giovedì 29 ottobre 2015


"Two things save us in life: to love and laugh. If you have one it's ok. If you have both of you are invincible."

We had loved long as strawberries love and cream, the sea and the moon. Loved and stained of that sweet and deep love.
 A caress and a smile. His lips were parted and close to mine, so close I almost feel its warmth. Yet, this time, the thin line that kept us away was clear and we were careful not overcome it, for the fear of not being able to go back.
We had declared war countless times, but with the eyes we made still love.
 Love. How complicated is the love.
Love. As we know about love?
68% of young women is not aware of contraceptive methods alternative to the pill. The choice of contraceptive method depends on many different factors, such as lifestyle, age and health status.
Today, in fact, there are innovative methods of contraception, and testing of forgetfulness, which allow women to live their sexuality with serenity.
The campaign Love It! Sesso Consapevole promoted by SIGO, Italian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, in collaboration with "La pillola senza pillola", aims to bring young women to the world of contraception and help them make an informed choice. It is, in fact, the first information campaign on contraception in which all young women are called to be themselves the ambassador, wearing the bracelet Love It!, a symbol of those who promote a conscious sexuality.
On the site girls can discover the next appointments of Love It! Sesso Consapevole and to get the bracelet (available in 7 different colors). During the meetings, you can have a free and private consultation with gynecologists that will illustrate the importance of contraception and alternatives, yet little known, to the pill.

lunedì 26 ottobre 2015

Princess goes to the country

"It is not easy to walk alone in the countryside, without meditating on something." C. Dickens

We always run away from something. Even if escape is never the answer to our problems.
 Sometimes I am pervaded by the desire to escape from the city, from its noises, its hectic and stressful life, to hole up for a few hours in the hills or in the country, to listen in silence interrupted only the sounds of nature. That silence, broken by the roar in the background of a stream or by the chirping of birds, in which the brain is free to roam to the best shores.
That place where you breathe again, savoring every "step" of that complex biochemical process. Feeling the air entering the body, nourishing cells and tissues, to cross it completely. Stopping to hear those beats punctuated by heart that sometimes is felt "strongly" to remind us that, after all, is always there with us. Even when we forget it.
Nature always is the cure, with her calming effect. A peace for the senses and the soul.
 The simplicity of small things is the cure for all evil, seize them in all their beauty and know how to appreciate it helps us to measure everything biggest that can happen.

venerdì 23 ottobre 2015

Vaniday: servizi di bellezza in un click!

Vanity, you know, is female. And if it was also simple and fast? As a click, for example!
Vaniday is the place where to book beauty and wellness treatments.
Vaniday it is the first platform that allows for the hairdresser, beautician and make-up artists with a click. Book any beauty treatment, from manicures to a haircut, it has never been so simple and fast.
How? With the new app for iOS and Android: from now book the best treatments on the go will be simple and immediate even from our smartphones. The app follows the simple and intuitive layout of the website, and through geo-location, find the nearest salon will be even easier! Or directly from the website, which for the occasion was "rebuilt again." The colors chosen and introduced to the new redesign of the site are coral, black and white to emphasize the characteristic values ​​of the brand: freshness, dynamism, elegance. The new website allows you to find and book in a few clicks with the best beauty treatments: just insert in search field type of treatment and the area of ​​interest and Vaniday select the best beauty salons in the area, indicating the range of prices and any current specials offers. Once you choose the salon, to make an appointment, simply click on "Book" to the left of each service, choose the time available and the person who will process... et voila!
That's not all, no, because Vaniday thinks of all the facilities and the needs of us women, always super busy, and lets you choose whether to pay the treatment at the time of booking or at the salon with no extra charge. Also an automatic remider or SMS 24 hours before it will remind you. Because, us women, sometimes, we are also a bit careless ;)
Now I run, I have an appointment with the beauty.. And you?

mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015

Un caffè (virtuale) con Alessandra Soresina

Let's go back a few months, on a sunny February day. A university town, Pavia, and a princess struggling with a tough exam, one of many.
Months of study went up in smoke in ten minutes. Tears taste of anger, sadness and disappointment  caressed the face as soon as I came out of the courtroom. And at that time there was only one place I wanted to run away, Africa, the same place where I hole whenever I need a break from this world and to dream.
I went downtown and walked to the library. I did not looking for anything in particular but I looked for that continent which, in some way, could make me smile again. I began to wander among the shelves and printed pages in search of something that captured my attention, then, suddenly, I saw it: "Questa notte parlami dell'Africa" ​​and it was love.
Two women, Emma, ​​a lawyer in Milan and Nuri, twenty-two Tanzanian with many dreams. Two different lives but just the same, distant but united by the same dream: to become master of its own destiny. A romance that fascinated me from the beginning, and traveled to that continent that makes my heart beats, that continent of contrasts and wonders, of which you can not do without once known. I read and dreamed, so...with open eyes.
 A succession of emotions, shivers and sighs was accompanying words, pages and chapters, making me wish not to return from that "journey".
There are few people who can describe so well and in detail the feelings that arouse those wide open spaces filled with natural beauty, still less those who manage to make you feel the true essence of those places. I found these qualities in Alessandra Soresina. Hence the desire to meet her...

lunedì 19 ottobre 2015

Sogni d'autunno tra vigneti e uva

October. The autumn, the falling leaves, the vineyards and grapes. Light and nature changing, and with them, perhaps, we change too.
Autumn and its thoughts, heated and lit by a warm sun that still smells of the sea and summer. A poetry of colors. Green and blue that blend with orange accents and overlook the infinite from a hill. On tiptoe, almost hovering, to see what's beyond those lives.
Desires and dreams that hover on white clouds, like the magic of a Viennese waltz. And when the music will stop, and people will leave, we'll be there again. On that muffled cloud of smiles, brought by a sweet memory.

giovedì 15 ottobre 2015

Bloggers And The City

5 girls, friends and colleagues, united by the same passion: fashion.
5 blogger in the city of fashion, Milan, to block traffic with selfie and smiles.
And there they were, photographed before Roberto Cavalli fashion show, intent to post a pic on socials, answering business call (?) and planning drinks in the evening..."What do you say? Let's go to the Dolce & Gabbana Martini or at Icerbeg cocktail party? 
5 styles and different dreams that blend with the happiness to meet (some for the first time) at the most "fashion" week of the year.
Special thanks to the Snobber's husband for the pictures and patience, and that holy man of the policeman who helped us to be not invest making us cross the street countless times!

martedì 13 ottobre 2015

Narciso Rodriguez - For Her L'Absolu

Narciso Rodriguez For Her L'Absolu, a new interpretation of the icon For Her perfume, a pure and refined fragrance, both personal and universal, current and timeless.
Inspired by the profound evolution of modern femininity and dualism, For Her L'Absolu redefines the original perfume enriching a subliminal power that only an "absolute" may contain: a sublime fragrance, with a decided sensuality that the emblematic heart of musk brings prominence.
The jasmine absolute and its voluptuous floral facets make intoxicant the symbolic heart of musk. The delicate notes of amber and woody velvety accents of sandalwood and patchouli adds an intense depth to the fragrance, gently enveloping.

martedì 6 ottobre 2015


On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, the famous clothing brand Pinko in collaboration with Italian Independent organized a cocktail party, for the launch of the #THE PINKO INVASION, a collection of sunglasses developed from the union of these brands.
In the Pinko store in Via Montenapoleone, were unveiled new models: a unique blend of craftsmanship and technology. The collection features innovative treatments and special finishes, the result of ongoing research of Italian Independent, and color, prints and contrasting pop shades result of the Pinko creativity.
Sunglasses decline trends and shades of the season, emphasize the personality and the femininity of the woman who wears them, giving her a touch of scratchy mystery.
A collection completely "Made in Italy", consists of 4 models, each of which declined in 12 colors.
A cocktail with music and selfie. Among the evening's guests Alena Seredova, Parodi sisters, Elena Barolo, the inevitable Jo Squillo, footballer Antonio Cassano and many many other.

lunedì 5 ottobre 2015


Sweet and romantic, it is the woman Blugirl spring/summer 2016.
A rich collection of romantic and timeless items but with a soul rock, a mix of styles that create a lively collection and full of color. Yellow, electric blue, fuchsia and green alternate with classic outfits in shades of black and leather.
Romantic butterflies flutter oo light chiffon mini dress and shirts; colorful striped prints, re-proposed to maxi dresses and skirts gypsy inspired as the maxi skirts with flounces.
Accessories (belts, earrings...) bear the name Anna in tribute to Anna Molinari.
A collection that will make you want to dance to Latin rhythms on white beaches and will be loved by the fashion addicted of the romantic-bohemian style.

venerdì 2 ottobre 2015


A fashion show, one of Gucci, who enchanted his audience. Alessandro Michele, the new creative director, has really surprised us, taking care of every detail and bringing a new breath of fresh air. A triumph of colors, details, elements, ancient and modern researched styles.
Silk and transparencies, malicious and never vulgar, wrap the Gucci woman who, next spring/summer 2016, aims to be admired, dressed in light and impalpable fabrics. A lady who likes to dress as a man but less androgynous, wearing suits with tie.
Flowers and Parakeets shooting on bags and clothes, whose lines hark back to the 70s.