mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

Mal d'Africa

I want to believe that one day we will meet again. I want to believe you will be there waiting for me, just as I left you years ago. Real and blatant in your immense beauty. I want to believe that nothing will change, that you will know, again, to give me the emotions that only you know how to give. With your empty and yours voids. Your colors, your infinite spaces and your essence.
I want to believe that you will get your lack, because, trusted, you know you're missing out terribly.
I want to believe that you will realize my dreams. That we will be one thing. You and I, like two lovers who have been separated for too long time. I want to believe you will know how to make me feel home again. You know how to give me that inner peace and that serenity that I find only in you. I want to believe that you will enter the soul, more than what you have already done. You will come back to the veins, to make my heart beat. I want to believe that you will keep it, my heart, again and again. And you will know how to restart it when I have to say hello to you.
I want to believe that it will always be this way, every way and every return.
I want to believe that I will come to you before you can think and surprise you will say me: "You're back!"
Years ago I made you a promise, remember? It's always there, waiting to be realized.
I want to believe it, because believing it is already a step towards you.

mercoledì 21 giugno 2017

Una passeggiata in Svizzera: Val Poschiavo

The lowered car windows, the warm summer wind caressing the face, the sparkling air, the scent of nature that gently nods in the nose and in the distance the whistle of the Bernina Red Train, directed to St. Moritz, which is approaching fast.
I had never been to Switzerland before last summer, but that's how I always imagined it, as in Heidi's cardboard: green lounges with grazing cows, wooden houses, colored geraniums at the windows, majestic lakes, pine forests and paths to discover.
I always preferred the sea to the mountain but I was literally fascinated.
Snow-covered mountains, pristine natural areas, cities and small overflowing cultural landscapes make Switzerland an ideal holiday destination.
A varied landscape of valleys and picturesque cities, especially the Graubünden region, Switzerland's largest canton, the most eastern and the only trilingual. Here everything is different, even the chromatic: red like the Rhaetian railway wagons, yellow like the post bus, blue like the 615 lakes and the sky over the 150 valleys, green like the forests and pastures, golden brown like larches in the fall, gray like fortresses and rocks, and white like snow and glaciers.
And it is in the Canton of Graubünden, in Val Poschiavo, where my trip to Switzerland started.
The natural and cultural landscape of Val Poschiavo is only 25 kilometers from the sparkling Bernina chain to Veltlin vineyards but offers a multitude of natural beauty, beautiful towns with interesting cultural monuments, palaces and churches.
On board the "Red Train" or the "Bernina Express", with the red caravan compositions of the Rhaetian railway, or by car: the route from the Engadine to Val Poschiavo, the southernmost of the 150 valleys of the Graubünden, offers up to the borders with Italy one of Switzerland's most varied landscapes.
The train path on the Bernina Pass from St. Moritz to Val Poschiavo and to Tirano, the Italian border, is an impressive experience. Here the gaze spans the mountain panorama of the Morteratsch glacier, the Diavolezza or the Lagalb glacier. From the Alp Grum you can see the imposing Palu glacier and at the same time the majestic Lake Poschiavo with its cobalt blue waters, a spectacle of nature.
The chief town of the small, unspoiled resort of Val Poschiavo is the town of Poschiavo, whose patrician houses surround the square, giving it a typically Italian character. Poschiavo, in fact, has its charm in the seductive old town, rich in magnificent palaces and vaguely medieval architecture.
And I still remember it, the astonishment on my face and the astonished eyes in front of the beauty of this nature.

lunedì 19 giugno 2017

Villa d'Amelia: un soggiorno romantico nel cuore delle Langhe

Imagine wearing a skirt in the '50 mood, climbing on a red Vespa with your Love and going down the countryside in the rolling hills of Piedmont, just like in a movie. The wind in the hair, the smiles in the mirrors, the scent of the summer and the desire to spend a romantic and relaxed weekend in a unique landscape: the Langhe.
An incomparable corner of Italy that contains unrivaled excellence, often just whispered in the ear as secrets from gourmet of middle world. Here Nebbiolo reigns, with its noble sons - the Barolo and the Barbaresco - protected by castles, towers and fortified villages that bring us back to the middle ages of struggles and splendor. And beneath these hills so special, the last and most secret treasure: the White Truffle of Alba.
The Savoy Piedmont of royal palces and courts, of palaces and gardens preserves its ancient, wild and original soul in the Langhe and the Monferrato, among oak groves and scented rituans, between hazelnuts and pastures, in stone villages and rustic churches. A soul of ancestral beauty that is mirrored on the snowy chain of the Alps to protect it and refreshed by the marin, the wind of the sea that warms and smells, giving that microclimate so special to its inimitable wines.

mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

Pantaloni a palazzo: il trend più glam dell'estate 2017

Live the summer in total freedom and comfort? A dream, but not only: the beautiful season allows us to play with our outfit, choosing fresh and light pieces that allow to enjoy not only freshness but also greater comfort. Comfort in the summer is important, especially in order to tolerate the warmth: here is why you need to choose woolen heads and lightweight materials. The question, however, must also be tackled from the point of view of style, and here comes a really "in" items of this season, which at the same time embodies the ideals of elegance and comfort: we talk about palace trousers, one of the major trends of 2017.

Palace trousers: a trend glam plated 2017

Palace trousers are one of the trends that go for the most since the spring, and will find great success even during the summer. But what are they, and how are they done? These are very wide and vaporous waist trousers, wide and straight leg, made of very soft fabrics. Their silhouette is made especially for the knees not to be highlighted in such a way as to trace a perfect line, which is ideal for the physical movement. Finally, they often come with an elephant paw, though just mentioned. The best thing is that on the great e-commerce fashion platforms like, there are so many variants of these pants, both in terms of materials, prints and colors. Some examples of the most popular models: the elegant beige or floral or geometric designs in blue and white. Finally, for a more classy touch, there are also the palace trousers with slits side, perfect for elegant events.

Why palace trousers are fashionable?

Palace trousers are fashionable because they are incredibly versatile: they are good both office and afternoon walks, and are obviously recommended for evening events. Their elegance, in fact, makes the pair with their comfort, given the lightness of the fabrics and therefore the chance to face the summer heat better. And then they're fine at all: from women who have a lean and tall silhouette, until they get to the curvy women. In addition, making pairs with palace trousers is very easy: they can be paired with a sweatshirt, a slightly street style and a little glam.
They're fine with a jeans jacket - when it's cooler - or with a simple t-shirt for a perfect day look.

lunedì 5 giugno 2017

Love is... "I want to age with you"

I have my own concept of love. That is certainly no continuous seduction, or scenery or a bunch of flowers. Love for me is to turn around and know that you are protecting my shoulders even if distant. It is looking for your hand and finding it, next door. It is talking, diving into your arms, your speeches and the scent that your skin is wearing. It is to recognize you amoung thousand people, you with your voice and your eyes. Love is respect. It is back even after a big quarrel, which crunches the moments but never the heart. True love is sacrifice, it is pain sometimes. It is often detached and then comes back. It is knowledge of the other's mind. It is cure. It is his gaze that every day whispers that he is happy with you. It is his phone call to know if you've had snow problems or simply tell you "I'm goig home." It is weekends together and the silences that have the flavor of serenity.
True love is like a book, of those you hold on the bedside table or on your lap during a long train ride. It's not an easy path. It's a close hand close to yours. It is looking together in the same direction and screaming in "I want to age with you". The love.