mercoledì 31 dicembre 2014

Goodbye 2014

Also this act has come to an end. The curtain has fallen, no applause. No flowers. Only silence.
Dear 2014, you have not been the best year of my life. Definitely not. But you have been a year of teaching. One year open doors and others closed. Others beaten in the face, like when you go away after an argument. A year full of tears. All that a man can pay, I left you. Several times I hit bottom but, slowly, taking up to breathe properly, I have been able to go back and re-emerge from the vortex that made me sink. I was able to (re)take the strength that distinguishes me and for that I thank you. Your classes, in some way, helpful.
You have been the year of dead branches. I cut several. And to think that I have not a green thumb!
You have been the year that many times I even thought of giving up, drop everything and everyone. But then I never did, because you will also be a tough year (to be fine, you know I'm a Princess) but I'm not a quitter and fight until the end, until I win. I do not like to lose, you should have understood. But, there is a but, somehow you've managed to redeem yourself, giving me little joys and smiles that have meant so much.
You began as Dante's Inferno, making me lose the right way, and you've evolved as his Purgatory. Now I wait only Heaven... 2015 take care to surprise me. Surprise me with many smiles, that perhaps, after this dark forest, I need them too!

martedì 30 dicembre 2014

#5, my lucky number

"I do not want no scent of roses and lily of the valley, I want a developed perfume". With these words, in 1921, Coco Chanel turned at perfumer Ernest Beaux laying the foundation stone for the birth of a myth. We speak of Chanel N°5, also called Le Monstre, a timeless myth that the same Jacques Polge, creator of fragrances Chanel since 1979, called: "The only example of a scent that takes on a character of singularity with the passage of the time".
Innovation, boldness and pioneering spirit are characteristics that distinguished since its foundation the maison Chanel. And this avant-garde character has helped to create an iconic fragrance. An abstract composition with 80 components in which the finest flowers are enhanced by aldehydes. Among the components that most distinguish it there is the rose of May.
But what is the secret of the myth? What makes it so special and unique compared to other fragrances equally long-lived and almost mythical, but not entirely, or at least not as characterizing and characterized? It appears to be in some ways a mystery. Since the birth in 1921 Chanel N°5 has set as a phenomenon of rupture; it was the epoch of the artistic avant-garde, the cultural ferment that led it to become the olfactory manifesto of the creative spirit of that time.
Coco Chanel when developed the idea of creating her own fragrance made it with a momentum completely innovative, keeping in mind what she wanted to create and for whom. A scent that does not look like anyone else, an artificial creation that could mark the difference between the good girls who smelled of flowers and the real seductive with "scent of woman." An opulent fragrance but who could clean.
Result: Chanel N °5. A concentration of absolute femininity that shook forever the world of fragrances.

lunedì 29 dicembre 2014

Christmas outfit

Hello princesses,
how are you? Are you already in mountains, in some romantic city or in some exotic place to celebrate the new year or are you still in town? How are your plans? Festivals and dances till morning  or kisses in the square?
Waiting for the New Year, the post to say goodbye to 2014 (and lucky, in some cases, there is always a goodbye) and the good intentions for the coming year, here I am with the Christmas outfit for lunch in family. To tell the truth I was even forgetting to photograph it, I'm an airhead princess...I know it!

sabato 27 dicembre 2014


Hello princesses! Here I am, after the Christmas break, with a short summary of what has happened in this week of gifts, parties, flowers, macaron ... :)
How were the holidays?Are you survived to the lunches, dinners and sweets? What does the libra say? Does it cry? Hopefully not! However, there is also time to get in shape after the Christmas binge, is not it?!
The photos you see are taken as usual from my profile Instagram @desireedaloia, if you want to follow me there too!
I wish you a sweet weekend!

giovedì 25 dicembre 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Princesses!
I wish you to realize your dreams. I wish to kiss under the mistletoe people you love, even your puppy or kitten, because love has many shades.
I wish to be moved in front of a perfect gift. I wish you smiles, millions of smiles.
I wish you to spend this special day surrounded by the warmth of the family. I wish you, last but not least important, so much love, peace and joy.
Thank you for the love you show me every day, thanks for being there always!
A big hug
Your Princess

martedì 23 dicembre 2014

Coat as a dress

I hate the fog, perhaps most of the rain. And even more I hate photos when THERE IS fog, my hair becomes worse than a scarecrow (no kidding). Consequently, for a SUPER MEGA OBSESSED by perfect canopy, like me, it touch the tragedy mixed despair, mixed cosmic hysteria.
However, fog or no fog the world goes on even in those days, and I can not always "refuse" to leave the house. So when duty calls, a nice coat, worn as a dress, gives me all the warmth and comfort that I need. Or almost. Although the alternative of staying at home, warmth with perfect hair, is always the best! ;) 

sabato 20 dicembre 2014

Party Star

Fashion for the Christmas holidays, as if by magic, turns on lame clothes, sequined dresses, little glitter dresses and crystal dress.
It's time to dare and dream, for precious and very dazzling evening.
Gold, silver and bronze, but not only! From micro dresses medieval style armor seen in the final of Dolce & Gabbana - embroidered with crystals, stones and beads- to the new mini dress with minimal silhouette playing with pearly glitter version.
A shower of glitter coated bags and shoes, making them a must have this season.
Prepare to be dazzled by the most sparkling trend of the year, but always without exceeding!
Ready to shine? The Holidays mood begin!

venerdì 19 dicembre 2014

"Il Viaggio" - Villa Buti

Traveling for passion. You travel to get lost, look for and find.
Traveling to know and to donate.
Traveling to follow a dream or to forget a dream.
Traveling to wonder and even to love.
Traveling because "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page".
Traveling to tell. Traveling to be inspired.
Traveling to feel free. Traveling because travel is to live.
Traveling physically and mentally.
Traveling with heart and soul. It travels through the senses.
"The Journey" is perfume. The scent is Villa Buti.
Close your eyes... and immerse yourself in the streets of the fascinating and mysterious Singapore.
A sensory tsunami between lights, colors and smells.
In the air a spicy agreement ginger and cinnamon wrapped in red fruits, plums, pomegranate and berries, sprinkled with molasses. A fragrance warm and enveloping.
Villa Buti with the collection "The Journey" takes us on a trip to the world through the fragrances. The collection is the brainchild of Doris Buti, the brand's creative and passionate traveler, with eclectic and cosmopolitan tastes. Each fragrance is the expression of her olfactory interpretation of the colors, smells and sensations that every trip gave her.
The Journey includes 12 perfumes and destinations: Mumbai, Paris, Cairo, Buenos Aires, London, Provence, Bahamas, Tokyo, Rio, New York, Singapore and Ibiza. All enclosed in the classic glass bottle with the usual tassel, a symbol that distinguishes Villa Buti.
A real journey, olfactory, from which you will not want to return.

mercoledì 17 dicembre 2014

Vogue Paris - Panoplies

Barbie, you know, is the most desired doll for excellence from every child. But if this Barbie, wears the clothes of the most prestigious fashion maison, then it becomes the object of desire for the grew girls.
Models in the flesh took on the appearance of the most famous and glamorous doll in the world for the editorial Panoplies of Vogue Paris. A series of shots that will go down in history and following in the footsteps of the last Moschino fashion show. A photo shoot that pays tribute to ultra fifties Barbie, her perfection, her charisma.
Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, models Magdalena Frackowiak and Elisabeth Erm have worn clothes, bags and shoes from the latest collections of the twelve most prestigious worldwide fashion maison: Armani, Miu Miu, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Moschino.
The models, in addition to seem real Barbie thanks to the movements of the face and body, are in plastic boxes and behind them have accessories belonging to the various maison.
So beautiful as to desire one, maybe even two, under the Christmas tree...I wonder if Santa Claus, with his magic, will able to produce dolls alike to take us girls grew.

martedì 16 dicembre 2014


Simplicity is harmony. he greatest artists, the most talented writers, the best philosophers, know it.
Even the greatest advances in science are often simple solutions to problems that initially seemed complicated.
Simplicity is elegance. Not only in clothing, furnishings, style. Even in thought and in all kinds of activities. Not by coincidence, a particularly effective, very often called "elegant" in various professions and disciplines.
"Simplicity is the form of true greatness."
Simplicity is the beast where all the points are equidistant from the center, is the circle which has neither beginning nor end.
Simplicity is balance, which inevitably turns into harmony, peace, serenity.
Simplicity is the form of true greatness because it is the very heart of reality, stripped of unnecessary frills that mask the deficiencies.
Simplicity is beauty in its purest form. Perfection, truth, goodness, who are not afraid to show themselves because they have no defects.
Simplicity is the encounter with the true values of life.
The simplest things in life are also the most extraordinary. We just need to allow them to reveal their essence.

lunedì 15 dicembre 2014

Christmas #WISHLIST

Christmas Wish List

1. Tiffany & Co. earrings
2. Dolce & Gabbana "Miss Sicily" bag
3. Chanel "Coco Noir" perfume
4. Gucci lipstick
5. Borsalino hat
6. Celine sunglasses
7. Christian Louboutin polish
8. Christian Louboutin "Pigalle" shoes
9. Fendi "Mini Peekaboo" bag
10. Michael Kors watch

domenica 14 dicembre 2014


Good morning and happy Sunday princesses!
Did you spend a good week? I have also had the pleasure of seeing my favorite "gnome" (Eli <3) and some of you at the Trussardi cocktail party Wednesday night.
Before show you a new outfit, however, I want to share with you all the polaroid of these last two weeks, coming from my profile Instagram @desireedaloia.
I leave you to the photos and I hope you enjoy them.
a big kiss

venerdì 12 dicembre 2014

GentleLady: lettera ad un ominicchio

Every woman has a "masculine side", so they say. But the men of the past what happened? They have become all the girls who spend Friday afternoon the beautician, including lamps and gullwing eyebrows. Not to mention the creams for the face and the gym. As if an abdominal replace a brain! It takes abdominal and especially the brain. Admitted and granted, they know what it is and how to use it..... and here I have serious doubts.
They are undecided, eternal undecided. They no longer know what to do, how to behave. With friend, girlfriend and ex.
Not to mention those "hysterical" or mood swings from menstrual phase.
Have you noticed too, right? Born more "girls" that males! Some of them just missing the hysterics from broken fingernail, or fainting at the sight of blood.
But attributes do not make them anymore??? Have them finished by chance?? Also finished testosterone??? No, because if so, say it.
The truth is that the roles were reversed. The men have become women and women men, even as we, real women, did not ask anything. These here, one day  woke up and decided to steal our throne, fabricating an army of little women that not even the Santa's elves.
Well my dear "little man", do you want to be woman? So be it, but breaking through to the end.
Give me also your beautiful suit, with attached ties, bow ties and braces. But in exchange take: hurt feet and back due to high heels, childbirth, menstrual syndrome with attached pains (and believe me, they are pains in the true sense of the word) and have to do with you, males or what you are.
Try it that then we'll talk and see if you still want to play to be a woman.

mercoledì 10 dicembre 2014

All about FUR

Question: What is the true prevailing trend of this autumn-winter?
Answer: The object of desire of all women. The fur (ecological course), for an autumn winter 2014/15 full of bon ton!
If you also want to show an hot and glamorous look, then you can not wear one of the most chic coats of the moment.
As you can see, furs of all kinds inhabit the boutique; no more than the usual proposals in shades of brown, ivory and black, but colorful creations, fun, lively and always very chic.
Hot, glamorous and versatile, furs have the advantage of transforming any winter look into a potential fashion show because they are a character and chic item. Perfect in the morning combined with a contrasting and casual outfit as jeans and biker boots or a pair of sneakers, but also in the evening on an elegant dress and stiletto heels.
Not only coats but also bags, clutch and shoes, for a winter full of softness.

martedì 9 dicembre 2014

Fur & Denim

These are not my best photos. Definitely NO.
I see me like a whale, with a full moon instead of the face. The libra marks always the same number.
I seem too angry and instead when I took these pictures I was cheerful.
But there's one thing I like: the outfit. What I really like, simple but with that something extra.
There are several ways to wear fur, for the day I prefer to wear it with jeans and heels, in this case not too high, for a casual and glam outfit at the same time.
And you? What do you think?

lunedì 8 dicembre 2014

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleighbells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmas be white

A princess still in pajamas, with a hot cappuccino in the hands and the lights of the Christmas tree. In this December 8th I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to spend when I was a little girl.
The atmosphere, the real one, the lights, the songs and the SNOW.
The stories that my mother told me that made that month, full of expectation, even more magical and wonderful. And the elves, who whenever they encountered offer a decoration always particular to hang to our Christmas tree.
The reindeer sleigh and gifts in advance that I brought home from the meeting with Santa Claus to deliver the letter, as amended at least 100 times.
The films in the morning preceding the longed day, with the red pajamas, teddy bear slippers and  Pan di Stelle, Christmas too.
The dress, strictly red and white socks, "because you were always a little doll!"
Midnight Mass, with the curiosity to know and to see if  I was really good. Hugs and greetings, and then go home and see under the tree realized desires, the glass of milk and plate of biscuits empty. He was already past! :)
  Unwrapped gifts up to almost two and then go to sleep happy and content, knowing that the next day, at lunch with grandparents, with the whole family, there would be other gifts, because Santa Claus also passed by them.
Here, if I think of Christmas, I reconnect to when I was a child, but not for gifts, for the indescribable magic I breathed. It was more beautiful than a movie and do not tell you the disappointment and sadness when I came to know the truth.
I want a white Christmas, the real ones, with the snow and the atmosphere, just like the movies. With that desire to share and be together, this is the real meaning of Christmas.
A peaceful Christmas and full of happiness, because sadness and injustice, unfortunately, the world is full of them. What I would like this year, the serenity. Because if happiness lasts a moment then I prefer the serenity, especially that of the people I love. The curve of the smile 365 days a year, or almost. And if you will not always be possible, at least let's try.

sabato 6 dicembre 2014

Christian Louboutin Pigalle #OBSESSION

10 years. 10 years and not hear, true my dear Pigalle?
Pumps from the famous red sole, ultimate symbol signed Christian Louboutin, blow out their tenth birthday candle.
A true object of desire as well as being a classic of the house.
Born for the passion of Christian for Pigalle district, located near the atelier of French fashion designer. Pigalle is the name of the red light district of Paris, it is here that reside the "Erotic Museum" and the famous "Moulin Rouge", one of the most famous clubs in Paris. The lights and settings of  Pigalle nightclub are the main source of inspiration for the designer, and it is a tribute to the dancers of this district that Christian Louboutin is inspired styling that in a few years will become the shoe most desired by women.
  The iconic creations of the master were presented in the fall/winter 2004-2005, and since then have become a must have for every woman, for someone (randomly) an #obsession.
"It is not designed for one season, it's a shoe that lasts for life.
You can wear in the winter or summer, in suede or leather, in a gloss or matte."
Their shape with the tip accentuated and stiletto heels, which reaches 12cm, gives the woman sensuality and femininity.
Think that there are those who still believe that "a diamond is forever".

mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014

Telephone Box

There was a time, not so long ago, when making calls were not used cell phones.
There were no cell phones, the ringing of the "I think about you" or "I'm here, come down," the text message to the mother to say "I came," and even whatsapp conversations, often meaningless and also endless.
The phones there were but only in homes, hey had the wheel and had to wait for it complimented back around before making the other number.
In reality outside the home and on the road you could call. It was done by telephone boxes, for which, at least until the mid 80s, served as the token.
The problem arose when we had to change because no one knew what would last the call. There it was a little to the feeling, depending on the call. Depending on the person. To avoid ending the token at the climax.
It was not  the time of ringtones and mobile phones. At that time one entered in the telephone box that seemed confessional and guardians of some secret.
They were containers of distances, whispered loves, families apart.
I have not lived but were different times, the best. Times where those seconds, minutes, hours spent attached to the handset knew excite. The calls had a different flavor. Sweet, like the words of two people apart, with a little bitter aftertaste that due to waiting for the next call.
Not like now that every 3x2 comes a "BIP" that brings with it hearts, TVB, TAT, TV1KDB.
I want a K of that ?? But the simplicity where is it? And the values? Those true and sincere, attributed to everything? Dead. Buried. Like thelephone boxes, which to take me two photos, I was going to buy a plane ticket to London! And the thing I would have liked.

martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Burgundy lipstick

Dark burgundy, sensual and refined lipsticks. Ruby shades and purple lips wine-colored full-bodied and seductive, just as vices.
  No doubt, one of the make up trend for this fall-winter provides lips sculpted by intense colors, deep that become the focal point of a minimal make up, almost naked and imperceptible. The lips are colored in a single color. Dark and passionate.
The red on the lips this season becomes dark, warm and gourmand shade of burgundy and pomegranate. To emphasize the femininity, but also to affirm a well-defined personality.
The burgundy is good to the blondes, but also to the brunettes, which gives an aura of extreme sensuality. To be combined in pendant with a themed outfit, the burgundy pleases all.

lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

Vintage Christmas with Lolita Lempicka

December. Christmas, the family and the snow.
There are lights, decorations and the Christmas tree, there ready to be decorated to give warmth and like every year.
Santa Claus, bells and bears. There are also the reindeer, the boots of Santa Claus, the little men gingerbread and some sweet memories of childhood.
  Do not miss anybody.
There are also my favorite songs, "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and "So this is Christmas", because I can't decorate the Christmas tree if there are not those songs in the background. It is part of the tradition.
And then there's your princess, more excited than ever, that, between a ball and a bell, singing and hovers over those magical notes, with a warm cardigan with reindeer and new Lolita Lempicka glasses.
But Christmas is not a time or a season, but a state of mind.
It must bring peace and good intentions between peaple. Be full of mercy, means to have the real spirit of Christmas.