mercoledì 24 febbraio 2016

Giovani e belle con Alchimie Forever

The skin is the calling card of our beauty: a mirror that reflects our inner life, our moods, but also the ability to take care of ourselves. Wrinkles, in fact, are a "spy" of our personality: who laughs often has crow's feet, who mortify instead the "dire" horizontal furrows on the forehead. Have you noticed that happiness makes us "to change" face? It relaxes muscles and tissues, on the contrary, anxiety and fatigue cause a contraction of the muscles which decreases the blood supply to tissues and brings up the more wrinkled skin.
To stay young for a long time we must not abuse our bodies and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Longevity depends for 60% on the individual genetic heritage and 40% by lifestyle and by the action of heat, cold, wind, smog and smoke.
The creams help delay the onset of the signs of aging and protect the skin from external agents. The cosmetic, in fact, make elements that maintain the vital skin, favoring the production of new collagen and elastin and improving microcirculation. In this regard I want to tell you about Alchimie Forever, particularly the cream that I'm using: Alchimie Forever Kantic + Intensely Nourishing Cream.
This ultra-nourishing cream, rich in emollients such as jojoba and vitamin E, moisturizes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. natural antioxidants derived from blueberries and grape seed reduce redness, and red clover, however, rich in natural estrogens, lifts the skin and, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, restores its youthful elasticity and resilience.
A unique formula for eternal youth ;)

lunedì 15 febbraio 2016

Underground Tale

When the perfect life, perfect does not seem.. When the trappings, the attention to detail, tired .. When certainties that seem solid, flake, crumble, lose consistency, importance.. We take refuge in a parallel world to measure us although the truth is that, in the life of every day there are no castles, but skyscrapers, palaces. The palace is a sprawling city, the secret are actually underground subways.
In all those experiences in which our being is pushed to the limit of potential, and in addition, in those cases we understand that there is no detail goes overlooked, neglected. I speak not of the usual accessories, but all that is living.
In the everyday hectic passing we often lose awareness of what really matters, what really needs to be preserved, guarded.. Our happiness, our security, our person.

venerdì 12 febbraio 2016

#IAMPOISON - Dior cocktail party

"I am not a girl, I am poison"

One Thursday evening, February 4. The new fragrance by Dior, Poison Girl. Four cities and four exceptional location: L'Archivio Storico in Naples, the Coco Loco in Rome, the Fashion Café in Milan and the One Apple of Turin.
An exclusive party, to discover the new fragrance by Dior and the cocktail created in collaboration with Belvedere, Belvedere Poison.
Poison Girl. Much more than a perfume, a reminder of senses so strong to create havoc. An ode to the rebellious beauty, the smiles and the attitudes of extreme freedom. A perfume for those who can lead, for those who live it so casually and bold, for those who walk free on the streets of the metropolis, playing chase and let chase, in a nightlife without beginning or end.
A scent that speaks of a sexy, cool, scratchy, cheeky soul but always feminine.
"Poison Girl is a delicious reminder", a poisonous and delicious floral, "a sensual trap that avoids the sweet notes too sugarcoated. That torments and upsets the senses."
And so, on that Thursday evening in Turin, between electronic music and bitter orange fragrance, tonka bean, rose and vanilla, I let myself be seduced by the flavor of Belvedere Poison cocktail, letting me steal the heart from the new Dior fragrance that hovered in the air, intoxicating rosy talk of all the poison girls.

mercoledì 10 febbraio 2016

Alsteca sunglasses

21 grams is the weight that you lose when you die, they say that it is the weight of the soul. That light and impalpable feather remains between the here and now and the unknown, what will be once you cross that threshold. 21 grams is the weight of things done and those left open, the amount of breaths and sighs, the sum of all tears or smile, of every "if" and all "but". Of each door "open" or "slamming", of every love and every passion, every carelessness or distraction. 21 grams is the account of a life, sometimes lead, sometimes butterfly.
 21 grams, as the weight of a hummingbird, of a chocolate bar or five nickels one over the other. But what 21 grams are worth? And why 21? If it was a smaller number?
Can it save the result of so much wonder in something even lighter?
16 grams is the weight, not of my soul, but the new Alsteca sunglasses. The beautiful country has yet been able to surprise us, giving us another marvel!
The low weight would think of a weakness inherent in the product, but in the era of the technological advent "special effects" were not long to coming. The secret of these sunglasses, in fact, lies in polycarbonate, a material capable of high flexibility, innate strength and fracture toughness.