giovedì 27 dicembre 2012

Calzette rosse

Finally, after two days of lunches and dinners we can breathe a sigh of relief a moment, before returning to celebrate yet .. Have you decided what you will do on New Year's? I do not even have, the usual latecomer!
In the meantime, in addition to studying, I show you the yesterday outfit for the last family lunch!
Have a nice day :)

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

25th December

Hello dears! How are the parties? Are you eating too much?
Today I show you pictures of my Christmas look.. Yesterday when I woke up I prepared, I opened my presents, I took some pictures and then I went to lunch to my grandma <3
What do you think of my outfit? I'm fine in Christmas version!?
Waiting for your comments :)

martedì 25 dicembre 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hello girls!
Many many wishes for a Merry Christmas from your Princess!
Spend some good parties :)
Many kisses
Buongiorno ragazze!
Tanti tanti auguri di Buon Natale dalla vostra Princess!
Passate delle belle feste :)
Tanti baci

giovedì 25 ottobre 2012

Chi è la più bella del reame?

How to make a stylish skirt less "boring"? Embarking on a funny t-shirt!!
(When I saw the t-shirt I fell in love immediately!)
And to complete the look ... lots of sparkles!

mercoledì 17 ottobre 2012

Like a Boy

Back to normal life, on Saturday I decided to turn me into a "kid"!
In these latest fashion week, style BOYSH has been revisited by many designers .. Then go ahead with shirts, blazers, trousers cut cigarette or building, brogues or loafers, but we are still elegant and feminine women .. and then .. let's not forget the right accessories that enhance our look ;)
What do you think of mine? Do you like it?

martedì 25 settembre 2012

Black & Jeans

I would like a summer without end .. sun, heat, sea and light clothing ... A dream!
This year I just can not get a view that in a very short time I have to close the closet dresses and skirts to make room for coats and scarves .. how sad!
For this until I can take advantage of it;)
What do you think of the look of today?

lunedì 24 settembre 2012

Like a DIVA

 When you think elegance is associated with the great divas of the past such as Audrey Hepburn. Always perfect, graceful and charming ... A true style icon!
Elegance is not flashy. It is not an accumulation of tinsel and exhibitionism. It is style, awareness, measure. A balanced mixture of instinctive good taste and precise choices, care of the substance and meticulous attention to every detail.

 ... A little black dress, a trench coat, high heels and pearls .. does not take much to feel immediately the DIVAS! ...

domenica 12 agosto 2012

Green & Turquoise

Yesterday for a drink with my friends I have chosen two of my favorite colors, green and turquoise, to create a chic and elegant look without wearing the classic little black dress;) Do you like? Personally I love it!

mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

Leopard chic

A small "forest" in town, where to stay away from traffic and noise. And here I got the inspiration for my look today, turning me into a leopard, but without forgetting the elegance;) What do you think?!

sabato 4 agosto 2012

Le mille e una notte

Come vi ho detto, oltre alla moda, amo viaggiare. E' una passione che mi hanno trasmesso i miei genitori sin da quando ero bambina...E mi piacerebbe condividerla con voi. Questi sono alcuni dei viaggi che ho fatto anni fa in Egitto, Tunisia e Marocco.
Sono molto affascinata dal Mondo Arabo...adoro i colori, le luci, i profumi, le spezie... E' tutto così magico!!



Ciao a tutti e benvenuti!
Sono Desirèe, ho 23 anni e studio presso l'Università di Pavia. Amo la moda e tutto ciò che la riguarda, infatti il mio più grande sogno è quello di diventare stilista, e sin da piccola ho sempre avuto una grande passione per la fotografia e per i viaggi. Così spinta da queste passioni ho deciso di aprire questo blog dove poter dar spazio ai miei pensieri, alla mia creatività e al mio stile.
A presto!
The Fashion Princess <3