lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

La Principessa e il cacciatore

Unconsciously we run away from feelings, for fear. Fear of being hurt and disappointed, once again. We fight them as if they were a demon or a wicked witch who want to deprive us of our happiness. When, happiness, might be hidden right there in those feelings.
He had taught that evil exists and we have to defend yourself.
He did not know what had hit ofher, perhaps a word or how she bent her head to the side when she smiled. But from that day she was in his thoughts, returning when least expected it.
They met by chance at the ball and, again by chance, found themselves one day walking in a forest not far from the palace of the princess.
He recognized her immediately, hovering gracefully here and there, wrapped in a fluffy fur coat, looking for some kind magical creature could capture her attention. She had red lips like roses, big brown eyes, brown hair, white skin as snow, the happy air and, about dress, you can not say that it was there to do anything.
When their eyes met, it was felt a spark in the big eyes of the princess, and her red lips seemed to quiver as if the slightest provocation could open in a smile.
She gave him a brief glance and froze, while a smile drews on those red lips, then turned her head shyly. The fact that she had turned away was index of discretion, modesty and good manners, qualities which he considered essential for a beautiful girl.
That was the spark to attract the attention of the hunter. At that moment he felt something unusual to the heart. He had not felt that peculiar sensation, pleasant yet strangely painful from years. It was love.
He reached her, calmly, to keep her from running away, just as he had done with the fawns. He took her hand and with the other stroked her rosy cheeks. Then he looked at the long, silent, captivated by her beauty.
He pressed her to himself, in a warm embrace, and they spoke at length with the eyes and smiles, surrounded by the silent wood.
Suddenly the voice of the hunter broke the silence: "You can trust me. With me you're safe." - he said - "I will indicate a filter of love without poisons, no herbs, no magic formulas: if you want to be loved, love."
Princess's red lips parted in one of her most seductive smiles. He slowly approached to her face and kissed her with ardor and sweetness, tasting her tender lips, until the princess slumped in his arms, silently accepting his protection and his love.