sabato 27 maggio 2017

Arredare casa con Asta del Mobile

I have always been a fan of furniture and design. To furnish, for me, is to create a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.
The interiors speak. The rooms emphasize if a person exists or lives, and there is a big difference between the two.
It is through the choice of details that expresses the personality of a furniture and those who live there. Detail is indispensable to make our home unique through its multifaceted expressions.
This and nothing else is, in its most profound reason, the home: a projection of the ego, and the decor is nothing more than an indirect form of the worship of the ego.
Do you already know Asta del Mobile? The point of reference for those who, like me, intends to review the decor of their own home.
Asta del Mobile (you can see here the site) offers in its showroom furniture lines for all the house, looking for the best of Italian design with a special attention to creativity and functionality.
In fact, its mission is to continue discovering new, perhaps less well-known Italian brands but of excellent quality. Thus, for 25 years, the Asta del Mobile consultant staff customizes client homes with ad hoc solutions for each size, from the most convenient to complete customization of spaces.
Periodically Asta del Mobile offers really interesting offers. It also meets the needs of the client on the basis of the contributions it receives from the supplying companies to turn them directly to the private. In addition, thanks to the "All Inclusive" formula, hydraulic, light and gas connections are no longer a problem as Asta del Mobile helps you with certified professionals directly at your home for accurate, timely and profitable service.

mercoledì 24 maggio 2017

Roncato: lo stile in viaggio

 Since I was a child, I always dreamed of a "traveling life". I think traveling is the best way to know, a real school of life. The journey not only extends the mind, it gives it shape.
Traveling is walking toward the horizon, meeting the other, knowing, discovering, and getting richer than the walk started.
The true core of a person's vital spirit is the passion for adventure. The joy of living comes from the encounter with new experiences, so there is no greater joy than having a constantly changing horizon, to be found every day under a new and different sun.
We travel for adventure spirit, to know other peoples, to go to the discovery of the world, and then realize that the one you've ever forgiven is there, just behind the home garden. We travel to learn to love and to be loved, to relieve a pain or to vent the anger, driven by blind faith or because we have nothing to believe in. We travel to be the first or to say "I was there", to help others or to be helped. We travel to meet someone or to forget someone else, to investigate in the depths of our soul or to escape from ourselves.
By car, train or plane, for pleasure or work, the important thing is to travel with the right company. Mine? Roncato and its suitcase, characterized by a perfect blend of practicality, lightness, robustness, safety and design.
RV Roncato is very attentive to the high quality of its creations, as evidenced by the Made in Italy production, the use of innovative high-tech technologies that meet the needs of the traveler and the strict quality control of the interior. Just what I look for in a suitcase: style along with the best technological product performance.

domenica 21 maggio 2017

Bio-Oil: il mio alleato di bellezza!

Skin, you know, needs to be nourished and hydrated to maintain its natural elasticity. In this regard, I want to talk to you about Bio-Oil, my beauty ally and my daily cuddle after the shower!
Many of you have already heard of it, others maybe use it since a long time; Bio-Oil, which has always been used as a topical remedy for stretch marks, is a true touch for the skin.
But what is it? Bio-Oil is a multifunctional dermatological oil specialist in the treatment and care of the skin. Its formulation, in fact, makes it effective, and at the same time practical to use, to visibly improve the appearance of skin damaged by scars and stretch marks. In addition, its natural ingredients (marigold, rosemary, chamomile and lavender oil) and vitamins also have beneficial effects in the event of skin discoloration, aging and dehydration of the skin.
Bio-Oil, in fact, promotes an increase of collagen production and moisturises the skin deeply, it restores and maintains the highest degree of elasticity of the skin, reducing its irregular appearance. Its unique composition makes it delicate and hypoallergenic, so it is also suitable for the most sensitive skin and tolerated in pregnant patients, and in addition to other elasticizing oils in the market, it absorbs without leaving those nasty traces of eyelids on the skin that I hate so much.

venerdì 12 maggio 2017

LabSolue: il nuovo Perfume Laboratory all'interno dell'Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano

Perfume is emotional, personal, culture, memory and experience. LabSolue is the new Perfume Laboratory: a fascinating place where the guests of the Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano (here) and the curious travelers can discover and buy Perfumes and Perfumed Candles with floral, fruity or woody hints, inspired by the Suites of the hotel, as well as the exquisite Acqua Adornationis body care line.
A laboratory in all respects where you can take an olfactory journey between funnels, tubes, colored amps, works on perfume art and blue dictionaries, to browse, during the preparation of your own essence, on elegant purple velvet armrests. A fascinating place that conquers and enchants with its history, a dream that interprets a past of emotions, talent and craftsmanship.
The architecture of the Laboratory follows a creative and at the same time strict design. A wooden cabinet, inspired by Marvin's memorable pharmaceutical lab, keeps old-fashioned pieces from the 1960s belonging to the family business store and framed the workbench.
The wood heat combined with the strength of iron and steel is the structure of the four "islands", a distinctive element of the Perfume Laboratory, where customers can find their way to discover, along an inebriating olfactory route, 39 woody, fruity or floral olfactory notes that characterizes the hotel's environments and suites.