venerdì 30 maggio 2014

Tropicana yeah!

Close your eyes and think of the sea, the sun and Caribbean locations. One of the elements that your imagination will evoke are, without a doubt, the palm trees.
Just this plant, a symbol of summer, holiday and happiness, has turned into a true must-have: printed in a pop version, faithfully reproduced by a photo shoot or stylized.
The watchword is TROPICAL FEVER: from simple t-shirt to the more sophisticated dress.
The natural habitat of this species of palms are the fashion metropolis and to go and "discover" you do not need a passport or even a suitcase. The journey starts from the closet, it says the green thumb of designers! ;)

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mercoledì 28 maggio 2014

Floral maxi dress

Between a phone call and another, the 10:00a.m coffee with a dear friend, what does the princess do in May? 
I've already said in a previous post (here) that in spring the flowers bloom not only in the lawns, but also on blouses, skirts, dresses and accessories. And like a good fashionista could I miss the floral maxi dressf of the new collection M Milano? Of course not! 
Here I am then in a Flora Chic look, because even if life is not all roses, just a floral dress to give her a burst of joy and good mood!

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lunedì 26 maggio 2014

I'm more than you know

"I did not think you was so nice! "
" I did not think you had a heart of gold so"
How many times have I heard these words...too many, really. And how many times I'll hear!
Looks can be deceiving, so they say and I say.
I am of the idea that a person must know the way down.
Only then you will be able to grasp the many facets.
I've always been seen as the classic "pussy" but then all they had to change his mind, replacing the label "pussy" with "nice pussy" ;)
Not to mention the times that I took bitch because of the "strong" character.
I'm not a person who sends them to say, I'm very honest and sincere and pretend sincerity.
 Lately to be honest, true is equivalent to being bitch.
For me there are no half-measures and half people. Or it's white or black.
I'm always strong and secure, trying each time to get the situation under control, in fact they also tell me that I convey security and stability (this is positive!).
But ... there is a but , there is always a but. People run away .
Why ?
Fear? Inadequacy? Inability to confront?

Someone like me will always remain indomitable, in continuous conflict with itself.
Someone like me do not promise anything, at most can say" I'm giving you my best , but I also take it back". Someone like me is likely to leave you howling in your face while the eyes ask you to stay. Someone like me has simply chosen. She has chosen not to wait for Charming Prince, but to be the warrior who fights and wins, who falls and rises again, crying at night and smiles during the day.
Someone like me send security. But basically this is what she asks. Because for someone like me it is not easy to entrust their live in the hands of someone regardless of the past and experiences . Why someone like me,  was born in this way.
I am so, give or take.
Answer: Leave. Too much effort.
Yeah, maybe it's really effort have to deal with someone like me.

venerdì 23 maggio 2014

Hai ancora voglia di nuotare in questo mare?

A summer look, a breeze that is changing, that begins to smell of summer, and a new song that echoes in the mind. 
From Lana del Rey to Litfiba, from one extreme to another even in music. 
I never listened to Litfiba!
Yet I love so much and also, I feel my. 
But back to the look in style "Barbie walk on the beach" as defined by the daddy, I chose to combine a jacket by the "deep" color, which reminds me the sea​​, with a billowing skirt (I really want to change, then!), perhaps too mini, a Miu Miu bag inspired and Tom Ford maxi sunglasses. 
What do you think?

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lunedì 19 maggio 2014

Bikini Linea Mare Blu

Waking up with a great desire to sea and to take the train and get there as soon as possible .
The smell of salt air, the waves crashing on the rocks, a tan and that feeling of well-being that it only can give.
There is not a better day to show you my new Linea Mare Blu bikini, a young company focused on the needs of the market and looking for materials and processes to keep up with the trends.
Green, as the hope of spending an unforgettable summer with white flowers embroidered .
The drawings, lines and patterns are designed to enhance the beauty of the female form and silhouette.
4 lines for the woman beachwear: Linea Mare Blu, Blue Passion ( like mine), Solymar beachwear and Bonitalola; to meet the needs and tastes of all ages woman.
Find them all in their shop on-line!
Summer is coming, do not waste time and run to choose your favorite bikini to be fashionable at the beach or at the pool!
I still have a entering the code "RCNTA4BS" you will receive a discount of 10% off your first purchase!
What you waiting for?!?

venerdì 16 maggio 2014

Intervista per CupoNation

A few weeks ago I was contacted by CupoNation Italy (company that offers discount codes and select the best deals of the web for purchases on-line) for an interview to be included in the new index book "Le Fashion Blogger si raccontano su CupoNation"  on the their blog.
You can not imagine the joy in knowing to be, for them, one of the landmarks of the Italian scene! 
If you want to browse and get to know something more of the Fashion PrincessHERE you find the full interview!
See you tomorrow

giovedì 15 maggio 2014

Waiting for Aladdin

An eastern doorway architecture, arab pants, Montecristo Jewels bracelets and a dreamy princess.
Have you ever thought about how it would be the tale of Aladdin and Jasmine in present times?
I know, maybe I'm a bit grown up for the fairy tales.. but we're never too big to believe in something beautiful ;)
I would keep the atmosphere of "A Thousand and One Nights", a magical fairy-tale, which give that extra touch.
A modern Jasmine, wrapped in gold and denim, dreams the arrival of his Aladdin. Not on a magic carpet but on board of a romantic cabrio, to leave at a time of happiness, to infinity and beyond.
They depart and travel, I close the book of fairy-tale, come back to reality and remind you to take a look at my virtual boutique PashionVictim where you can find the Montecristo bracelets that I wear!
See you soon

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venerdì 9 maggio 2014

Saint Tropez, baby!

 A Thursday that looks like a hot summer Sunday, the early morning joy and a great desire to Saint Tropez. What to do in these cases? 
a) take the car and go 
b) dress like a diva on holiday in Saint Tropez and flight with fantasy 
Simple! ;) 
And even easier with the new entries of the month: the high-waisted shorts Front Row Shop and the leather Montecristo bracialet, a timeless classic, that you can find in my boutique PashionVictim
What do you think? I'm really curious to read your comments! 
See you soon

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martedì 6 maggio 2014

Born To Die

I loved this song by Lana del Rey from the first moment I heard it, and immediately became a drug. 
If I tell you that, at least, listening to 25 times a day, do you believe me? And maybe 25 are still a few ;) 
Generally my style is not inspired anyone but this time, instead, I left completely carried away by emotions and influence from the video. 
Even though her beauty is incomparable, I madly love the result and these photos! 
I leave you the last word ;)

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venerdì 2 maggio 2014


May, May, May.. for me it means rebirth, sunny days, walks, fun, a lot of news, sun, and of course sunglasses!
As you have noticed, mirrored sunglasses are a real must for this season and I'm already in love with the new arrivals Excape. Available in 12 different combinations: 6 monochrome and 6 camouflage.
Beautiful is not it?
Then you can not miss the fantastic competition:
1. Put "Like" to the facebook page Excape
2. Take a picture with your sunglasses Excape
3. Share it on the bulletin board of the Excape page

What are you waiting ? The photo will get the more "like" throughout the month will receive the entire collection Excape Camo at home!
The winner will be published on 30 of the months of April, May, June and July at 16:00 p.m on the facebook page Excape and will then be contacted in private.

But the news does not end up here a few months ago I mentioned you the last news of PashionVictim  announce with joy the birth of many new collaborations, including one with Montecristo Jewels.
Finally, I show you my new bracelet in transparent vinyl and blue rhinestone rivets .
 You find it, as always, in my virtual boutique!