lunedì 31 agosto 2015

L'altalena del sorriso

I like crazy people, they scent of life.
I like strange people. Those who laugh without a reason and crying just because they feel like it.
I like those who say what they think, without sounding stupid. Those who can recount and choose words with taste.
I like those who dare and who are not afraid of what people think.
I like the special people. Those that you admire but do not know them. Those that stand out, but with elegance.
I like beautiful people, inside. And those who preserve the wonder of children.
I like those in black and white. Changing mood but then, at the end, choose to be happy.
I like strong people. Those who fall and get up, without too many problems.
I like people who laugh loud, and who can make me laugh. Those that fix you a long time and not know why.
I like real people. Those who dream and told it in the eyes. Those traveling without ever starting. Those who are with the mind elsewhere.
I like people who love and when they choose to love, they love to distraction. Those who live, really live.
And I like to think that it takes little to return children. A swing where rocking for hours with a sweet thought, that draws on the face that curve called smile.

lunedì 17 agosto 2015

Bucket List: cose da fare prima di morire

Foto: Thought Catalog - Unsplash

Si vive una volta sola e "questa volta" dobbiamo renderla un capolavoro. Abbiamo obiettivi, desideri, sogni da realizzare. Ma abbiamo davvero tutto questo tempo?

lunedì 10 agosto 2015

Sognavo l'Africa

L'Africa è il luogo dove, quando la sera il sole tramonta e l'aria si fa fresca e si riempie di strani suoni, puoi socchiudere gli occhi e sorridere in pace, come chi è finalmente tornato a casa.