venerdì 26 agosto 2016

#AtypicalPlaces with Desigual

One evening in August and a gallant date. The sun prepares to set, the light soul and a gust of wind that moves the hair, pulled back into a high ponytail, and emanating floral notes to my every step. A trail that can tickle all the strings of a human being, like a sweet melody that comes out of slender hands, gracefully, skim harp, line after line.
A modern city, decided by the characters, which is preparing to rejoice in the happiest hours. Elegant and refined, like Desigual dress that I wear for the occasion, decorated with many romantic flowers black & white.
Two souls meet, hands that touch and intertwine. A kiss and a smile.
A romantic dinner by candlelight, in one of my favorite restaurants, one of them with a breathtaking view made for dreaming.

lunedì 22 agosto 2016

San Vincenzo con Camelia Roma

August and the holidays in the beautiful Tuscany. Peace for the soul and wonder to behold.
The landscapes, the blue sea and its scented "water", the medieval villages rich in history and tradition, castles and rural churches, and again, the estates in the countryside, the cypress trees and the endless golden expanses. This is Tuscany, for me. Enchantment and wonder.
A walk to the port of San Vincenzo, one of the most popular seaside resorts of Tuscany, just before a drink in one of the many cafes overlooking the sea. One of those that I like so much, with white fluttering curtains, shells and corals as ornaments and blue cushions to sink into bliss. One of those in which breathe that air of sea.
The finest hour of the day, when the sun has already dried the earth and the salt was impregnated on hair and skin. That same skin become golden and emphasized by a whiteness shirt. A '50s Lady, on vacation, with a wide-brimmed straw hat, to shelter from the still warm sun, high-waisted shorts and a bucket bag made of genuine leather. Black with red interior fabric. Elegant and refined, like the woman who wears it.