sabato 31 agosto 2013

Leopard dress

Leopard. Mania or trend? This is the problem!
No Huston, no problem! The answer is simple. It confirms trend of the season, as I said in the post about the upcoming autumn/winter trends (if you missed it you can find it here), and then I'm simply in love with this print!
You either love him or hate him. Certainly not go unnoticed!
You can choose whether to wear one or more details, or to exaggerate and opt for an entire outfit: you will be wild and trendy at the right point! ;)
Even in small doses, portions or variants instantly recalls distant and savages worlds.
  Ideal as a feminine and seductive touch, has an appeal that can create new imaginary even if worn with more sober. And this is the most classic way to wear it.

martedì 27 agosto 2013

Colorful Sunday

 A Saturday at the turn of August and September. Warm sun, September wind and a contagious cheerfulness that prompted me to wear bright colors.
I will not conceal that I felt like a Snow White gave a twist to the wardrobe! haha!
What do you think? Do you like this "splash" of color?

mercoledì 21 agosto 2013

Un Fiocco per un Sogno

 What are dreams?
Hopes? Wishes?
What are dreams in people's lives, if not the supporting walls of our expectations and aspirations, the same every day cause us to drag feet one after the other in the muddy paths that we follow.
Or more simply "wishes of happiness," as Cinderella sang.
How much we dream? As far as I'm concerned MUCH!
Life is a continuous dream and Valy Love with her "bracelets of Dreams" gives us a way to do taking them always with us. To remind us that believe it is the best weapon to achieve our goals and we must never stop doing it.
Valentina has combined the simplicity of the woven bracelet with the romance of the bow, closing the packet with a message of positivity:
"Put on your bracelet, close your eyes, make a wish .. that the magic begin."

lunedì 12 agosto 2013

MAXI shirt & MINI skirt

Hello girls!
How are the holidays? Have you expressed your wishes in these evenings, or are you of the idea like me that to realize ours dreams, we must roll up the sleeves?! ;)
But let's at today's look, a game between the maxi and mini: the famous shirt stolen from the male wardrobe (can not miss in our own, it is very versatile, you can really create a thousand looks :P) and a denim miniskirt.
At first it seemed too simple and I was a little doubtful, then choosing the right accessories, the essential ones, it seemed perfect!
What do you say? Waiting for your opinions :)

domenica 4 agosto 2013

Happy B-day Fashion Princess!

 2 birthdays in one week but this time to extinguish the candle is the Fashion Princess.
1 year satisfactions and small successes thanks to you!
Thank you for this year spent together. Thank's for following and supporting me constantly in this "journey" in the fashion world.
Thank's to those that led me to "go" and have always believed in me and thank's to those who still do not believe it because it gives me the strength to pull out the nails.
Thank you for your love and for your comments always sweet and true.
This post is dedicated to you!