giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Bond Girl

A call in the middle of a yoga class. A new top secret mission.
A summer suit, a thin layer of red lipstick and big Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses.
A plane from New York to Los Angeles and a car ready to run away.
A birthday party, Ron's, Mexican businessman who, as they say in Italy, "played with fire too."
15.000 guests, all gathered in the garden of his villa, but among them are hidden infiltrators determined to make the poor Ron dancing to the sound of maracas.
Just missing him and the mission can begin. Bond, James Bond.

giovedì 14 maggio 2015

Lady Dsquared

Lately I have a new fixation, it is called: red. Yes, the lover of pink, blue and black regard to clothing, has fallen in love or infatuated (we'll see how it will evolve the lovestory) of a warm, flashy and confident color just like the red and the image it want to convey. Maybe the passion for this color is just a fleeting crush, or not, and maybe due to the fact that the color of love par excellence, as you could see, "burned" the catwalks, becoming one of the hottest colors season.
So this spring, forget even the number of fire engines and get ready to burn the streets of the city, I have already begun!
A red pencil skirt combined with beloved white shirt, a big black hat as the Miu Miu pumps, red clutch and Dsquared2 cat sunglasses, that I've found on Definitely perfect to complete my ladylike look, is not it?

mercoledì 13 maggio 2015

NIYO&CO. #youritalianbeauty

Hello princesses! Today I want to tell you about a brand of makeup and beauty that I got to know and test: NIY&CO. How many of you know it? Surely the Roman friends will already have heard about it, right?!
NIY&CO. is the real Italian perfumery, an established company in the perfume world with over 40 years of experience and with more than 2000 items including make-up and accessories, cosmetics, fragrances and perfumes, face and body treatments, skin care plus a men and children line.
Selected products and high quality at affordable prices, these are the strengths of NIYO&CO.
But we see the inspiration of this brand:

-N = New, a new concept in perfumery
-I = Italian, a brand completely Made in Italy
-Y = Young, because it's a young, dynamic and fresh brand
-O = Original, because it is the only franchise that offers a full range of products designed and manufactured in Italy
-&CO = Convenient

From these 5 points it was born the world's NIYO&CO.
Where you can find NIYO&CO. products? On the new online shop ( or at a retail store in Rome, Arezzo and Naples.
In the next post I will talk extensively of creams and makeup products received and I'm trying, do not miss them! 

lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Chic Gardening

Dreams are like flowers. They must be cultivated with determination when they are buds, they must be looked after...dreamed.
We must prepare them fertile ground and, like small seeds, they must be growned and processed in sprouts until they take root in our present. 
Each has its season and its needs. Sun and water are vital sources, but the flowers and dreams must be treated with love and delicacy.
We must give them all the care they need; they must be loved, sprayed, pruned, fertilized and the best fertilizer is always love. The love and passion for what we do.
Only after much attention, care and sacrifice, we see blossoming our "pride" and admire it in all its beauty.
Dreams are like that, they must be fed, encouraged, always. Otherwise, how weak shoots, die soon, never become sturdy plants, do not change the life. Neither ourselves nor to others.
Dreams are just like flowers, if you do not take care they lose their beauty but if you let them flourish may make you proud and happy of care provided to them. Because one of the most fascinating things in the flowers is their wonderful secrecy.

venerdì 8 maggio 2015

Sweet, sugar, candy girl

The scent of freshly baked croissants, jam ones, the only ones I like, which blends in the crisp May. The cappuccino with two lumps of sugar for a sweet awakening. The blue sky and the feeling of lightness that floats like a light cloud of cotton candy.
The hills, the city view and a huge park, that of the castle. I don not still said, but here in Tortona once there was really a castle, stood on the hill Savo, the most important of the seven on which, according to tradition, was founded my city. Now remain only the tower, much like that of Rapunzel, and its park. An oasis of peace where you breathe deeply, forgetting for a moment the hectic life that takes place a little later, and regain the prosperity and happiness of children running happily in those fields. The pink and roses, those of May, my favorite, and the desire to run and jump like them, without thinking of Gigliola Cinquetti and "non ho l'età" which to return a second child we always are on time. Also to make "bubbles" with the legendary Big Babol of childish 90s.

lunedì 4 maggio 2015

Djerba, la perla del Mediterraneo

Sand, sun, sea, history and spices. Thus began one of the first trips in Africa.
After a first approach to the Land of the Pharaohs, Egypt, I have visited several times, I went back more to the north, halfway between Italy and Africa, an island in the Mediterranean many still unknown: Djerba.
Djerba is the largest island of North Africa, located in the Gulf of Gabes, off the coast of Tunisia. Formerly known as Lotophagitis, the island where, in the Odyssey, Odysseus and his companions meet the people of the Lotus Eaters.
Also known as the "Island of Dreams", Djerba today is a relaxing oasis between desert and Mediterranean Sea, one of the main tourist areas of Tunisia, together Tabarka, Monastir, Hammamet and Port El Kantaoui, best known for La Ghriba, one of the oldest synagogues pilgrimage site.
The beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, combined with a mild climate throughout the year, are the highlight of this island, which is about two hours from Italy.
Houm Souk, literally "The neighborhood of the market", is the capital of Djerba, typical for Menzel, white houses with blue doors and windows, which make up almost a hive. Here, in addition to countless tree hibiscus (my passion) are the traditional souks, or markets, where to find local crafts, silver jewelry, spices, rugs and the famous ceramics, with all their corollary screams and trading, because, if you still do not know, in the Arab markets to negotiate is a must!
There are also the fishing harbor, at the Marina of Djerba, with traditional amphorae fishing for octopus.
But Djerba is also history and religion. Here, as well as several mosques, there is a Jewish community with one of the oldest and most famous synagogues in the world, El Ghriba, located in the village of Hara Sghira or Er-Riadh.
Today I woke up as well, with the taste of the sea and the memory of one of the best trips I've done.