giovedì 28 gennaio 2016

Un bacio alla stazione

An advertisement, the whistle of the train conductor and a departing train. "I am writing", a greeting and a kiss. Perhaps the last.
An oncoming train, a guy on the dock and a smile. Her. The eyes that meet followed by a long embrace. A kiss and then another. And another.
The train stations saw more real kisses, that the churches.
People going, people coming, people running. I love train stations, tell millions of stories. Movies already seen or simply imagined. Coming and going of souls meet, touch, intersect, spoken, observed.
The wait at the platform 23, the embrace, the timeless of the arrival and faster and a little poignant of the departure, as the train whistles already inexorable.
A kiss, a hug, a kiss, a hug and a kiss between the world go by. Who smiles thinking of the loved one, who does not notice because of too many thoughts that crowd the mind and who, perhaps, not pretends because no longer believe in love. But people do not know that every kiss and every hug is a reminder ready to remember how much you miss those hugs and kisses.
The latest recommendations and pledges, the lump in the throat and the speaker that invites travelers to rise. The exploding heart, the last kisses and the last hugs.
And who knows how many verses of poets, unknown and improvised, we inspired with our long passionate kisses. Standing in the bustle of the stations, at all times alongside the wagons, on the docks, along the tracks.

lunedì 25 gennaio 2016

Preppy Style

Inspired by American students of the College's clothing, the preppy style today is very popular among people who love a young yet sophisticated outfit, casual but impeccable.
Elegant and tasteful, the preppy style is appreciated by men but also by women, because it allows to create refined yet informal and trendy outfits.
The origin of the term "preppy" is associated with the Ivy League, an organization that organizes sports games and interscholastic tournaments of the most prestigious American colleges. The preppy clothing, then, follows a glossy world, where a golden youth is preparing to make its debut in society, wearing symbols and American upper class style, maybe between a tennis match and a piano lesson.
The "must" of the pretty style are polo shirts, cardigans, crew neck sweaters, tweed jackets, tight pants, grosgrain belts, loafers and boat shoes.
As for the color palette, however, the majority of these are: red, bottle green, navy blue, white, beige and brown.
Pioneer and lover of preppy style is fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, followed by Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, GAP and many others.

lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

Dolce Rosa Excelsa - Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce Rosa Excelsa, the new fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana that will be launched next February 2016.
A very feminine fragrance, inspired by Sicily and Italian woman, wrapped in an elegant bottle, frosted glass with a red rose cap and black ribbon.
The composition opens with notes of papaya and neroli. The essence's core proposes the mix of amaryllis, water lily, narcissus, African rose and Turkish rose. Finally an aromatic and rich touch, thanks to the notes of musk, sandalwood and cashmere.
A really seductive fragrance for a sophisticated woman. I can not wait to try it and you?

giovedì 14 gennaio 2016

Approccio che hai, tipo di uomo che attiri

I always had a negative view of the male gender.
Let's just say I was not very lucky but, recently, I've also got to change my mind and say that men are not all equal. No, not at all.
There are several categories of people, but you know this very well.
Gentlemen, come on, you not do something wrong, after all, with the emancipation and professionalization of the woman, you are completely out of equilibria phase and you are due to run for cover, you had, inevitably, change and adapt to search to stay afloat and not drown in this sea of ​​high heels, lipstick and brains. It all went quite well, we had our world and our space, you yours. Then came the social networks and with them the circus. It seems to be finished in a "hellish" group. The average woman (who, to classify "woman" makes me sick) began to show her "grazie", and led the dance of the hormones of the average man. These young ladies need constant attention and ask screaming "I'm here, look at me!", showcasing all that is displayable, without decency, dignity and self-respect, just to have 156,879 "likes" and 456 comments to the posted photo.
And worse yet, maybe the young ladies in question is "complain" even with all these hungry men. My dear...approach you have, type of man who attracts! Do not your mom ever told you?
What think that kind of man is quite obvious and banal, you can easily imagine.
Consider instead a woman not trivial and average pretty and you will notice the differences.
Faced with such a woman we will always find in the front row, ready to do his bad show, the animal or the hungry man (call it what you want), then will be the turn of man-female, all shaved with gullwing eyebrows and super tanned that not even after two weeks in the Caribbean. He belittles to attract her, the main focus is on himself, he believes an Adonis and leads us to think the same and then say her "goodbye" to the first Miss more asunder of her.
Then there is the intelligent and thoughtful man, perhaps in spite of himself ugly and then with little hope. One that the only thing he can do is belittle. Probability of success? Near zero!
Then comes the turn of the "phenomenon", so to speak, what changes from one woman to another. Not so beautiful, nice, but who has charisma. For him a woman is like another, just collect a cup. This breed is the bane of the male gender. Tend to be those that attract more, those who have the joke always ready. They have their tactics, if we can speak of tactics; they make you fall at their feet and wham... you find yourself whining on the shoulder of your best friend, in front of a nice cocktail because you had believed in him.
Finally, if she is lucky (but really!), after a tortuous path, she finds a balanced man. Very rare specimen with a modest dose of everything: intelligence, beauty, friendliness and above all with a healthy mind. He will not use tricks and cunning, not hiss and measure words and compliments. Boring?? No! He is authentic and has cultivated his interests. Still knows how to woo and treat a woman, and that's the kind of man that we should aspire.
In the words of a Mr. Dante: "Midway upon the journey of our life..." will surely find any "group" leader... but if Dante had to get a ride to Hell before moving to Paradise, I think a bit of pain is due, no?!
To be clear: although the climb will be difficult and tiring, once at the top of the "scene" that lies will be amazing.. ;)

lunedì 11 gennaio 2016

Il guardaroba della Lady

Friday night. Or Saturday. A drink with friends, a dinner with your him, a business lunch or just a walk in the park.
Open the wardrobe and unfailingly: "What shall I wear?" or "I have nothing to wear!", when, in fact, your wardrobe has the appearance of a swollen river. Is it not true?!
Yet, despite the wardrobe risks exploding at any moment, every week, every day, the story is always this.
But what are the essential elements that can not absolutely miss? Did you ever wondered? There are some essential pieces that are the basis of the perfect wardrobe, real cornerstones on which to invest.

In a wardrobe worthy of respect should not miss:

-A little black dress: epitomizes elegance to be reinterpreted with accessories
-A day dress
-Jeans: classic, slightly elastic and not discolored. Perfect night and day
-A pair of black elegant trousers: perfect for a formal dinner. If black is not in your palette, choose it in navy blue
-Cotton trousers: preferable in basic colors like white, black, beige and blue
-A black pencil skirt: perfect for formal events and for the office
- A white shirt: classic, shaped or masculine cut, just choose the one that most belongs to us
-A white T-shirt: perfect in its simplicity. Wear it with jeans for a casual style, both with a high-waisted skirt
-A black cashmere turtleneck
-Golf and cardigans: pastel colors, beige and black
-A classic suit: to wear for work or evening, whole or broken
-A blazer: to wear with jeans or a dress to play down, versatile and adaptable to every occasion
-The trench: perfect for spring and autumn, ideal in the classic color
-A coat: warm and enveloping, black or camel
-A pair of ballerina shoes: the chic alternative to sneakers, elegant and practical. Wear them, however, only during the day.
-Heels: the important thing is to be comfortable, to propel your figure will think them.

giovedì 7 gennaio 2016

Happy Hour in Milan

There is no better way to end a long day of work than with a drink. The famous happy hour!
Milan is the city of the appetizers for excellence.
What are the spots that make the best cocktails, accompanying them in good food and trendy music or relaxing? I'll let you my 6 favorite!

lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

La Principessa e il cacciatore

Unconsciously we run away from feelings, for fear. Fear of being hurt and disappointed, once again. We fight them as if they were a demon or a wicked witch who want to deprive us of our happiness. When, happiness, might be hidden right there in those feelings.
He had taught that evil exists and we have to defend yourself.
He did not know what had hit ofher, perhaps a word or how she bent her head to the side when she smiled. But from that day she was in his thoughts, returning when least expected it.
They met by chance at the ball and, again by chance, found themselves one day walking in a forest not far from the palace of the princess.
He recognized her immediately, hovering gracefully here and there, wrapped in a fluffy fur coat, looking for some kind magical creature could capture her attention. She had red lips like roses, big brown eyes, brown hair, white skin as snow, the happy air and, about dress, you can not say that it was there to do anything.
When their eyes met, it was felt a spark in the big eyes of the princess, and her red lips seemed to quiver as if the slightest provocation could open in a smile.
She gave him a brief glance and froze, while a smile drews on those red lips, then turned her head shyly. The fact that she had turned away was index of discretion, modesty and good manners, qualities which he considered essential for a beautiful girl.
That was the spark to attract the attention of the hunter. At that moment he felt something unusual to the heart. He had not felt that peculiar sensation, pleasant yet strangely painful from years. It was love.
He reached her, calmly, to keep her from running away, just as he had done with the fawns. He took her hand and with the other stroked her rosy cheeks. Then he looked at the long, silent, captivated by her beauty.
He pressed her to himself, in a warm embrace, and they spoke at length with the eyes and smiles, surrounded by the silent wood.
Suddenly the voice of the hunter broke the silence: "You can trust me. With me you're safe." - he said - "I will indicate a filter of love without poisons, no herbs, no magic formulas: if you want to be loved, love."
Princess's red lips parted in one of her most seductive smiles. He slowly approached to her face and kissed her with ardor and sweetness, tasting her tender lips, until the princess slumped in his arms, silently accepting his protection and his love.