lunedì 30 novembre 2015

Mrs. Gray

As a cold and cloudy day that embodies intriguing strength, gray, with his elegance made, is one of the nuances for autumn/winter 2015-16. A master key for all occasions.
Taupe, pearl, ash, ice, gunmetal, the non-color becomes the star of the season to match in total look or leaders from shades on.

lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Come un soffione

I would really like the "OFF" button to turn off the brain. But seriously. I do not say always, but sometimes, it would be great. It would benefit all of us. As when I silent my smartphone. But no, it talks and talks, and think, think. Shut up! Sometimes it's worse than a boring and grouchy boyfriend.
If I had to portray the thoughts that I have on my mind, they would have the shape of a head. Fireworks, indeed a real fireworks show, which takes the principle from the center, it branches to the star and get light on the balls, stroking the surrounding air.
As the heads, would be enough to blow over, to certain thoughts, which are colored and inflamed, to let them disperse here and there. Light, as if they were bubble blower.

lunedì 16 novembre 2015

La dama vestita di bianco

She's like a dame from another era, a woman dressed in white and lips drenched in a bright red lipstick, which looks at you with an Hamlet expression and eyes full of desire, perhaps she sighs, certainly wants you capture. And you on the other side of the fence you almost do not notice so much of her transport, but in the end you ignore it, you think that women of other times were those who, on the French Riviera a century ago, has bewitched the powerful that the gay revelers vacationers of times gone by, and the latter eventually were captured from their eyes full of sensuality. Summer nights were long, hot and carefree, a gentle sea breeze joined passionate love for a night or a morning, but in the end of all autumn oncoming.
  A furtive tear strokes her soft cheeks and touch from the flower of youth, while she sighs, amused, under a rain of yellow leaves.

mercoledì 11 novembre 2015

The good taste of choice

The existence is like this, about intersections. Most of our life is entrusted to the appropriate choice: it requires good taste and sound judgment as to where not enough neither the study nor the talent. There can be no perfection where there is no choice: it has the dual advantage, being able to choose, and to choose the best.
The real choice is never between doing something or not doing it. But between do it or keep it for courage or fear. When making a choice, you change the future, change the cards on the table. Many men of fruitful and subtle genius, keen judgment, scholars and well informed, when they arrive at the moment of choice, are lost.
  But when, one day, you'll find yourself in front of that junction, you already know that you will lose something. There is no choice that does not result in a loss. So this ability to choose well is one of the greatest gifts of heaven.

lunedì 9 novembre 2015

#Shinedontbeshy: il party di Glamour e Dior

Take a Thursday night, October 8, a glass of champagne, then add us some bloggers, the drafting of Glamour and a well-known French brand that starts with D... and ends with R. Yes, Dior. The result? #Shinedontbeshy, the party organized by Glamour and Dior to celebrate the launch of the new Dior Addicted lipstick.
  An evening based on selfie, champagne, interactive games and make-up. A virtual and sensory journey to discover the Dior world.
Pink and roses perfume the atmosphere, a mix of perfumes, those Dior, and cocktails made with champagne and exotic flavors.
There were guests as Melissa Satta, Natasha Stefanenko and many others.
A successful party in the name of "glamor", however when the protagonists are "certain names" (Glamour and Dior)... success and fun are guaranteed!

mercoledì 4 novembre 2015

Alaia Paris

"Creating a fragrance is like a confidence to a woman, robbing of her thoughts on the future and escape before she faces back. It also means knowing that, from that moment, the words of my secret will never be the same... " (Azzedine Alaia)

It was one of the few fashion houses who had not yet declined olfactory. Azzedine Alaia, cult couturier for excellence in fashion, launched his first fragrance for women: Alaia Paris.
Created by Marie Salamagne of Firmenich, the essence is built around a childhood memory of the designer: to his grandmother throwing some fresh water on hot walls of Tunisia.
Alaia Paris, a play of contrasts that passes by the freshness, given by notes of pink pepper, freesia and peony, known to most animals such as musk.
A scent that comes from far away, a "source" perfume.
A scent that accompanies the time, does not witness any age in particular, but emotions of every age. It does not come from any country, it has crossed them all. Not belong to any season, because it lives in each of them.
A fragrance for the day or for the night at the same time.
The aesthetic Alaia is a manifesto, a true declaration of women's rights. "If Azzedine Alaia sculpts women's bodies because he has a special relationship with them: see them beautiful, makes beautiful and gives them confidence in their body", says Franca Sozzani. So, once again imposing beauty as absolute, through its eau de parfum, Alaia Paris, the enchanted universe of Azzedine Alaia continue their journey by offering an eternal invitation to travel.
The bottle is the work of Martin Skezely, "a fetish object for women". A glass translucent black packaging, heavy and valuable, decorated with openwork Alaia, the emblematic motif of the fashion house, which appeared for the first time on the leather corset in the 80s. The cap, a spool of golden thread that seems evanescent fly, wrought metal and gold rose.
Alaia Paris will be available from September in dealerships perfumeries.

lunedì 2 novembre 2015

La bella lavanderina...

It's happen that, at Court, the servants went on vacation; the Queen (my mother) said that they needed to rest and have withdrawn all to the Caribbean (lucky them!), leaving me alone in the palace. Not that I mind eh, sometimes it's nice not having waiters, gardeners, cooks, etc. between the feet (guys, I'm joking!) but...there is a but...the Princess, one day, found herself with all the clothes to be washed. You know... here at Court we change 5/6 times a day: in the morning to have breakfast, then for lunch, coffee at 2:00 p.m and tea at 5:00 p.m, for cocktails and dinner, not to mention the outfit for afternoon activities such as horseback riding, tennis or golf.
 Can you imagine two weeks without my servants? Me neither!
 So, in desperation, I wore the only suit I had in the closet, royal blue of course, and the glittery shoes worthy of a Princess, and armed with a magazine and a good dose of patience, I headed to the laundry.
But really you mortals used those boxes to wash and dry your clothes??? I tried, but evidently they have left instructions! Among coins, buttons, time, trousers and detergents, I did not know which side to start.
Do you want to know how that turned out? I went shopping! I could not ruin my Valentino or my Elie Saab!
Alfred, Josephine, and you too Queen... COME BACK!