giovedì 30 gennaio 2014

10 cose che non sapete di me

1. I love madly Africa. From north to south. Both the "Arab" from the magical atmosphere, and the REAL Africa, the "black."
2. I'm moody. Rather too moody, mood change every 10 seconds. Do I suffer from bipolar disorder?!
3. I hate winter and everything about it, including snow and mountains. 

martedì 28 gennaio 2014

Amore? No grazie, sono philofobica

Amore. Cosa sarebbe, o meglio, come sarebbe la vita senza amore?
E' davvero al centro della nostra esistenza?
Siamo veramente incompleti senza amore?
Dove è scritto che dobbiamo per forza trovare l'altra metà della mela, per essere pienamente felici?
L'amore sarà pure una cosa meravigliosa ma fa male. Tanto. Troppo.
Quando un amore finisce, anche un pò della nostra persona finisce con lui. Ci si perde.
Delusione dopo delusione, illusione dopo illusione è inevitabile chiudersi in se stessi e diventare scettici e diffidenti nei confronti di quello che, alla fine, è il sentimento più bello che ci hanno concesso di provare.
Si ha paura. Paura? Si può davvero aver paura di amare?
Ormai sembra essere diventata una "scusa" molto in voga, una vera e propria moda per coloro che non hanno le palle di dirti "guarda non mi interessi più". 
Ma la paura di amare esiste davvero e si chiama PHILOFOBIA.

giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

Dior make up 2014

The new collection spring 2014, limited edition, reminds us of Versaille, taking inspiration from the private estate of Marie Antoinette, the Petit Trianon. The colors bring us back to the eighteenth century, embodied in green porcelain, sensual lips and cheeks turned on, all expressed through the unique style Dior Make Up.
The colors of the eyes are soft and pastel, the voluptuous lips are emphasized with bold colors such as pink pop, coral, bright pink and fuchsia pure. Finally, it must be missing the touch of the 1700s, the rosy blush that highlights cheekbones with audacity.

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

martedì 14 gennaio 2014

Sunday aperitif

 Sunday. The aperitif at 19:30 with the usual cup of "white" or a new cocktail to try.
The chatter, laughter and smiles. And then, between sips, smiles, chatter and laughter.
Laughing with eyes and mouth.
Laughing, not for wine, until you have tears in the eyes or abdominal pain.
  Laugh, laugh and laugh again. Because true happiness is hidden behind a smile that releases all of its strength and vitality.

giovedì 2 gennaio 2014


I'm learning that sometimes you have to turn your back, but you have to do it with elegance. With the same elegance of those with little intelligence, has hurt us.
I've never been a selfish person, in fact I always think first the happiness of the people I care and I love, putting them (very often) in the first place. But when it is wounded several times, and not just hypothetical boyfriends, but also friends and relatives..well...maybe you should start thinking first of ALL to myself. At MY happiness. MY serenity. Because, after all, I deserve it!
And this is what I plan to do this in 2014.
On the one hand it may seem a speech selfish but this year there are only ME. However, that I will never stop there for the people who love me really. It does not matter if I can count them on the fingers of one hand. As they say "better few but good."