giovedì 30 luglio 2015

Piccole donne crescono

We are born little and helpless, in need of care and affection. Sweet and tender, with eyes eager to discover the world.
We do not know what we are and where we are going. But most of all with whom. Who will accompany us on our way, when we are old enough to no longer need the hand of mothers and fathers, to learn to walk, step by step, fall after fall. Friends, fake friends, people who want to take something from us, but others, who want to give us a smile, and others who will try to remove it.
Day after day we grow, we become, we form. We are constantly evolving.
We sharpen the nails and character. We fight, dream, suffer, love, shout, laugh and cry.
We have "time no" and "those yes", those that make us more and more desire to achieve our goals and to realize all our dreams.
We have that power in the soul, that when we're on the ground, we will always raise. Even when we believe that we have hit bottom, when we will think of not succeeding. But we will rise, more fortified than before, and we will resume our journey. Step by step, like when we were little.
"Being a woman is so fascinating. It's an adventure that takes such courage, a challenge that is not bored. You' ll have so many things to be taken if born a woman. To begin with, you' ll have to beat you to argue that if God exists could also be an old woman with white hair or a beautiful girl. Then you' ll have to beat you to explain that sin was not born the day when Eve plucked the apple: that day arose a great virtue called disobedience. Finally you' ll have to beat to prove that inside that body smooth and round there is an intelligence that asks to be listened to."
So on this special day, in which 26 years ago was born a little princess with doe eyes, which has become a little woman, I hope to always have that strength, that smile, that light in the eyes and the sweetness, hidden (but that is), in spite of everything.
Happy Birthday Princess!

martedì 28 luglio 2015

Romantic holidays

"Where are you going, miss?" -he said- "Let's go see the sea?"
Her eyes, at the mention of what has always been her great love, the sea, lit up with a light so intense that it was day.
After coasting along the entire coast, with the wind that fluttering the scarf on that warm July and distributed her smiles to everyone who passed, the car stopped at the destination.
 He got out first and, like a true gentleman, opened the door. Red ballerinas sprouted from the black Cadillac and with small graceful steps, she appeared, romantic and graceful in those shorts that showed the waist. They walked along the harbor, exchanging smiles and sweet words, then sat down on a bench to watch the sunset. He hugged her gently and she, in that warm embrace in which she dropped, looked at the sea, through her black sunglasses, sighed and thought, "I'll be back at midnight, like Cinderella, to where I'm processed, and it will be the end of a fairy tale". Or just the beginning.

mercoledì 22 luglio 2015


It happens that Dolce&Gabbana and ELLE organize an event. It happens that they invite you to participate. It happens that they reserve you a make up seat with the talented make-up artist of Dolce&Gabbana.
An evening of beauty, in perfect Dolce&Gabbana style, to try and to discover the beauty products of the brand, in one of the most beautiful courtyards of Milan.
In the air, the scent of lemonade blended with that of the Dolce&Gabbana fragrances and make-up, hovering on the notes of the most beautiful Italian songs of the '50s and '60s. For a few hours it was like stepping back in time to the days of "Sapore di mare" and "Abbronzatissima", and although the 40° is really breathed the air of holiday, that of an Italian dolce vita.

venerdì 17 luglio 2015

Carolina Herrera Africa

The night in the savannah, the darkness and the sounds of animals from the bush. The night is finally all for themselves.
The timid light of an oil lamp that illuminates the desk, the diary open, ready to be filled with emotion, sighs and memories that will be etched forever. But ever since the heart.
The days in the savannah seem to spend ever, everything is so extreme and at the same time slow, pole in Swahili.
In the air, rugged and wild, a perfume, that of "African Nights"; the new "Africa" ​​in a limited edition by Carolina Herrera (found on
An enveloping fragrance inspired by wild vegetation and the endless dunes of the desert Nigerian, talks about a trip to the black continent. A journey that begins with notes of juicy oranges with a hint of violet. During the journey, between dunes and herds of animals, meet the iris, cinnamon and rooibos tea. Finally, the adventure ends with vanilla, incense Somali and woody notes.
The bottle of the fragrance evokes the landscape in the sun and the colors of Africa, represented by animal motifs, cover it completely.
Suddenly, the roar of a lion breaks the silence of the night and leads me to make a point to my story. I get up and make my way to the window. There she was, with her cubs, to drink along the shore of the pond, illuminated by a mysterious full moon.
I smile and I enjoy the show from that magical African night.

lunedì 13 luglio 2015

Blue thoughts

Blue as the sky and the sea. Blue as the deepest ocean.
Blue as the most beautiful eyes in the world, for those few "chosen". Blue as sapphires and lapis lazuli.
Thoughts, dreams and desires follow one another like waves in our sea, the sea that lulls our minds.
What does water dream when asleep? To find her pearl, one that some fisherman has brutally stolen, or to be reunited with her brother Ocean? Who knows what thoughts guards along with jewels and coffers of the abyss. How many words would have to say, what secrets to tell.
The mind is like water: when you shake it becomes difficult to see, but if you allow yourself to calm down, the answer will appear clear. Like when, overcome uncertainty before a dip in the blue that conceals everything, damn good, damn scary, take courage and you find yourself breathing in those nuances of life. Everything becomes clear, the mind "cleans", leaving those "torture" there, on the mainland, where you left them. And while swimming, you can find a different light, the light of clarity, to shy sunbeams that ask "permission" to Neptune's house.

mercoledì 8 luglio 2015

My Dolce Vita

A restaurant situated in the historic center of the city, a sophisticated and charming place that immediately brings you back in time.
Behind an iron gate, in an old courtyard in a perfect shabby style, surrounded by pink flowers here and there, a glass greenhouse and many tables in the garden for outdoor dining, lit by many other candles.
A lovely place, my favorite, where you can breathe a refined and romantic atmosphere, but relaxed at the same time.
Soft pink thoughts are released in the air, dancing with the aroma of coffee. That of the soft cappuccino accompanied by delicious fruit pastries. Because life sometimes needs only sweetness. That sweetness that you can find only in Paris.
I could almost be able to hear Parisian artists whistling the melodic Vie en Rose, releasing, for each brush stroke on the canvas, a wave of pink flowers. I imagine my sweet life like this, with a dress that looks like something out of the brush of a painter, made even more romantic by a big white hat, ready to fly away, like the notes of a song, at the first gust of wind . Light, like a long dreamily sigh.

martedì 7 luglio 2015

PROFUMINO experience

As you know I have a passion for perfume, I buy one and the next day it would take another one. It's stronger than me, then collect them "records" ;) I have of all sizes, large and mini, and all the brands, or almost.
I love change them often, depending on the season but also mood. The scent, to me, is a real accessory, therefore, when I get ready in the morning, carefully choosing the outfit of the day, I like to have a choice of perfume to choose the "perfect" that will accompany me throughout the day! Yes, I'm crazy, I know! Everyone has their own quirks ;)
Usually I buy a perfume or two every season, if I can not decide even 3, but this happens only in summer, when brands, in my opinion, give its best!
So a few weeks ago, I found, an online perfumery with branded products discounted up to 70% compared to the prices of traditional perfumery. offers a wide range of perfumes from all the best brands, including limited editions that, very often, are hard to find. In addition to perfumes, you can find cosmetics, creams, sunscreen, gift sets, hair care products and much more, both for her and for him. And thanks to special offers, still in force, and the loyalty points you can save. You know, the wallet of a woman weeps always when it comes to cosmetics and shoes, is not it?! ;)
Are you curious to know what I got? Yes, a perfume!
Do you want to know what? I will reveal in the next post!
Let's see if you have learned to know me... the perfume that I chose, and which I will talk soon, can be found in the images below! Which is?

lunedì 6 luglio 2015

Summer feeling

A villa, Casa Cuniolo, nestled in a Castle hill, here in Tortona, dominating the center of the city; the villa of dreams.
Breakfast with brioche, cappuccino, jam and fresh fruit at will, in a romantic and fragrant garden, poolside.
Peaceful setting, interrupted only by the awakening of the birds, and the rays of a hot July sun, ready to make my golden skin.
The elegance of a high-waisted bikini, ivory, and luxury made in Italy of Grazia'lliani, whose creative force is to underline the innate elegance of women with a sophisticated and sensual image. Even at the beach or in the pool I never give to that sophistication that makes "only" a woman and her beachwear, as the pin on the central bow, a detail that immediately caught my attention.
The goal of Grazia'lliani is precisely to give to the women that elegance, light and unforgettable, in everyday life, from homewear to beachwear and outwear. Each item is made exclusively in Italy by local industries.
If you are looking for the perfect bikini to pack and maybe even a nice cover-ups (I've had wonderful!), I suggest you take a look at their online shop.
Now I leave you, tan is waiting for me ;)

giovedì 2 luglio 2015

NARCISO by Narciso Rodriguez

The perfume, one of the accessories that I prefer and that he prefers: Narciso Rodriguez.
The perfume wears you after a refreshing shower, evokes emotions and memories, is the "final touch" that makes you feel good, a ritual that has something magical. And it is so magical, the new fragrance NARCISO eau de toilette by Narciso Rodriguez.
A new olfactory interpretation that tells a femininity full of magnetism.
With this new essence the American designer of Cuban origin, writes a new chapter in the world of women's fragrances, interpreting the mystery of attraction with an implicitly intriguing power, enhanced with a more explicit character and absolutely irresistible.
In this new variation of NARCISO eau de toilette, the seduction is expressed in a new dimension, played once again by the top model Raquel Zimmerman.
The bright top notes of white peony join those intense essential oil of Bulgarian rose to compose a heady bouquet of white flowers, which reveals the inevitable heart of musk, crystalline and sensual, sublimated by voluptuous woody accords of white and black cedar, that make the new eau de toilette Narciso Rodriguez mesmerizing.
While sharing the same graphic codes, the eau de parfum and eau de toilette Narciso stand for a reversal of colors that highlights the differences. The new eau de toilette is kept in the same transparent glass cube of the original version, but the bottle sculpture inside reveals a delicate semi-oval suspended deep black, like a heart soft-edge, which echoes the model provocative portrait of Raquel Zimmerman.
The name of the fragrance is a simple logo, written in pure white, while the distinctive rectangular cap becomes transparent, like a delicate tribute to crystalline musk that signature the fragrance.
An irresistible olfactory composition, the new signature for sensual and intriguing women.

mercoledì 1 luglio 2015

Come eliminare le macchie di sangue secco


Often inadvertently cut with a piece of paper and staining, perhaps, just the white favorite shirt. And now???
Remove stains of blood has always been a dilemma, also because every time when we realize now the stain on the fabric has already dried. So what to do against stains of dried blood and without damaging the fabric?
There are many methods for groped to "recover" the stained fabric, some require the use of detergents for the kitchen or the laundry, while others are more aggressive. The important thing is to always pay attention to the type of tissue to be treated, especially silk, wool and other delicate.

The wise grandma's remedies, those passed from generation to generation, are in my opinion the best ever! Our grandmothers knew and  know more and more of a devil, right?