giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

Best of 2015

A few hours separate us to finally close the book of 2015. A few hours and I have to admit, I almost regret that a year has come to an end. Many of you will breathe a sigh of relief, hoping that 2016 will be better (I hope so with all my heart!), but for me it was a special year and, for the first time in 26 years, I am sorry. I thought about it the other night, when, in a quiet moment, I found myself to sum up this 2015.
2015 was the year of change and surprises. The year that I could see small dreams come true.
The blog has grown a lot in these 365 days, thanks to you that, day after day, passionate to this virtual diary, with the help of my photographers, my mother and the people who love me, support me, help me and, if they can, recommend me. The rewards were so many. Partnerships, special projects, events and the American editorial. But I will remember 2015 above all for bringing me wonderful people, an "Angel wearing high heels" and a "Snob Countess", with which I hope to "write" all the books of my life.
An year that gave me smiles, many smiles, especially in this last part and I hope to smile like that for a long, long time, not only in 2016.
It was the year of the newfound peace and strength that I hope accompany me over the next 365 days. I do not have "good intentions" for this 2016, I have not a good relationship with the lists and certainly I would not keep them, I only have so many dreams to fulfill and goals to achieve.
Thank you 2015, you' ve really surprised me! Now, 2016, it's your turn!

lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

Crema viso Aqua Sorbet Light

All of us make use of facial creams, whether dry skin, oily or mixed. Take care of our face is infact the first step to an healthy skin.
The face, with the hands, it is our business card, so you must moisturize and treat the skin, in order for it to appear bright and relaxed, especially during the cold months. In this regard I want to tell you about Aqua Light Sorbet by Bruno Vassari, a cream that I got to try and that I can not do without.
Bruno Vassari is synonymous with quality and innovation.
 The brand, infact, offers the best active ingredients present in the cosmetic scene, that will satisfy even our sensory emotions and the feeling of freshness that gives "Aqua Genomics", the first self-moisturizing line.
Aqua Light Sorbet is a self-moisturizing fluid emulsion, for normal to oily skin, the texture is very light and watery. Contains revidrat, the active ingredient specifically designed to reactivate the biological mechanisms that maintain normal skin hydration and moisturizing glycerin that enhances the activity. With Aqua Sorbet Light the skin is immediately softer and moisturized from the first application.

lunedì 21 dicembre 2015


"La Signora di classe non è quella che quando passa fa fischiare, bensì quella che fa calare improvvisamente il silenzio."

Strong women have always aroused great fascination in the eyes of your little princess. Slender women physically but with super fine minds, women who, with their know-how, influenced the choices of the powerful and moved, deep, whole nations. Because, as Virginia Woolf wrote, "behind every great man there is a great woman."
With the emancipation women, and with it theirs general view, has changed. Today, in fact, we do not hide behind more frills and trappings, even less behind the voice of man. Yet we kept the femininity, the delicacy and the natural fragility that makes us women, unique to our species. A sort of balance between grace and power, as a feline that astounds with its grand elegance but, at the same time, it frightens for its strength. The tiger that Blake was talking about, in one of his most famous poems, with these concerns: "What immortal hand or fire could frame this fearful simmetry?"
And just as Blake asked, at times I ask myself how can be possible similar manifestations of grace and power, then, thinking back to those women of past ages and what we have become, I simply say: "that's how!"

lunedì 14 dicembre 2015


There are two types of people in this world: the hammers and nails. It's up to us to decide what we want to be.
 It's a game and in this game there is no space for the heart.
There is a science that leads others to trust you. I call it simply: persuasion and it's a bit as the seduction.
We women are born to deceive, the man, however, was born to fall into our trap. That of love.
With men is a game of emotions and vibrations, made of looks and whispered words, attitudes and destabilizing glances. Sometimes the game is divided into 2, 3 or 4 match, depending on the skill of the opponent not to be deceived by the angel or demon in front of him, other times, however, it does not take much to make him stain of love.
It's a matter of focus, we push our opponent to focus on a point and without his knowledge working on another. If you do focus, you can take whatever you want. Also the heart of a man, who, initially, said that he would never fallen at your feet.

lunedì 7 dicembre 2015

Opposés Complémentaires

You know, opposites attract, chasing each other. Like life and death. Good and evil. It can happen, at some point, an inexplicable fascination for that, the extreme are so joined, sometimes briefly, sometimes forever.
Everything has its opposite. Joy and sadness. Fear and love. Friend and enemy. Opposites arise from natural tendency of man to classify, distinguish, judge, select. They are the result of intellectual activity. The mind, you know, want to know everything, classify it, give it a name.
On reflection, opposites serve to make us understand the value of the experiences, the lessons that Life gives us opportunity to experiment in order to evolve and live more happy.
No one can determine in advance whether and when any person will be able to understand the value of opposites. Maybe never. Maybe not help understand them. Maybe someone need more time, years, lives.
No one really knows what you want as long as his soul will not experience certain experiences in life.

"What is the opposite accords, from things in contrast comes the most beautiful harmony, and everything is generated because of contention."

giovedì 3 dicembre 2015

The Fashion Princess on KEEL Magazine

"Believe in your dreams and they will believe in you.
And all you had imagined become real. "

They say to believe in dreams, to believe always in these that, sooner or later, will come true. And they are right! Dreams are chased, longed, dreamed, never set aside. We must fight for them. Not always be easy but get up and run to your dreams, you will seem unattainable but they will even get tired, and then, you will be easy to catch them to make them your own. They also say that if a dream has so many obstacles, then it is the right one.
I had a dream, one of many linked to this adventure, and few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see it realized.
This summer I wrote in my "Bucket List" (here) that I would, one day, see myself in a fashion magazine. Only a few months earlier, in April, I was contacted by the editor in chief of KEEL Magazine, who wanted to devote me six pages in the new volume (you find me, in fact, from page 60 to page 66).
Can you imagine my happiness?! I must admit, I can hardly contain it! I am honored to be part of this fashion global magazine.
I thank wholeheartedly the editor in chief and his staff for the wonderful work and the beautiful words!
Never stop believing in your dreams, when you least expect they will come true ;)

martedì 1 dicembre 2015

UKI Groupie Argan per capelli lucenti e setosi

We women are complicated, and this is a fact, but when it comes to hair we are even more. Who has them straight want them curls, who curly wants them straight. Is not it?!
We spend hours in front of the mirror and we are never happy, we always want them perfect, if a hair, even one, is out of place, the tragedy triggered. Tell me you are like this too!
As you understand, and noticed in my many photos, I am a super-mega-fan of fold smooth. Elegant, impeccable, neat and practical; just a brush, an hair dryer and an hair straightener to get it.
Not enough, however, to have straight hair perfect, I want them too soft, shiny and silky.
However it is known to all that, the use (immoderate) of the hair straightner causes damage to the hair. So the question is: hair straightener yes or hair straightener no?
The answer is the hair straightener Uki Groupie Argan. A great news and the ally of the perfect and shiny fold smooth!
With argan oil and its known properties, this hair straightener softens the hair and makes them shiny and silky.
Since using it I can not do without! The fold, to my delight, is always perfect and my hair say thank's ;)