giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

Best of 2015

A few hours separate us to finally close the book of 2015. A few hours and I have to admit, I almost regret that a year has come to an end. Many of you will breathe a sigh of relief, hoping that 2016 will be better (I hope so with all my heart!), but for me it was a special year and, for the first time in 26 years, I am sorry. I thought about it the other night, when, in a quiet moment, I found myself to sum up this 2015.
2015 was the year of change and surprises. The year that I could see small dreams come true.
The blog has grown a lot in these 365 days, thanks to you that, day after day, passionate to this virtual diary, with the help of my photographers, my mother and the people who love me, support me, help me and, if they can, recommend me. The rewards were so many. Partnerships, special projects, events and the American editorial. But I will remember 2015 above all for bringing me wonderful people, an "Angel wearing high heels" and a "Snob Countess", with which I hope to "write" all the books of my life.
An year that gave me smiles, many smiles, especially in this last part and I hope to smile like that for a long, long time, not only in 2016.
It was the year of the newfound peace and strength that I hope accompany me over the next 365 days. I do not have "good intentions" for this 2016, I have not a good relationship with the lists and certainly I would not keep them, I only have so many dreams to fulfill and goals to achieve.
Thank you 2015, you' ve really surprised me! Now, 2016, it's your turn!

lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

Crema viso Aqua Sorbet Light

All of us make use of facial creams, whether dry skin, oily or mixed. Take care of our face is infact the first step to an healthy skin.
The face, with the hands, it is our business card, so you must moisturize and treat the skin, in order for it to appear bright and relaxed, especially during the cold months. In this regard I want to tell you about Aqua Light Sorbet by Bruno Vassari, a cream that I got to try and that I can not do without.
Bruno Vassari is synonymous with quality and innovation.
 The brand, infact, offers the best active ingredients present in the cosmetic scene, that will satisfy even our sensory emotions and the feeling of freshness that gives "Aqua Genomics", the first self-moisturizing line.
Aqua Light Sorbet is a self-moisturizing fluid emulsion, for normal to oily skin, the texture is very light and watery. Contains revidrat, the active ingredient specifically designed to reactivate the biological mechanisms that maintain normal skin hydration and moisturizing glycerin that enhances the activity. With Aqua Sorbet Light the skin is immediately softer and moisturized from the first application.

mercoledì 23 dicembre 2015

I 10 elementi chiave nel guardaroba del Gentleman

Elegance is not taught, this is known to all (or almost), but there are basic rules that, if followed, allow to obtain an impeccable style in every situation.
A functional wardrobe includes a series of accessories and apparel can be combined with each other, so-called evergreen. Indispensable in the wardrobe of the Gentleman, "precious" pieces for the office and for social occasions.
Here are 10 key pieces that should not miss in the wardrobe of the gentleman:
1) The single-breasted jacket: one blue and one in tweed, to wear in the most casual and informal situations.
2) The suit: the first dress have to be strictly single-breasted and blue, the second one will be gray. Then you can opt for different colors and fabrics more details, single and double-breasted.
3) The shirt: should possess at least 3. One light blue, one white and one ribbed fantasy.
4) The trousers: the ideal is to have 3 pairs of pants. A couple beige, perfect in the free time but also in the semi-formal occasions, combined with a blue jacket; a pair blue, a passe-par-tout for every occasions and then a gray one.
5) Jeans: essential, classic cut and preferably without washing.
6) The sweater: cashmere double thread. As regards the colors, it is preferable to purchase one blue, one cream and one of brighter color, as ruby ​​red or blue.
7) The trench: or a Burberry raincoat-style, in beige color, is the perfect outerwear for spring and autumn.
8) The coat: is preferable a coat of gray color, single or double-breasted, depending on your taste. It's suitable for different formal and informal situations, in addition to being easily matched with blue, black and brown.
9) The day shoes: model brogue, dual buckle or loafer and brown.
10) The dress shoes: an evening matt black oxford.

lunedì 21 dicembre 2015


"La Signora di classe non è quella che quando passa fa fischiare, bensì quella che fa calare improvvisamente il silenzio."

Strong women have always aroused great fascination in the eyes of your little princess. Slender women physically but with super fine minds, women who, with their know-how, influenced the choices of the powerful and moved, deep, whole nations. Because, as Virginia Woolf wrote, "behind every great man there is a great woman."
With the emancipation women, and with it theirs general view, has changed. Today, in fact, we do not hide behind more frills and trappings, even less behind the voice of man. Yet we kept the femininity, the delicacy and the natural fragility that makes us women, unique to our species. A sort of balance between grace and power, as a feline that astounds with its grand elegance but, at the same time, it frightens for its strength. The tiger that Blake was talking about, in one of his most famous poems, with these concerns: "What immortal hand or fire could frame this fearful simmetry?"
And just as Blake asked, at times I ask myself how can be possible similar manifestations of grace and power, then, thinking back to those women of past ages and what we have become, I simply say: "that's how!"

mercoledì 16 dicembre 2015

In tram con Bulgari Goldea

In Milan, from 8 to 20 December, there is a magic tram to take. It's the golden one of Bulgari that gives an atmosphere pre-Christmas unforgettable.
A valuable tram, covered with bright gold, which will run through the streets of shopping, in homage to the new fragrance Goldea.
On the way from Piazza Fontana to Via Cantu, passengers feel waft sensual notes of  the Eau de Parfum Goldea by Bulgari and can enjoy pleasant surprises.

lunedì 14 dicembre 2015


There are two types of people in this world: the hammers and nails. It's up to us to decide what we want to be.
 It's a game and in this game there is no space for the heart.
There is a science that leads others to trust you. I call it simply: persuasion and it's a bit as the seduction.
We women are born to deceive, the man, however, was born to fall into our trap. That of love.
With men is a game of emotions and vibrations, made of looks and whispered words, attitudes and destabilizing glances. Sometimes the game is divided into 2, 3 or 4 match, depending on the skill of the opponent not to be deceived by the angel or demon in front of him, other times, however, it does not take much to make him stain of love.
It's a matter of focus, we push our opponent to focus on a point and without his knowledge working on another. If you do focus, you can take whatever you want. Also the heart of a man, who, initially, said that he would never fallen at your feet.

lunedì 7 dicembre 2015

Opposés Complémentaires

You know, opposites attract, chasing each other. Like life and death. Good and evil. It can happen, at some point, an inexplicable fascination for that, the extreme are so joined, sometimes briefly, sometimes forever.
Everything has its opposite. Joy and sadness. Fear and love. Friend and enemy. Opposites arise from natural tendency of man to classify, distinguish, judge, select. They are the result of intellectual activity. The mind, you know, want to know everything, classify it, give it a name.
On reflection, opposites serve to make us understand the value of the experiences, the lessons that Life gives us opportunity to experiment in order to evolve and live more happy.
No one can determine in advance whether and when any person will be able to understand the value of opposites. Maybe never. Maybe not help understand them. Maybe someone need more time, years, lives.
No one really knows what you want as long as his soul will not experience certain experiences in life.

"What is the opposite accords, from things in contrast comes the most beautiful harmony, and everything is generated because of contention."

giovedì 3 dicembre 2015

The Fashion Princess on KEEL Magazine

"Believe in your dreams and they will believe in you.
And all you had imagined become real. "

They say to believe in dreams, to believe always in these that, sooner or later, will come true. And they are right! Dreams are chased, longed, dreamed, never set aside. We must fight for them. Not always be easy but get up and run to your dreams, you will seem unattainable but they will even get tired, and then, you will be easy to catch them to make them your own. They also say that if a dream has so many obstacles, then it is the right one.
I had a dream, one of many linked to this adventure, and few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see it realized.
This summer I wrote in my "Bucket List" (here) that I would, one day, see myself in a fashion magazine. Only a few months earlier, in April, I was contacted by the editor in chief of KEEL Magazine, who wanted to devote me six pages in the new volume (you find me, in fact, from page 60 to page 66).
Can you imagine my happiness?! I must admit, I can hardly contain it! I am honored to be part of this fashion global magazine.
I thank wholeheartedly the editor in chief and his staff for the wonderful work and the beautiful words!
Never stop believing in your dreams, when you least expect they will come true ;)

martedì 1 dicembre 2015

UKI Groupie Argan per capelli lucenti e setosi

We women are complicated, and this is a fact, but when it comes to hair we are even more. Who has them straight want them curls, who curly wants them straight. Is not it?!
We spend hours in front of the mirror and we are never happy, we always want them perfect, if a hair, even one, is out of place, the tragedy triggered. Tell me you are like this too!
As you understand, and noticed in my many photos, I am a super-mega-fan of fold smooth. Elegant, impeccable, neat and practical; just a brush, an hair dryer and an hair straightener to get it.
Not enough, however, to have straight hair perfect, I want them too soft, shiny and silky.
However it is known to all that, the use (immoderate) of the hair straightner causes damage to the hair. So the question is: hair straightener yes or hair straightener no?
The answer is the hair straightener Uki Groupie Argan. A great news and the ally of the perfect and shiny fold smooth!
With argan oil and its known properties, this hair straightener softens the hair and makes them shiny and silky.
Since using it I can not do without! The fold, to my delight, is always perfect and my hair say thank's ;)

lunedì 30 novembre 2015

Mrs. Gray

As a cold and cloudy day that embodies intriguing strength, gray, with his elegance made, is one of the nuances for autumn/winter 2015-16. A master key for all occasions.
Taupe, pearl, ash, ice, gunmetal, the non-color becomes the star of the season to match in total look or leaders from shades on.

venerdì 27 novembre 2015

YSL LE VESTIAIRE DES PARFUMS: 5 profumi per 5 capi iconici

Five fragrances that interpret each one end of the basic wardrobe of Yves Saint Laurent.
As the tailor transforms matter according to his art, so YSL with LE VESTIAIRE DES PARFUMS combines art to matter.
TUXEDO, CABAN, SAHARIENNE, TRENCH, CAFTAN, five fragrances that make up a perfume wardrobe essential. Designer scents, sophisticated cut, revisiting these icons, turn them, sublimate them.
LE VESTIAIRE DES PARFUMS dresses the skin, going beyond all limits and standards, sublimating trends with a personal and uncompromising evocative strengh.
TUXEDO: a tribute to smoking. An agreement of ambergris and patchouli illuminated by the brilliance of spices.
CABAN: the perfect leader to face the sea and the cold. The fragrance is built on soft and warm accents of vanilla and tonka bean, illuminated by the glow of pink pepper.
SAHARIENNE: a tribute to the Saharan. This fragrance is built on the agreement of the intense neroli and white musk, which together recreate the heels of a trip to the desert, turned on by the touch of aromatic wild herbs - rosemary, thyme and sage -.
TRENCH: as the eponymous fine Anglo-Saxon leader, knows the smell of rain - one of citrus - with the explosion of bergamot and warm notes of violet and iris.
CAFTAN: evokes the East and its vibrant fabrics. The fragrance wheel, with its mysterious charm, of an agreement of incense and benzoin, recalling the magic of a thousand and one nights of the East and its lush landscapes, the bright colors of the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech.
The solid glass, clean lines, free of unnecessary frills, and the black cap whose texture evokes the grain de poudre of tuxedo, contribute to make these fragrances small jewelry (sold exclusively at Rinascente in Milan).
An olfactory wardrobe where the scent becomes matter.

mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

Come essere un vero Gentleman

Very often, we women, we support the cavalry no longer exists. Dead, buried. I am not speaking of animals, of course.
 It's also true that, find a mild-mannered man, the so-called gentleman, is not so easy (indeed, there are more chances of winning the lottery!). But, there is a but, a few rare "case" still exists. I happened to find a gentleman on the train, at the bar, in the bank.
Men, let's face it, if you failed to make up a second date, I would two questions!
Do you want to stand out from the mass of peasants and demonstrate not just belong to the male universe but, on the contrary, be really men, gentlemen of the past?
Here, then, the characteristics that must have a true gentleman, a few golden rules to transform yourself into the man of dreams ;)

1) Clothing and personal care: a gentleman dress with taste and impeccable style on any occasion.
2) A true gentleman always looks at you in the eye: it seems obvious but it is not! How many of you are able to sustain a long the glance of the interlocutor? Often there we are distracted, we look elsewhere. A true gentleman, however, always looks in the eye, with a deep and involved glance.
3) He's always on time for appointments: sometimes early. A gentleman never will wait for an appointment. Setbacks, obstacles, unexpected. A gentleman is able to get through with a perfect scheduling commitments.
4) A gentleman puts you at ease: the true Gentleman is able to put at ease those around him. And he is able to make people laugh and entertain.
5) He always acts with education and sports a polished language: a gentleman is never rude, indeed, he always is polite to everyone, able to utter the magic words "thank you", "please". Also a true gentleman never says bad words!
6) A Gentleman never loses control: whatever happens, you will rarely see a Gentleman lose control. The gentleman keeps self-control in every situation. You can watch him while sipping a glass of good wine, but you will never see a drunk gentleman!
7) Talk and listen you carefully: a gentleman interacts with the caller without being overbearing and listens carefully.
8) A gentleman does not speak of other women and does not look at other women in the presence of his partner: he always is respectful and respects the lady who accompanies him.
9) Do not use the phone in your company: often people today are distracted by smartphones and tablet even at times when they should devote to the partner or friends. A true gentleman puts aside his phone and gets involved in the pleasure of conversing in private.
10) A true gentleman is a gentleman even in the ways: when in company of a woman lends her all the necessary attention. He opens the car door, hands her the arm while walking, before entering in a room, opens the door and lets her enter first, at the restaurant or the bar he moves the chair to make her sit down and pour a drink.

lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Come un soffione

I would really like the "OFF" button to turn off the brain. But seriously. I do not say always, but sometimes, it would be great. It would benefit all of us. As when I silent my smartphone. But no, it talks and talks, and think, think. Shut up! Sometimes it's worse than a boring and grouchy boyfriend.
If I had to portray the thoughts that I have on my mind, they would have the shape of a head. Fireworks, indeed a real fireworks show, which takes the principle from the center, it branches to the star and get light on the balls, stroking the surrounding air.
As the heads, would be enough to blow over, to certain thoughts, which are colored and inflamed, to let them disperse here and there. Light, as if they were bubble blower.

lunedì 16 novembre 2015

La dama vestita di bianco

She's like a dame from another era, a woman dressed in white and lips drenched in a bright red lipstick, which looks at you with an Hamlet expression and eyes full of desire, perhaps she sighs, certainly wants you capture. And you on the other side of the fence you almost do not notice so much of her transport, but in the end you ignore it, you think that women of other times were those who, on the French Riviera a century ago, has bewitched the powerful that the gay revelers vacationers of times gone by, and the latter eventually were captured from their eyes full of sensuality. Summer nights were long, hot and carefree, a gentle sea breeze joined passionate love for a night or a morning, but in the end of all autumn oncoming.
  A furtive tear strokes her soft cheeks and touch from the flower of youth, while she sighs, amused, under a rain of yellow leaves.

venerdì 13 novembre 2015

Mercatini di Natale

 The magic of lights and aromas, those of chocolate and roasted chestnuts, wooden houses and the fairy-tale atmosphere of Christmas, the white snow united uniqueness of handicraft productions and flavors food. The Nordic tradition of Christmas markets invading Europe. A magical opportunity to return children and let groped by greedy purchases (as lebkuchen taste, strudel and warm mulled wine?), the colorful decorations, the music and songs.
In these weekend preceding the arrival of Santa Claus (do you believe in him yet, right ?!), to take a ride among the houses lit, you can choose between Italy and Europe: Trento, Bolzano or Innsbruck, Vienna, Stockholm, Salzburg...
Are you ready to relive the magic of Christmas? And do not forget to write the letter ;)

mercoledì 11 novembre 2015

The good taste of choice

The existence is like this, about intersections. Most of our life is entrusted to the appropriate choice: it requires good taste and sound judgment as to where not enough neither the study nor the talent. There can be no perfection where there is no choice: it has the dual advantage, being able to choose, and to choose the best.
The real choice is never between doing something or not doing it. But between do it or keep it for courage or fear. When making a choice, you change the future, change the cards on the table. Many men of fruitful and subtle genius, keen judgment, scholars and well informed, when they arrive at the moment of choice, are lost.
  But when, one day, you'll find yourself in front of that junction, you already know that you will lose something. There is no choice that does not result in a loss. So this ability to choose well is one of the greatest gifts of heaven.

lunedì 9 novembre 2015

#Shinedontbeshy: il party di Glamour e Dior

Take a Thursday night, October 8, a glass of champagne, then add us some bloggers, the drafting of Glamour and a well-known French brand that starts with D... and ends with R. Yes, Dior. The result? #Shinedontbeshy, the party organized by Glamour and Dior to celebrate the launch of the new Dior Addicted lipstick.
  An evening based on selfie, champagne, interactive games and make-up. A virtual and sensory journey to discover the Dior world.
Pink and roses perfume the atmosphere, a mix of perfumes, those Dior, and cocktails made with champagne and exotic flavors.
There were guests as Melissa Satta, Natasha Stefanenko and many others.
A successful party in the name of "glamor", however when the protagonists are "certain names" (Glamour and Dior)... success and fun are guaranteed!

venerdì 6 novembre 2015

Certi amori non finiscono, fanno dei giri immensi e poi ritornano.

"Some love affairs do not end, they take immense tours and then return". One of those phrases that touch the heart strings. The phrase that leaves and left that bit of hope in all of us.
What then, will it be trur? Are there really those loves unfinished? Those who, sooner or later, will meet again on the same track, then run, finally, to the much dreamed happy ending?
I do not know the answer. Love is so complicated, but there are loves that you do not forget. Those loves are that, at the end of the story, they have not a point but a semicolon. And I do not speak ill of those loves who have neither a head nor a tail, but of those who, despite an end, life puts it back there, on the way. Without you want. So, as you go on your way, without even thinking about it, then one day you find himself in front as you walking the streets of the center, an evening at the bar and after a few weeks, maybe, while you are parking.
And we are always the usual, eye to eye and smiles. Those same smiles that come before the heart. And then words and laughter, perhaps over coffee... "Because it' just a coffee", although with the ex boyfriend.
In my opinion these are the loves unfinished, ones goodbye is never a farewell, those who "ok, stop.. do not chating more" and then you find yourself talking and understand you as always, as if that end it had never been. Are those events, situations perhaps a little bit unusual that make you ask: "But if, despite everything, despite the time, the days, the experiences, the life that goes on, we just get there, where we were, between a kiss and a coffee... it will mean something, right?!".

"So how do we remain?".
"We remain like this, as always, that life puts us to an agreement".

mercoledì 4 novembre 2015

Alaia Paris

"Creating a fragrance is like a confidence to a woman, robbing of her thoughts on the future and escape before she faces back. It also means knowing that, from that moment, the words of my secret will never be the same... " (Azzedine Alaia)

It was one of the few fashion houses who had not yet declined olfactory. Azzedine Alaia, cult couturier for excellence in fashion, launched his first fragrance for women: Alaia Paris.
Created by Marie Salamagne of Firmenich, the essence is built around a childhood memory of the designer: to his grandmother throwing some fresh water on hot walls of Tunisia.
Alaia Paris, a play of contrasts that passes by the freshness, given by notes of pink pepper, freesia and peony, known to most animals such as musk.
A scent that comes from far away, a "source" perfume.
A scent that accompanies the time, does not witness any age in particular, but emotions of every age. It does not come from any country, it has crossed them all. Not belong to any season, because it lives in each of them.
A fragrance for the day or for the night at the same time.
The aesthetic Alaia is a manifesto, a true declaration of women's rights. "If Azzedine Alaia sculpts women's bodies because he has a special relationship with them: see them beautiful, makes beautiful and gives them confidence in their body", says Franca Sozzani. So, once again imposing beauty as absolute, through its eau de parfum, Alaia Paris, the enchanted universe of Azzedine Alaia continue their journey by offering an eternal invitation to travel.
The bottle is the work of Martin Skezely, "a fetish object for women". A glass translucent black packaging, heavy and valuable, decorated with openwork Alaia, the emblematic motif of the fashion house, which appeared for the first time on the leather corset in the 80s. The cap, a spool of golden thread that seems evanescent fly, wrought metal and gold rose.
Alaia Paris will be available from September in dealerships perfumeries.

lunedì 2 novembre 2015

La bella lavanderina...

It's happen that, at Court, the servants went on vacation; the Queen (my mother) said that they needed to rest and have withdrawn all to the Caribbean (lucky them!), leaving me alone in the palace. Not that I mind eh, sometimes it's nice not having waiters, gardeners, cooks, etc. between the feet (guys, I'm joking!) but...there is a but...the Princess, one day, found herself with all the clothes to be washed. You know... here at Court we change 5/6 times a day: in the morning to have breakfast, then for lunch, coffee at 2:00 p.m and tea at 5:00 p.m, for cocktails and dinner, not to mention the outfit for afternoon activities such as horseback riding, tennis or golf.
 Can you imagine two weeks without my servants? Me neither!
 So, in desperation, I wore the only suit I had in the closet, royal blue of course, and the glittery shoes worthy of a Princess, and armed with a magazine and a good dose of patience, I headed to the laundry.
But really you mortals used those boxes to wash and dry your clothes??? I tried, but evidently they have left instructions! Among coins, buttons, time, trousers and detergents, I did not know which side to start.
Do you want to know how that turned out? I went shopping! I could not ruin my Valentino or my Elie Saab!
Alfred, Josephine, and you too Queen... COME BACK!

giovedì 29 ottobre 2015


"Two things save us in life: to love and laugh. If you have one it's ok. If you have both of you are invincible."

We had loved long as strawberries love and cream, the sea and the moon. Loved and stained of that sweet and deep love.
 A caress and a smile. His lips were parted and close to mine, so close I almost feel its warmth. Yet, this time, the thin line that kept us away was clear and we were careful not overcome it, for the fear of not being able to go back.
We had declared war countless times, but with the eyes we made still love.
 Love. How complicated is the love.
Love. As we know about love?
68% of young women is not aware of contraceptive methods alternative to the pill. The choice of contraceptive method depends on many different factors, such as lifestyle, age and health status.
Today, in fact, there are innovative methods of contraception, and testing of forgetfulness, which allow women to live their sexuality with serenity.
The campaign Love It! Sesso Consapevole promoted by SIGO, Italian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, in collaboration with "La pillola senza pillola", aims to bring young women to the world of contraception and help them make an informed choice. It is, in fact, the first information campaign on contraception in which all young women are called to be themselves the ambassador, wearing the bracelet Love It!, a symbol of those who promote a conscious sexuality.
On the site girls can discover the next appointments of Love It! Sesso Consapevole and to get the bracelet (available in 7 different colors). During the meetings, you can have a free and private consultation with gynecologists that will illustrate the importance of contraception and alternatives, yet little known, to the pill.

lunedì 26 ottobre 2015

Princess goes to the country

"It is not easy to walk alone in the countryside, without meditating on something." C. Dickens

We always run away from something. Even if escape is never the answer to our problems.
 Sometimes I am pervaded by the desire to escape from the city, from its noises, its hectic and stressful life, to hole up for a few hours in the hills or in the country, to listen in silence interrupted only the sounds of nature. That silence, broken by the roar in the background of a stream or by the chirping of birds, in which the brain is free to roam to the best shores.
That place where you breathe again, savoring every "step" of that complex biochemical process. Feeling the air entering the body, nourishing cells and tissues, to cross it completely. Stopping to hear those beats punctuated by heart that sometimes is felt "strongly" to remind us that, after all, is always there with us. Even when we forget it.
Nature always is the cure, with her calming effect. A peace for the senses and the soul.
 The simplicity of small things is the cure for all evil, seize them in all their beauty and know how to appreciate it helps us to measure everything biggest that can happen.

venerdì 23 ottobre 2015

Vaniday: servizi di bellezza in un click!

Vanity, you know, is female. And if it was also simple and fast? As a click, for example!
Vaniday is the place where to book beauty and wellness treatments.
Vaniday it is the first platform that allows for the hairdresser, beautician and make-up artists with a click. Book any beauty treatment, from manicures to a haircut, it has never been so simple and fast.
How? With the new app for iOS and Android: from now book the best treatments on the go will be simple and immediate even from our smartphones. The app follows the simple and intuitive layout of the website, and through geo-location, find the nearest salon will be even easier! Or directly from the website, which for the occasion was "rebuilt again." The colors chosen and introduced to the new redesign of the site are coral, black and white to emphasize the characteristic values ​​of the brand: freshness, dynamism, elegance. The new website allows you to find and book in a few clicks with the best beauty treatments: just insert in search field type of treatment and the area of ​​interest and Vaniday select the best beauty salons in the area, indicating the range of prices and any current specials offers. Once you choose the salon, to make an appointment, simply click on "Book" to the left of each service, choose the time available and the person who will process... et voila!
That's not all, no, because Vaniday thinks of all the facilities and the needs of us women, always super busy, and lets you choose whether to pay the treatment at the time of booking or at the salon with no extra charge. Also an automatic remider or SMS 24 hours before it will remind you. Because, us women, sometimes, we are also a bit careless ;)
Now I run, I have an appointment with the beauty.. And you?

mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015

Un caffè (virtuale) con Alessandra Soresina

Let's go back a few months, on a sunny February day. A university town, Pavia, and a princess struggling with a tough exam, one of many.
Months of study went up in smoke in ten minutes. Tears taste of anger, sadness and disappointment  caressed the face as soon as I came out of the courtroom. And at that time there was only one place I wanted to run away, Africa, the same place where I hole whenever I need a break from this world and to dream.
I went downtown and walked to the library. I did not looking for anything in particular but I looked for that continent which, in some way, could make me smile again. I began to wander among the shelves and printed pages in search of something that captured my attention, then, suddenly, I saw it: "Questa notte parlami dell'Africa" ​​and it was love.
Two women, Emma, ​​a lawyer in Milan and Nuri, twenty-two Tanzanian with many dreams. Two different lives but just the same, distant but united by the same dream: to become master of its own destiny. A romance that fascinated me from the beginning, and traveled to that continent that makes my heart beats, that continent of contrasts and wonders, of which you can not do without once known. I read and dreamed, so...with open eyes.
 A succession of emotions, shivers and sighs was accompanying words, pages and chapters, making me wish not to return from that "journey".
There are few people who can describe so well and in detail the feelings that arouse those wide open spaces filled with natural beauty, still less those who manage to make you feel the true essence of those places. I found these qualities in Alessandra Soresina. Hence the desire to meet her...

lunedì 19 ottobre 2015

Sogni d'autunno tra vigneti e uva

October. The autumn, the falling leaves, the vineyards and grapes. Light and nature changing, and with them, perhaps, we change too.
Autumn and its thoughts, heated and lit by a warm sun that still smells of the sea and summer. A poetry of colors. Green and blue that blend with orange accents and overlook the infinite from a hill. On tiptoe, almost hovering, to see what's beyond those lives.
Desires and dreams that hover on white clouds, like the magic of a Viennese waltz. And when the music will stop, and people will leave, we'll be there again. On that muffled cloud of smiles, brought by a sweet memory.

giovedì 15 ottobre 2015

Bloggers And The City

5 girls, friends and colleagues, united by the same passion: fashion.
5 blogger in the city of fashion, Milan, to block traffic with selfie and smiles.
And there they were, photographed before Roberto Cavalli fashion show, intent to post a pic on socials, answering business call (?) and planning drinks in the evening..."What do you say? Let's go to the Dolce & Gabbana Martini or at Icerbeg cocktail party? 
5 styles and different dreams that blend with the happiness to meet (some for the first time) at the most "fashion" week of the year.
Special thanks to the Snobber's husband for the pictures and patience, and that holy man of the policeman who helped us to be not invest making us cross the street countless times!

martedì 13 ottobre 2015

Narciso Rodriguez - For Her L'Absolu

Narciso Rodriguez For Her L'Absolu, a new interpretation of the icon For Her perfume, a pure and refined fragrance, both personal and universal, current and timeless.
Inspired by the profound evolution of modern femininity and dualism, For Her L'Absolu redefines the original perfume enriching a subliminal power that only an "absolute" may contain: a sublime fragrance, with a decided sensuality that the emblematic heart of musk brings prominence.
The jasmine absolute and its voluptuous floral facets make intoxicant the symbolic heart of musk. The delicate notes of amber and woody velvety accents of sandalwood and patchouli adds an intense depth to the fragrance, gently enveloping.

lunedì 12 ottobre 2015

Chanel Airlines

Take that genius of Karl (Lagerfeld), the spring/summer 2016 of the Maison by the double C (yes, Chanel!) and boarded at the Gate 2C... the flight to the elegance, with Chanel Airlines, is ready to take off!
The location remains the same, the Grand Palais, set this time as the airport more chic of the planet, where the models parade between check-in and billboards of the departures.
A collection made for a traveler woman, less French and more international, in which the style is fused with a contemporary fashion influenced by street style and social. Among colorful prints, classic tweed suit revisited, scarves clothes, street elements such as baseball cap, denim jackets, tops studded with crystals, there are plenty of studied details, those who do excel the Maison, season after season. Airplane brooches, aviator glasses, sandals and the usual tourist matelassè trolley, strictly with logo!
My dear Karl this time you have WON!
Last call for the flight to elegance..Chanel ladies prepare to takeoff!

sabato 10 ottobre 2015

7 logiche per vivere bene

"Make sure that happiness is your only vice."
And I from one year to now I choose to be happy. I began a personal journey that led me to cut dead branches, to give up on the way people passed on their negativity and which influenced on my wellbeing, giving way only to positive thoughts and people.
Because happiness is not a destination of arrival, but a way of traveling.

Here are the rules, or rather, the logic I'm trying to follow and I invite you to do yours... our happiness and "good life" are first of all!

1. What other people think of you is none of your
2. Time heals almost everything, give time to time
3. No one is the reason of your happiness except yourself
4. Make peace with your past so it will not ruin your present
5. Do not compare your life to that of others, you have no idea what made their trip
6. Stop thinking too much, it's ok not to know all the answers
7. Smile, you do not have all the problems of the world

martedì 6 ottobre 2015


On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, the famous clothing brand Pinko in collaboration with Italian Independent organized a cocktail party, for the launch of the #THE PINKO INVASION, a collection of sunglasses developed from the union of these brands.
In the Pinko store in Via Montenapoleone, were unveiled new models: a unique blend of craftsmanship and technology. The collection features innovative treatments and special finishes, the result of ongoing research of Italian Independent, and color, prints and contrasting pop shades result of the Pinko creativity.
Sunglasses decline trends and shades of the season, emphasize the personality and the femininity of the woman who wears them, giving her a touch of scratchy mystery.
A collection completely "Made in Italy", consists of 4 models, each of which declined in 12 colors.
A cocktail with music and selfie. Among the evening's guests Alena Seredova, Parodi sisters, Elena Barolo, the inevitable Jo Squillo, footballer Antonio Cassano and many many other.

lunedì 5 ottobre 2015


Sweet and romantic, it is the woman Blugirl spring/summer 2016.
A rich collection of romantic and timeless items but with a soul rock, a mix of styles that create a lively collection and full of color. Yellow, electric blue, fuchsia and green alternate with classic outfits in shades of black and leather.
Romantic butterflies flutter oo light chiffon mini dress and shirts; colorful striped prints, re-proposed to maxi dresses and skirts gypsy inspired as the maxi skirts with flounces.
Accessories (belts, earrings...) bear the name Anna in tribute to Anna Molinari.
A collection that will make you want to dance to Latin rhythms on white beaches and will be loved by the fashion addicted of the romantic-bohemian style.

venerdì 2 ottobre 2015


A fashion show, one of Gucci, who enchanted his audience. Alessandro Michele, the new creative director, has really surprised us, taking care of every detail and bringing a new breath of fresh air. A triumph of colors, details, elements, ancient and modern researched styles.
Silk and transparencies, malicious and never vulgar, wrap the Gucci woman who, next spring/summer 2016, aims to be admired, dressed in light and impalpable fabrics. A lady who likes to dress as a man but less androgynous, wearing suits with tie.
Flowers and Parakeets shooting on bags and clothes, whose lines hark back to the 70s.

mercoledì 30 settembre 2015

Dolce&Gabbana S/S16: L'inno all'Italia

Milan Fashion Week is over. A week discussed and subdued compared to previous editions.
I begin this summary from my great love, Dolce&Gabbana, and their spring/summer 2016, a tribute to Italy.
The collection "Italy is Love" is really a tribute to the country's monuments like the Colosseum and wonderful places like Portofino, Venice, Capri, whose postcard images are shown on dresses, suits, blouses and skirts. The Dolce&Gabbana ultra-feminine woman, with the femininity of the past, choosing her outfit to enjoy the beauties of our country.
 Embroidered flowers, frills and corsets, colorful prints, red and black, transparencies, brocade fabrics and sailor stripes. Each dress a glimpse of the island or a gondola ride, every outfit a moment to savor and a photograph to be captured.
As always, an original walkway and set, the models, in fact, interpret the foreign tourists just landed in the beautiful country, represented by a set with tables, pottery shop and souvenirs, and also a theater of puppets.
And between Venice and the moon, Capri and the sea, I dream.

venerdì 25 settembre 2015

Dolce&Gabbana e il rossetto dedicato a Sophia Loren

The Italian diva Sophia Loren has been 81 years and Dolce&Gabbana celebrate her with a lipstick dedicated to her: Sophia Loren N1.
A cherry red, creamy, fragrant and unmistakable, created especially for her and for her lips.
"It's our way of saying: " Thanks Sophia! ". Thank's to her beauty, thank's because she is the most popular, she's the image of cinema and Italian beauty. A perennial source of inspiration. Today we celebrate her giving her lipstick." So they say Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.
The gold packaging is even more valuable: the cap, in fact, bears the signature of the diva that, for the first time is also the star of the campaign.

mercoledì 23 settembre 2015

Le cose belle accadono

Good things happen. Happen when you don't expect it, when you don't look for, when you don't think about it.
Sometimes there are not just as we had imagined. Sometimes they are simply better.
The most beautiful things are born suddenly. It's useless damned, it is useless to program the loves, the days, things to do. The most beautiful things hit you when you don't expect it. they are those things, small and impalpable, that break down the soul.

An unexpected message.
The wonder of a chance encounter.
The sound of the waves and the light of the stars at night, sitting on the sand.
A sudden smile.
The message from a friend telling you that she loves you.
Dinner, barefoot, on the seashore.
An impromptu trip.
The laughter, true and full of life, until you have evil in the abdominal.
The last pair of shoes, "looks, just your number."

Beautiful things are so unpredictable. And maybe they are "good" for this. Because they don't arrive when you expect it, as that ray of sunshine after a rainy day, and they always know how to give you a smile.

"Give every day the chance to be the most beautiful of your life."

lunedì 21 settembre 2015

Parlami di te... Di me? Va bene, siediti!

"Tell me about you...."
How many times people have asked me to talk about myself, to describe myself. How many times the person in question has remained in awe, thinking, perhaps, that question would be best avoided.
How many times I thought "are you sure?", with that half smile just mentioned, and then respond: "... Okay, sit down."
Simplicity. A word that is NOT me, has that meaning hidden between the lines of something obvious. And I have never been obvious. In all senses.
People like me have always a price to pay. The price of not being understood.
I am a complicated person. Very complicated.
I have a few advantages and many defects. I am suspicious, moody -even here, too mood ... I cry, I laugh, I get mad, I laugh again- stubborn, impulsive, impatient, little sweet, indeed "selectively sweet", as a friend told me long ago, I not sent to tell and I do not trust anyone but myself. And we could sum it all up with one word: UNBEARABLE, especially in those days NO. Those days when I wish I had a desert island all to myself, those in which I do not stand alone, let alone people who live me!
I'm a lion, sign and fact. You know that beautiful big cat, all combed, with that face so sweet (especially a puppy), able to charm anyone at his vision, no?!
Proud, regal, alone. Quiet and peaceful in the cool of his acacia tree, until it is disturbed. Here, I am.
Lonely and selective. I love the solitude. Do not get me wrong, I love being in company and have fun with those "choose" people, but I also love being in the company of myself. I talk to everyone, but with a few laugh. I've always been a loner and selective, as a child. Rather than move, lose, give my time to people who do not deserve it or have nothing to give me (read: "enrich" humanly), I prefer the company of myself. I do not like to waste time, but this is an old story.
"Greatness is lonely. It seems indeed that loneliness is a condition of the size. All the higher intelligences, all higher natures live in isolation. The eagle lives alone, the lion alone."
By the time I learned to be enough. Not that it's been difficult!
There is no more difficult for those who know how to be alone. He learned to do the thing is more frightening in the world. So, he will never be willing to barter his loneliness with reports circumstance, nor with people seeking company just because they are afraid of the void.
I am a person who needs to go, where I do not know but I have to go. Try to restrain myself, it would like to put a lion in a cage. I need my space, my freedom, my silences. I need news, to know, to explore, to dream and pursue my dreams.
I do not need people who follow me, rather I need people who are able to keep my pace. If you are able to run then you get on the carousel , otherwise end of the race. For you.

mercoledì 16 settembre 2015

A quell' migliore!

The best friend is the one that at 8.15 writes you "Yesterday I screwed up" and begins the story.
The best friend is the one that supports you in every way. She's the one who believes in you even before yourself.
The best friend is the one you do not hear and do not see every day, but she's there, you feel her presence.
The best friend is the one who yells at you and loves you like a sister.
The best friend is the one who knows you more than one parent. The one that knows every millimeter of your skin, of your life. She's the one who knows every smile and every disappointment.
The best friend is the one that laughs and cries with you. The one that rejoices your success and espouse your problems.
The best friend is the one who knows your moments and your silence and knows how to respect them. The one that helps you without the need to ask anything. The one that remains silent and listens, really listens.
The best friend is the one who, in the days more gray, manages to snatch a smile. The one that has the solution to every problem.
The best friend is the one that will dry the tears.
The best friend is the one that "if he makes you suffer, he will to do with me!"
The best friend is the one with whom you would turn the world with a backpack and the "joy" in the heart.
The best friend is the one with whom to spend the night talking without feeling tiredness.
The best friend is the one who understands you at first glance. The onne that sends you a heart on whatsapp and makes you feel loved.
The best friend is the one who accepts you just as you are.
The best friend is the one that every day you thank for meeting her.

lunedì 14 settembre 2015

Total Denim Monday

Monday. The smell of coffee, the sound of rain falling, "5 more minutes and then I get up". Monday and that notebook full of deadlines and programs. Dreams and desires.
Monday, the green and blue that they join hands together in the journey of the week will be.
Monday, a new pair of sunglasses and a vintage bag.
Monday and a total denim look, the first and the last. Because I tried to be less doll or less princess, without "fru fru" dresses and flared skirts. But I'm not good. Moreover, if one is born princess she can not die gypsy, right ?! So keep me as well, princess inside.
Mondays in total denim, but also Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I leave it to someone else who definitely takes it better than me, from the next I go back to court...which is better!

venerdì 11 settembre 2015

Da certe donne non si torna indietro. MAI.

Do not fall in love with a woman who reads, a woman who feels too, of a woman who writes.
Do not fall in love with an educated, sorceress, delusional, crazy woman.
Do not fall in love with a woman who thinks, she knows to know, and that is also capable of flying, a woman who believes in herself.
Do not fall in love with a woman who laughs or cries while making love, which knows how to transform her spirit in the flesh and, even more, of a woman who loves poetry (they are the most dangerous), or of a woman who remain half an hour in front of a painting or who can not live without music.
Do not fall in love with an intense, playful, bright, rebellious, irreverent woman.
Not happen to you ever fall in love with a woman like that.
Because when you fall in love with a woman like that, she stays with you or not, whether she love you or not, to a woman like that no going back.

mercoledì 9 settembre 2015

Se fosse un "SI"

I have to make an introduction: I do not believe in marriage and it is not in the "list of things to do before to die", then you know, never say never in life. Lately I do not believe in love, I'm disillusioned and cynical. But that's another long story, which I will not tell you now.
Do not get me wrong, sometimes even your princess dreamed the white dress. She also dreamed of a "possible ceremony" in an enchanted castle full of pink roses, with a horse-drawn carriage and a beautiful white dress, like any respecting princess. Yes, perhaps, as a child I watched too many times Cinderella!
By the time the ideas of this possible marriage have evolved, they have abandoned the great pomp and fairytales of Disney (shame on you!) to make room for something more "simple". Something that encompasses within itself all my "essence". And since I'm not a person related to the traditions, if that someone, for which it REALLY worth the effort, were to arrive, I'd say the fateful "Yes" around the world.
No churches, no "major" dresses, few guests (but good) and a stunning setting: a Caribbean beach or Kenya. Doubt vanished from the view of pictures by the Australian photographer Jonas Peterson, who immortalized the "yes" of this couple, Sebastian and Nina, in the Maasai Mara, wildlife reserve in southwestern Kenya where the photos were taken.
That is, if it should ever happen, I would have it so. A marriage that tastes of Africa, with all those elements who remember only to hear her mention: the Lion, the acacias, the zebras, the "tribal jewelry," the elephants and then they, the Maasai warriors with their -shuka- red blankets. Because "some places stay with you forever", and I got married with Africa the first time I met her.

lunedì 7 settembre 2015

Dolcemente complicata

She was a complicated person.
Complicated in the gestures, in the thoughts, to say words, even embrace. She was one of those people that, seemed to have struggled against something and now, now she just wanted to stand while being lost. She was one of those complex people smiling, always with the feet on the ground but with the head and heart elsewhere.
Complicated because she didn't saw only one color, but all the nuances, complex because she could not be content, no more.
Complicated because her thoughts were almost never light, many times weighed, crushed, but then, cradled between the notes of distant, listen, remember songs.
Complicated because she kept trying smiles, without tiring. Because she distinguished them. Because she said she would not make it, but then, with surprise get up and do not know how, take it forever. Complicated because she would not open at all, but only in front of a pair of honest eyes.
Without break up body and soul she was able to enter gently in the heart, without noise, without doing evil. But you heard it too, because she was able to touch and make vibrate gently with pure emotions ropes of this.
Complicated because she asked with the eyes and not with words, so damned incomprehensible.
Protecting and knew the extreme sweetness of loving, loaded on her shoulders the weight of the day, then trust any secret at night. She could protect against sudden storms. Often she flooded, but continued to breathe, without sinking.
She was one of those people that you would not say: they are beautiful. Perhaps because the complexity scares, lands, leaves you so: unprepared.
In front of the banality and a life devoted to frivolous, granted, no taste, she could give it to them, even when everything seemed to dry like a wilderness. Dry and off as rainy days.
She could sweep the monotony of gray and give color and flavor: that of dreams color of the sky, prairie color of hope, the red color of the lips, the love color of life.

mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

Camogli, il mare e una lunga storia d'amore

It was August, there was the right company, that of a dear friend, peace, gentleness and serenity that only he can give me: the sea.
Camogli, that made me dream for the entire week, enchanting me with its glimpses and leaving me breathless with its sunsets.
After years of holidays abroad, I had the desire to "home", the desire of Italy. That Italy of scents and villages by the surreal charm.
Sometimes we Italians are just stupid, we go elsewhere looking for the wonder when, however, we have it in the hands. It was not the Caribbean Sea and even the Indian Ocean, but it was still love. We talked a lot, with the eyes and long silences, just wake up in the morning and at the sunset, in one of my usual walks. It made me its questions, as always, but then it let me give up in its arms, cradled me gently. And it was like being born again.

lunedì 31 agosto 2015

L'altalena del sorriso

I like crazy people, they scent of life.
I like strange people. Those who laugh without a reason and crying just because they feel like it.
I like those who say what they think, without sounding stupid. Those who can recount and choose words with taste.
I like those who dare and who are not afraid of what people think.
I like the special people. Those that you admire but do not know them. Those that stand out, but with elegance.
I like beautiful people, inside. And those who preserve the wonder of children.
I like those in black and white. Changing mood but then, at the end, choose to be happy.
I like strong people. Those who fall and get up, without too many problems.
I like people who laugh loud, and who can make me laugh. Those that fix you a long time and not know why.
I like real people. Those who dream and told it in the eyes. Those traveling without ever starting. Those who are with the mind elsewhere.
I like people who love and when they choose to love, they love to distraction. Those who live, really live.
And I like to think that it takes little to return children. A swing where rocking for hours with a sweet thought, that draws on the face that curve called smile.

giovedì 27 agosto 2015

5 trend per l'autunno/inverno 2016

I have avoided writing the article about the fall/winter 2016 trends like the plague, I admit. I turned around there for days, carefully analyzing all the trends (gipsy dresses, optical prints etc.), but in the end I refused. I will no make a list of all that "trash", the only word (granted) that I would say about it is: CIRCUS.
Really, I do not know what some designers have smoked to create collections so bad (this is my opinion of course) that, if I have to be honest, I would not wear even under the use of drugs.
So I simply draw a mini list of what I like

lunedì 24 agosto 2015

Sophia Webster Barbie Collection

If you have always dreamed of wearing the Barbie's shoes, the famous doll with soft blond hair all dressed up and rigorously in pink, that accompanied our childhood, now your dream will become reality.
The famous shoes designer, Sophia Webster, has made an ironic, romantic and strictly pink collection, for woman and child, born from the collaboration with the well-known brand of toys.
The key elements? But those of the Barbie's world, of course! Elegance and irony, glossy-plastic effect and the inevitable pink-pop.
The models range from ultra feminine décolleté to slip on and comfortable sneakers.
Heels that look like candy, pastel colors, black and white comics, and butterfly wings. A riot of imagination and creativity, as any creation of Sophia Webster.
The collection will be available from August 27 at the store Selfridges London. At this point it is better to schedule a week end in London... who come with me?! ;)

venerdì 21 agosto 2015


Summer. What is summer? (And do not tell me a season!). An ice cream, a smile, a warm embrace, the scorching sun, the long dresses and fluttering skirts, a kiss, the palm trees, the nights spent talking, the stars. And then the sea, laughs, parties on the beach, sunsets that fall in love, the joy of living, the songs of the moment, dancing and belting as if this summer would never end.
Yes, it is the season of light-heartedness, the lightness of mind, that sometimes it really needs to go back to being free and light, the soul, like a butterfly in a field of corn (or sunflower).

mercoledì 19 agosto 2015

GUCCI Interlocking Shoulder Bag

I've never been a fan of Gucci handbags (and the brand in general, removed a few exceptions), I have to admit it, but when I saw the new "born" in the Florentine fashion house, it was love at first sight!
Interlocking is called and it is the new shoulder bag of pre-fall collection by Gucci.
The initials of the maison decorate the central part of this refined bag, enriched by a chain that makes more sophisticated any look.
Several variants, include the "basic" version in brushed leather polished, a more sophisticated suede with studs, a veiled python version and colored by hand and other models karung snakeskin. The hand finished edges are the ultimate in quality and sophistication, attributes that make GUCCI Interlocking Shoulder Bag a real gem. Not by chance has already won the reputation of It-bag, also it won a spot on my list of "bags to buy" (sooner or later).

lunedì 17 agosto 2015

Bucket List: cose da fare prima di morire

Si vive una volta sola e "questa volta" dobbiamo renderla un capolavoro. Abbiamo obiettivi, desideri, sogni da realizzare. Ma abbiamo davvero tutto questo tempo?

giovedì 13 agosto 2015

Christian Louboutin e il rossetto lussuoso

Christian Louboutin, the man most beloved by women, has made another of his.
Well yes, if last year he made us all fall in love with the nailpolish, whose packaging reminds its famous/ beautiful/high stiletto, this time he decided to make us lose the head with lipsticks.
The French designer, in fact, has just introduced a lipsticks line, available from next September, that each beauty addicted will long more than anything else in the world. A collection consisting of 38 shades of red declined in three different finish to satisfy any woman: Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile.
A work of art, like all his creations however. So beautiful that it's almost a shame to use them.
Inspired by the Babylonian, the packaging, in fact, is designed to make them even more unique and inimitable: the gold becomes the protagonist, mixed to a game of slots, materials and textures, thus creating not only a visual experience but also tactile.
On the cap of the lipstick a ring, where to pass a tulle, satin and velvet tape, and wear it like a jewel.
The one and only Rouge Louboutin, declined in three different finish, it will differ for the packaging, which will not be gold but black.
"This precious object will be coveted and envied by others. It' ll think of a bag full of rare and precious stones, the same that we could find in the cave of Ali Baba and obviously will arouse lust and desire... and is done for be stolen." C. Louboutin

lunedì 10 agosto 2015

Sognavo l'Africa

L'Africa è il luogo dove, quando la sera il sole tramonta e l'aria si fa fresca e si riempie di strani suoni, puoi socchiudere gli occhi e sorridere in pace, come chi è finalmente tornato a casa.