mercoledì 21 giugno 2017

Una passeggiata in Svizzera: Val Poschiavo

The lowered car windows, the warm summer wind caressing the face, the sparkling air, the scent of nature that gently nods in the nose and in the distance the whistle of the Bernina Red Train, directed to St. Moritz, which is approaching fast.
I had never been to Switzerland before last summer, but that's how I always imagined it, as in Heidi's cardboard: green lounges with grazing cows, wooden houses, colored geraniums at the windows, majestic lakes, pine forests and paths to discover.
I always preferred the sea to the mountain but I was literally fascinated.
Snow-covered mountains, pristine natural areas, cities and small overflowing cultural landscapes make Switzerland an ideal holiday destination.
A varied landscape of valleys and picturesque cities, especially the Graubünden region, Switzerland's largest canton, the most eastern and the only trilingual. Here everything is different, even the chromatic: red like the Rhaetian railway wagons, yellow like the post bus, blue like the 615 lakes and the sky over the 150 valleys, green like the forests and pastures, golden brown like larches in the fall, gray like fortresses and rocks, and white like snow and glaciers.
And it is in the Canton of Graubünden, in Val Poschiavo, where my trip to Switzerland started.
The natural and cultural landscape of Val Poschiavo is only 25 kilometers from the sparkling Bernina chain to Veltlin vineyards but offers a multitude of natural beauty, beautiful towns with interesting cultural monuments, palaces and churches.
On board the "Red Train" or the "Bernina Express", with the red caravan compositions of the Rhaetian railway, or by car: the route from the Engadine to Val Poschiavo, the southernmost of the 150 valleys of the Graubünden, offers up to the borders with Italy one of Switzerland's most varied landscapes.
The train path on the Bernina Pass from St. Moritz to Val Poschiavo and to Tirano, the Italian border, is an impressive experience. Here the gaze spans the mountain panorama of the Morteratsch glacier, the Diavolezza or the Lagalb glacier. From the Alp Grum you can see the imposing Palu glacier and at the same time the majestic Lake Poschiavo with its cobalt blue waters, a spectacle of nature.
The chief town of the small, unspoiled resort of Val Poschiavo is the town of Poschiavo, whose patrician houses surround the square, giving it a typically Italian character. Poschiavo, in fact, has its charm in the seductive old town, rich in magnificent palaces and vaguely medieval architecture.
And I still remember it, the astonishment on my face and the astonished eyes in front of the beauty of this nature.

lunedì 19 giugno 2017

Villa d'Amelia: un soggiorno romantico nel cuore delle Langhe

Imagine wearing a skirt in the '50 mood, climbing on a red Vespa with your Love and going down the countryside in the rolling hills of Piedmont, just like in a movie. The wind in the hair, the smiles in the mirrors, the scent of the summer and the desire to spend a romantic and relaxed weekend in a unique landscape: the Langhe.
An incomparable corner of Italy that contains unrivaled excellence, often just whispered in the ear as secrets from gourmet of middle world. Here Nebbiolo reigns, with its noble sons - the Barolo and the Barbaresco - protected by castles, towers and fortified villages that bring us back to the middle ages of struggles and splendor. And beneath these hills so special, the last and most secret treasure: the White Truffle of Alba.
The Savoy Piedmont of royal palces and courts, of palaces and gardens preserves its ancient, wild and original soul in the Langhe and the Monferrato, among oak groves and scented rituans, between hazelnuts and pastures, in stone villages and rustic churches. A soul of ancestral beauty that is mirrored on the snowy chain of the Alps to protect it and refreshed by the marin, the wind of the sea that warms and smells, giving that microclimate so special to its inimitable wines.

mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

Pantaloni a palazzo: il trend più glam dell'estate 2017

Live the summer in total freedom and comfort? A dream, but not only: the beautiful season allows us to play with our outfit, choosing fresh and light pieces that allow to enjoy not only freshness but also greater comfort. Comfort in the summer is important, especially in order to tolerate the warmth: here is why you need to choose woolen heads and lightweight materials. The question, however, must also be tackled from the point of view of style, and here comes a really "in" items of this season, which at the same time embodies the ideals of elegance and comfort: we talk about palace trousers, one of the major trends of 2017.

Palace trousers: a trend glam plated 2017

Palace trousers are one of the trends that go for the most since the spring, and will find great success even during the summer. But what are they, and how are they done? These are very wide and vaporous waist trousers, wide and straight leg, made of very soft fabrics. Their silhouette is made especially for the knees not to be highlighted in such a way as to trace a perfect line, which is ideal for the physical movement. Finally, they often come with an elephant paw, though just mentioned. The best thing is that on the great e-commerce fashion platforms like, there are so many variants of these pants, both in terms of materials, prints and colors. Some examples of the most popular models: the elegant beige or floral or geometric designs in blue and white. Finally, for a more classy touch, there are also the palace trousers with slits side, perfect for elegant events.

Why palace trousers are fashionable?

Palace trousers are fashionable because they are incredibly versatile: they are good both office and afternoon walks, and are obviously recommended for evening events. Their elegance, in fact, makes the pair with their comfort, given the lightness of the fabrics and therefore the chance to face the summer heat better. And then they're fine at all: from women who have a lean and tall silhouette, until they get to the curvy women. In addition, making pairs with palace trousers is very easy: they can be paired with a sweatshirt, a slightly street style and a little glam.
They're fine with a jeans jacket - when it's cooler - or with a simple t-shirt for a perfect day look.

lunedì 5 giugno 2017

Love is... "I want to age with you"

I have my own concept of love. That is certainly no continuous seduction, or scenery or a bunch of flowers. Love for me is to turn around and know that you are protecting my shoulders even if distant. It is looking for your hand and finding it, next door. It is talking, diving into your arms, your speeches and the scent that your skin is wearing. It is to recognize you amoung thousand people, you with your voice and your eyes. Love is respect. It is back even after a big quarrel, which crunches the moments but never the heart. True love is sacrifice, it is pain sometimes. It is often detached and then comes back. It is knowledge of the other's mind. It is cure. It is his gaze that every day whispers that he is happy with you. It is his phone call to know if you've had snow problems or simply tell you "I'm goig home." It is weekends together and the silences that have the flavor of serenity.
True love is like a book, of those you hold on the bedside table or on your lap during a long train ride. It's not an easy path. It's a close hand close to yours. It is looking together in the same direction and screaming in "I want to age with you". The love.

sabato 27 maggio 2017

Arredare casa con Asta del Mobile

I have always been a fan of furniture and design. To furnish, for me, is to create a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.
The interiors speak. The rooms emphasize if a person exists or lives, and there is a big difference between the two.
It is through the choice of details that expresses the personality of a furniture and those who live there. Detail is indispensable to make our home unique through its multifaceted expressions.
This and nothing else is, in its most profound reason, the home: a projection of the ego, and the decor is nothing more than an indirect form of the worship of the ego.
Do you already know Asta del Mobile? The point of reference for those who, like me, intends to review the decor of their own home.
Asta del Mobile (you can see here the site) offers in its showroom furniture lines for all the house, looking for the best of Italian design with a special attention to creativity and functionality.
In fact, its mission is to continue discovering new, perhaps less well-known Italian brands but of excellent quality. Thus, for 25 years, the Asta del Mobile consultant staff customizes client homes with ad hoc solutions for each size, from the most convenient to complete customization of spaces.
Periodically Asta del Mobile offers really interesting offers. It also meets the needs of the client on the basis of the contributions it receives from the supplying companies to turn them directly to the private. In addition, thanks to the "All Inclusive" formula, hydraulic, light and gas connections are no longer a problem as Asta del Mobile helps you with certified professionals directly at your home for accurate, timely and profitable service.

mercoledì 24 maggio 2017

Roncato: lo stile in viaggio

 Since I was a child, I always dreamed of a "traveling life". I think traveling is the best way to know, a real school of life. The journey not only extends the mind, it gives it shape.
Traveling is walking toward the horizon, meeting the other, knowing, discovering, and getting richer than the walk started.
The true core of a person's vital spirit is the passion for adventure. The joy of living comes from the encounter with new experiences, so there is no greater joy than having a constantly changing horizon, to be found every day under a new and different sun.
We travel for adventure spirit, to know other peoples, to go to the discovery of the world, and then realize that the one you've ever forgiven is there, just behind the home garden. We travel to learn to love and to be loved, to relieve a pain or to vent the anger, driven by blind faith or because we have nothing to believe in. We travel to be the first or to say "I was there", to help others or to be helped. We travel to meet someone or to forget someone else, to investigate in the depths of our soul or to escape from ourselves.
By car, train or plane, for pleasure or work, the important thing is to travel with the right company. Mine? Roncato and its suitcase, characterized by a perfect blend of practicality, lightness, robustness, safety and design.
RV Roncato is very attentive to the high quality of its creations, as evidenced by the Made in Italy production, the use of innovative high-tech technologies that meet the needs of the traveler and the strict quality control of the interior. Just what I look for in a suitcase: style along with the best technological product performance.

domenica 21 maggio 2017

Bio-Oil: il mio alleato di bellezza!

Skin, you know, needs to be nourished and hydrated to maintain its natural elasticity. In this regard, I want to talk to you about Bio-Oil, my beauty ally and my daily cuddle after the shower!
Many of you have already heard of it, others maybe use it since a long time; Bio-Oil, which has always been used as a topical remedy for stretch marks, is a true touch for the skin.
But what is it? Bio-Oil is a multifunctional dermatological oil specialist in the treatment and care of the skin. Its formulation, in fact, makes it effective, and at the same time practical to use, to visibly improve the appearance of skin damaged by scars and stretch marks. In addition, its natural ingredients (marigold, rosemary, chamomile and lavender oil) and vitamins also have beneficial effects in the event of skin discoloration, aging and dehydration of the skin.
Bio-Oil, in fact, promotes an increase of collagen production and moisturises the skin deeply, it restores and maintains the highest degree of elasticity of the skin, reducing its irregular appearance. Its unique composition makes it delicate and hypoallergenic, so it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin and tolerated in pregnant patients, and in addition to other elasticizing oils in the market, it absorbs without leaving those nasty traces of eyelids on the skin that I hate so much.

venerdì 12 maggio 2017

LabSolue: il nuovo Perfume Laboratory all'interno dell'Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano

Perfume is emotional, personal, culture, memory and experience. LabSolue is the new Perfume Laboratory: a fascinating place where the guests of the Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano (here) and the curious travelers can discover and buy Perfumes and Perfumed Candles with floral, fruity or woody hints, inspired by the Suites of the hotel, as well as the exquisite Acqua Adornationis body care line.
A laboratory in all respects where you can take an olfactory journey between funnels, tubes, colored amps, works on perfume art and blue dictionaries, to browse, during the preparation of your own essence, on elegant purple velvet armrests. A fascinating place that conquers and enchants with its history, a dream that interprets a past of emotions, talent and craftsmanship.
The architecture of the Laboratory follows a creative and at the same time strict design. A wooden cabinet, inspired by Marvin's memorable pharmaceutical lab, keeps old-fashioned pieces from the 1960s belonging to the family business store and framed the workbench.
The wood heat combined with the strength of iron and steel is the structure of the four "islands", a distinctive element of the Perfume Laboratory, where customers can find their way to discover, along an inebriating olfactory route, 39 woody, fruity or floral olfactory notes that characterizes the hotel's environments and suites.

venerdì 5 maggio 2017

Tiffany Blue Box: la felicità di una donna in una scatolina

"Tiffany has something in the store that can not be bought for any number: it can only be given a gift: one of its boxes."

All women dream of it.
All women want it.
Refined by a satin white ribbon, the Tiffany Blue Box is a symbol of sophistication and style around the world since 175 years.
Introduced in a busy street or resting on the palm of a hand, the Tiffany Blue Boxes make the heart stronger and are the symbol of the great heritage of elegance, exclusivity and impeccable craftsmanship of Tiffany.
Blue Tiffany, recognized worldwide, is the color of love and emotions, the color that identifies in every Tiffany creation: from the most precious diamond to silver charms. A unique, elegant, fresh and delicate color that has been through almost a century and a half of history, becoming a Tiffany world icon.
What probably few people know is that the unmistakable color of the Blue Box can be admired in nature. It is, in fact, the color of the eggs of a variety of American brutal -turdus migratorius- that inspired the creation of Blue Tiffany: Pantone 1837.
"Blue Tiffany tone evokes positive thoughts and emotions, and together with the status achieved by Tiffany, it creates the perfect packaging."

And it is in that "magic" box that is enclosed the happiness of a woman.

venerdì 21 aprile 2017

Buon Compleanno Dietorelle!

Lo ammetto, sono una golosa! Impazzisco per le caramelle... Morbide, di gelatina, alla frutta o alla menta. Alle caramelle non riesco proprio dire di no, in particolare alle mie amate Dietorelle: ricche di succhi di frutta, senza coloranti e senza aromi artificiali.

martedì 18 aprile 2017

Quando un uomo ama, la sua donna corre.

When a man loves his woman runs.
Have you ever seen the reaction of a woman loved by a man? When a woman meets a man who falls in love with her, always she has the same reaction: she runs.
She runs by, runs towards, runs away, however runs. And the man is still there and can also have just a reaction: to run.
He runs by, runs towards, runs away, however runs.
In the end I know that love is a big marathon. And in this huge athletics track, including leg warmers, sweat bands, and starter bored, certain moments of pathos are consumed that even Mennea has given us.
We see men who had never trod athletics tracks, but at most made the trek in the fall between the hilly streets of a country fair, put shoes and jump racing on the lane, chasing her that she turned for a moment and seems to have winked do with misunderstanding; other men, more used to competition, as long as she does not slow to point him leave her scent, and he then snaps and runs, but she is an old school lungometrista and recovers quickly stepped record. Then there are men who are competing on themselves, that invade lanes, slow down, look around, seem uninterested to the thing, until someone supports them and encourages them to run together.
Love is a race, the kind that break your breath, that make you cramp and dehydrate you. No matter being first, but never stop running.

lunedì 10 aprile 2017

Egitto: Mar Rosso e Sharm El-Sheikh

It's the land of the Pharaohs, mysteries and contrasts. This is Egypt, a country that hides thousands of years of history, nature and art.
The crystal clear water and warm sunshine make the Red Sea of Egypt a wonderful destination to visit all year round.
Sharm El-Sheikh, the most famous place on the Red Sea, south Sinai, bordered by a vast and arid desert, and therefore also called "the pearl of the Red Sea", overlooks one of the richest tropical seas of the world for variety and concentration of marine life. Sharm El-Sheikh is, in fact, the undisputed realm of the seabed by the unique beauty, a paradise for snorkeling and diving lovers.
A unique setting: a rich variety of reef fish species and color that seems to swim in an aquarium. The extraordinary light of the reef with its colorful inhabitants, give life to the ideal holiday for those who like to dive into the underwater nature. The Natural Park of Ras Mohammed, home of many sea turtles, is a perfect example of crystal clear water, exotic cliffs and incredible variety of fish.
Developed initially in Naama Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh now has many resorts, some of which high-level (such as the Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort where I stayed during my vacation), located in other beautiful bays, both south to north of Naama Bay, which has a lively atmosphere, especially around the popular shopping center where are concentrated bars, nightclubs and shops in which to buy typical Bedouin handicrafts such as jewelery, leather, pillows, ceramics, but also spices, hookahs and papyrus.
The majesty of the desert, intense light, spicy aromas, colorful nights, music and exotic sounds, make Sharm El Sheikh a magical place.
But Sharm El Sheikh is not just sea, relaxation and fun. The Red Sea offers, in fact, a variety of itineraries with destinations both natural and cultural character.
Here you can cross the Sinai desert, at dawn, to the famous Monastery of Saint Catherine, and see the sun rise from the sands of the sacred Mount where Moses got the 10 commandments, or hire a jeep to the Colored Canyon, characterized by labyrinths, rock towers and tunnels caving course in stone, where the colors red, gold and purple glitter in the sands of the desert, or discover the desert in a quiet and relaxing way on the back of a camel or sparkling hiring a safari quad.

lunedì 3 aprile 2017

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Fleur Musc

For Her Musc Fleur, a new chapter by Narciso Rodriguez. A unique, irresistible and intriguing fragrance, born from the desire to create a fragrance characterized by a musk heart surrounded by the warmth and richness of flowers that enclose together the uniqueness of a rose.
The vibrant spirit of For Her Musc Fleur expresses the deep sensuality of every woman.
For Her Musc Fleur is inspired by women who claim independence, marked by an exquisite grace.
The musk heart, signing For Her, wraps of roses, spices and amber woods, creating a sparkling fragrance. A floral bouquet, with vibrant notes, envelops the heart of musk, for a touch of sensuality. The sumptuous pink flowers, sublimated by pink peppercorns, join the musk, while the amber and patchouli give the brightness.
The fragrance captures the freedom and nuance of a femininity that includes everything radiates new vitality and transmits a sensual self-confidence.

giovedì 30 marzo 2017

Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano: un viaggio attraverso i sensi

There are places that enter in the heart at first glance, places where you can breathe and live the beauty in all its forms, places that are unlikely to be forgotten.
In Milan, in the heart of the design district, there is a "jewel" called Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano, the first Hotel à Parfum belonging to the prestigious luxury collection of Small Luxury Hotels of The World.
Small Luxury Hotels of The World has, in fact, more than 500 independent hotels in 80 countries, offering an endless variety of memorable experiences, carefully selected for their style and their exceptionality. All different but united from offering the best location, high-quality, personalized service and an authentic way to discover the destination. And so elegant and classy hotel as the Magna Pars Suites Milan could only be part of this fascinating collection.
It is for this elegance, for this simple luxury, for the perfume, always different, that envelops every environment and enters in the mind, for white furniture, for the perfume laboratory, the corridors beams and railings steel that resemble so much a ship -and to my love for the sea- but I would not have wanted to leave.
From the outside a huge glass wall reveals the flavor of the past: post-industrial elements, original walls of what at the time was the perfume factory of Martone family.
The love for perfumes, for art and for the hospitality brought the family to found the five-star hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano, to live a unique experience through all the senses.

giovedì 23 marzo 2017


To miss. From Latin, mancus - maimed, imperfect. Not be enough, to defect and also fail.
It is what feels those who experience this feeling on their skin: flawed, failing, not enough. It is an emotional state that involves being unhappy, having to react against their wishes and do the opposite of what you would like. Because if someone is missing, for sure we would like not missing.
It is the lack of love, a friend or a loved one, it does not matter. Distances require you to respond and not sit there waiting.
It is strange the way a person manages to miss. It is equally strange the way you can not do without someone.
We were created comprehensive, yet we are looking for our soul mate, the half apple, our missing piece. 
It is absurd! Absurd and inexplicable. With feelings there is nothing to do, you can not control feelings.
I believe that failings have to do with dependencies, that the to much brings to an end. I think anyone who is missing, too often, is the result of a more that you had, and which has been removed. It is the routine that is interrupted, the habit that becomes the exception.
It is bad having to deal with failings, with distances, with the absences. It is hard to handle them, deal with them, overcome them. What is certain, is that life goes on anyway, but there are some failings and there will always be. They are part of us.
Life is made of this: of failings, empty filled and unbridgeable gaps.

lunedì 20 marzo 2017

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina in Fiore

Pink as the spring that returns and romance that brings. Pink as cherry trees, the Peach Blossom and magnolias, with their nuances, dye the blue sky of this period. Rose as the soul of a poised young lady on a swing of emotions. Pink as her thoughts and sighs.
The roofs of Milan, the chirping of birds, spring in the air and a Signorina in Fiore, happy and carefree, romantic and gentle that, as a corolla, pretty opens its petals to the first rays of sun.
Sweet but lively, elegant but youthful, is Signorina in Fiore, the new floral-fruity fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo.
Dedicated to the romantic and joyous soul of the young women, the scent opens with colorful notes, where the delicious, lively sorbet Nashi pear merges with the juicy pomegranate. The heart is a created with enchanted flowers: while the cherry blossom swaying in the breeze, Jasmine petals spread their essence. Finally, an intense light embraces the senses, leaving a sinuous trail of White Musk and Sandalwood.
A fragrance that exudes joy and happiness... because when in love every girl blossoms like a flower.

martedì 14 marzo 2017

Acqua Alpes: la freschezza sulla pelle

Imagine the sapphire sky of spring, white clouds that goes well with the white snow, the fresh air coming from the glaciers, the Tyrolean Alps, the sun's warmth and purity of blue water flowing in flower-filled meadows.
Imagine then to be able to combine all of these unique feelings and "wear" them every time you feel that need of freshness, freedom, naturally, delicacy. They are the scented creations Acqua Alpes inspired by own landscapes of the Tyrolean Alps, whose secret is hidden right there, between the pristine peaks of the Alps, where is the purest and crystalline water, ables to exalt the most sought after natural essences .
It takes about 20 years for rainwater to infiltrate into the mountains is purified and only then enriched with trace elements: ready to be mixed to create a line of unique fragrances, created following ancient recipes combining the most exclusive ingredients.
The line includes products for the body, 3 home perfumers and 4 fragrances for the person, their name is a number corresponding to one of the peaks surrounding Innsbruck: 2828, 2334, Oud 3333 and Oud 3007.
Each piece is unique and inimitable, created entirely by hand at every stage of its production, from the essence creation to its packaging.
Acqua Alpes is purity and simplicity, each fragrance exudes the love for nature and evokes the alpine forests with their fairy-tale scenarios.

lunedì 6 marzo 2017

La vita. Che bel proposito, vivere.

Life. What a beautiful way, to live. And living life is all that we are asked to do, like at Christmas when you give away a toy train to a child, and he only have to mount the track and then leave the wagons track on the rails.
After all life is this, it is given to us and then leave us free to "mount" as best we believe, trusting that then we live therefore, at best. Life knows only one time, that of a life, in fact, and it is precisely for this time that is given us to appreciate, as best we can, this gift that someone, for some reason we can not know, packed for us.
If we all were to accept this gift and there we took care, reminding us that it is unique and irreplaceable, and we thank every moment for as long as we are allowed to enjoy it, perhaps, we would have a good reason to live, life.

mercoledì 1 marzo 2017

Amon Olimje: i sapori della Slovenia

Wine estate, surrounded by nature, Amon Olimje is one of the oldest in Slovenia.
A green oasis surrender by a sense of peace. At the height of their beauty there are the forests, vineyards, flowers, rushing streams, grazing cows and chirping birds.
Here, in the company cellar, mature a wide selection of wines from the wine region of Virstanj, as well as fine aged wines, but the reputation of the company is also in the good cuisine and golf course.
Amon family offers its guests the best. From wine, cuisine, going to sports and even the stay. A pension, Natura Amon, nestling in the green oasis that fought on the one hand, the forest and the other extending toward the sunrise, on the golf course.
A rustic interior takes up the shape of a wine cellar.
The cuisine offers a wide range of cuisines and fine wines: seasonal dishes made with fresh ingredients and fruits, organic produce grown in their gardens and used in the preparation of organic menus. Delicious homemade pate, salami of Kozjansko, a wide selection of soups, such as soup to Kozjansko mushrooms or the bread "prezganka", but also gnocchi, homemade pasta, game, lamb, duck and pork.
The wines embody the colors, the aromas and the flavors of the best varieties of white and black grapes of Styria region. Words are not enough, you have to enjoy!
Slovenia, with its landscapes, its cuisine and its wellness centers, has fascinated me so much that I'm already thinking about going back. This time I could rent a holiday home with Hundredrooms in Ljubljana... who knows;)

venerdì 24 febbraio 2017

Profumi: aria di Primavera

The awakening of nature, the sweet smell of a noble garden in bloom, the unpublished shades of a particular color. What perfume has spring 2017? And the Garden of Eden?
Sweet and deep and strong personality. Forthright and decisive. Romantic and nostalgic. But also seductive and scratchy. These the facets of femininity that spring fragrances intended to fish.
Fresh and light fragrances characterized by floral notes. What are the fragrances of a "blooming" Princess? I'll let you know all them but after you have to tell me yours!

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

Il fascino di una Donna

Dictionaries treat charm as a magic word, mostly negative connotations. It refers to the idea of ​​magic, sorcery, enchantment. In English it is spell. Being under someone's spell means to suffer the magic, being kidnapped. The French expression is kinder. Charm is the grace, the innate delicacy, the je ne sias quoi of what attracts. In German, Zauber, Reiz, indicate the magical seduction. But there is also the word Ausstrahlung, radiance, indicating something that radiates "from within" and wraps in a fascinating aura.
In certain women who are neither beautiful nor pleasant than others, there is an invincible charm that attracts men and impresses and makes indignant the other women who may not realize it, because it acts only on the male members.
It is a kind of fluorescence in a woman. If she has charm, she does not need anything else; if she do not have it, everything else is not very useful. The indefinite charm in a woman is what the perfume is to the flower, what the taste is to the fruit.
Charm is the feminine ability to conquer a man with no other weapons than the simplicity of his being a Woman. We are not women equally but we are women from endless charms. And with charm, I do not mean that ostentatious and built, but the one that captivates and disturbs, made of one hidden eyes and unspoken words. Of that sweetness, of those spontaneous laughter of who do not want to please you, of those silences full of significance that keep you always ready to reflect and not to neglect the slightest message.
There are women with a charm that remains discreet as long as a man does not reveal it, women who do not seek attention but that deserve to any angle from which to be able to observe them.

venerdì 17 febbraio 2017

Amare una donna

There is no woman who does not deserve love, even that which you regard as the worst, just that it is the woman who deserves more love.
Love is a wealth and often poorly distributed. Still, there would have to give, to bring life to the world. There would be loved, not to keep track.
Women to be loved, must be respected above all. You must understand them, accept them, and then love them.
If you can find the key to get in her heart and bring the gift of the noblest sentiment that collects completely different, it will make she happy.
To love a woman is a difficult gesture, but not give it up.
You will have to overcome mistrust, hesitation, objective difficulties, climb mountains and reduce distances, but no effort will never be too much for a woman to love.
Do not lose heart, do not overlook anything, if only perceived that she can appreciate your love, give it to her. If instead refuse you, it means that she has already had enough.
There will always be a woman to love that is waiting to be loved.

lunedì 13 febbraio 2017

Papillon: come indossarlo

One of the most classic masculine elegance accessories is without a doubt bow tie.
According to the dress codebow tie was created to be worn on those occasions where elegance is a must.
As any accessory of the male wardrobe, even the bow tie has its own rules to be able to wear it with style, without being out of place:
1) you do not wearing it without jacket
2) it can be combined with vests, cardigans, sweaters
3) you do not wear on occasions like job interviews or tests (as the attention of the interlocutor would risk being drawn from your clothing rather than on your personality)

venerdì 3 febbraio 2017

Romantica(mente) Milano

The light entering from the bedroom window, here at Hotel Manin, the sky of Milan that begins to be tinged with pink and passersby strolling happy in the park on a winter Saturday afternoon.
A bright room with contemporary design and beautiful view of the most beautiful park of the city.
 I look out and sigh, I always loved sunsets, especially those burning that speak of love. And who knows where end up all the sighs which we entrust to the sky. Perhaps where go the kisses not given, the unfinished dreams and loves that do not have made, in those trampled streets together, hand in hand, or in that place where it was the first kiss, the first time.
I sit at the desk, one last look at email, then start the playlist and I direct me, bare feet caressing the hazelnut parquet, to the bathroom.
A hot shower, while the notes of "Kiss Me" are blended with those of ylang ylang shower gel and talc Chanel N ° 5, his favorite. A message on whatsapp, -Can not wait to hug you-. I smile. Before long we'll see.
I bite a strawberry and sipping tea in front of the cabinet, while still wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe, I choose carefully what to wear in this evening that has the prelude to be magical.
Lacquered polish, red lips like cherries and rosy cheeks. Shirt knotted in a bow and I wear a tweed dress, humming, absorbed in my thoughts, "I Love You Baby" that now pervades the room.
The last look in the mirror, just in time to read a new message, -When you want, Princess, I'm waiting for you in the hall-.
The moon has taken the place of the sun, the stars are competing to see who shines more in the sky that frames this evening with the scent of love, and hence the time will begin to compete in chills.

venerdì 27 gennaio 2017


Blue like the things I love. Clear sky during full moon nights, calm sea in hot hours of summer and large flower hydrangea that reborns every spring.
Blue is the color of my life. The ideals, hopes and crazy ideas. Blue is the color that calms me, cradling my soul like a sweet melody. Sometimes, blue is also the color of my melancholy.
Minutes, hours, seconds are marked by all shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest.
I have heavenly thoughts and cobalt blue words, the sea in the eye and the sky in the heart. I have blue intense torments as the worst of storms and turquoise dreams like exotic waters where to stay for hours on the shoreline to breathe life. An expanse of water that never ends, where each drop has a story to tell, where the scent intoxicates me and makes my heart vibrate. A thousand emotions that, one after the other, give the rhythm to that loving heart free to draw in the sky its history.
Life carries within it the color that you give. A picture to be painted with a thousand shades and every color is an emotion. The emotion that helps to dream, the one that makes the heart beat, the emotion that gives chills, and one that makes the magical world. With the fingers or a brush, get your hands dirty of life is to live.

lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Verbania: tra incanto e poesia

Magic and romance, this is hidden in each lake. Whatever it is, wherever it is. In any season and at any time of day.
The lake has always been a rich reminder of charm and surprises. Sunrises and sunsets painted by a thousand shades like a painter's palette. Of pages read on a bench and colorful flowers that perfume the air and make Verbania a lakeside garden overlooking the Borromeo Gulf. A place full of charm and poetry, able to seduce and enthrall with its timeless beauty.
On the shore slopes gently to the lake, Verbania is a succession of luxurious villas and lush gardens.
It has always been a destination for elite travelers, such as painters and poets in search of inspiration. Cured and equipped Verbania looks like a balcony from which to enjoy magnificent views of the lake, such as Villa Giulia or Villa Rusconi Clerici.
Overlooking the gulf you can see Isola Madre and in the background Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori. Set like jewels, starting from 800 were proudly displayed. Now easily accessible from Verbania by boat, to admire natural beauty, scenery and quaint villages that enchant and captivate with their beauty and poetry.
 Verbania, a postcard, of those who remember "La Dolce Vita" of the '60s.
 Here the houses are colorful, just like a child would do with his pastels, yellow, orange, pink and blue, the wind whispers names carried in the heart and Love strolling along the lake, in the gardens of Villa Taranto or enjoying a dinner as it likes, by candlelight, with watchful eyes that plunge into the lake illuminated by his majesty Moon.

venerdì 20 gennaio 2017


Choose friends and lovers that are strong wings with which to fly, which will help you to born, even when it hurts, to find out who you really are, to make you a better person. Choose those who reproached you for too affection, instead of who consoles you for convenience. Those who tackles hard-nosed, yell at you and eventually remains. Choose those who are not chained to the immobility of the soil, but draws to you another piece of sky. Those who do not make promises and then keeps them. Those who betray the expectations, because there is no other way to honor the life, in its magnificent imperfections. Who will change your eyes, or return them for the first time, showing you a different way of looking.
Choose who pushes you to fight, to grow, to experience. Those who invent every day new colors and unconscious enough to approach the green with yellow, cobalt blue with ruby ​​red, because nothing makes us more courageous as the ability to break the rules and subverting the obvious.
Choose who scares you. And then, choose who makes you want to overcome that fear.

lunedì 16 gennaio 2017

Rimske Terme: il luogo dove storia e modernità si incontrano

Located in one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, Lasko, Rimske Terme literally, "Roman Baths" - combine modern tourism services with a rich tradition.
The city owes its name to the ancient Romans who exploited the benefits of its thermal waters that gushed out from the cracks of the dolomitic rocks of Straznik. In 39 BC, in fact, they built the first swimming pools with hot and cold water in the place where now occupied by the Rimske Terme.
For a long time the baths were available only to members of the upper classes and senior military officers, only in recent years have become accessible to all who want to benefit from their healing effects.
Here, in the beautiful surroundings of the spa, you will discover the true meaning of the saying "mens sana in corpore sano". Rimske Terme are, in fact, in an idyllic place, a fairytale landscape surrounded by lush forests and mountains, and a park that since 1879 is home to giant sequoias, tulip trees, Japanese cypress, yew and many other exotic trees.
The thermal water of Rimske Terme is one of the richest in Slovenia for content of chemical elements beneficial to the human body. It is been shown that water helps to cure various orthopedic, rheumatic, gynecological, dermatological, respiratory and pulmonary, gastrointestinal and neurological diseases. Besides the excellent location in the beautiful Savinja Valley, with its pristine forests, it has a beneficial effect on chronic lung diseases. But Rismke Terme are also home to the better rehabilitation equipped medical center in Slovenia. Here, expert physiotherapists, along with rehabilitation professionals, draw up rehabilitation programs that help to recover from injury and illness.
Rimske Terme is the ideal place for relaxing in the healing waters of Amalia source or the Roman source, find inner peace in the country of Varinia saunas, where you can enjoy the Finnish sauna, Turkish and infrared. After the sauna, pamper yourself with body wraps, exfoliation, the Kneip programs or enjoying a massage with essential oils to regain energy and health. Or indulge in a magical and romantic moment with your partner, in the historic center of the nymphs bathroom, in the four authentic stone vats and six modern vats for couples.

mercoledì 11 gennaio 2017

Untitled Woman

She had that beauty of which only the losers are capable of. And the clarity of weak things. And loneliness, perfect, of what has been lost. She was one of those people who make this world a place worth visiting.
Me spellbound at her. She knew to like and she liked. She had that beauty which is impossible to look away, the immense beauty that makes you afraid, cringe. She looked like a goddess, one of those Greek gorgeous.
Whenever I obstinated me on a different particular, a mole, a shade of the eyes, an expression. She always noticed, or nearly so, and smiled. -Why are you looking at me? - Because she was the most charming creature I had ever seen.
 Her eyes had the power to make me mad. They did not touched me, but when they looked at me they digging in, the soul. I looked at her and smiled. Her smiles, I could write a book about her smiles, from the most sad and melancholy, to those sounds, so rare, that filled me with happiness. Her laugh. Lovely.
I kissed her with eyes a million times and I never told her that I would stay hours watching her eyes, hours to kiss her lips, hours to hear her voice.
I looked at her and she smiled.

venerdì 6 gennaio 2017

Il profumo del Gentleman

Perfumes can be an expression of style, the way of being of a person, a kind of business card.
Fragrances to have a similar appeal should "fall" like a bespoke suit "worn" with the pleasant feeling of being at ease and, just like a suit, must be able to give proper emphasis to the details, the unusual notes, without becoming excessive.
By following these warnings we can find fragrances that fit more than others to the various situations that everyone is used to living every day:

-Business/work: in the workplace sobriety in manners is important, not only in clothing, but also in perfumes; fresh fragrances are preferable, or possibly even citrus with notes of wood, overall better if mild without being too demanding or insightful. In the workplace the perfume is a routine, something had to, not because of it that affects those around us, so that must be worn sparingly and with a certain naturalness.

-Gala dinners/important events: how you will wear the tuxedo, the fragrance will also accompany you and the choice will be limited to a few essences; almost obvious choosing a cologne, it's up to you to choose the most penetrating and deep notes (hints of woody/tobacco notes) if you are confident in what you do, and if more doubtful on the fragrance still better to opt for something cool or at most slightly citrusy.

-Dates: do speak for you the perfume you wear but with cunning: if you think you are deep, use penetrating notes, such as oak wood, tobacco, white musk; if you want to tease the imagination of your partner, make her clear that there is more beyond appearances, use exotic notes, distant: tobacco, sandalwood, rose pepper, spices (taking care not to exceed too much as not everyone can taste); but if you are toned, sport, simple wear citrus notes or patchouli.

-Free time: you do not have to please anyone but yourself, so you wear the fragrances that you like.

And always remember: a spray (not excessive) to the wrist and then pass both on the neck.
Do not be excessive, better focus on quality not quantity.

lunedì 2 gennaio 2017

La magia di Bled

There are places that speak of love, medieval stories, desires, promises and "yes" pronounced at the water surface. Places that make you dream with open eyes, able to "dissolve" even the heart of the most skeptical of human beings.
Bled is a place that will enchant everyone with its magical power, its charm and its romanticism.
The eternal charm of Bled is in its enchanted lake, a shimmering body of crystal clear water embraced by a necklace of snow-capped Alps. In the middle of the lake reigns the only island in Slovenia, crowned by a 15th century chapel, while, on a steep cliff that rises above the mirror of the lake, there is the symbol of Bled and Slovenia, the Bled Castle.
In the present site of the lake in the past was a tectonic basin later sculpted by glacier Bohinj. The tectonic origin of the lake is confirmed from the hot springs on the northeast side of the lake. Today the sources are captured in three pools of the Grand Hotel Toplice, the Park hotel and Golf hotel where I stayed during my trip to Slovenia.
And it will be for the romantic air, that picturesque and impressive image that distinguishes the Lake Bled from any other and makes it unique enough to be chosen by many couples as a wedding venue to celebrate their love story.
Bled inspired for its mild climate, fresh air and clear water, the serenity and tranquility of the place, and those colorful traditional boats, "Pletna", which drift slowly across the lake to transport its visitors in their most beautiful dreams. It is said, in fact, that those who have not hiked pletna has not visited Bled really.
 Horse-drawn carriages add a traditional touch to the city, while the delicious puff pastry cream is a symbol of Bled culinary art, being baked here since 1953, when the original recipe was invented. A dessert that can be purchased anywhere, of course, but the puffs of Bled remain unique in the world.
The former director of the bakery of the hotel Park, Mr. Istvan Lukacevic, has experimented with different recipes until he managed to find the right combination. Even today this sweet, prepared right in this pastry shop, is served in front of the cafe, with a wonderful view of the lake.