagers to more mature, so the need to remove make from the face at the end of the evening is important in order to preserve the natural glow of the skin. Remove make up, and do it correctly, is very important. I admit, sometimes it is boring, especially after a busy and tiring day but you have to do to maintain a healthy and youthful skin.
Not all women are lucky enough to have a skin naturally "normal", ie a skin whose texture is compact, with closed pores, which is smooth and velvety to the touch: someone need more time and attention to give it softness and elasticity.
There are more products for certain types of skin, or others which are used in a certain way to be really effective.
To remove make-up there is no "standard" procedure, but it is essential to go to bed with the skin perfectly clean to the purified skin, in fact, breathes more and better accommodates any subsequent treatment. The pores rid are able to absorb the active ingredients of the creams and serums.
Do you want to know the products that are part of my "beauty evening routine"?

1) Micellar Water
What is micellar water? A make up remover cleansing solution, a transparent and odorless product, just as water, used to remove make up soaking a cotton pad. I use L'Oreal Micellar Water, great for my sensitive skin, removes make up and impurities in a simple touch. Also it soothes dry and sensitive skins and immediately gives a pleasant sensation of freshness. Since I discovered I can not live without it!

2) Moisturizing Night Cream
Richer than a day cream, a night cream nourishes the skin while you sleep, if it is a pro-youth treatment, such as Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask (here), even better!

And your nightly beauty routine of such products consists? Write me them here, I'm curious!